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Spiritual Surrender – 3 Steps to Tap Into The Power of Surrender

Aligning With The Power of Surrender In Your Life

Have you been flowing with the magic of life recently?

Or maybe you're feeling more like you're trying to swim upstream?

One thing that makes the biggest difference as to which stream you're aligned with is spiritual surrender.

Honestly, I think it's one of the most helpful perspectives one can cultivate now.

So much of the suffering people face comes from holding on to how they wish things would have turned out, rather than embracing how they are.

But when you let go of trying to control the external events of reality…

And when you let go of looking back and wishing your reality had manifest more like the way you had planned…

You create an opening for Spirit to co-create blessings with and through you now!

And the blessings of Spirit?

They're often so much better than you would have planned for!

This has certainly been the case for me.

The plan I saw for myself when I was back in college was to get a good paying job, get married, and buy a tiny house with a yard in the city I'd grown up in.

I didn't see the possibility of meeting my love and traveling the world together.

I did't even know the name of the small community I now live immersed by nature in.

I had no idea a passion for spiritual study, creativity, writing, channeling and deeply connecting with nature would be ignited within me…

Nor did I ever imagine that rather than a job I would align with truly rewarding and joyful spiritual work that not only pays my bills, but allows spirituality and being of service to others to be at center stage in my life.

I didn't plan any of this…

But I did surrender.

Time and time again.

Surrendering conditioning, past failures, and expectations for how my life “should” look and be.

I stopped (for the most part) trying to figure everything out ahead of time…

And focused on practicing openness, allowing, and surrendering to the highest Divine possibilities, and to what the Divine had in store for me.

I stopped striving to plan out the perfect life for myself, manifest abundance, and attain success…

And I shifted my focus towards being of service to others…

My intention became to give my life over to the Divine.

And like actual magic… Life began to magically unfold.

Eckhart Tolle says, “Surrender is to say ‘yes’ to life—and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.”

This has certainly been my experience…

And right now with so many peoples lives being shaken up, presented with huge plot twists, and chaotically stirred…

I just wanted to remind you of this power…

Of recommitting to getting in sync with the Divine and with the flow of magic in your life one moment at a time.

Surrendering trying to force certain outcomes you can't actually control…

And trust that there is a Divine Force of Life guiding your life…

Surrender isn't about giving up.

It's about recommitting. Not to forcing the desires of your lower ego mind…

It's about committing to practicing openness, positivity, adaptability and allowing.

Allowing the vibrant truth of you to shine through…

And allowing the Divine to co-create with and through you.

A brilliant place to start is clearing your mind with golden light…

Learn a practice to do this here! >>

3 Steps to Spiritually Surrendering
Spiritual Surrender

  1. Identify Where You Need to Surrender

Surrender isn't about withdrawing from life, nor is it about surrendering your power to make choices and take action to change and improve your present situation.

It is about letting go of the things ‌outside of your control. Accepting the present moment circumstances and harmonizing in the present. To do this it is essential to identify where you have the power and ability to change your life and what is out of your control.

The well-known serenity prayer sums this up well: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”

When you can't change something, accept what is, surrender the outcome over to the Divine, and trust that some hidden blessings and silver linings will appear‌.

  1. Let go.

When you realize that you’re mentally or emotionally attached to a certain outcome, release the outcome over to the Divine.

This can take many forms. Maybe you need to grieve the loss of something you hoped would happen, or of something that has been lost. The key is to acknowledge and face how you're feeling. Don't suppress or bury feelings deep down, really feel what arises for you, greet it with love, and then let it go.

Letting go also relates to clearing out and changing lower vibrational patterns holding you back. Are you still habitually doing things or holding onto addictions you know aren't serving you? Ask the angels directly to support you in releasing lower vibrational thoughts, patterns and habits.

3. Reconnect with Your Inner Truth

You have an inner wellspring of peace, love and presence. Here you connect to the innermost part of you that is in sync with the Divine and open to the highest Divine possibilities for your life.

When you tap into this inner space of truth and presence not only are you able to stay centered in the face of uncertainty, but you also open yourself up to the inspiration and intuition that can guide you into sync and harmony with the highest Divine possibilities for you.

