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The Ask Angels Free Card Reading!

Call upon your angels to surround and connect with you, think of the question you have for the angels and choose a card… Notice the thoughts, or feelings you have in response to the angel card you draw, and read the description to connect with the guidance of your angels through this free angel card reading!

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Connect with Archangel Michael for Yourself!

Connect With Archangel Ariel For More Joy And Love

Increasing Your Clarity of Connection with the Angelic Realm message with Archangel Haniel

Connect With Archangel Metatron To Initiate New Beginnings:

Ask Archangel Chamuel To Help You Serve With Love:

Practice Forgiveness With Help From Archangel Zadkiel

Orb of Healing Light Angel Meditation To Clear And Shield Your Energy with Archangel Uriel:

Heart Healing & Nurturing Meditation with Mother Mary here:

Connect With Archangel Raphael\'s Healing Light

Go Deeper... Journey through the Elements to Awaken Your Psychic Senses with Archangel Raziel here:

Meditation to Help You Change Your Habits With Angel Healing:

Listen to An Inner Child Healing Meditation with Archangel Haniel here:

Listen to a Manifesting With Love Message from Uriel here:

Infinite Light From the Divine Meditation with Archangel Michael:

Self Love Through Heart Healing - Meditation with Mother Mary:

Open Your Heart Healing Meditation with Archangel Michael:

Meditation to Connect with New Levels of Love and Light:

Let Joy and Love Be Your Guide Meditation with Archangel Michael:























































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Try another free angel card reading with the Path of Soul Destiny Cards Here.

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For many, Angel Cards are a great way to begin to tune into the power of divination and to start receiving direct, timely insight from your angels.

Whether you are new to working with your angels and angel messages or if you are a seasoned veteran, there is great benefit working with angel cards.

This free angel card reading widget is designed to help you quickly get all of the benefits of a print angel card deck, and a free angel card reading online whether you are on your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

You have help, guidance and assistance with you, always.  Sometimes it can be difficult to tune into this guidance and these cards are a perfect way to bridge the gap between what is going on in your life and angelic guidance and assistance.

Just ask your angels for a message that you need now, or for help with a situation and pull a card… You will be directed to a message that will serve you on your path at this very moment.

Many hours have gone into custom developing this card reading widget here on our site and I truly hope you enjoy!

Melanie |Ask Angels


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  1. Thankyou so
    much I read you’re card it was good thankyou so much

  2. Thank you for the free daily readings. I look forward to what card I pick and have enjoyed your audio meditations in calling in the angels. Gabriel has come to me today and it sits incredibly true in my total being. I trust and hold joy even though my current situation requires that I move on from my marital relationship of 28 years. Yesterday I had a meditation with Metatron, and a “blue alien being” came to me and entered into me, for healing, protection and guidance. It was an incredible experience which reminded me of our new earth vibration and ascension. Blessings to you Melanie.

  3. thank u Melanie. this is a wonderful page. I like & believe in angels. thanks

  4. Am highly interested and thank you for this page

  5. I love this card reading as it brings much comfort and support

  6. Hello Melanie. Thank you for your blessings. Since being on your site through fb, I have visited the free angel card pic almost daily. There are huge dynamics going on in my life that keep turning towards me even though those who are directing this bad energy and stress are my husband and my adult children. I am currently taking a treatment for a disease I have and am struck with a daily headache and feeling blue. I work as a psychiatric nurse in a very complex floor with many very sick individuals. My attitude is comical and friendly while at work, to help them lighten their stressers. I am well liked by staff and patients alike. I have been hiding the fact that I may need to end my 28 year marriage to my husband. He is an addict and immature. I cannot stand living with him any more. Oh and he is usually unemployed. Please help me with what to do. I feel overwhelmed and have been calling on God and angels for help.

  7. My big worry right now its my traffic tickets to be able to pay them is the only money problem or big money problems that I have and fraid to talk to my boyfriend and ask for help because I don’t want him to get the wrong idea …I don’t want him to think that I’m a problem or that I only care about money when I really have feelings faith and hope then we can end up having real acommitment I’m a good person

  8. Hi Melanie,
    I was currently drawn to your website through multiple things currently that are happening in my life and the amount of confusion and stressing is overbearing most of my days. I find it difficult to wake up in my moments. My panic attacks and stress tend to stray me from allowing to be in a calming state and really listen to any messages that I feel I am trying to attract. I for some reason was stuck on the Date December 15, 2014 and was wanting to know if this is a significant date for some reason for me? I am also just aching to know if in the next month or so am I able to see if he will return back to me in a better and healthier state or am I holding on to something that is not there.
    Thank you so much.

