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Archangel Uriel’s Message of Love

Archangel Uriel's Message for us today

A short message of love for you today I channeled with Archangel Uriel:

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Channeled Angel Message and Love Frequency with Archangel Uriel

“Know that here and now you are indeed in the process of stepping into a new level of harmony and light.

This may at times feel challenging as the old peels away…

But trust, that a new vibrant, and truly higher vibrational paradigm of love, and light and life is aligning to center, anchor and manifest in your experience.

One key to a harmonious transition between what has been and what can truly be is to breathe…

A short channeled angel message of love and guidance from Archangel Uriel. Relax and listen or read to deepen your connection with the angelic realm and let new levels of light into your life... Allow. Trust. Shine and know how loved, supported and blessed you really are.” #angelmessage #archangeluriel

Relax, let your self laugh, and play, and be joyful…


Trust that you are supported.

Trust that a greater Divine plan is unfolding, and at the center of it, in your personal experience is love.

Vibrant possibility is aligning, and yes, this is in a new frontier.

The highest possibilities for your life are yet to be.

And so release the need to look back, and even to reminisce upon joyful experiences of this life or lifetimes past because truly the highest potentials for your life experience are yet to unfold…

You are in the process of stepping into a higher dimension and paradigm of light than ever before.

The entire universe joins you in this process.

In the emergence of the light, the new, the higher octaves of love shining through you and through your life experience.

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And know how loved, supported and blessed you really are.”

~Archangel Uriel

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With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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