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7 Types of Spirit Guides – Which Do You Have On Your Spirit Team?

7 Types of Spirit Guides & How They Help You!

7 Types of Spirit Guides - Which Do You Have On Your Spirit Team? You have spirit guides! I believe this statement to be true regardless of who you are, where you come from, what choices you've made in the past and what your life looks like now.

The term “Spirit Guide” is general. It refers to spirit beings who offer a positive source of guidance, support and help in your life.

Spirit Guides is a general term, because it can refer to a multitude of types of spirit beings, who have many unique roles, and areas of life they may support you with.

In this article you will discover the 7 key types of spirit guides, 11 common roles they have, and how you can connect with them to leverage their help in all areas of your life!

7 Types of Spirit Guides

Here is a look at some of most common types of spirit guides available for you to work with in your life, and the areas they are best able to serve and assist you.


Ancestor Spirit Guides An ancestor spirit guide is a spiritual guide connected to you through your genetic or spiritual lineage.

They may be deceased loved ones you knew in your lifetime who are now guiding you from the realms of spirit.

But more often the case, ancestor guides come from further back in your lineage. This could be a great, great, great grandmother… Or someone like an ancient Yogi Guru you followed in a past incarnation.

Ancestor spirits guide and support you in many ways. They may step forward as guides to support you in healing, wounding, limiting beliefs or traumas that have been passed down through generations, or they may be practical day-to-day guides.

Wise and avatar like ancestors can also be teacher guides, and incredible allies for you in uncovering your spiritual gifts, and remembering how to vibrantly thrive in your life.

Learn more about how to get connected with your Ancestor Guides to experience Ancestral Healing here!


Angels as Spirit Guides Angels are spiritual beings from the angelic hierarchy who can act as Divine messengers and spiritual guides for humanity. Angels, Archangels and Guardian Angels are the types of angelic beings that most often work with humans directly.

Angels work with people by communicating messages, transmitting uplifting and inspiring energies, as well as triggering your intuition and offering nudges of guidance to keep you moving in the right direction throughout your incarnation.

Your guardian angel is the angel who has stepped forward at the time of your birth and volunteered to support you through your life. They know your unique soul purpose, mission, and also strengths and can guide and support you in coming into your highest truth and vibrantly thriving in your life.

Although angels are documented in many religions, they themselves are not religious! They guide all humans regardless of religion, gender etc… and your guardian angel can be an incredible spirit guide and ally when you consciously cultivate your direct connection.

For connecting with angels, I always recommend starting with your personal guardian angel.

Meet your guardian angel here >>

There are also the angelic beings known as Archangels who support humanity too. Archangels work with entire groups of humans. You can learn more about some of the different Archangels here. One of the most well known Archangels is of course, Archangel Michael, but there are many more you can get to know and also learn to work with!

Star Beings

Starbeings as Spirit Guides Benevolent star beings can act as spirit guides for members of humanity, especially Starseed souls.

I often call the star beings who act as guides for me “Galactic Family“.

A Star being spirit guide may be a being who you have known in past or future life incarnation in some other star system like the Pleiades, Arcturian, Andromedon, Lyrian, Sirian, Orion Star System, and many others.

Star Being guides are most often present to help us as humanity and individuals to evolve, grow as souls, and progress on the ascension path. In my opinion the most helpful star being guides who have been through the ascension process, and can now help us to navigate the present ascension journey we as humanity are undergoing.

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters as Spirit Guides, Merlin Ascended Masters are the spiritual beings who have lived earthly lives and mastered their paths of spiritual transformation to ascend.

They can be powerful teacher guides for us on our personal ascension paths and their goal is our enlightenment.

Ascended Masters have been down in the trenches so to speak and so they deeply understand the emotional and physical challenges we help, and can offer powerful guidance to help us learn our lessons and more vibrantly thrive in our lives.

There are many Ascended Masters who are now act as a spirit guide for humanity… Some well known Ascended Master Guides include:

  • Mother Mary
  • Yeshua /Jesus,
  • Maitreya
  • Quan Yin
  • Babaji
  • Merlin
  • Saint Germain
  • Sanat Kumara
  • Melchizedek.

