Archangel Raphael

archangel raphaelArchangel Raphael is the main archangel who oversees healing for living beings on Earth. He is a well know and incredibly powerful angelic being, who is ready, willing and waiting to connect with you directly if you so desire.

Through the powerful divine guidance from Archangel Raphael, you can learn to activate and use your bodies innate ability to heal itself. With practice and perseverance you can even learn to work with Archangel Raphael to heal others.

The guidance from Archangel Raphael may not be in the way you expect, as he will both directly and indirectly communicate with you to guide you in the direction of fully healing your mind body and spirit.

I have have found the process of connecting with Archangel Raphael to be an incredibly fun, loving, rewarding, and not to mention healing! When called upon for assistance this powerful arch angel of healing will always respond. After you ask for help… quiet your mind and be aware of your surroundings. Raphael will connect with you through your intuition, in the form of thoughts that spontaneously come into your awareness, or by your over hearing a fragment of a conversation that is going on around you.

When working with angels it is best to be open to how the angelic assistance will appear and to release any expectations you may have about how the experience will go. This way, you can simply enjoy and benefit from the process instead of worrying whether things are going as they should.

When you ask for angels help they will always answer… but its best to let them to choose how to help.
Instead of telling your angels what you need, simply outline the situation you would like help with, and be open to how they assist.

Sometimes your request for help will be in the form of a brilliant idea, or a dream you have that guides you in the right direction. You may receive an instant and miraculous healing from Archangel Raphael, or he may guide you to change your diet and lifestyle to accomplish the same goal.

When working with Archangel Raphael he sends many subtle (or not so subtle) signs to let you know that he is with you and you are on the right track.

Calling Archangel Raphael into your meditation space is a wonderful way to connect with his healing energies.

Simply close your eyes, relax, and breathe… Imagine that you are surrounded with light, angels, and that Archangel Raphael is now with you.
Open your heart, and feel the angelic love, and presence of Archangel Raphael. In your minds eye see his emerald green light all around you.
Believe and Know that Archangel Raphael is with you, and when you are ready ask for healing…
Breathe in the healing light Raphael flows your way…
Relax… and notice your inner impressions, subtle feelings, thoughts, ideas…

Allow healing love to fill your body, mind and spirit.

When you sit with Archangel Raphael in meditation and open your heart he will show you how to heal.
Just be sure to act upon the guidance you receive!

You can also connect with Archangel Raphael through meditation! Learn more from the following links:

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Angel Healing Meditations CD

You can also check out a channeled angel message with Archangel Raphael on youtube below. This message from Archangel Raphael will help you to immediately connect with the angelic realm in a very real way, and it is my hope that they will help you to learn to connect with your angels directly for yourself. The messages and meditations from Archangel Raphael are set to the beautiful angelic music of Thaddeus and will help you to effortlessly relax, lift and open to connecting with Archangel Raphael his divine healing and love!


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  1. Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for your wrapping my son, husband, family & me with your heavenly wings & healing energy, thank you for the healing that is taking place in our lives & physical bodies.

    Thank you for helping to heal my son of his Tourette’s syndrome..for easing his symptoms from radical to hardly showing…I believe it is due to prayer.

    Thank you for your healing touch on my ovaries, so can have a normal cycle and hopefully have a 2nd child, & to help to uplift my husband from his smoking habit, so he will no longer have the need for it, and healing his intestines to function perfectly…thank you for the divine healing bestowing upon all of us wherever we need it.
    Thank you & gr8ful

  2. I have been reading through short letters AA Raphael and off there are few negative comments but that should not be taken as negative but rather intensifies our faith and belief in God Almighty and these are His Ministering AA who are the authority over their respective responsibilities vetoed by God Almighty. We ask AA because God gave them these Holy Powerful Blessings to administer to Humans. We ask AA to help by the authority of the Lord Of Hosts, God Almighty. Our Lord Jesus is the supreme of the Angels and He is the Path the way the life to God Almighty. Angels are there to help humans.

  3. Please angel we found out my husband stage 4 lung cancer,we go to oncologist today to see if theirs treatment options or no….please angel pray for Bobby Hancok..I know he won’t be healed just prayer we can fight with treatment…thank you angels

  4. Archangel Rapheal the divine healer please heal me. Please heal my high blood pressure, tinnitus, roaring noise, ear, tmj , gerd and tourettes and women issues and anxiety. Please heal me and helo me to stabilize my health. Please helo my body heal and recover. Thank you for my healing!

  5. Archangel Raphael please heal the pain and discomfort coming from back surgery that causes numbness and tingling in my left leg, ankle and entire foot. Some days are better than others, I pray to you in Jesus name to please heal me. AMEN

  6. Raphael please aid in healing my husbands hands from arthritis. Also my neighbor who has many health issues right now and is in pain without relief please see that
    she can be comfortable. Please help me with my own health issues and lead us all
    onto the right path of healing. In Jesus name I pray…amen

  7. AA Raphael..kindly touch and heal my daughter of Fibro adenoma. May she enjoy your total and complete healing so that she may leave to enjoy her teenage years. Oh angel of God kindly hear and answer my petition. For this is my prayer of faith. Amen.

  8. Dear Archangel Raphael,

    Please heal me and rid my body of the cancer that I currently have. I will be forever in your debt and will spread your positive messages of healing if you can heal me. God Bless and thank you.

  9. Arch Angel Raphael please heal my body of Diabetes and my knees from constant pain. I also ask to heal my friends DH, NS, JW. Thank you Raphael.

