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Managing Emotional Sensitivity

Are you highly sensitive? Me too!

emotional sensitivity

Being highly sensitive is incredibly common among those who are on a spiritual path. Actually, as you elevate your vibration and connect with the realms of spirit, your sensitivity will likely increase as well.

If you are already highly emotionally sensitive, you may find yourself reflecting on things deeply, becoming overwhelmed by emotions, or getting your feelings hurt more quickly than others seem to.

You may also prefer quiet locations and find yourself being bombarded by intense feelings while in crowded, busy, or chaotic locations.

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Emotional sensitives sometimes care too much about what others think about them as well, or find themselves tuning into dense and challenging emotions that halt their progress, cause fear, or even stagnate relationships and forward progress on their path.

But while being highly sensitive is often perceived as a bad thing, by learning to manage it, sensitivity can be transformed into a beautiful gift.

Sensitivity is actually a powerful intuitive gift that can allow you insight into relationships, the ability to quickly know and understand someone’s intentions, and an accurate guidance system.

Emotional sensitivity also allows you a deeper connection with the angels and the realms of spirit when you learn to manage your deep sensitivity and turn what you may have once perceived as a huge challenge, or even a curse, into a powerful, positive, and quite frankly an incredible gift.

How to Manage Emotional Sensitivity

Ask Yourself… What am I really feeling and where is it?

Emotions are just vibrations… Yes, they’re vibrations that can be overwhelming, challenging, and even painful, but when you take a step back and analyze what is really happening, you’re able to take their power, and you can transform even the most challenging feeling into a blessing.

So in the moment, when you’re feeling a strong intense and powerful emotion… Do your best to shift into the perspective of the observer.

Become aware that alongside the emotion, there is a sensation, thought, or mental image that has appeared for you… Become aware of it, and analyze it!

What qualities does the feeling you are experiencing vibrate with? Is it buzzing, humming, flowing, spiraling like a tornado, earth quaking, or erupting from within like a volcano?

Just become aware of the energetic qualities of the emotion.

Get scientific with it, and see if you can identify and classify the qualities of the emotion, which is actually just vibration you are tuning into and experiencing.
Where do you feel the emotion in your body?

Is it in your throat? Your abdomen? Located in the center of your head or pulsing within your heart?

It is staying in one place or is it moving? What direction is it moving in?

Take a mental note or actually write down what you experience.

For example: Feels like volcanic mud slowly spewing out from your throat and flowing counter clockwise throughout your body weighing you down, and hardening. It causes thoughts to appear, and mental images of the challenging situation that just happened.

This is of course just an example of how an emotion may feel, and how you perceive it is likely to be entirely different…

The point here is just to become aware of how your emotions vibrate for you and to identify them.

Next, see if you can change the vibration you’re experiencing? Can you change the direction it’s moving? Can you pull it out in front of you to reverse it's direction, slow it down or speed it up?

Can you neutralize it or release it over to the angels and into the light?

Just become aware…

Once you’re aware of the vibrational qualities… Notice what emotion your mind labels it as.

For example: If you’re feeling sadness, what it is that makes you identify the emotion as sadness?

Increasing your awareness in this way is an incredibly powerful way to claim your power wrapped up in emotions, and shift your vibration back into a positive state. You may even realize an emotion like sadness, is really just intense vibration, and when you stop thinking it’s sadness, much of it’s power is taken away.

Where did it come from?

What caused this emotion in the first place? Is it tied to something someone said, something you saw, or something you thought?

If it seems to have come out of nowhere is it really your emotion? Or are you tuning into the emotions of someone else?

Finally… Could you let it go? Would you? When?

Release the challenging emotion over to your angels and into the light.

If there is some action you need to take to resolve how you’re feeling, do it. If you need to change your location… Take a step back, retreat into nature, peace and quiet for a while, honor this.

Do what you need to do to shift your vibration, increase your awareness, and return to balance.

With this type of awareness, sensitivity can develop in the most powerful way, support your other intuitive gifts, and offer an incredible form of guidance for you in the moment.

When it comes to emotional sensitivity, awareness is key!

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With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler

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  1. Thankyou so much Melanie,reading this has made me aware that I am highly sensitive amongst other things.Iv always been emotional but as I’m getting older I’m becoming more so,i get emotional at times from watching something on TV,or listening to music,before it was more my gut feelings or my heart fluttering, now I get migraines and lots of tension in my neck and the top of my shoulders,also I can be fine one minute then from nowhere I will feel incredibly depressed or angry with out knowing why..

    Your messages give me so much hope and make me feel lighter,please continue with the good work that you do
    Love always sasha

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post!

    Especially because I am highly sensitive to my feeling place, it can be hard to describe to others what is happening.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Blessings <3


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