Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel
Connect with Archangel Haniel

Channeling the beautiful love, and frequency of Archangel Haniel is truly an incredible experience.

Haniel vibrates with incredible love energy, with joy, vitality, and passion for life… But for me the most noticeable characteristic is the incredible energy of the Divine feminine that exudes from her presence.

Yes, you read that correctly… I see and experience Archangel Haniel as being female.

Of course, the reality of Archangels is that they’re neither male or female… But certain Archangels like Archangel Michael always feel very masculine to me when I connect with their energy. Archangel Haniel on the other hand is incredibly gentle, nurturing and distinctly feminine.

But while Haniel is gentle, loving, and incredible nurturing when she flows her soothing energy, and emotionally healing light, she also has a sort of electric energy and wildness about her… She has a fiercely powerful intensity that is incredible and she’s always available to fly deep in the the heart of heaviness, unafraid of messy emotions, challenging times, and sticky situations because she has the power to help shift all of these things.

I am honored and grateful to have Haniel looking out for me, and watching my back, and if you feel drawn to Haniel, she’s always willing to help those who call upon her with sincerity, openness, and a willingness to heal, grow, and transform.

Connect with Archangel HanielWorking with Archangel Haniel 

Haniel is a hugely powerful ally for anyone dealing with heavy emotions, struggling with women’s issues, sensitivity, or those who know they’re meant for so much more and are having trouble rising to the occasion and stepping into their full light.

Haniel also assists with new beginnings, helping those who call upon her with aligning with good luck, and creating positive change. She offers protection, harmony, and grace and will assist you in staying poised and centered in the midst of whatever is happening in your life.

When called upon, Archangel Haniel will dive into those lower energies and heavy emotions you may still be carrying, cleansing and transmitting all worry and lower vibrations back into love with her blue orb of healing light.

Call upon Archangel Haniel and imagine her pearly blue and white orb of light all around you, to activate your innate healing abilities, tune into strong moon energy, cultivate your inner strength, and your boost your psychic abilities like intuition and clairvoyance.

Ready to get to know Archangel Haniel?

Invoking the presence of Archangel Haniel is as easy as asking her to be with you.

“Archangel Haniel, thank you for connecting with me now and wrapping your brilliant light and love around me. Help me to let go of heavy emotions, and lower energies so I can access the full extent of my personal power, my spiritual gifts and abilities… Thank you for helping me to shine my full light.”

You can also invite Archangel Haniel to help heal and uplift others!

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In addition, the angel messages I’ve channeled with Archangel Haniel carry her vibrational energy signature and presence.

Listen to the Free Angel Message .MP3’s with Archangel Haniel belowto lift your energy into vibrational resonance, and to tune into the light, love, and power of Archangel Haniel now.

These angel messages will not only connect you with the love and presence of Archangel Haniel, but will also guide you to more clearly connect with your own Angels and Guides. Set to beautiful music from Thaddeus, these uplifting angel messages will leave you feeling refreshed and well connected.

Free Angel Messages with Archangel Haniel

Increase Your Clarity of Connection With The Angelic Realm

archangel hanielClick the link above to listen or right click to save to your computer.


Here are additional free angel messages with Haniel you can access now:

Healing Your Inner Goddess– Free Angel Message with Archangel Haniel

Inner Child Healing ~ Free Angel Message with Archangel Haniel

Divine Alignment Meditation ~ Free Angel Message with Archangel Haniel

Love Your Pathway to Infinite Possibility ~ Free Angel Message with Archangel Haniel

Prefer Video?

Check out the Meditations with Archangel Haniel on YouTube here:


If you like the messages above check out the Ascension Meditations Pack which you can access by Clicking Here! 

Or for the Love Meditations Pack… Click Here! 



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  1. This was wonderful. Thank you Melanie 🙂

    <3 <3 <3

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  2. Melanie…you are always amazing and this is good timing for me as well. I look forward to the meditations and thank you for ALWAYS sharing with us and caring about us. xoxoxo

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  3. Thank you Melanie, this meditation came just in time and was perfect for me. When you first began telling us about Archangel Haniel, I immedietly felt pulled to her.

    Much Love <3

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    • Yay! That makes me so happy to hear…

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  4. What can I do to lift very sad. Vibrations my dear friend passed away yesterday I feel so sad he was a big help to me there is this emptiness where laughter use to be

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  5. This is just really so Divine!

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  6. Awesome, Melanie! Thank you so much for this. One question: do you feel that Archangel Haniel would be a good one to invoke for issues related to sexuality and being of non-standard orientation, as this relates directly to the Divine Feminine?

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    • Yes! I think that wildness I mentioned that I sense about her also has to do with non-conformity! Being true to yourself and your heart… Not fitting into the roles others and society think we should fill…

      Great question.

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  7. It`s beautiful! Thank you!!!

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  8. Thank you Melanie. My favourite crystals that I use to connect with Haniel is moonstone and pearl. Haniel has a beautiful calming and caring quality that makes me feel safe.

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  9. For those of you wondering, use Celestite, as this connects with angelic realms.:)

    Another good stone to raise vibrations is kyanite

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  10. Can you please tell me which crystal is good for me to lift my vibrations and
    get divine guidence.

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  11. I love this page, my cousin Michael cipolloni sent this to me, please I need prays for so many things going on in my life please be there for me & my family, I pray day & night for all if this, I love Angels & God, please be in my heart, thank you, <3

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  12. Can you please tell me which crystal is connected to Archangel Haniel please? Thank you and God bless.

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  13. Melanie-
    Thank you for your messages I am deeply grateful for your guidance in helping me to connect with my angels and Archangels.
    May you be blessed in all you accomplish.

    Thank you,

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