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Cleansing & Light Meditation

Cleansing Light Meditation!

I am happy to share this powerful cleansing and light meditation, channeled with the Guides and Angels of the Light with you! It's now available in written or .MP3 format… Completely free! 

Enter into the present moment, take a deep breathe and open your heart center, to fully tune into the divine love of your Guides and Angels and the incredible Divine Light that is all around you.

In this powerfully cleansing meditation you will be guided to find and then let go of negativity, doubt, frustration, fear and anxiety in your subconscious energy field, so that you can then elevate to a new level of vibration, a new level of joy, and open to receive a powerful attunement to your higher self!

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Cleanse and Lift with the Guides and Angels of Light:

We are indeed here with you now, we are the guides and angels of light.

We greet you with peace, with well-being and with compassion. Take a deep breath in to fill yourself with these vibrations of vitality and then breathe out and relax, let go of tension, frustration, anxiety, fully entering into the power of this now.

For indeed you live now in a powerful time with great opportunity.

The energy of enlightened mastery, kindled by those who have walked before you indeed returns to the planet now.

Understand that enlightenment is a perspective, the ability to see from a broader vantage point, and to respond to and perceive all events with love, with bliss and with compassion.

We invite you in this now to connect with these energies of enlightenment as your body and your spirit receives a cleanse of light, flushing out the old outdated beliefs and feelings and cellular memories that no longer serve you so you can step into your mastery in the light, maintaining the higher vibrations of love and awareness regardless of what is happening around you.

Cleansing Light Meditation To support you in this we now flow greater light in your direction.

Allow the light we flow your way to enter into your being now.

It is as if your crown chakra is opening like a lotus flower, and light from above, light from the Divine is able to flow in, circulating through your entire body. And then the light exits through the bottom of your feet, grounding you into your earthly experience.

You are connecting above to a higher spiritual power, to the earth below your feet, and meeting in the middle in your heart that is open and radiantly glowing with light that then continues to amplify this light even more, and allowing it to be integrated into your energy field. 360 degrees all around you and within you, light fills you.

Notice any areas that are resisting the light which you may notice as pain or with a tightness, and now as you take a deep breath in, breathe into that area. Let it fill with light, let the light expand to fill your entire being with the golden energy of the Divine, of of well-being, of love, of enlightenment.

And now tune into your entire physical body as a whole, notice the glow of light around you, that you can either imagine, see, feel, or just know it is there. Glowing light is all around you, protecting you, elevating you in vibration and cleansing your field of all that is not yours and all that is not love.

Take another deep breath in, and as you do imagine the golden light which is around you is now entering into your lungs, and then light enters into your blood stream and circulates throughout your body, bringing nourishment and bringing vitality to all your organs, to your skin, to your stomach, to your heart and beyond.

Practice this again.

Breathe in as your lungs fill with light and then this light continues to circulate throughout your body. Relax and know that as you breathe out all tension, frustration, anxiety or fear or doubt or negativity is released. Breathe in the well-being and exhale to let go of struggle.

With your open heart you can feel and see the energy all around you. With your heart open you can access your light, open your heart, feel the power, the energy, the light all around you, assisting you in your life's journey, in perceiving that which is happening around you, and responding always as a light being, a spiritual being, en-light-ened being choosing love for yourself.

Practice self care and from this self care and love you can remain in a positive vibration and state of being and effectively love others to assist them in overcoming challenges and obstacles. Without self love, without access to your light and your power you will be drained as you attempt to help others.

With love fueling you, by loving yourself, taking care of yourself, choosing to love yourself so much that joy is your choice, you are not only preparing yourself to help others, you are creating a quantum shift in the field as your willingness, your connection indeed extends beyond you and this now, your open heart and your connection to spirit ripples across time encouraging, activating, assisting those around you and in your life in opening.

We draw your attention again to the energy field of light that is around you, a protective sphere, a perspective sphere. If you find you are judging a situation, open your heart and connect with this light and view the events of the world through your light and you will notice with practice that you can indeed change your perspective to accept what is in the now and to respond in a way that brings you more joy and love and well-being.

The positive energy created from your choosing love and joy and well-being is also passed on so that you both receive and send love, receive and send peace.

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Incredible love and peace and light are on your planet now and all around. This can cause a sense of urgency, of anxiety of emptiness, feeling like there must be something you must be doing or thinking or experiencing as the light begins to cut through density. When you feel this way drop inward, open your heart and know that indeed this light and love can be integrated with you now, forever altering your experience, forever increasing your light.

Open your heart, feel this connection. Open your mind's eye, see this truth, open your throat to speak your love, and know that indeed the energy of the now supports you in re-uniting with your authentic truth found within. When the exterior world around you shifts and churns, look inward and you will be able to feel, know, see, your path, your next step, your truth.

This process is all about uniting you with your truth as an enlightened being perceiving the love in every now, in you, in all.

Breath in the light, the well-being, the joy, and with one final exhale release all that no longer serves you.

Light is all around you, protecting, raising your vibration, connecting you to your authentic truth and with your higher self. Feel this, experience your truth.

You are dearly loved and blessed, you are Divine.

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