Animal Spirit Guides… How to Meet Your Power Animal!

Animal Spirit Guides… How to Meet Your Power Animal!

animal spirit guideMeet Your Animal Spirit Guide! 

You don’t just have one angel, or one spirit guide who is looking out for you in your life. You have an entire team of guides, angels, loved ones and even animal spirit guides supporting you from the realms of spirit.

Animal spirit guides, or sometimes-called power animals or totems, are powerful members of your spiritual team. Your animal spirit guides work from beyond the physical to empower you and to help you stay in tune with the earth. Power animals also offer guidance, protection, help you to overcome fear, and they can lend you their specific wisdom and attributes to support you on your journey through life.

You may have one power animal, or you can have more than one animal spirit guide at a given time. You may even have some animal spirits, who join you for a brief while to help you through an emotional challenge, offer protection when needed, or lend you strength, at a certain point on your path. You may even have the spirit of a past pet join your team in spirit to continue loving and supporting you after their life, from the realms of spirit.

Your animal spirit guides will usually appear to you through meditation, dreams, and visions. Some people do have direct encounters with their power animals in nature, though not always.

One important thing to keep in mind when it comes to power animals is that in most cases, you are not the one to choose the power animal you will work with… Rather, your spirit animal chooses you.

You may love a certain animal, or wish to have a particular animal on your team… Yet through your meditation or dream work an entirely different animal guide shows up for you instead. Trust that the right animal guides with important lessons and wisdom to share, have chosen to work with you for good reason. Your animal spirit guide must be in harmony with you at your authentic soul level.

Don’t be disappointed if your spirit animal is not what you were hoping for. This may be your reaction if you were hoping for a wolf, and beetle steps forward instead. Power animals often reflect the qualities and lessons of your soul bringing healing and guidance to your deepest spiritual self. All power animals have much more to give than may appear at first glance.

They often appear to help bring these soul qualities to the surface, or to purify and clarify the manifestation of your soul truth in the physical.

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Also, your animal spirit guides will make themselves known to you when they choose to do so, and when the timing is right, though not necessarily the first time you ask. Most animal spirits do not reveal themselves the first time they are asked to. This is not to say they’re not supporting you… Just that communication with them is something that is often earned through your commitment to spiritual growth, and living harmoniously with the earth.

If you want to meet your spirit animal… But it doesn’t seem to be working, have patience. It is their choice when to appear, and they may have a very good reason for waiting until a certain time.

Learning to identify and connect with your power animal is a type of spirit quest that people have been taking for thousands of years. In ancient and indigenous cultures, knowledge, communication and drawing on the power of animal spirits was deeply integrated into daily life and spiritual practice.

With intention, focus, and patience you can tune into the powerful medicine of your animal spirit guides in your life now.

How to Meet Your Spirit Animal

You can discover your animal guides in multiple ways. The first way is to simply ask your spirit animal to make itself know to you… And then be patient, aware, and observant until it shows itself.

Dreams are a common way in which your power animals will appear. Before you go to sleep, ask for your power animal to connect with you in a dream. Keep in mind, you may need to sincerely ask multiple nights in a row before your animal spirit guide will enter into your dream space with guidance and medicine.

The same is true with inviting your animal spirit guide into your meditation… You may need to meditate on your spirit animal multiple times before they appear, though not always, as for some they may show up the very first time.

Meet Your Spirit Animal Meditation

For a Guided Meditation to meet your Spirit Animal… Click Here!

Archangel Ariel and Archangel Jophiel connect to help you relax, and vibrationally tune into the presence, and guidance of your spirit animal.

Sit back and listen and let your angels and spirit animals do the rest of the work in helping you to connect!

Self Guided Meditation

Prefer a self guided meditation?

Find a comfortable place to sit, relax, and begin to imagine white light all around you. Place the intention to meet your spirit animal… Or ask the question “who is my spirit animal?”.

Spirit AnimalBreathe consciously as you begin to let go of any expectations, thoughts, or attachment to certain comes.

Release any fear, doubt, or insecurity into the light.

When you’re in a heightened, relaxed, and meditative state, begin to visualize you’re in a beautiful place in nature.

Don’t give too much thought as to where… Just allow yourself to be transported into the beauty of the natural world. You may find yourself in a beautiful forest, next to a babbling brook, atop a mountain, in a peaceful meadow, or on the sea-shore.

Whatever scene you tune into is perfect, allow yourself to fully enter into and experience this magical place in nature. See, hear, sense, feel, and smell your surroundings… Experience the beauty, and life present here. Be aware, relax, and just be.

This may be the extent of your meditation for now… Alternatively, if your spirit animal feels you are ready to meet they will step forward to meet you.