  9. I go through periods where i see numbers in triples like 222, 555, 333 etc and 12:12,12:21, n 12:22,10:10 n 11:11. My friend Mr. Bill (he used to be my Bible teacher) says that its something Biblical.That I need to search it out in the scriptures…Thank You, fee

  10. Really trying hard to get ahead financially, seems like I am always scraping to get bills paid. Is it going to get better anytime soon.

  11. I was adopted and it was a very unhappy home. Alot of emotional,mental pain and destroy all of my self esteem and safe worth. I left one part of hell to another part when I got married. I didn’t know at the time what he was. He was and is Habitual, compulsive and a pathological lair and a compulsive cheater. I am unable to get out of this marriage because of financial reasons but I am working on it. There is no love left in this marriage on part and after we were married is when I found out he was never in love with me. I was just ” a good girl” all of his other girlfriends was into drugs and trouble with the law. Please tell me I will be able to get out soon and make it on my own financial..

  12. Since 2011, when I went through the worst period of my life. A facebook friend brought me to the world of Angels. I have always been a person who believes, but I had lost all my faith 2011/2012.
    Now I have become a true believer in Angels and Higher Powers, I have a collection of crystal angels. I also have ‘We are Human Angels’ , Angel cards although I must still learn to read them, and today I received the bottle of healing oil and have added some to a diffusser that is in my sitting room.
    In my prayers every night, I always ask Archangel Raphael to keep me wrapped in his wings and help me get over this illness. Strangely enough, tonight I drew Archangel Raphels card with the message that he has been with me all day.
    Please help me with my quest to learn all I can. You bring me such comfort.
    Thank you from the depth of my heart.
    God be with you always.
    Alice (Known as Beth) Palmerton.

  13. I talk to archangel Michael a lot and ask for guidance. I just drew the card Breathe and Ground. How Amazing is that I would like a free reading. thank you

  14. hey melanie, i love your site, looking forward to taking some of your classes soon! this free reading was amazing, I’d love to know what this new cycle will bring, i feel its going to be beyond amazing! any insight would be great lol :) sending you and your future lots of the brightest light and love! thank you for being you

  15. Dearest Melanie,
    I have had so much pain over the years and it still is going on! I live so alone and see no one unless I go to town or out on weekends! I wonder if my life will change and if I will ever have enough to live on? also if pain will stop?

    Thank you so much for your site and help!

  16. Hello Melanie,

    Im a 38 year old single mom. i have hurts from the past lingering and with Angelic help i am doing my best to get rid of what does not serve me. I am stuck however and need direction. I have met someone but need a great deal of clarity on the matter. I am scared. Can you provide insight please?


  18. Melody, Yes! She is absolutely looking out for you from Heaven. Did she ever call you sugar plum? She’s so happy… and smiling down at you and the new opportunities which are or will soon be appearing for you in your life. xoxo

  19. Hi Melanie, I just lost my Mom 7 weeks ago and having a real difficult time dealing with her passing. Mom and I were very close and I miss her terribly. Can you tell me if she is around me? Thank you

  20. Hi Renee,
    Yes, the widget angel card reading text is small and is really only designed for computers… This is why we made the reading into the app. It has a free version which will load perfectly on your iPhone. :)

  21. Hi Melanie,

    I’m in a relationship with a guy who lives in another continent. we have been in touch for one year 7 months. I feel this is an emotional affair. But with all the FB guys they say its a twin flame relationship or a soul mate relationship. He is a married guy and I’m a widow. He is very much into this relationship as I am. When we got in touch and things were not serious I did tell him that he should not allow his married life to get affected with our friendship. But for the last 3 months I feel differently. I feel I am wrong feeling this way as it will split him from his family and as if I ask for him to leave he may not and if he does I will not be happy with him.

    I am confused. Could you please help? Thanks

  22. Hi!

    Messages next to card should be larger. And when I opening this page through my phone, it is even harder to read message :)I haven’t purchased application, but I guess I should be able to use this app in my mobile phone using this web page? :)

    Have a nice day!

  23. Mel,
    A relationship with someone that I love so much has ended, I wanted to know if that person will come back into my life in the future?