.. and many more!

Animal Spirit Guides.

Animal Spirit Guides Animal Spirit Guides, also known as Power Animals, or Totems, are types of spirit guides that show up in animal form.

They guide us in our lives through relaying inspiration, offering healing, and even lending direct support in challenging times. Animal guides spiritual focus is around helping you to thrive as a physical being which includes staying grounded, centered and in tune with the earth. This does not mean that they don't have powerful spiritual wisdom, magic and power to relay though.

Certain animal spirit guides like Jaguar, Vulture, or Snake are well known for traveling through the veil between the physical and spirit world, and when they show up in your life it may be to help you to the same.

Other types of spirit animal guides show up in your experience to offer their protection, support you in overcoming fear, or they lend specific attributes and wisdom you need.

Learn more about Animal Spirit Guides here.

Gods and Goddesses

Gods and Goddesses as Spirit Guides Gods and goddesses are the spiritual beings who in certain cultures or spiritual traditions are honored as being Divine.

Goddesses and gods are vehicles for Divine energy, and they often have vibrant stories, personalities, and character traits that give a face to the Divine Life Force.

They are typically beings who have gone through a physical incarnation journey in another cycle, another epoch of time, and they now live in the spirit world and act as allies and often teacher guides for those still on physical incarnation journeys.

As spirit guides, gods and goddesses don't take the place of the One Source of Divine, the All… Rather, they offer an example or template for how certain Divine qualities manifest.

We can see goddesses and gods present in many cultures, eras, and spiritual traditions. They're also sometimes called heroes, divinities, devas or immortals.

Sometimes you may be drawn to the guides from your own heritage, while other times a goddess you're connected with is because of a past or parallel life connection you have with this being.

Some well-known names of gods and goddesses include beings like: Hathor, Lakshmi, Ganesha, Odin, Freya, Yemanya, Oshun Venus, Horus, Thoth, and many, many more!

Elemental Spirit Guides

Elemental Spirit Guides An Elemental is a spirit who inhabits one of the earth elements such as earth, fire, air or water. Elementals are not all benevolent allies for humanity, but one that is, could be seen as an Elemental Spirit Guide.

There are four key types of elementals depending on the element they work with and are associated with.

Gnomes are the elemental beings connected to the Earth element. Undines are connected to water. Sylphs are connected to the element of air, and Pyraustas (sometimes called Salamanders) are the elemental beings connected to the warmth ether and to fire.

People who are closely connected to nature may in turn sense a connection with the elemental beings who inhabit places such as trees, mountains, lakes, streams, and lava fields.

Through this connection these elemental beings can act as a spirit guide who helps to unlock deeper layers of wisdom held in the living library that is the Earth and influence the tone of your consciousness.

Are Elementals Faeries?

Elementals occupy the Realm of Faery, also sometimes called the “Middle Kingdom” in Celtic spirituality.

Besides the 4 types of elemental beings, there are many kinds of beings who dwell in the etheric and astral levels of the Earth, and that sustain nature and humankind. Flower faeries, tree elves and nature sprites are some of these additional types of beings. (along with detrimental elemental beings created from disharmonious thoughts and feelings and are often behind nature catastrophes, etc.)

How do you know your spirit guide?

Knowing which of these types of guides are on your spirit team or with you in any moment is all about awareness. You likely have or have had support from each of these types of guides throughout your life.

Pay attention to the signs, synchronicities, dreams and guidance you receive in meditation to help deepen your awareness and reveal the intricate connections you have with spiritual beings.

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11 Roles Your Spirit Guides May Play:

Now that you know the main types of spirit guides that people work with and have around them… Let's look at the ways Spirit Guides support you in your life, and the roles they may play for you or other people.