  10. Hello rafeal, please help heal me, and my body from my accident that affected my whole body, so that I may be able to enjoy my golden years with my wife, children, and grandchildren.

  11. Archangel Raphael,
    I ask you to please heal my best friend Dino of his cancer which has metastisized to his bones. Give him strength to fight through this treatment and surgery. He is a wonderful man who always helps everyone. He needs help now. Amen

  12. Blessed Archangel Raphsel we need a miracle for Tessa who has been diagnosed with a Malanoma : I have every faith that YOU are the miracle maker in God’s name . Thank you for this blessing

  13. Raphael, please open your light and love onto my friend Steve who is need of light and healing for his critical injuries. I ask you give him the energy and the will to continue the fight. wash him in emerald green. lift him up. let him hear you. thank you for healing him.

  14. Dear AA Raphael please help in bringing about a speedy healing and reuniting me with John have a healthy communication and respect of loving honest relationship..Tired of draining energy and missing him…So please work on this situation…I believe…

  15. Dear Archangel Raphael,
    Thank you for hearing my prayers. Please heal my son Evan from the abscess wound and trauma. Please protect, gude and heal him with your emerald green healing light.

    Please hold my mother Rosie, in your light as well, and please heal her from her neck and chronic back pain.

    Please guide, protect and heal all my family when we call on you.
    Love and Guidance!

  16. Archangel Raphael, please heal my stomach problems, and dizziness, please heal and make me feel happy again im so fed up of feeling unwell

  17. Archangel Raphael please heal my eyes and my body. I beg for your assistance and miracle healing. Please heal me. Thank you.

  18. Rafael Archangel Please help my sister ALMA regain their health, all is well.

  19. Archangel Raphael please heal my friend Debbie she needs your help and support right now. Please watch over and give her the stregnth to beat the disease that has captured her body. Thank you

  20. I’ve been praying to archangel Raphael for a while and just recently I’ve noticed a jade crystal pendant in my room- i havent purchased it, nor has anyone else in my house. is it from him? how do i know that he gave it to me?

  21. He helps me in a lot of ways. I am convinced angels are here with us and are ready to help anytime. They’ve always been here and will always be here for us.

  22. Archangel Raphael, please heal me from lung cancer so I can live here on earth for many, many more years with my husband, children and future grandchildren. Please permit me to be here to welcome my grandchildren into this world and watch them grow. Thank you, Ceilann

  23. Archangel Raphael, please help me to let go of any anxiety over my life and how I can survive financially, and to help me to grow in `true faith’ and trust fully your divine plan for the unfolding of my path. Help me to connect with you more and to experience your loving light flowing through me and receive your healing powers and guidance, so that I may heal others also. Amen

  24. Please help my sister. She had heart surgery last week and is on her way to the ER because she cannot breath. Thank you.

  25. Archangel Raphael, I’m going into my third operation on my eye and I’m quite tired of going into it. Please heal my eye so that I can see normal again. Thank you Much!

  26. To Raoul: I pray that the Archangel Raphael is helping to heal your newborn son who is named after this wonderful, healing angel. May he already be on his way to perfect health and happiness. God be with you to give you strength and perfect faith!

  27. Raphael has manifested his humor and being to me over the past several weeks in ways I have not been able to comprehend though I see now to be vivid. Though the reasons are heartbreaking for my calling upon him, it gives lends a chance that where this is hurt, comes hope

  28. Dear wonderful, sweet,caring,loving Raphael. Iam Asking. With all my Heart and faith. In you. . For a Body healing. Of everything. On and in my body.please. heal my daughter’s Alicia, Sheila, Katrina, Stephanie. And my son Peter Edward. Also heal my father virgil h. legs and body keep him alive and well.please heal my mother eve h., her body keep. Her alive and well.Please. Bless us in every way., in your light and. Love in Jesus. Christ name.heal my daughter’s. Relationship and heal our finances and bless us with a home.Need. of vehicle. Please .reveal yourself to Joshua. Bane to show him that your real and god is real,cause he has great doubts because. Of what he has experienced. In his daughter. Sheila loves him. So please. Do something. Soon….. I hope. You will remember me. god bless you in name of Jesus. Christ. love you always Sheila

  29. Archangel Raphael, Please Heal My Leg. Neurological Repair Can Only Come From Above. ..12yrs…I’m Tired. …Please Heal Me.

  30. Raphael, i am asking you to please heal my shoulders as well as my broken arm. I have been calling on you for awhile now, but still no relief. Thank you for your healing!

  31. Dear Raphael, please take care of my young newborn son named after you. He is very sick. Please comfort him and help him trough this moments

  32. Please heal me rahpael of all my situation nerves,financial,health,job and mind please

  33. Archangel Raphael’, Please heal my injured ankle so I can get back to helping others” also help heal my brothers kidney and my mothers foot. Thank you

  34. Dear Archangel Raphael, Please bring healing to my Mum. Please heal her and permit her to come home and be with us all.

  35. Dear Archangel Raphael,

    Please heal me of my fears and my resistance to let go.

    Thank you, Kathleen

  36. Archangel Raphael please please heal my acid reflux disease, I am suffering so so bad and need your help. I can’t take the pain any longer. Thankyou Victoria

  37. Please protect and heal my son jack

  38. Archangel Raphael heal a sharp pain coming from my chest and heal my knee paid and ear ache all these I have been suffering from for the 3 years, please heal me.

    Also heal my family from pain and suffering.

    THank you

  39. archangel Raphael please heal my heart from past traumas in my childhood and heal my relationships
    thank you

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