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Animal Spirit Guides… How to Meet Your Power Animal!

Meet Your Animal Spirit Guides! 

animal spirit guide

Animal spirit guides are powerful members of your spiritual support team, just as angels and spirit guides are. They show up in our lives to offer guidance, inspiration, healing, and even support in challenging times.

Animal spirit guides work to empower you and to help you stay in tune with the earth. They also offer guidance and, protection, can help you to overcome fear, and they can lend you their specific wisdom, strengths and attributes to support you on your journey through life.

People often have one power animal who remains with them for their entire life, this is sometimes *and in Native American spirituality called an animal totem.

But you can also have spirit animals who come and go. At times, you can even have more that one animal spirit guide that is supporting you.

In certain situations, the spirit of a past pet join your team in spirit to continue loving and supporting you after their life, from the realms of spirit.

Sometimes new spirit animal guides will step forward to guide and assist you through specific challenges or life lessons, and then once you've learned the lesson, they move on.

How Do Spiritual Animals Guide You?

How Do Spirit Animals Guide You? When it comes to communication, the animal spirit will usually appear to you in meditation, dreams, and visions.

Some people do have direct encounters with their power animals in nature, though not always.

I personally believe that all of the animals we encounter in nature carry messages of guidance for us that we need to hear. By paying attention to the birds, animals and even insects that show up on your path, you can receive key guidance and insight from nature, and from the spirit animals themselves to guide you.

One important thing to keep in mind when it comes to power animals is that in most cases, you are not the one to choose the power animal you will work with…

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Rather, your animals spirit chooses you.

You might love a certain animal, or wish to have a particular animal totem on your team… Yet through your meditation or dream work an entirely different animal guide shows up for you instead.

Trust that the right animal guides with important lessons and wisdom to share, have chosen to work with you for good reason.

Shadow Spirit Animals

Your animal spirit guide must be in harmony with you at your authentic soul level, and so if your ego/ personality mind doesn't like the spirit animal that shows up for you, there is definitely some learning and healing quickly revealed for you there.

Don’t be disappointed if your spirit animal is not what you were hoping for. Disappointment may be your reaction if you were hoping for a wolf as a guide, and beetle steps forward instead. But the disappointment can quickly be dissipated when you really look into the magical and spiritual powers of the beetle, as it will surely be bringing you something you really need help with.

In some cases, people are actually afraid of one of the animals that shows up to support and guide them. When this happens, the guide can be a sort of Shadow Spiritual Animal.

A shadow spiritual animal brings up your deep seeded fears and insecurities. You may initially want to push them away or hide from them. However, when you learn to accept and embrace the animal, spiritual power they carry can be conveyed to you.

Power animals often reflect the qualities and lessons that are most important for you to learn, and so embracing the animal that shows up for you has a powerful way of bringing healing and guidance to your deepest spiritual self (even if the guide shows up in the form of a spider, cockroach, bat, snake or grizzly bear).

All power animals have much more to give than it appears at first glance.

They often appear to help bring these soul qualities to the surface, or to purify and clarify the manifestation of your soul truth in the physical.

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How Do You Know Your Spirit Animal?

Learning to identify and connect with your power animal is a type of spirit quest that people have been taking for thousands of years.

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In ancient and indigenous cultures, knowledge, communication and drawing on the power of animal spirits was deeply integrated into daily life and spiritual practice.

One of the biggest tips for knowing your spirit animals is to humbly and sincerely ask that they reveal themselves to you.

Keep in mind however that animal spirit guides will make themselves known to you when they choose to do so, and when the timing is right, though not necessarily the first time you ask.

Most animal spirits will not reveal themselves the first time they are asked to. This is not to say they’re not supporting you… Just that communication with them is something that is often earned through your commitment to spiritual growth, and living harmoniously with the earth.

If you want to meet your spirit animal…

But it doesn’t seem to be working, have patience. It is their choice when to appear, and they may have a very good reason for waiting until a certain time.

Additionally, if you think about animals in nature, they get spooked very easily. If you've asked your spirit animals to connect with you, and its just not happening… Pay attention to your mental state. Is it clear, calm, quiet and receptive?

If not… Your busy mind and mental chatter can very well be pushing your animal spirit guides away. Make a regular practice of clearing your mind, breathing and being present. This helps create an opening in which the guidance, energy, and also healing of your animal spirit guides to appear.

With intention, focus, and patience you can tune into the powerful medicine of your animal spirit guides in your life now.

How to Meet Your Spirit Animal

You can discover your animal guides in multiple ways.

