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Emotional Healing –  A Simple Process For Powerful Emotional Clearing

Call on Archangel Muriel For Support During This Emotional Healing Process

Emotional Healing Emotional healing is so essential on your path of spiritual growth and ascension. As you begin to embody more of your light and raise your vibration, emotions can act like a sealing, literally weighing on you and pushing you down.

Emotional baggage can make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride of lifting into higher levels of love and light during your meditations and then crashing in negativity, anger, or sadness.

In this post, I’m going to share with you a powerful process for clearing negative emotions and pain from your emotional body. It will help you to clear frustration, anger, and any lower emotions that are arising or are trapped in your body. Emotional pain often manifests as pain or discomfort in the physical body, and can often be resolved with emotional healing.

Emotional pain often manifests as pain or discomfort in the physical body, and can often be resolved with emotional healing.

You Are Supported In Emotionally Healing

I want you to know that you’re not alone in this. I have had to do a ton of emotional clearing to get where I am now, and I’m honored to serve in sharing this process with you.

Additionally, your Angels are also here to support you in this process.

Archangel Muriel often steps forward to assist in this practice, making it extra powerful. Muriel is an incredible Archangel who helps with emotional healing.

Let's go ahead and dive in.


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Simple Process for Emotional Healing

There are a couple of ways that you can initiate the emotional healing process.

Emotional Healing Process The first is to go digging for emotions trapped in your being. Think about your family, friends, and relationships. Think about your childhood, adolescent years, and the baggage you're carrying. This will bring up emotions that need to be cleared.

If you’ve already done a lot of clearing work on yourself, then you can just wait until something in the external triggers you and you find yourself reacting emotionally. It’s up to you how you want to begin, though I recommend utilizing both digging for emotions and clearing what is triggered for the best results.

Dive in to identify emotions in your being but also notice when you are emotionally triggered by something externally.

Allow Emotions to Rise to the Surface

Once you uncover a negative emotion you’re carrying in your emotional body… Tune into it.

Let yourself feel the fear, anger, pain, frustration, sadness.

Whatever the emotion is that's coming up, feel it and tune into it.

To really get emotions to rise to the surface, engage your subconscious by allowing yourself to blame the external world for causing your emotional response.

Take just a moment to blame the other person, world event, or situation for the pain and frustration. This triggers your subconscious and can help you to more deeply release.

You can do this out loud or internally. I'm not suggesting that if someone triggers you emotionally that you should verbally blame them. If you are triggered, remove yourself from the situation as quickly as you’re able and then dive in and do this internal work.

Internally, not externally. Blame the external for the cause of the emotion in order to best tune into it.

“This is your fault! You made me frustrated! You brought this up in me!”

Cry, yell, stomp your feet, whatever you need. Please don’t do any damage to yourself or your surroundings, but express the emotion that is rising to the surface and then step back.

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Step back into the perspective of your higher self and realize that you can create distance between you and the emotion. This is the perspective of your higher self; the perspective of the observer.

During this phase of the emotional healing process, you are not engaged but observing. The aim is to understand what internal disharmony the negative emotion is revealing.

What area of your life, of yourself, of your internal state of being is out of alignment?

What is it that allows this emotion to create such a rise in you?

“What Is My Higher Self Trying to Learn in This Situation?”

If you have a family member who is mean and rude to you and it makes you feel terrible, ask, “

What is my higher self trying to learn from this situation?”

Pay attention to what that lesson is. It could be that your higher self is trying to learn self-reliance, boundaries, how to not take on judgments from others, or how to not get energy from other people.

Tune into the perspective of your higher self, and from this perspective, seeing the agreements and contracts with the external world around you, see the role that your family member played to trigger this emotion in you.

Ask the Angels to Help You Release

Now focus inward and allow yourself to release. This is where I find it helpful to ask the Angels to help me release.

“Angels, I ask that you release this emotion into the light.”

You don't have to ask the Angels for help with this. You can just release it into the light. Bind it to the sun. Release it over to the Angels and into the light of the Divine.

Breathe and let it go.

Then release any and all contracts, any and all ties, any and all negative energetic cords tied to this emotion or situation. Lift all that up and out of your being and release it into the light of the divine.


Once you have released the emotion, take a moment to forgive the other people or world situations involved. Forgive yourself.

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Take responsibility as the creator of your own experience; as the empowered being who is responsible for your own energy.

Remember, you are a powerful light being. While other people can trigger negative emotion in you, ultimately it is your choice how you respond to any situation.

Release others from this responsibility. Forgive them, forgive yourself, and do a final release of any lingering emotion.

Let it go and then tune into gratitude for this situation.

This situation or person revealed negative energy in your emotional body that was weighing you down. But because of this situation, it came to the surface and you were able to release it.

