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Hello! I’m Sheelagh Maria and I am Clairvoyant, Claisentinent and Clairaudiant – However, I developed all of these gifts on my own terms! I am most interested in assisting people get to the root cause of why their life has turned out the way it has and to help people find their magic again.

If you are frustrated and wondering how on earth you can kick start your flow of positivity, the angels and also your guides are here to help.

I haven’t always heard angels and guides, only 8 years ago I was in the beginnings of realizing my intuition was linked to the nudges and pushes I was getting and the assistance that kept turning up.  I wholeheartedly believe we All have a team of unique and special spiritual beings that are supporting us along our path and our life is a lot more magical and easy if we are able to recognize this help and guidance when it comes!

Here at we pride ourselves on equipping you with down to earth advice and guidance on how to make the most of your choices.  Your Angels the Archangels and your guides want the same.  It makes their job a lot easier if you can take and use the advice as it is given to you.  With our specially designed courses, clearings, healing’s and readings you can rest assured that the power really is in your hands!

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Channelled Angel Readings by Sheelagh

When I conduct an angel reading I start by tuning into your energy remotely, I don’t use cards for this I simply ‘open up’ – and then I open up the the Angelic Realm, ask who is with you, invite them in and have a good old natter as to what messages they wish to convey to you at this time.

I tend to connect with the archangels and we all tend to have a particular archangel which is with us during our life and this can change from time to time, I also can connect with one of your two guardian angels if the need arises too

I find that angel readings are healing experiences, meaning that you are left with tools to energetically kick start your progress, they will reassure you that you are on the right path, and will suggest ways to improve your experience.

The angels want you to be YOU not anyone else, and they will talk to you about any problems or blocks that you are experiencing which may seem to be repeating themselves – often there is a lesson that hasn’t been completed and in order to move through easily this can be presented to you.

The angels will also show you how to manifest anything in your life that you wish for, they will talk to you about how to signify to the universe that this is what you wish to experience, and this is true for any of us – we are constantly manifesting imagine how it would feel if you Knew you could manifest only the best experiences for yourself? This is the reality the angels wish all of us to experience and they will lovingly help you to do this

Channelled Angel Reading Options

Full 1 Hour Channelled Angel Reading: Retail Price $120  Now Only $110!

Channeled Readings are given through Skype or telephone if you are within the UK. I am also happy to email your reading to you as an .MP3 and offer options for this too! Readings are available most days M-F from 8AM- 9PM GMT. After you book your reading, I will contact you via email to schedule your Channelled Angel Reading Session.

Questions are an important part of your reading, and it is a good idea to have one or two questions pre prepared to ask. The angels love to help with anything and there is no area that they wont give their love and support with.

Love Angel Reading: $99 Now Only 88! Remote Email Reading

Let the angels take the weight from your shoulders with a Soul Mate Reading and Clearing. Love Angel Readings are channeled purely through claiaudiance, Sheelagh will link in with the Archangels and light beings around you at this time and with only the name of the person you wish to receive healing and guidance with. She will look at the energy surrounding this relationship or potential relationship. Sheelagh will perform a clearing of the energy including removal of any cords attaching them or you to old situations (with higher self permission) she will clear and old agreements preventing new beginnings from taking place, and will also look at any past lives that you spent with them.

Sheelagh is able to tune into anyone anywhere in the world without cards and is able to tell you not only the way that they feel, but why they feel this way. The angels will go one step further, they will prescribe magical affirmations and tools to allow fresh energy and new beginnings to come in. If in the event it is not meant to be, she will look and see when your true soul mate is due to appear and give you tips about what this special person may look like or what they may be like.

This is a truly beautiful reading as many energetic entanglements can prevent a ‘meant to be’ relationship from coming together, once cleared what is for your highest good can more easily prevail.

If you are in a sticking point then this reading and clearing could well be the answer. Please note we can not make any guarantees as free will is honoured at all times. We look forward to helping you find happiness and peace really soon!

 Spiritual Development Readings: Now Only $99

Learn how to open up to more spiritual ability safely. In each of these stand alone hour spiritual development sessions you will learn how to further open to and develop your gifts. You will learn about spiritual protection and how to cleanse and clear your connection with spirit. And you will learn which Archangel you are aligned with, and what is their message is for you at this time in your life.