The first way is to simply ask your spirit animal to make itself know to you… And then be patient, aware, and observant until it shows itself.

Dreams are a common way in which your power animals will appear. Before you go to sleep, ask for your power animal to connect with you in a dream. Keep in mind, like all types of spirit guides, you may need to sincerely ask multiple nights in a row before your animal spirit guide will enter into your dream space with guidance and medicine.

The same is true with inviting your animal spirit guide into your meditation…

Meditating on meeting your animal guides several times might be required before they appear, though not always, as for some they just may show up the very first time.

Meet Your Spirit Animal Meditation

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Archangel Ariel and Archangel Jophiel connect to help you relax, and vibrationally tune into the presence, and guidance of your spirit animal.

Sit back and listen and let your angels and spirit animals do the rest of the work in helping you to connect!

Self Guided Meditation

Prefer a self guided meditation?

Find a comfortable place to sit, relax, and begin to imagine white light all around you. Place the intention to meet your spirit animal… Or ask the question “who is my spirit animal?”.

Spirit Animal Breathe consciously as you begin to let go of any expectations, thoughts, or attachment to certain comes.

Release any fear, doubt, or insecurity into the light.

When you’re in a heightened, relaxed, and meditative state, begin to visualize you’re in a beautiful place in nature.

Don’t give too much thought as to where… Just allow yourself to be transported into the beauty of the natural world. You may find yourself in a beautiful forest, next to a babbling brook, atop a mountain, in a peaceful meadow, or on the sea-shore.

Whatever scene you tune into is perfect, allow yourself to fully enter into and experience this magical place in nature. See, hear, sense, feel, and smell your surroundings… Experience the beauty, and life present here. Be aware, relax, and just be.

This may be the extent of your meditation for now… Alternatively, if your spirit animal feels you are ready to meet they will step forward to meet you.

The first animal that appears in your vision is your animal spirit guide. They may slowly approach so you can embrace, or stand back at a distance. You are able to communicate telepathically with your spirit animal. Clear your mind so you can receive the guidance, medicine, and wisdom they have for you.

You can ask questions if you like… But perhaps even more powerful on your first meeting is to just absorb their presence and insight. Rather than wishing for a certain message, just be receptive to what they have to share with you now.

Open your heart to feel and experience the love and presence of your spirit animal who has chosen to step forward to guide, support and teach you.

When your time for now is finished, thank your spirit animal, and feel the beautiful vision in nature slowly slipping away as you return to full consciousness.

Native American Zodiac

I feel the most accurate way to determine your Spirit Animals is through meditation, contemplation, and observation.

However, many people like learning about the animals correlated to their birth-date, and I will admit, the deer totem prescribed for me according to my birthday in the “Native American Zodiac” is accurate as deer is one of my primary spirit animals.

The “Native American Zodiac” comes from a book called Medicine Wheel by Chippewa Shaman Sun Bear and Wabun Wind (Sun Bear's Medicine Helper).

In it, animal spirit guides, plants, colors, elements, and also minerals are highlighted according to months, or moons and are seen as sharing similar characteristics with the people born during this time.

These zodiac correspondents draw on Sun Bears Ojibwa (Chippewa) culture, as well as multiple other influences including western astrology.

Here are the Native American Animal Totems by moon according to Sun Bear:

  • December 22- January 19th – Snow Goose
  • January 20th- February 18th – Otter
  • February 19- March 20 – Cougar
  • March 21- April 19 – Red Hawk
  • April 20- May 20 – Beaver
  • May 21 – June 20 – Moon – Deer
  • June 21 – July 22 – Flicker
  • July 23- August 22 – Sturgeon
  • August 23 – September 22- Brown Bear
  • September 23 – October 23 – Raven
  • October 24 – November 21 – Snake
  • November 22 – December 21 – Elk

What to Do Once You Know Your Spirit Animal

Once you know your spirit animal, study their life, habitat, and characteristics to get an idea of the medicine they carry and how they can support, inspire and guide you in your life.

Find a picture of your power animal, and meditate on it… Keeping in mind that learning who your spirit animal is, is only the beginning.

While you can read about the general symbolism of certain power animals, the true meaning in your life will be discovered as, you deepen your connection with your animal guide.

Once you know who your spirit animal is, your next journey of connecting with your spirit animal begins.

This connection with your power animal can help you to learn more about your authentic self and life purpose, as well as your innate skills, soul resources, and how you are able to overcome challenges and deepen your connection with nature, and bring more meaning to your life.

With love and light,

Melanie Beckler

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