  • Life Guides are like the managers of your spirit guide team.This spirit guide is with you from birth to death, and works to manage and coordinate all the other spirit guides, angels, and teacher guides assisting you at any given time. One of your life guides is always known as your guardian angel… However, you may have other guides help in this capacity.
  • Gatekeeper Guides guard your personal soul records (Akashic records). They connect you with the right memories at the right time to bring the healing, advancement, wisdom and knowledge of your souls memories into your current experience without overwhelming you with too much at any given time. Gatekeeper guides also work to allow, or block entities as well as past loved ones to reach you, depending on what is for your highest and greatest good.
  • Teacher Guides appear to teach you, and guide you along your path.Teacher guides will appear in different forms depending on your lessons and objectives.They provide guidance through dreams, meditation, and by leaving clues and signs for you, as long as you need them, and then they move on.
  • Timing Guides oversee synchronicity in your life. They will help you to be in the right place at the right time, to meet key people on your path and align with new opportunities on divine time
  • Karmic Guides help you to navigate personal and collective karma so that you can resolve it, step off the wheel of karma and experience new levels of love and blessings.
  • Creativity Guides are just about what they sound like. They help to inspire creative visions, and help you to reconnect with the creative talents of your soul, from the physical realm.
  • Protection Guides could also be thought of as body guard guides. They protect you both mentally, spiritually, and physically according to what you allow and intend. This is a guide who is with you from birth to death, and who is highly enlightened. In addition to protection they oversee the spiritual guidance you connect with and help you to avoid temptations and distractions so you may stay aligned with your souls purpose and intentions.
  • Astral Guides. Exactly as it sounds, Astral Guides guide your experience in the astral realm. When you're asleep, or consciously journeying into the astral plane during meditation, this guide is with you offering their protection and guidance.
  • Joy Guides are playful, and beaming with childlike delight. They are with you to help you lighten up and enjoy. Laughter is key to making the link with your joy guide.
  • Helper Guides come and go depending on your current projects, interests and points of focus. They will assist you as long as you need them and then move on allowing you to move forward following the callings of your heart. Helper Guides can take the form of healers, way showers and they can also act as a spirit guide who helps you get in sync with what is truly meant for you and to let go of what is not.
  • Ascension Guides are those on your spirit team who are soley focused on supporting you on your ascension journey. They may be around all the time, but also, may step forward to play more of a role as a primary guide as you commit to your own ascension path and journey.
Discernment When Working with Spirit Guides

Types of Spirit Guides One thing to keep in mind is that when you work with your spirit guides, it is important to be aware of the fact that there are many types of spirit beings you may come across in your time, and not all of them are benevolent or worth of the title: spirit guide.

Just as you aren't likely to take advice from random people you meet on the street, it is best to use discernment with who you are listening to in the spirit realm.

Just because a being is in the spirit realm, doesn't mean they're necessarily a worthy source of guidance, or that they have a supportive and beneficial vibration for you to connect with.

Connecting with only the highest, best, and most loving spirit guides and angels of the middle path is the best way to ensure avoiding lower vibrational and undesirable spiritual encounters…

Negative entities, and lower vibrational beings can give guidance, and sometimes very specific psychic predictions, but they don't serve in the highest and greatest good of all, and their guidance is often laden with distortion that leads to confusion, and for this reason they're best to avoid!

Spirit Guides of the Middle Path

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High vibrational spirit guides of the middle path are the spiritual beings centered in love, and balanced in their own spiritual development. This balance they carry makes them reliable and helpful guides for you on your path and empowering to connect with.

You have several spirit guides who are looking out for you, guiding you in love, and encouraging you in accomplishing your soul's objectives, and intentions for your incarnation. You have a life guide and guardian angels with you 100% of the time from birth to death, and you also have guides who come and go depending on your current lessons, questions, and areas of focus.

Ask For Assistance!

You have free will, and so the choice as to whether you work with your spirit guides or ignore them is completely up to you.

spirit guidesSpirit Guides honor your free will, and will not interfere without permission, or offer guidance and assistance you haven't asked for (consciously or unconsciously). Your spirit guides all work together in harmony with your higher self, to support you in life, and help keep you on track.

By consciously asking for help and inviting your spirit guides to assist you in your life, their guidance, and help can and does make an enormous difference.

How do you honor your spirit guides?

One of the best ways to honor your spirit guides is to listen to your intuition and get in sync with your purpose, to live in alignment with the highest possibilities for your incarnation.

With love, light and gratitude, 

Melanie Beckler

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