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Who Is Your Spirit Guide & How Can You Connect With Them?

You have spirit guides who are with you even if you're not yet aware of their presence. And in this article, you're going to learn more about what Spirit Guides really are and what they can help you with.

You're also going to learn the five steps you can take to finally make contact with your guides now.

What Are Spirit Guides?

What Are Spirit Guides Really? Spirit Guides are quite simply the guides, advisors and supporters in Spirit who are on hand to assist you as you journey through your life.

While we in the physical realm are mostly unaware of the happenings within the higher realms of Spirit, there are in almost infinite number of beings who dwell in these spiritual realities.

The name “Spirit Guide” differentiates the beings who have beneficial and positive energies and who have become known to communicate guidance and offer assistance to physical beings at some level.

There are many types of Spirit Guides, just as there are many types of beings in spiritual form.

What Are The Types of Spirit Guides?

Types of Spirit Guides you may have on your spiritual team Sometimes we label our spiritual guides as guardian angels, spirit animals, star beings, ascended masters, goddesses, archangels, wise ones, galactic family, ascension guides, ancestors, future selves, elementals, and more…

Spirit Guides can also be distinguished by type according to their role. Spirit Guides each have different roles, strengths and abilities, depending on their purpose in guiding you now. Some guides spiritual support is strictly for protection, some offer guidance in certain areas, and others focus on connecting and interacting with the guides of others to align synchronicity, or to facilitate teaching. Learn about some of the types of spirit guides here.

While there are many types of guides, that may all have different purposes and agendas… And there are certainly some spirits guide who are able to support and guide people more effectively than others…

One of the primary roles and purposes of a true spiritual guide is to support you in coming back into harmony and resonance with Love.

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Spirit Guides support us as physical beings by helping us all to remember the Truth of who we really are, why we're really here, and to find our highest path and soul purpose.

Through their guidance, support and energy they may continue to nudge us in this direction of our highest soul purpose without our conscious awareness.

But when we become aware of their potential support and guidance, ask for help, and consciously invite their presence in, they are then able to guide, help, and support us more directly and more effectively.

How Spirit Guides Are Selected

how to contact your spirit guideYou have both Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels who have been with you from the time of your birth.

Before birth, we each sat down around a life ‘planning table' and were given our life purpose, mission, and even challenges. As a spiritual being yourself, you aligned with your team of guides and angels before incarnating into the physical.

You (as your Higher Self) chose guides like allies, choosing those who could best serve you in accomplishing your life purpose, learning your life's lessons and fulfilling your mission in life. You also strategically aligned with spirit guides who could offer you the protection and support needed to overcome your challenges and fulfill your souls purpose.

Now that you're well into your life on earth some of these guides that help us are the same we chose prior to birth, and some have shifted due to choices over time. What you have chosen to focus, on and what you're desiring and moving towards now plays a key role in the types of spiritual guides who are drawn to (or repelled away from) you.

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How We Experience Our Guides

You're probably already received signs and signals from your spirit guides who are always reaching out offering support and nudging you in the right direction.

The question is have you recognized the presence of your team in spirit?

The main role of your spirit guides is to guide you in the direction of your authentic path and of your soul’s purpose for this life.

Your spirit guides accomplish this in many ways including:

  • Connecting with you and guiding you through your dreams.
  • Entering into your meditation to uplift you and fill your inner space with light.
  • Giving you intuitive promptings as to your next steps.
  • Sending healing frequencies of love and light your way.
  • Aligning you with the right books, resources, and even with the money you need to progress in the direction of your soul purpose and accomplishing your life goals.
  • Synchronistically aligning you with the right people to support your purpose and mission.
  • Spirit guidance often comes in the form of seeing signs of encouragement you when you're on the right path.
  • You may receive a repetitive idea, have a gut feeling, or experience a flash of knowing
  • Spirit Guides love to work with synchronicity to line up blessings, opportunities, and “chance meetings” in your life.
  • Spirit guides may “steer you” in the physical by flowing inspiration your way or nudging you in the right direction.
  • Offering comfort and support in times of challenge or when you feel lost.
  • They offer powerful assistance in helping you life a more fulfilling, joyful, and inspired life which is true to your soul path and purpose.
  • You may have sensed their presence as a sort of inner knowing.
  • When your spirit guides are present you may see a certain lightness of energy, or a sparkle or flash of light in the air.
  • You also may have heard audible messages from your guides resounding in your mind like a strong intuition or even as audible and discernible words.

