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Angel Card Reading for December 2016!

Free Angel Card Reading For December 2016!

If you feel stuck right now…

Not sure where 2016 has gone and where 2017 will take you…

This is the message you’ve been looking for – because when you feel stuck, it’s an energetic sign that you aren’t vibrating in alignment with your authentic best self.

This angel card reading will you help clarify your authentic, heart -centered path in life.

Then you’ll connect with the joy and love to manifest your authentic best self.

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Connect with the messages and guidance from the angels for the month of December 2016 in this free angel card reading with the Ask Angels Oracle Cards.

This is a powerful time for gaining clarity, focusing your intentions and embarking in the direction of greater joy, love and authenticity…

Got Your Angel Cards Ready?

In this angel card reading, we use the Ask Angels Oracle Cards to tune into the guidance, messages, love, and healing frequencies that the Angels have for us right here and now.

First – let’s go ahead and  tune into the best guidance for us right here and now by calling in the Angels using the Ask Angels Oracle Cards which you can find on Amazon, on the Android Store, or on the Apple Store.

Remember, anytime you begin a reading, you want to surround yourself with light to raise your vibration.

When you call on the Angels, they always answer, and then it’s up to you to raise your vibration to a point where you can tune into their guidance and messages.

December Angel Card Reading

Angels, what guidance do you have for us now amidst the new moon energy and for the month of December, 2016?

I just got the intuitive nudge to draw three cards. I’m going to shuffle the cards, tuning into the light that’s all around, and tuning into the presence of Angels by focusing within.

I’m imagining light all around these cards as I shuffle, looking for the right cards to emerge.

Two cards just jumped out together, and then I'm going to draw our third card which caught my attention.

First Card – Clarity With Archangel Gabriel

Okay, our first card is “Clarity with Archangel Gabriel” which is so perfect, because right now is the new moon.

This new moon is a point in time where we’re about to enter into a cycle of supercharged manifestation.

Clarity at this time means two things.

  1. Getting clear with your intentions and what you want to create
  2. Getting clear in your energetic vibration using the new moon as an energetic reset

You get that clarity is by taking some time to step back from being so busy, from constantly doing and reacting.

Take a little bit of time just to focus within, just to breathe and connect with your heart.

Connect with your authentic vibration and ask the Angels to come in, to cut cords tying you to other people and places and past situations.

Ask the angels to help you let go of past energies and emotions, and in this moment, to help you become clear in your authentic vibration, to reconnect with the essence of who you authentically are.

From this place, you’re able to get clear about what you really want to experience, detaching yourself from other people’s vision for your life.

You’re letting go of other people's ideas about what it is you should do, and who you should be, and reconnecting with your inner knowing of what is right for you.

You’re being clear in your energy and in your authentic vibration and with your intention to manifest blessings in your life moving forward.

Second Card – Joy and Love Through Archangel Ariel

And as we move forward the Angel’s guidance, we have our second card – Archangel Ariel with joy and love.

This is also perfect for you right now, because once you’re clear in your energy and clear about what you want to manifest, the most powerful vibrational tool you have is to let joy and love be your guide.

Let joy and love fill your vibration, and let joy and love protect you energetically.

When you get into a state that is lower vibrational, you can become a magnet for more lower vibrational experiences. But when you are completely surrounded with joy and love, that joy and love acts as a sort of protective barrier.

Being in alignment with joy and love also brings you into vibrational alignment with manifesting blessings in your life that are aligned with that clear intention you set.

It’s so important as you head into this holiday season to keep yourself surrounded with joy and love and to bring a lightness from within towards all of your encounters.

There's so much potential now to heal, to manifest, and to create blessings in your life. Being infused with joy and love is the way that you do this.

But What If I Feel Fear?

If you feel fear arising, if you feel anxiety, if you feel emotions tied to some of the chaotic happenings in the world…

If you feel tied to past experiences with family members or past experiences that have led to beliefs that life is hard, that life is challenging –  let all of that emerge and let yourself love what appears.

Love yourself through it, so that you can release the fear and insecurity and past pain and let joy and love guide you forward.

If you find there are areas of reality coming up that you want to resist, that you want to challenge, that you want to fight, let this message of joy and love help you as well.

Surround yourself with an aura of light.  Why?

Because in this Angel card, you can see the that Archangel Ariel has the sun all around – a golden aura of peace and positivity.

Ariel is showing you how to create the greatest change in your world – not through resisting the struggle, not through resisting what is, but by raising your vibration with joy and love.

