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Angel Card Reading for the Week (Feb 8-14) and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Weekly Angel Card Reading!

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As usual, for this week’s angel card reading, I’m using the Ask-Angels Oracle Cards.

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This is a big week. There is a full moon lunar eclipse. I'm excited and I hope you are too. I’m going to use the Ask Angels Oracle Cards to tune into the Angel messages for us right here and now for this second week of February 2017.

Anytime You're Doing an Angel Card Reading, Your Intention Is Key

“It is my intention to connect with the highest vibrational Angelic beings possible. I invite beings of light and love in the highest integrity to bring through the messages of love, guidance, and healing. Beings that will most support me now as an individual and all of us collectively as we continue to progress on our ascension path.

Help me tune into greater levels of love and light to co-create positive changes in the world. Please connect with me now through these cards and directly with the guidance, frequency, and messages that will most serve, according to divine will, for the highest and greatest good, and so it is.”

Shuffling the Deck for a Reading

As you shuffle, your focus can be in a few places. Visualize light around the cards, visualize light around yourself, and focus on your heart. Let your heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras open and expand. This way, you become a conduit for the guidance of the Angels.

As you shuffle, look for cards that stand out. What guidance will most serve right here and now?

Nurture Yourself with Love and Compassion

As I was shuffling one card dropped on the floor and another one popped out.

The card that dropped to the floor is “Nurture Yourself with Love & Compassion.” When it really jumps out like that, it’s a key indication of importance. This is a reminder from the Angelic realm that there are harsh energies in the world. Especially if you live in big cities or are experiencing some chaos in your personal life or environment.

You have the opportunity to counteract that by nurturing yourself. The beautiful fairy on this card is looking towards the light; so keep looking towards the light. Let the chaos and drama melt away. Everything that’s happening worldwide is happening at a 3D and 4D level. You have the opportunity to rise above it, step into your higher vibrational light and live as a fifth dimensional being. For some, even raising the vibration into the seventh and ninth dimensions will be possible.

Vibrate with love and light so that you’re unaffected by the lower duality. View it with divine neutrality by using your discernment. This will help you clearly know what is for you and what serves you. Do the things that are nurturing for your soul. These are creative pursuits, taking time to walk in nature, move your body through yoga, working out, dance, and expressing yourself.

This is going to help you to raise your vibration and step into a higher level of love and light. So, nurture yourself! If you find yourself dropping into a lower vibration, take a warm shower. Let the water stream onto the back of your neck. Take a salt bath. If you live by the ocean, jump in the sea. Walk in the forest. Do whatever you need to do to shift your vibration.

Stand in your light. This is so important this week because while there may be harsh energy playing out, there is an immense energy to lift, expand, ascend, and tune into the higher levels of light which is served and empowered by you nurturing yourself.

Staircase of Light with Archangel Uriel

The higher levels and dimensions are all around us. Light is how you climb up in vibration in order to tune into them. The Angelic realm exists all around you at all times, and the Angels are more than happy to help you elevate your vibration so that you can tune into their presence. They are here so that you can hear and receive Angelic guidance, connect with your own higher self, decipher what is right for you, and how you can be of service.

A huge part of stepping into your light and stepping into your power is using that light, power, joy, and bliss to make a difference in the world. As you’re ascending the staircase of light and tuning into greater levels of joy and positivity, remember to keep asking yourself, “How may I serve?”

Just awakening to your higher light, embodying love and presence, and practicing meditation is being of service. This creates a ripple out beyond you. You can also serve through your writing, creating, sharing, loving, nurturing, and supporting others.

This card shows a staircase of light. This is a step up and you're not going to be able to take the step unless you heed the advice in the first card and nurture and love yourself. Fill yourself up with light, so that you can then overflow that light outward to benefit humanity and all that is.

Create Abundance and Your Higher Self

These two cards came out together, so let's look at them together. Combined, they bring the important reminder that progressing on your path of embodying your higher self is so key in manifesting abundance in your life. It is the direct path to creating abundance. By nature and by design, you are a radiant, vibrant, abundant being. Stepping into the full light of your higher self involves letting go of limiting beliefs like “Money doesn't grow on trees.” Or, “I'm not good enough. Money is hard to come by.”

These cards bring the message to let go of limitations. Let go of your limited view of reality and recognize that as you step into the light of your higher self, not only are you going to feel more vibrant and less affected by the drama of the world, you're going to be able to be of greater service. In conjunction with this, when you bring enough value to the world, when you serve and love, that love returns to you multiplied in the form of abundance in every level.

It's not just financial abundance as it is depicted in this card. It’s also abundance of love, health, inspiration, and creativity. This all comes as a result of opening to your full authenticity and embodying your higher self.

Psychic Protection Practice

A powerful practice is to keep yourself psychically protected. Notice how this card looks like the psychic protection exercise video? Let’s do this together now.

Close your eyes and focus inward. Let your heart open and fill with golden crystalline light. Let your heart light effortlessly expand around you to surround your mind, body and spirit with the light of love. Now, tune into light flowing along your spine all the way up into direct connection with source and down, grounding you to the crystalline earth. Your ascension column is your center.

Let the orb of light expand around you in your torus light body. Open your heart, expand your light, lift, relax, and elevate your vibration. Let more and more light flow through you and then think or say, “I now invite in my higher self of the light. I invite my Guides and Angels of the light who can most serve and support me now in raising my vibration and embodying my highest truth. Please step forward now, assist me in activating my light, my DNA, my authentic spiritual truth, and higher vibrational nature. I ask this according to divine will, and so it is.”

Lift, elevate, open your heart, fill yourself with light, fill yourself up with so much light and love. Support yourself in this way, so you can then overflow those blessings out far beyond you. This is so powerful to do and I encourage you to return to this practice regularly.

You Are Here for a Reason

You are a light being and the Angels are calling forth for you to awaken. Remember that. Remember that light and let it shine. And know that when you do, this is the most powerful work you can contribute to the collective unfolding ascension at this time.

Embody the light to start, and then create. You are a divine creator and when your inspiration comes, creative musings appear. Listen to those; act upon those. Even if it’s simple at first – like drawing symbols in a notebook, or making a Mandala out of crystals or shells on the beach. Listen to your inner guidance and begin to create with light in the world around you.

As you more fully embody your higher self, you open to abundance and you are doing the most powerful work you are able to do in this timeframe here and now. You are helping humanity to evolve and ascend above the dramas of the 3D world playing out. In this way, we collectively reach the tipping point where all beings are living in love and light. We are together, elevating the vibration of the earth.

You are amazing, you are a brilliant being of light and the Angels and my higher self are reminding you to let that light shine because it is beautiful and it makes such a difference!

Thank you for your part in this.

With love, light and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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