Have you ever experienced a book “jumping off the shelf”? This is a perfect example of one of your guides leading you towards that book because it has a message within its pages you're meant to read.

In the digital day and age we live in now, this “nudge” may take the form of many people all recommending the same book to you, or also your just feeling a sense that you need to get and read a certain book you hear about.

In many cases, the most effective way spirit guides can get through to people is through nudges, and impulses to action… So the next time you feel compelled to do something, you may want to ask yourself “why?”

Where did the impulse to action come from and could it have been a nudge from a spirit guide?

Don't worry if you haven't yet noticed the presence of spirit guides though… It definitely comes more easily and naturally to some people…

It's likely you've benefited from your Spirit Guides a great deal already, whether you realize their assistance or not!

Keep in mind that Spirit Guides are here to hep us all, and so connecting with and working with your Spirit Guides is well within the scope of your spiritual abilities that you're able to develop (or better yet remember) in your lifetime now.

It is well worth the required focus and effort to meet and build a relationship with your spirit guides (especially if you have not yet consciously done this).

Spirit guides can be hugely supportive, as they are able to intricately understand your soul's purpose, desires, present state of being, and they can view your challenges and lessons from an entirely different perspective… from spirit!

Most spirit guides can look at your energy to see and read your energetic signature gaining an in depth view of what is currently going on in your multidimensional human experience.

How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides


1. Create A Sacred Space

The first step is to connect with your Spirit guides is set the stage for the connection by creating a sacred space.

This step is something that you may be tempted to skip, but it really is essential, especially when you're first establishing the link with your team of higher guidance.

Creating a sacred space allows you to differentiate this moment as now being a sacred time where you're going to direct your awareness inward, away from the external and into the interdimensional planes, and towards the higher realms of spirit so you can make contact.

Creating a sacred space could be something as simple as lighting a candle, burning some incense, diffusing an essential oil, or just finding a comfortable and quiet space and imagining Divine light all around you.

2.Relax and Breathe

The second step, once you've created a sacred space, is to really relax and become present in the here and now.

Breathe and focus on your breath as you shift your awareness within.

Relax your body and let go of any expectations you may have about what it's like to connect and make contact with your spirit guides. Your connection will likely be different than you expect, and it may be very subtle at first, but by continuing to focus on that subtle experience of contact, it deepens and becomes clearer.

Let go of expectations. Relax, open your heart and enter in.

3. Tune Into Your Central Column of Light

When you're in a relaxed and centered state of being, then feel your energy ground down from your open heart center, and from your mind, allowing your awareness to flow down through your root chakra, grounding you to the crystalline core of earth below.

Feel your connection to the earth, and to all of it is. Feel the light at the crystalline core of the earth that you are a part of, and that is one with all.

Then let the light from the crystalline core of the earth stream upward, up in through your root chakra, through your sacral chakra, up through your solar plexus, your heart, your throat, your mind's eye, and up through your crown chakra.

Feel your energy streaming up in a crystalline column of light, up through your crown chakra at the top of your head which blossoms like a Lotus flower in the sun.

Allow your crown chakra to open and your energy to lift up into the light of the divine, above your head.

4. Invoke Your Spirit Guides

Step number four is to verbally (or very clearly in your mind) call in your team of guides in spirit.

So you can say something like:

  • “I now call in and forth my spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters of the highest Christed light who can most serve now enter in and connect with me directly. And so it is”

5. Breathe and Become Aware

Step number five is to now return to your awareness to your breath. Relax, let go of trying to make anything happen, and allow yourself to ease into a relaxed state of allowing. A state of diffuse awareness.