And when you notice hardship in the world, send joy and love in that direction to surround dense energies with light, with love, with joy, to neutralize the density and to pave the pathway for humanity to move into greater joy and love collectively.

Third Card – An Open Heart and Clear Mind With Archangel Ramaela

Your third card  is with Archangel Ramaela who is looking towards the future with an open heart and a clear mind.

This is a reminder to just stand in your authenticity, in your joy and light.

Through radiating joy, through being joyful and loving and laughing freely….

Through listening to your inner guidance about what is right for you and taking steps in alignment with that…

Through taking massive action…

Your dreams will manifest.

But you will also need to through step back, relax into being, and go with the flow of the universe to draw those blessings towards you.

Be in joy and love. Open your heart to the moment, to the miracle of life.

And when you do, when you stand in that joy and light, there are so many blessings that can align with you.

Doors are opening for you now…

Your guidance from the Angels is to:

  • Be clear in who you are
  • To move in the direction of your bliss
  • To follow your joy
  • To follow the path of light unfolding before you
  • To be in light and to move towards greater light, towards greater co-creation with the universe

Believe that all of life – the universe, the divine, the Angels, are conspiring to help bring your dreams into reality.

Trust the universe, listen to your inner guidance, and take action.

There are huge opportunities this month, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Because the way to seize these opportunities is to stay in a state of lightness, a state of joy, a state of bliss.
And staying in these states will align you with so many more possibilities than you are even aware of right now…

Ending In Joy

Give yourself permission to be joyful, to let go of needing to hold onto the areas that are challenging.

Let go of the need to dive into dramas happening in the world, but if you want to support those in pain…

Send love, be love, be light.

Raising the vibration of your life creates a ripple effect reaching out far beyond you.

By being clear in your authenticity and standing in vibrant joy and vitality and love, know that you are supported by your entire team of guides and Angels, by the entire universe.

Keep returning to love, to light, to joy.

There’s so much opportunity for you, manifesting one step and one moment at a time.

Keep returning to joy, returning to love, and surrounding challenges with the energy of joy and love to neutralize dense energy.

Continue to lift higher, to shine brighter, to heal, to ascend, one moment at a time.

With joy and love in your heart, know that you are supported, you are guided, you are blessed, you are loved.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Keep focusing inward to tune into the specifics, the specific action steps that your Angels are giving you, guiding you further into your highest vibrational state, one moment and one step at a time.

Thank You!

I hope this was was inspiring for you.

Getting clear about what you want and getting clear about who you really are will help you move forward with joy and love in your heart.

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With love and light,

Melanie Beckler



About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. Any and all interactions with you Melanie have always felt like a blessing. Not simply because of all the good you share but because of your entire being manner and of course light you shine. Thank you for being you I’ll always appreciate all you send say and do. Thank you

  2. Melanie, you never cease to amaze me, with all the incredible wisdom and insights you provide. Thank you for all of your guidance, and trust in us (that one day we will all know this to our cores)…I aspire one day shine as magnificently as you do. Lots of light…

  3. Thank you so much for this reading which seemed you did for me personally. Your guidance really helps me getting some more light to continue on my path whic, in times, seems a bit dark. I am not afraid of falling as I go knowing and feeling the love and light is there all around and inside. Thank you. Love and Sereniy. Johan

  4. Thank you Melanie for yet another inspiring reading. Every time I listen to you reading it seems to resonate with what I personally am experiencing. Sending you light and love!

  5. Thank you Melanie, I feel so much better listening to your soothing voice and ready for a hectic work day ahead. Blessed be always. XX

  6. Dear Melanie,

    Thank you very much for your card reading! I love to hear your peaceful voice. I was getting a little bit worried about my unstable job, but when I started listening to you, I felt more relaxed and confident.

    Many thank-yous!

    Can you tell me how can I get a card deck like yours?

    Huge hug fom Portugal!

  7. Thank you so much Melanie! Your readings and videos are truly inspiring and I tell people about you! Love to you and yours this blessed season!

  8. I happened to turned on my email the minute you sent this, and felt like a kid on a Christmas morning! Your messages have been helping me connect to the great purpose of spreading love and joy. They are my #1 tool in life right now 🙂
    This was such a PERFECT message, and I felt like you were speaking to me directly. The angels have been saying this to me for a long time, but you’re now helping to confirm the validity of my thoughts. I love love love you, and the work you are doing . Thank you . Sending you love and light 🙂 xoox

  9. Thank you Melanie, I needed this guidance from the angels. Feeling the love and light vibrations you radiate through your messages. Love, peace, joy and happiness! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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