Purchase a session below, and then let Sheelagh know which Spiritual Development Session you would prefer before your session. (Or let Sheelagh and the Angels help determine which you’re most suited for now) 

Spiritual Development Session Options

 Meet Archangel Michael
Learn to connect with the mighty Archangel Michael for spiritual development and to open up to your gifts.  In this session you will actually connect to his energy and feel his presence. You will receive messages for you personal to you from Channel Sheelagh.  She will teach you how to protect your self, and how to cleanse your energy and also open your third eye on a regular basis.  Michael will work with Sheelagh to explain what blocks are at play and how to remove this so that you can enjoy a close and more recognizable relationship with this beautiful Archangel.  Invite Michael into your life and know he is right there. Just $99 and recorded for your benefit. 
Oracle Card Workshop with Gabriel
Learn to read Oracle cards safely for your self and others. Sheelagh will teach you to open your gift to receive messages safely and easily. You will learn what your primary gift is and how to strengthen this whilst using oracle cards to receive accurate messages from the Angelic realm. This session is conducted with Archangel Gabriel. You will open all of your Psychic Centers further and you will receive messages about your gift from Gabriel via the cards. Tools and tips are given for reading for others.  A one hour session recorded for your benefit.
Developing Clairvoyance with Haniel
Learn to open your clairvoyance with this beautiful Archangel. Haniel is the Archangel of spiritual gifts and she will gently cleanse away build up around your third eye and assist your understanding of what clairvoyance is.  She will also give you messages about your path through the channel Sheelagh has years of experience as a psychic development coach in helping people to trust their intuition and she understands we all doubt ourselves at times. Haniel is here to help you to joyfully step into your role as your own facilitator and help others along their path also. Recorded for your reference.

Healing With The Angels
Perhaps you want to learn to heal with the angels?  This session is with Michael and Raphael you will learn to send and give Angel healing including healing your self of limiting beliefs , learning how to cut cords safely, and how to cleanse yours or others energy fields. How to heal others by enjoying a remote attunement, and how to send healing over distance to any situation past or present.  This is not certificated, but it is recorded for your reference. Email support included.

Purchase a session below for only $99, and then simply let us know which Spiritual Development Session you prefer.

Message From Heaven Reading- 1 Question: Retail Price $80 Now Only $59 (.MP3 Reading Only)

If you are wanting to know how someone feels about you or if your relationship is ‘the one’ then a ‘Message From Heaven’ reading will assist you with clarity and upliftment brought to you from the Archangels and guides that are with you at this time. This reading option is also perfect for receiving an answer or insight into one question or subject area.

Magical Manifestation Reading: Now Only $99

If you are experiencing a blockage in your flow of abundance or love – then our hour Magical Manifesting Sessions are for you. In a beautiful guided journey you will meet magical beings such as Unicorns Archangels and Ascended Masters. You will be be assisted in clearing any negative thought patterns, or energy patterns carried over from childhood,  past lives or present experiences. You will be guided to change limiting beliefs for supporting ones and you will learn the secrets of easy and nurturing manifestation.

Once I have given you the reading I will be happy to send you the .MP3 recording of the session. If you have any immediate questions or anything doesn’t ‘sit’ quite right, do contact me – the messages are for you and so it is important that you understand them!

For legal reasons I must state that matters of health and legal issues cannot be entered into and this reading whilst a healing experience is to be considered as entertainment.

I absolutely love my work, and I love to hear how your path progresses as you move forward so do keep in contact with me and let me know all your exciting news as your new life begins to unfold.

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6 Month Forecast Angel Reading

Angel Healing Reading

Psychic Development Coaching

The Story of Your Soul Private Angel Course

I offer you this guarantee, when you are ready help is always at hand.  Whether you choose to develop by yourself as the beautiful magical being that you are with our meditations, or whether you would like a little magic sprinkled over your life – me, Melanie, and the archangels and guides are here to help support and empower you to take that next step.
Wishing you a peaceful now and a magical tomorrow.
~Sheelagh Maria and the Angels

Melanie’s Experience with a Channeled Angel Reading by Sheelagh

“After having an Angel Reading with Sheelagh, I felt uplifted, excited, and filled with a new sense of clarity about what was next for me in my relationship and in terms of my life purpose. Sheelagh clearly and beautifully channeled the angels direct answers to the questions I had wanted to ask, before I even had a chance to vocalize them to her! She accurately tuned into my energy, and what was going on in my life, with relevant insight from the angels about where I am on my path now, and what is to come moving forward. I am excited the angels connected Sheelagh and I, and I am confident and excited to have her as a part of the team, and to recommend her to you as an incredibly talented and clear channel of Angelic guidance!” ~Melanie Beckler, angelic channel, author and founder of

What Others Are Saying: 

“I had the privilege of receiving a channeled angel reading with the AMAZING Sheelagh Maria. Sheelagh exudes loving, compassionate, angelic energy and passes that energy directly to you, right along with the information she receives from the Angels present for your session. During and after my session, I felt uplifted, empowered, and enlightened. I feel as though I have much more clarity, insight, guidance, and support as I progress on my soul’s journey. I can’t recommend her enough and I’m so grateful that we were able to connect – check out her for yourself!”  SarahPetruno

Angelic Clairvoyance Sessions Are Also Available


Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed and best selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, .MP3 Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency and wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people all around the world.

Although Melanie no longer offers private readings, she has several partners who are available right now, if you would like a one-on-one reading... Simply Click Here, now!

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