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Archangel Gabriel is a powerful and loving messenger of Divine love, wisdom, and guidance.  Gabriel is the Archangel of communication, new beginnings, and strength.  She will assist you in learning to tune into messages of Divine love for yourself, and in opening to allow Divine strength to flow throughout your life.

When called upon Gabriel will bring you inspiring messages to assist you in finding your highest calling. If your spiritual vision has been blocked, and you desire to receive visions of angelic guidance regarding the direction you are headed,  call upon Archangel Gabriel to open your third eye to clearly see Divine love.

Archangel Gabriel delivers messages of Divine inspiration, and frequency. Tune into the love of Archangel Gabriel to cleanse and lift your vibration, open your heart, and reconnect with all that you came here to be.

Archangel Gabriel reminds us that in the physical realm, each of us are wonderfully unique! You are an original spark of the divine. You were not meant to be told how to dress, what to do or who to be…  This free angel message from Archangel Gabriel will assist you in releasing the restrictions that may have been imposed upon you by others, by society, or by your own limiting beliefs, attachments, cords, or doubts. Release what you are not in order to reunite with the full truth of who you are.

You are here on Earth now because your unique talent and passions are needed . Your inner light and love are needed. There is nothing outside of you which can tell you the exact form or shape this will take for you… but in this angel message from Gabriel you will be cleansed and lifted in vibration, and lovingly guided to tune into the true essence of all that you were meant to be.
Now is an exciting time on Earth, and you have an essential role to play. Gratitude opens your heart and will carry you through any rut or challenge. You have a role to play in the current cosmic unfolding, and it is through your heart, not your mind that you will ultimately know this purpose.

Relax, Breathe, and listen to tune into the message and frequency of Archangel Gabriel!

Spiritual Power Angelic Activation with Archangel Gabriel .MP3~ A free angel message with Archangel Gabriel for you!

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  1. Thank you, I look forward to the guidance of All.
    God, Angels and Spirital Guidance.

  2. Thank You. I need a financial blessing, and reunion with my son and my soul mate.

  3. Hi melanieI look forward for your help for my teacher does that journey I’ve been seeking for a very long time I am sure you are good and I’m willing to hear and listen to everything that I need to help me with my future god bless you Martha

  4. How can I find out who my Spirit Guides are?

  5. Thank you! :)

  6. Oh ri eli?

  7. You have put into words what I have been sensing in my spirit; I have been through intense pain and darkness, having to be subject to the controls and wishes of others; I am trying with all my strength to extricate and lift myself into personal freedom that I might follow the true light and serve the purpose for which I am destined. You have been an immense source of help and encouragement. Thank you so very much.

  8. Thank you,

  9. i need good accomodation, a good car

  10. Melanie, I appreciate you so much. I’m grateful for the supportive emails to guide me on my journey. The support, guidance, help, and clarity I receive from my Angels, spirit guides, source…helps me to connect with source, and my higher self through your guidance…I am forever grateful to have you guided into my life to assist me to master my connections effortlessly with as so it is. Thank you.

  11. is what I am currently busy with, worthwhile or not. will it be positive or not?

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