The first animal that appears in your vision is your animal spirit guide. They may slowly approach so you can embrace, or stand back at a distance. You are able to communicate telepathically with your spirit animal. Clear your mind so you can receive the guidance, medicine, and wisdom they have for you.

You can ask questions if you like… But perhaps even more powerful on your first meeting is to just absorb their presence and insight. Rather than wishing for a certain message, just be receptive to what they have to share with you now.

Open your heart to feel and experience the love and presence of your spirit animal who has chosen to step forward to guide, support and teach you.

When your time for now is finished, thank your spirit animal, and feel the beautiful vision in nature slowly slipping away as you return to full consciousness.

What to Do Once You Know Your Spirit Animal

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Once you know your spirit animal, study their life, habitat, and characteristics to get an idea of the areas they may be here to help you with in your life.

Find a picture of your power animal, and meditate on it… Keeping in mind that learning who your spirit animal is, is only the beginning.

While you can read about the general symbolism of certain power animals, the true meaning in your life will be discovered as, you deepen your connection with your animal guide.

Once you know who your spirit animal is, your next journey of connecting with your spirit animal begins.

This connection with your power animal can help you to learn more about your authentic self and life purpose, as well as your innate skills, soul resources, and how you are able to overcome challenges and deepen your connection with nature, and bring more meaning to your life.

With love and light,

Melanie Beckler





P.S. Who is your spirit animal? If you've not yet met them… Click Here! 

8 thoughts on “Animal Spirit Guides… How to Meet Your Power Animal!”

  1. Thank you Melanie for this article, I would love to tell my story about my spirit animal guide. I was pulling into the parking garage where I work, pulling into my parking spot I noticed a “ Red Tail Hawk” standing on the roof of a car parked right next to mine. I know in my heart it was meant for me to see him/her, I felt a connection with this beautiful Hawk. This was a few days ago and I can’t stop thinking about him/ her. I took pictures of it and I look at them at least once a day. And so it is 😇❤️😘

  2. Hello, I tried before to meet my spirit animal with a different method but when a tiger appeared it said her wasn’t my spirit animal. So I tried this method and when I was swinging on a tired swing in a green, mossy forest a white wolf appeared and said that she was my spirit animal. I felt relieved to know her and I am happy I got to meet her. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it ?

  3. Thanks Melanie! I asked to meet my animal guide, waited, and then forgot about it. This week I visited the Living Desert in Palm Springs and stumbled upon the Golden Eagle. I felt a strong urge to sit and watch it. I did not know there was such a thing as a golden eagle and found it beautiful. As I was watching, he flew toward me and I heard intuitively “I am your spirit animal” in a strong, bold voice. It was such an amazing experience! I usually trust the voice that comes out of nowhere when I least expect it:) Whether or not the golden eagle is my spirit animal, it was an incredible moment to see it fly! And even though you said not to be disappointed if it was a rat or something, I was super happy not to have the same experience with the large African Vultures, lol. Nicole @mindovermessy

  4. I am very I now believe some of the many cats I have visited me. Now understand why they visit me, I have very strong faith I always have and the older I get the stronger it gets. Amen

  5. I had a most beautiful dream recently. I was inside a doorframe looking out on to a meadow to a group of horses when I noticed an outstandingly beautiful large white horse with long mane. All of a sudden there was a powerful connection and it came towards me with great intent. When it reached me it turned into a most loving frolicking white pony ,playing with me.
    The rest of the dream was rather strange. I tried to tell someone about the experience, but that did not work and then was told , quoting from the Bible that it was evil !!! (What?)
    I am secretly hoping that it was a unicorn. It did look a bit mystical. Any way I still feel greatly uplifted.
    Could this have been my animal spirit guide? I once read an article about animal spirit guides where my animal spirit guide was something totally different.

  6. Frank Washington

    I had to mention.As I was writing my about my encounter with my spirit animal guide the cougar.I was back on the mountain this time a bald eagle had softly landed on my left shoulder and peered into my eyes,he is still on my shoulder,his claws do not hurt me.The cougar is not sitting on its stomach,in front of me,and lazily watching me.Both the animals are content and I feel very safe and much affection.Looks like I have 2 animal spirit guides.Thanks again,Melanie.

  7. connecting with my animal sprit guide is what would be great as I work with healing horses and I am sure a animal guide would be a great help for me and the horses, so thank you for all the info

  8. Frank Washington

    Thanks a bunch,Melanie.I did the meditation and my spirit animal guide came to me as I sat atop a mountain in the American desert.I now know it and what qualities it has and the qualities that lie within me.It is a cougar.It crept gracefully up the mountain within minutes and I had no fear as it approached to stop closely then it stared kindly into my face.I did the same.It was like meeting an old friend.

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