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So you're not searching, and you're not focusing on any one thing. You're just relaxed, open and aware of the space all around you tuning into your subtle senses to feel, perceive and know the presence of your Spirit Guides as they enter in.

When you're first making contact with your team in spirit, the contact is very subtle. It may simply feel like a warmth,. a lightness, a subtle presence, or you may begin to have some sort of visual, other sensation, or you may receive some sort of message.

The more you practice this process, the more the guidance of your team in spirit can enter in, and the more you will be able to sense, honor and connect with your team inspirit.

With practice, this experience of connecting with your spirit guides deepens and becomes richer and more profound, but it does take practice.

It takes developing and opening your interdimensional, inner subtle psychic senses.

Each time you connect with your Spirit Guides, the pathway is illuminated a bit more, and your connection strengthened.

Strengthen Your Connection With Gratitude

When you begin connecting with your spiritual team, it is a best practice to approach these beings with respect and gratitude.

When you receive guidance or inspiration… Say thank you! You don't have to know their name to do this, nor do you need to say anything elaborate, or have the perfect words…

Instead, just express your appreciation for the support and guidance they've offered you from the spiritual realms, and let them know you are thankful for their presence in your life.

Your gratitude is not a requirement for their help… But when you approach working with your spiritual team with gratitude you will likely find that it does support you in cultivating a clear relationship with the powerful spiritual beings who are stepping forward as allies for you.

Plus, being in a state of gratitude is immensely beneficial for your wellbeing and being in gratitude and appreciation feels good too!

The First Time I Met My Spirit Guides

I’ll never forget the first time I met my spirit guides. I was sitting in my small apartment, where I was supposed to be working on writing an essay for one of my classes in college, but really I was just dwelling on my problems, and worrying about the future.

As I sat there, the energy in the room suddenly shifted. I felt the pressure change, and looked around the room to try and understand what had happened. Suddenly my attention shifted and my awareness lifted so that I became aware of the presence of my spirit guides. I saw them in a way that was somewhat similar to a memory… Like I was watching a live recording of what was actually happening in that moment on a mental screen I never really knew I had access to within.

I sensed my spirit guides as being tall, they were high vibrational beings who surrounded me in a circle from above, and quite simply they comforted me… With their clear and powerful entrance, they totally shifted my focus on worry, and doubt, into awe, and presence as I attempted to understand what was happening. They told me to stay positive, and to focus on helping others instead of worrying about myself, and that they would guide me in the right direction.

It was simple advice, but at that time it was exactly what I needed, and just knowing that I had help from spirit guides beyond the physical was immensely comforting, and exciting to me.

We all experience spirit in different ways, so your guides may connect with you in a way that is totally unique from what I just described… But there is a similarity in what spirit guides will help with.

What Spirit Guides Will and Will Not Help You With

When it comes to getting help from your spirit guides, I think it’s good to keep in mind that while they are absolutely present to help us, they’re definitely not magical genies there to grant your wishes and help with anything you desire.

You may have wished or hoped for this kind of help from your spirit guides, but in my experience it’s not true.

Spirit guides have a very specific and focused purpose for helping you which has been predetermined, and which they stick to.

Their purpose, is to help you achieve your life purpose, that you as a soul set for this life prior to being born.

Yes, that’s right… Even before you were born into the physical your consciousness existed, and you actually worked with your guides and angels to plan your life.

Your spirit guides honor this plan, and will only help you with the things that are in alignment with your souls goals and desires.

If your personality really wants something that is counter productive to your souls goals and desires (like to get back together with a certain ex, win the lottery, or land a certain high paying corporate job)… You may be able to manifest it, but you will not receive direct help and intervention in doing so from your team of spirit guides, unless it is in alignment with your life purpose determined by your soul.

Now, with this being said… It’s doesn’t hurt to ask!

Your spirit guides always have time for you, and are never bothered by your asking for help… Even if it’s something they cannot help you with.

Just to clarify, they will always help you… But not always in the way your personality thinks is best.

Rather, spirit guides help in the way that will most serve your underlying soul purpose for being alive in the physical in the first place.

