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Process for Emotional Healing

An Emotional Healing Process Using Essential Oils

emotional healing process

Someone once told me that emotions are like storms… I actually really liked this metaphor at the time, because emotions did seem to blow into my life like storms in this way.

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Huge emotional storms would rise up, seemingly from nowhere with an immense amount of power and they brought with them ability to wreck all kinds of havoc in my life. Then just like storms, the dense and challenging emotions would pass, sometimes quickly like a brief downpour followed by a beautiful rainbow, and yet at other times, the emotional storms that appeared would rage. Heavy, dense, and challenging emotions would trigger chaos in my life, emotional disasters it seemed, and they had a way of leaving behind wreckage in one form or another after they passed.

The whole storm metaphor really makes sense, and the idea was that it was supposed to help me to weather the storm so to speak. This idea did offer a glimpse of a solution and an opportunity to simply be transparent, to be the calm in the eye of the storm until it blew by, which it undoubtedly would.

I resonated with this at first, and it even seemed to help at times. I understood that I was not my emotions and I liked the idea that I could allow the storms to pass by being completely transparent myself. I could step back and just observe, and not get pulled into the stormy emotional weather of that moment.

But unfortunately for me, this wasn’t always helpful.

You see, for me, while yes my emotions are definitely storm like at times, becoming transparent to simply observe while allowing them to pass didn’t always work for me.

Rather tha
n just gale force winds, or torrential rain, my emotional storms seemed to be more like violent tornadoes or category five hurricane like vortexes that despite my best efforts pulled me right in.

Observing does help… Releasing attachment and calling on angels does too.

But if you’re like me, something tangible and physical can be even more helpful in dealing with the most challenging emotional storms.

Don’t worry… I’m not talking about a new meditation technique, magic pill, or anything like that.

Healing Emotional Storms The Emotional Healing Process

So what am I talking about?

Actually, it’s an emotional cleanse that is incredibly effective for releasing negativity, challenging emotions, anger, frustration, deep seeded resentments, and even cellular or ancestral memories of trauma and pain.

Why would you need an Emotional Cleanse?

Even if you’re naturally skilled at managing your emotions, at some point or another, most everyone has experienced getting pulled into the challenges of negative emotions. And more than just having an impact in that moment, hard experiences in life can get emotionally locked into our memory banks. Over time, when you have lots of dense energies stored in memory from toxic, challenging, and painful past experiences, it can have an adverse effect on your life now.

Negative emotions are not your truth. The truth of who you are at a soul level is vibrant, full of potential, and directly connected to the Divine. To step into the authentic truth of who you are and what you can accomplish, releasing negative emotions, and reclaiming your power from them is essential. In doing this, you can re-align with the power needed to make your dreams and your full potential a reality.

So What Is The Healing Process For Emotions?

The healing process for emotions is actually based on a sacred cleansing technique that was used in Egypt, in the Temple of Isis using essential oils, to facilitate the release of negative emotions and toxic emotional energy.

This ancient clearing technique has been restored in the “Feelings Kit from Young Living”… And let me tell you, it’s really wonderful.

The great thing about this process is that you can do it yourself, as often as you need, and if you’re like me… You’ll notice results immediately.

How Does It Work?

Emotional Cleanse The Feelings Kit needed for the Emotional Healing Process includes 6 Authentic Essential Oil Blends of the highest purity and quality. With the oils you’ll also get a comprehensive .PDF guide which outlines how to complete the Emotional Healing Process for yourself.

This is essentially how it works:

You find a comfortable *preferably quiet and relaxing place where you can go through this process.

Start with Valor, and rub of few drops of this wonderful blend on the bottom of your feet to realign your energy body, and start the emotional healing cleanse for your mind, body, and spirit.

Next put a few drops of the Harmony blend in your hand and rub the oil on the areas near each of your 7 Chakras of your physical body. This includes your root chakra at the base of your spine, your sacral chakra just below your navel, you solar plexus just above your navel, and then next on the area of your heart, third eye, and the top of your head for your crown chakra.  Using the Harmony oil blend in this way allows negative energy to release from each of your chakra energy centers.

Once you’re ready to continue, you’ll then take the Forgiveness oil blend and rub a few drops on the area of your navel. This step will facilitate the release of toxic and harmful memories while realigning you with the willingness and energy to forgive and move forward.

Next you’ll rub a drop of the Present time oil blend between your wrists and then on to the back of your ears. This will help you to let go of the past and fully enter into the present moment while opening your vision to see the positive possibility and opportunity which is before you.

When you’re ready you’ll then rub the Release essential oil blend over the area of your liver to dissipate anger, frustration, and tension into the light.

Next, you’ll rub a drop of Inner Child just under your nose to bring healing to your inner child, releasing old suppressed wounds and opening the door for you to connect with and embody more of the fullness, beauty and light of your authentic self.

And finally, rub another drop of the Valor essential oil blend between your hands and on the bottom of your feet to complete the cleanse of your feelings. This last step will realign your aura and energy body with new positive energy, bringing a feeling of peace and being complete and balanced.

When you’re finished applying the oils, relax. Take a few moment to just breathe and be as you naturally feel lighter, freer, and more present.

This simple Emotional Healing Process is incredibly powerful for letting go of old, dense, and toxic emotions, and it can help out immensely in a moment of feeling emotionally overwhelmed or helpless.

Now that I’ve learned the Emotional Healing Process, I feel like I’ve found a shelter and a way to easy challenging emotional weather. It’s not like I can prevent challenging emotional storms from spiraling into my life, but now when they do appear, this helps me to quickly and effectively dissipate the storm, and realign with the underlying sunshine of the present moment which ultimately, is always right here.

If you’d like to learn more about the specific ingredients of each of the oil blends mentioned above, or to purchase the Feelings Cleanse Kit for yourself.

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The Feelings Kit needed for the Emotional Healing Process is available for $224.67 retail or for only $170.50 when you become a wholesale member by purchasing a starter kit for $40- $160.

If you have any questions or would like help placing your order, you can simply comment below or send me an email to support (at)


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