  24. Thank you for the access to the Angels. I am blocked of receiving info from higher rhealms etc due to addiction so rely on others help to find out what i need to do in order to break free so i can experience all the wonderful feelings from the angels and guides. I know its a big ask but would u have any advice on finding someone who can connect with my guide and pass on any vital info about my current situation. The free angel card reading was relevant to my situ and gave me a boost to hang in there. Sorry to sound so demanding but im at a desperate point that has gone on for way too long. Love from Katie. Xxxxxx

  25. Hi Melanie,

    I have lost my job since months and trying very hard to find a job but seems I need an angel yo help me right now as I am a widow and have three kids to look after

  26. Thank you for your site and insights i need the angels around me also . Blessings Leonie

  27. Ive moved to a new country on my own.And finding it hard to find work. I’ve worked in office jobs for the past 6 years.Im passionate about the fashion industry which is what bought me to this new country.Whilst I’m struggling financially, had many interviews and some what desperate to find work.opted to going back to working in the office. I prayed this morning to ask the lord to assist me in a career that’s fulfilling my divine life purpose.And I drew the authentic purpose card.The message popped out immediately,where I should be focussing my energy on.

  28. I just had a good experience here on your page with angel 777 I been playing at the slate machines and for 2 times I won money also been playing scratch tickets back again won the 25dlls with the numbers 777 I been paying more attention with these numbers…thank you what should I do I feel bless ..Silvia

  29. Please help me to connect with my angels

  30. Thank you soooo much for opening doors to the angels for me, I was interested through Doreen Virtue’s books and I have her angel cards…I am very spiritual and psychic…I read tarot cards…but I feel that angel channeling and healing is my true gift and calling…I have made some wonderful connections and channeled for friends and family just this summer with angel meditation I used from your book I listened to messages too. I feel uplifted…thank you and Arch Angel Michael…and all the angels…god bless..I love this..xo Rita

  31. Hello Melanie,

    Your channeled angel messages have helped me through the sad time of the loss of my life partner Dennis 15 month ago. I trust in the Divine Messages of the angels and recently noticed something amazing.
    I feel a great sense of beautiful energy around my crown chakra and often see the most beautiful shades of violet and purple. There is also very often the feeling of being touched, it feels like I am connected at all times. Thank you for the great work you do.

    Love & Light to you Melanie

  32. Thank you! I see others have shared numbers they see, for me it is 11 and then numbers that can be divided by 11, such as, 22, 44, 55. My birthdate adds to 11, time I was born adds to 11, house number adds to 11. License plate adds to 22. When glancing at the clock there is always 11. Receipts add up to 11 or 11 in change. Thanks for all you do!

  33. I keep seeing the numbers 9 and 7 for almost a year now, what do they mean.

  34. Yes! 778 means you’re in alignment with creating the blessings you seek. Confidently take action in the direction of your goals. Now is the time and you have a huge amount of support available in the physical and spiritual realms! :)

  35. I keep seeing the numbers 778 what does this mean is it something good

  36. 3553~ Your angels and the ascended masters have heard your call and prayers to experience positive changes in your life. Many changes are stirring beneath the surface now in response to your request. Know that you are protected and supported in taking steps yourself to bring this positive change into your life as well… Start taking small steps which will add up to big change, and remember to ask for help along this path as you have a HUGE amount of support from Heaven.

  37. Thank you ! But do you know what the numbers 3553 mean ?

  38. ple give me details of guidence about my self thanks .rajeev

  39. thank you for helping me find my true heart. all is opening wide the doors of my heart thank you n god bless

  40. Thank you ever so much for having this sight up I do really need it at times when I need reminding by spirit and the higher realms that I can be in contact but still have anxiety problems and would also please ask the best and easy way to ground as I have tried some and after a little while it stops working lots of love Rachel xxx <3

  41. I’m in teArs with my card…a burning.g question for such a long time about my purpose to the point of screaming it out in frustration to my angels…with this free Angel card reading I have now been shown the way to learn what my purpose is….thank you Namaste

  42. Thank you Melanie for my free angel reading it was spot on

  43. Thank you for this card reading….it*s realy halping me!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  44. Thank you for free Angle card reading

  45. Thanks Melanie , for letting us into your site.
    Thank you so much for the free reading. It was an eye opener for me.
    Would love to buy an Angel deck.
    Will get in touch after I go through was so heart warming to understand that the Angels are always there to guide us through