They will also help you to uncover your soul purpose, so that your heart, soul, and personality can all get into agreement, and you can confidently and happily move forward in the direction of living the fulfilling, rewarding, fun, joyful, and inspired life you’re meant to experience.

Ready to connect?

I channeled this short process from Archangel Michael to help you to get into contact with your Spirit Guides now:

Take a deep breath, focus inward and relax. Imagine that you are surrounded by a pure white light of the Divine which surrounds you completely and totally in this dimension and in others. This white light of the Divine lifts you up and cleanses you, and protects you. By your simply thinking of having white light all around you, you call it in. Breathe in the white light and as you exhale, relax and let go.

Enter into the present moment, become aware of your breathing, aware of the light which is all around you and within you. Breathe in the white light, and exhale while letting go of tensions, worries, frustrations and doubts. Breathe in one more time, and now as you exhale imagine your energy flowing downward, grounding you to the core of the earth, grounding you to the light at the earth’s core, flowing way down until you are connected with a beautiful light therein, the light at the soul level of earth which is connected to the Divine, which is connected with you, which is connected to All That Is.

Experience your oneness and now let the light flow upward. The white and golden light to flow up through your feet, up your spinal column, traveling upward and cleansing and elevating your vibration, magnetizing your personal power, and focusing your presence and your focus in this very place and time. Imagine the light continues up, flowing up and out your crown, out of the top of your head, above your upper chakras, above the lights, above the angelic realm, above the realms of ascended masters, above the spiritual planes, up as high as you can imagine, up into the light, into direct presence with Source, God, and All That Is.

Go up, way up, lift into the light and feel your connection with Source, God, the one life-force flowing throughout everything, that you are a part of. Breathe and be aware.

Let go and just be here now in this space which elevates your vibration. Just be here now in this presence with the Divine which illuminates your spirit, which rejuvenates your being, which cleanses, and which elevates your frequency.

Now from within this space at this present point in time you may think or say,

“I now invite my highest, best, most loving possible Spirit Guide who can most serve. Please come in and connect with me now according to Divine will.”

Quiet your mind, open your heart, open your awareness.

Sense, know and experience the presence of your Spirit Guide with you here and now. Notice the presence of your Spirit Guide who vibrates with a specific energy pattern.

It is an energy signature so that you can recognize their presence moving forward. Be aware of how you feel now, of what you see now, of what you hear, of what you smell. Pay attention to your subtle psychic senses as your Spirit Guide, the one who can most serve you now, unites with you in this present moment.

Notice your feeling, your state of being, and the mental images, thoughts and impressions which appear in your consciousness, which deliver the guidance of your Spirit Guide to you now.

Take a moment to pause and close your eyes. Breathe and receive that which will most serve you now from your Spirit Guide according to Divine will.

How do I talk to my spirit guide?

If you would like you may ask a question, in your mind posed for your Spirit Guide. Or you may set the intention: 

“Please help me with this aspect of my life”. Or … “Help me tune into whatever will most serve me now.”

Receive as you simply breathe and become aware of the guidance of your Spirit Guide.

Express your gratitude for this being of light who has shown up for you today. And now as they step back, you may sense a wave of love and then notice the subtle difference as you return to simply being aware of your oneness with the Divine, through your connection to All That Is.

Be patient with yourself if you're learning to connect with your Spirit Guide the first time. You may want to spend quite a while just basking in the Divine energy first, to elevate your vibration and calm your mind so that you're able to experience your Spirit Guide. It may take you a few times working with this process to really get a clear understanding, vision, or sense of your Spirit Guide, and who they are and how you can work together.

The more you make the link, and work with this process… The stronger your connection will become. With practice and persistence it definitely gets easier! By increasing your awareness, practicing, and connecting with your Spirit Guides, the more clearly their guidance and assistance will flow through.

Check out Automatic Writing as another method to link and work with your Spirit Guide, and however you get information, be sure you know where it is coming from and use your discretion and good judgment regarding what comes through.

Ready To Take The Next Steps?