Stay positive, be patient, embody your full Divine light and higher presence, and open your heart to bring yourself into alignment with the most loving and highest vibrational possible reality.

Let your light shine and know that you are so loved, blessed, and supported.

Keep reading to dive deeper in the surrender process, and how surrendering really works. 

Aligning With The Power of Spiritual Surrender


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As you progress on your awakening path, and on the conscious path of ascension, there may be a period where older parts of you and/or lower levels of vibration and being begin to fall away.

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For example, there may be relationships in your life, or things you used to enjoy doing, that just don't fit in with the higher levels of being you're beginning to embody.

A huge part of surrender is releasing these lower levels and committing to embodying your true Divine nature, your crystalline light, and your light being.

You're able to release them over to the Angels, into the light, and over to the Divine, letting your higher self step forward.

This is made possible through opening your heart and filling your heart, ascension column, and light body with light. Then you can embody that light, embody Divine presence, and embody your higher self.

Getting Stuck? Here Are Intentions To Help You Surrender

You may find that there are areas you're getting stuck on – areas where you're having trouble letting go, even though you know they don't serve you.

If this happens to you, I recommend calling in Archangel Michael to cleanse your energy with the Divine vacuum of light.

To do this, you can simply ask:

“Archangel Michael, please vacuum my energy fully and completely of any lower vibrations – negativity, mind, ego, fear, or emotions of the lower levels.

I ask this according to Divine will, for the highest and greatest good.

And so, it is.”

Then, open your heart, and tune into the light around you. You may even tune into an upward pull as mind, body and spirit are cleansed.

As the lower levels are pulled out of your being and released into the light, you can set this intention:

“I release the outcome. I surrender the outcome to Divine will. I ask my higher self, the Angels, and the Divine realms to step in, to intervene, and to manifest the highest and greatest good for my life, for humanity, and for all that is. And so, it is.”

When you do this, trust that your higher self will step in. Trust that you are supported, blessed, and guided.

Spiritual Surrender Doesn’t Mean You Are Giving Up

The Power of Surrender I want to clear a common myth about surrender that may be blocking you from using this technique fully: surrender is NOT about giving up.

Surrender is not about throwing in the towel, waving the white flag, and then stopping taking action towards your intentions… And completely stagnating on your spiritual path.

Surrender is about doing everything you can, and releasing the outcome over to the Divine.

It’s about releasing your attachments to whatever struggles, obstacles, or challenges you’re experiencing on your ascension path.

Remember, challenges come up to help you grow and to show you areas where there’s a lack of internal harmony.

This is done so that you can heal those internal areas to bring your outer mirrors and outer life into harmony.

For example, maybe there are challenging relationships in your life. Maybe your family doesn’t understand your spiritual growth and your awakening, and this is causing a great deal of stress and angst in your life.

Surrender the outcome over to the angels, over to your higher self, and over to Divine Will.

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And if you need to, know that sometimes, especially when it comes to family, it can help to have a bit of distance and space in the relationship.

Give yourself the space, self-love, and care that you need to stand in your power.

Then you can be around your family, for example, without dropping into the lower levels of fear and insecurity.

But if you do find that fear, judgement, negativity or any of these lower levels of mind and emotion are coming up for you, know that it’s well within your power to pause your thoughts and pause your emotions midstream.

Choose to do this!

Then you can look within and ask yourself:

Why is this emotion coming up?

Why do I feel so triggered by this?

What area of internal disharmony is this revealing in me?

What is the underlying lesson that my higher self is trying to learn right now?

These questions will support you in letting go of lower vibrational emotions, reactions, and thought patterns.

And then you can surrender the outcome over to Divine will.

Literally ask for your higher self, the Divine, and your Angels to step in. Ask them to take over the life stream and to manifest the most benevolent outcome.

But remember: surrender doesn’t mean giving up.

Your action is still required!

Manifestation Requires Massive Action

If you’re trying to manifest something, then yes, surrender the outcome to the Divine. But remember, action is a huge part of the manifestation process!

You must create and actively take steps to make your dreams a reality.

Listen to your internal guidance, listen to your intuition, trust yourself and remember – stepping into your power as a creator is part of the ascension path.

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With love and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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