    Melanie, thanking you once again

  46. Hi Agnes,
    Thanks for commenting, and I do apologize your request for a free reading has not been acknowledged. Know that we get a ton of requests for free readings and are only able to offer so many for free each week through our weekly Ask the Angels Column. If you would like to ensure your questions are answered I would recommend purchasing a reading here.
    With many blessings of love and light,

  47. This is the second time I have asked for a reading. Have not even received an acknowledgment.

  48. Hello melaine, thank you very much for your angel reading ! I really enjoyed reading it ! And I am happy to know I have an angel with me ! Many many thanks again.
    Lots of love to you. Barbara x

  49. Hi Natalie,
    The app is still a work in progress and not yet available. :)

  50. do you have angel reading app for iphone it says on your site you do but i cannot see it.

  51. Thank you! These cards are always very uplifting, encouraging and great guidance to me!! love and gratitude!!!

  52. Melanie, thank u so much and wish that you will get more and more blessing s from your angels. This website is really a good one for me .lot’s of blessing

  53. This is so accurate. I am in the process of cleaning off the old guttering stuff that had been blocking things in front of me. Thanks so much.
    Keep up with the good work Dear. Buddha Bless ~ Julia xxoo

  54. Amazingly Accurate! Love it and shared :)

  55. Hi Alison,
    Thanks for asking! These cards are not available for sale yet… But so glad to hear you would like to purchase them. Hopefully soon! :)

  56. where can i get the angel cards that i choose from in the free angel readings.thankyou

  57. i thank god for sending me angels and guides i love and thank them for being always with me,melanie i thank you for introducing angel meditation to me at this time of my life,i saw my angel in white with wings while meditating,it was a spiritual unveiling in my life,i love you.may you keep helping us on this path.may god bless you

  58. I’m stunned! Thank you!! So accurate…surreal

  59. Thank-you. I need the angels around me at the moment as I am preparing for uni exams. I have a set of Angel cards but I don’t use them half as often as I should. Thanks for this lovely site. Bless you. Dxx

  60. I truly believe that I do have guardian angels around me thank you Lord for your Holy Spirit and your guides that you have sent to guide me in my every step in this jorney.A M E N

  61. Thank you for the reading. It was very much right on and I needed it to bring myself around from feeling as if I am scattered everywhere.

  62. Loved ur free reading :) :)thnx a lot perfect ans was revealed by ur reading luv u :) :) thnx once again

  63. Thank you so much!!!

  64. I just LOVE your Light Body Activation CD. I listen to it every night. It has helped me in so many ways words cant even describe. Thankyou for your service and thanks to the angels x

  65. Thank you everyone for the feedback and comments! I am so happy to hear the free angel card reading has been useful! With many blessings, and SOOO much love and light!

  66. I have five archangels visiting me at the moment and Raphael is one of them. It is wonderful to find this site and the Raphael angel card prayer is so inspiring and wonderful. Thank you.

  67. This site is helping so many people. The guidance you share helps me stay on purpose.

  68. Mel, thanks you for access o this awesoem website.

    Is there is a link available to down load the new moon acticvation with AA Raphaeel?

    Thank you

    Nalz 😉

  69. thank you melanie for your free card readings they are brilliant love light n blessings for you xxx

  70. Thanks so much for the feedback Samantha! I will absolutely let you know when the physical deck is available… I agree on taking off the card back when it becomes a physical deck as well. I just fixed the link to the Angel Card decks as well. :) Many blessings!

  71. Mel,
    Thank you for your site. I would like to order the angel cards once they are available, and since I signed up for the newsletter, I’m sure I’ll be notified. I love the dreamy type feel, and colors you use. Not that it’s a bid deal, but I would prefer the printed version to not contain the website on the back of each card, perhaps on one extra card would be better.

    I wanted to make you aware that the link to view your angel card decks is broken. I’ve learned a lot from you, and I was looking forward to seeing your collection.

    Click Here to view some angel card decks that I personally enjoy and use.


  72. I absolutely love the way you incorporate angels and medications and the crystals that correspond to the message. Thank you for creating this website and allowing yourself to be inspired!

  73. I so appreciate Melanie and her channeled messages . They have lifted me up on many dark days. Seeing much success for you on this new website. Blessings Wanda

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