Once you can feel the connection with your spirit guides and angels, you are ready to start receiving guidance from them directly, yourself.

Receiving angelic and divine guidance has been the most powerful benefit in my life and something I am passionate about sharing.  At this time, I've helped thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands of people to connect with their guides and angels to receive angelic guidance.

If you feel the nudge that now is the right time to learn how to Receive Guidance from your Angels, Click Here & learn how!

Or Click Here to meet your Spirit Animals! 

With love, light and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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Was this helpful for you? Were you able to use this process to connect with your Spirit Guide? Be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know!


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  1. Thank for this post. I have been searching for " the words" to be able to connect with my guides. (Opening). Now, how to close down?

  2. Melanie this is melanie. I have no guides animal or otherwise. I do believe I am a new soul and this is my 1st time on this plane. Now being about 25% indigenous people u would think I would have at least one, but sadly no. I’m on my on.

  3. Thank you Melanie! The light in me honors the light in you. 🙏🏽
    I just watched your YouTube video on making contact with your spirit guides and I had such a beautiful experience. Once I opened my eyes it felt like a completely different experience. I felt as if I had returned from somewhere or just woken up. Thank you again. I am incredibly grateful for you.

    Love & Light to you 🌻

  4. Hi Melanie, are we supposed to record this and then listen or read it and do it at the same time?
    I’m new to this so I am trying to understand. Thank you so much.

  5. I know lots of what you talk and teach about by personal experience, though usually through my traumatic brain injuries and the times I was tortured. I’ve had lots of bad experiences throughout my life . I’ve seen some things that defy explanation from childhood to adulthood, from ghosts who’ve acknowledged me to spirit guides saving me . I once woke up in the morgue having been passed off for dead and when the error was realised and was been taken out in a wheel chair and I stopped them by putting my feet flat on the ground , I could hear the others asking for just a little more time to say goodbye and other things , but there was a huge , tall silver haired guy whose voice was over powering and I’d say bullying and that is who I spoke to . I told him to leave them alone and I shouted to the others I’m sorry but I have to look after me as I’m in the land of the living. The hospital staff thought I was hallucinating due to my injuries , but I swear this is what was happening and it was nothing really to me due to my experiences. I lost my ability to pass energy , a healing energy that would last for about five minutes, something that gutted me , ”twas lost due to the brain damage from my trauma. I’ve spoke to people and those who’ve known my energy transfer and experienced it believed me , but all others disbelieve, but I don’t care as I know myself . Thank you for the great article .

    Im so happy to see what you give from your heart,and feel so blessed by your love, and i hope i will recieve
    more protection and guidance from LOVE ITSELF!!!
    Love from jopelin to everyone who wants to recieve….Melanie, U are Wonderful!!!

  7. Thanku so much for your guidance. I actually get signals. I will definitely follow the way of meditation as you said.Thanku once again.

  8. Hi Melanie,
    Thank you for your messages, they always come at the exact moment that I need guidance. This last post is so good, for the first time in many years I really felt a connection to the higher realms. That hasn’t happened before. Even my visualisation is coming in, and that in itself is a wonder for I’ve never been good at that. I’m so happy I was given this site and joined your group, I’ve grown so much since knowing you.

    Love and light always

  9. Thank you! I just found out my guardian Angels name! I am so excited about that. now I want to find out who my spirit guides are

    Love & light

  10. Melanie’s website is a good one and very fruitful i can even recommend it to others who want to step into the spiritual world,i feel at ease whenever i read her messages and listen to her chanelled messages which i believe raises my friquency and helping me to tap into who i realy am,so far i’ve been having a wonderful experience with her teachings and even bought some of the courses that are offered in this website.