Release, let go and then tune into gratitude. Breathe in light, elevate your vibration and then, if you're feeling up for it, ask.

“What other negative emotions are stored in my energy body? What challenging experiences did I have growing up? What baggage am I carrying in the present?” 

This way, you can identify emotions you're still carrying and bring them to the surface to release them into the light.

Call On Your Team of Guides and Angels

Ask Archangel Muriel for help. Call in your Guardian Angels and your higher self to help guide this process and to support you during the practice.

This is so powerful to do. Afterward, shine brighter, stand in your authentic truth, and know that this is indeed a process. It's not something you do all in one day. With some digging, you can take a weekend and really knock out a huge bulk of emotional pain from your energetic body. This will lift a ceiling that is blocking your growth.

Give it a try!

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With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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P.S. For a more scientific look at the power of emotional healing to bring healing to your physical body… Check out the work of

Check out the work of Dr. John Sarno who has studied and documented the correlation between emotional healing and healing the physical body.

In addition, EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) can further support you in the emotional healing process, so you may want to look into that as well.

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  1. This was THE BEST!!! I’m SO reactive to folks and just suffer too many abandonment issues, and those expectations for people to treat me like I’m not hard to love. Carrying it ALL on my back! Thank you Melanie for talking me thru these meditations. You are guiding me, along with my angels, guardians and guides to peace within. ps…just got my crystal Reiki cert and practice my self-treatments while listening to you!! Namaste and God bless you!

  2. Your card reading for this week 3/10-3/17 led me to want to work on clearing, feeling the need to go back, then dreams that held past pain and this am to get this process through your email, such a blessing, so powerful, will continue the work. Thank you, thank you!!

  3. Thank you for giving clear steps for most important work I have to do.I am going to have a weekend of emotional healing.Can’t wait to see results!

  4. Melanie, this is indeed a very powerful process to use. I will definitely begin to use this process right away and very often to access many, many emotions I know I have in my subconscious and my emotional body. Absolutely wonderful. A huge thank you to you and to the Angels for making this available to use! Much love and appreciation for this vital work you are doing.. xoxo

  5. I just recently put my Boston terrier to sleep who I had for 12 years ? My emotions are all over the place and I want to thank you for this lesson ?

  6. Thank you I believe I had access to this from my spiritual guide. I asked to release my emotional baggage into the light and I feel relief in a small way the pain is in my lower spine.

  7. I have been in a somewhat physical and very emotionally abusive relationship for years. I know deep down I have a lot of unresolved issues and emotions holding me back because my spouse pretty much got me to the point if I don’t feel I won’t get hurt and emotions are for weak ppl. Is there a solution for getting past and being able to release all the anger and sadness?

    1. You need to look yourself in the mirror every day and say im beautiful and im worth more.i was in an abusive relationship for 11 yrs because of my daughters and they were happy when i had enough because they didn’t want me beat nomore . nobody is worth your selfworth or your inner peace and most important never let anyone disrespect you . your worth more . just keep telling yourself you will see it.

    2. I am a domestic violence survivor myself. Not once did I believe any word that came out of his mouth… I knew he was/is a lunatic. Find the strength in yourself and rise above his insecurities. I have come to realize that DV survivors share a lot with the cicada totem. Cicadas live underground= we are secluded; They choose their own time to creep from the soil based on environmental conditions= pay attention to the Universe signals, they are all around you. Can you imagine being entombed in a silent status for up to 17 years? (mine was longer and still dealing with his pathetic attempt to control even though I have been free long enough to get my Associates Degree) Asian symbolism of this is resurrection. Also, burrowed cicada could be interpreted as a sign of the past and its emergence a sign of the present. In other words, it’s time to look into your past, and see what- if anything needs to be resurrected and re-examined. Key words Symbolic Cicada Meaning: Change, Metamorphosis, Renewal, Rebirth, The Past to Present, Reincarnation, Patience, Timing, and so much more. Look up the different Cicada Symbolism. They have their own very distinct sound= you need to find your own voice and march, with Gods help. Pray, meditate, watch for signs and follow the path you are directed internally. They come out of their shell, after hiding for years- as a symbol of rebirth and longevity. Come out of your shell and express yourself. I look at me being a survivor… as I am to make a difference. I have always had the inner voice (I should have listened so many times) to the tapping on the shoulder. God , Angels, Higher Divine is always with you. Talk and they will listen. Get out of that relationship and find your calling. As this wonderful post, you need to deal with the past to move on. Much love and prayers.

  8. Thanks Melanie .You are such a sweet person.Love the scene behind you.Looks like a serene beach area.Your words of positive wisdom are always welcome.

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