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Angelic Hierarchy– Understanding the 9 Angel Ranks

9 Angel Ranks of the Angelic Hierarchy

The Angelic Hierarchy... 9 Angel Ranks The idea that there are different types and ranks of angels is not a new one. This concept comes from Christian esotericism where there are seen to be 9 ranks or orders of angels, also called the Angelic Hierarchies.

Each of the angel ranks refers to that group of angelic beings who have evolved to a particular level of consciousness, and it also refers to the activities and the work and service they perform.

Understanding the different ranks of angels is not only interesting, but it also holds clues to the levels of consciousness we are able to attain and expand into as we continue on our spiritual awakening paths!

You can learn more about the Orders of Angels topic in the work of Rudolph Steiner’s book: Outline of Occult (Esoteric) Science, or through Robert Gilbert’s work on Higher Spiritual Realities. Or from the work of Dionysius the Areopagite who is believed to be the originator of this concept of the 9 ranks of angels.

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The Angelic Heirarchy

The Angelic Hierarchy- 9 Orders of Angels The underlying foundation for understanding the Angelic Hierarchy is the concept that God encompasses everything there is. Sometimes called “The Godhead”, God refers to the original Unity Consciousness. The Ocean of Fire that is everything and which has fractalized into separate spiritual beings who are individual sparks of Divine Consciousness.

The many Spiritual Planes are created as levels of manifestation, each containing qualities of existence, and together forming the “Body of God”.

Spiritual Beings are then created in stages or cycles. As a group of spiritual beings advances in consciousness, they become involved in creating the next group of beings.

This is where “angelic rank” comes in.

The highest rank of angels are the oldest, most advanced, and closest of the Spiritual Hierarchy to God. In the case of angelic beings, the highest rank is that of the Seraphim.

God itself is so complex, vast, infinite, and unfathomable that it is difficult for humans to even conceive of, much less directly interact with and connect with God.

But we are able to connect with the different Spiritual Beings within creation, who are all on their own paths of ascension.

The 9 Angel Ranks

  1. Seraphim: “Spirits of Love”

The Seraphim are the highest order of angels and are located the closest to the Godhead. As a result, they act completely out of Divine Will. They are the angelic beings who most fully shine or burn with the Ocean of spiritual fire that is God, this is why they are sometimes called “the burning ones”.

  1. Cheribum: “Spirits of Harmony”

The Cheribum hold the Spiritual Consciousness Harmonizing all. They are aware of and work with the whole of Creation as one Harmonized system, and have gained full realization of the harmony of Divine Knowledge, Wisdom, and Will in All.

  1. Thrones: “Spirits of Will”

Thrones are the angelic beings behind Divine Will. They hold awareness of the Divine Will in everything, including limits, boundaries, responsibilities, and have a deep understanding of using time to the utmost. Thrones are incredibly high-level beings who reflect the brilliance of God through their presence and through transmitting Divine Will.

  1. Kyriotetes: “Spirits of Wisdom

Kyriotetes are the angels of profound Wisdom, infinite possibility, and Divine Grace through resonance.

These angelic beings of Divine Wisdom and creation are sometimes called “Dominions” as they oversee the duties of lower angels… Rarely interacting directly with humanity, the Kyriotetes work with angels who would then interface with humanity.

  1. Dynamis: “Spirits of Motion”

Dynamis are the angels who have attained the level of Spiritual Consciousness behind the forces of motion, action, and the will forces behind movement.

They connected to miracles, and are sometimes called “Virtues” due to their connection with Courage, and the advanced understanding of courage and its role in willpower.

  1. Elohim: “Spirits of Form”

The Elohim are the angelic beings who oversee physical incaration. They directly perceive the big picture and Spiritual Divine Blueprint as well as the order within patterns of time and space represented through Sacred Geometry.

  1. Archai: “Spirits of Time”

The Archai are the angelic beings who hold the blueprint of the river of time and work with the cycles of time and the creation of time itself.

Also sometimes referred to as Spirits of Personality or “Principalities”, the Archai also regulate and oversee the evolution and spiritual advancement of humanity as a whole, including the role time plays in the journey of personal and collective evolution.

  1. Archangels: “Spirits of Fire”

The Archangels oversee and guide entire groups or nations of humans, and are involved in the formation of space.

Archangels are overseers and spiritual allies for entire groups of people and are intermediaries between humanity and the infinite unity consciousness of God.

Archangel Michael is perhaps the most well known of the Archangels for many reasons, including that is the Archangel overseeing our current time period or Age.

Learn more about the Archangels.

  1. Angels: “Spirits of Life”

Angels are the closest beings to humanity and work with individual humans/ spiritual beings to help us gain awareness and insight about our higher purpose, karma, dharma.

Angels are well known to be messengers of the Divine who interact directly with humans. Every human on the planet has a personal angel who looks over us, this angel is known as the Guardian Angel, and the Guardian Angel watches over our Higher Self, and works to help reconnect us with our Divine I AM Presence and self-realization…

Learn more about Guardian Angels.

Finally… the lowest of spiritual beings on the Angelic Hierarchy… And what can be considered to be the tenth rank… Is Humanity!

  1. Humans: “Spirits of Love and Freedom”

In the angelic hierarchy humans are the “lowest” of the spiritual beings, however, we have an incredible opportunity as physical beings to gain self-awareness, and unite with others through love while having freedom of choice.

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Humanity is able to attain the full extent of our power as physical and spiritual beings through self-realization and becoming aware of our patterns in thinking, willing, feeling and then choosing to consciously cultivate positivity, openness, and equanimity.

From the perspective of higher spiritual beings, humans are the hope for the future, and through our growth and mastery, we're able to become wise free-agents in the Universe.

Melanie Beckler



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