  11. I truly think that that this message is a sign from my angel, this message came in my account in an unconsecutive way and something happened yesterday. I was stressed out the demon that I know all to well came back and God and His angels came to save my friend I am very grateful

  12. Melanie
    I do
    Love listening to Orion’s words of wisdom spoken with sureness and strength & confidence, it reassures me & makes me feel it is really possible within me to believe in & move forward with
    his message!!! When Orion spoke I felt a tug on my right hand when the fifth dimension were spoken of.
    Melanie what does the fifth dimension mean or connect to?? Ive often felt I am so grounded in the physical realm but go for rest with the spiritual realm for understanding & support.
    yet often still feel a sense of urgency in assisting family & others in need all my life! Thank you Melanie for your dedication in enlightening me!
    loving the dove transformation… into Jesus as the white clothing worn by Jesus…this is where I spiritually connected & loved it! Xo

  13. Hi Melanie, you know me too well that all the things you said or have been saying about me is not a lie. no one has absolutely revealed me to me as u have done.some times you make me speachless.more grease to you elbows. But i have one problem; sometimes i act like i am not me.sometimes it is foolish and some times it is right and i only discover myself after the act. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?.Madam thank you for the great job you have been doing. STAY BLESSED.

  14. Hi Melanie,it’s amazing to me that every time I’m having a conversation with my angels,I have a message from you telling me what I need to hear.IS that because they go through you to help me?

  15. Hey,
    I am a beginner. I have tried to meditate but nothing is happening. How long should I give it.
    Maybe I am not giving it long enough. I really don’t know what I am doing. I am 57-years-old.
    Does that make a difference. Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael are coming to me.

  16. Hi Melanie, I want to say Thank you for the encouragement. I would like to know why I am inside the tunnels for a very long time and someone said its Ego?? I don’t understand- can you ask Michael how can I set myself free?

  17. When i lay down at night why is it i hear voices up above me.Cant make out all the words there saying. This doesn’t happen all the time. So glad you have this web site!maybe i can connect to them.

  18. I keep seeing the number 11 numerous times during the day. Especially when I look at the clock. I know these ARE my spirit guides trying to reach out to me to move me on the right path. I’m just not sure what there trying to tell me.

  19. Thank you thank you thank you after seeing the most beautiful sky and lights I connected with my mom and my grandparents as well as other family members and two friends is it possible they ate all my guides my mom however stood out more prominent

  20. The idea of only being able to see and accept in our hearts what we truly believe is a month to month, week to week and more often than not day to day and moment to moment experience that keeps everything new with energy that mirrors the experiences of life. Not being children anymore we tend to stray away from the magic of imagination and sometimes have us wonder why it takes so long(if it does) to find closure on new ideas. We naturally think that maybe we should know these things already. Learning a-new is the freshness of existence. It is what we would like to think youth really is. The next step toward wholeness. Faith in protective guidance moves us forward but does not always mean that life will be easy. The Struggle is often the enlightenment. Humble and Gracious is Truth.

  21. For the last 5 years I have discovered my angels. They are constantly helping me and advising me in the ways of caring, forgiveness and love. I am using the angel cards and the reaffirmations I receive are A MAZING. Every question is appropriately answered and is filled with the path of love, hence my path is walked that way also. I would love to be more in touch and meet these gentle souls. As I am a beginner, I wonder does this process take years of practice. I would value your advise.
    My warmest regards jill

  22. The meditation connections posted supply, brilliance and wonder as if sensing the most beautiful sky, from all angles of perception in multidimensionality, we dance in the freedom of being and leap with the grace of sensuality!!

    -Thank You For Allowing Your Piece of the Puzzle To Shine, As Momentum Summons Rippling Line, To Beat-Surround-Encompass As We Dine:)

    1. Thanks Deborah 🙂
      I like the… “Thank you for allowing your piece of the puzzle to shine.” It’s really so true. We each carry codes or puzzle pieces within us, and it’s when we all bring these to the table that the “New Earth”, and the enlightened humanity can really shine through.
      Keep dancing in the light, you are beautiful!

  23. I have a question, I am a beginner and want to know “will I know when I eventually connect with my spirit guides or a angel? Will I be able to hear them?”

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Love Jody

    1. Hi Jody,
      With practice yes… But starting out the guidance will come through in whatever your strongest sense is… feeling, hearing, seeing, or knowing.

  24. Hello Melanie,

    Would you happen to have the process of connecting with your guides in a guided download?

    Thank you,


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