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Ascension Message with Archangel Uriel

ascension message archangel urielNew Angel Message- Activation with Archangel Uriel! Connect with the uplifting and healing words and frequency of Archangel Uriel in this free channeled message on ascension, transformation, good karma, and positive change!

You are connected with the one energy that flows through everything here on Earth and throughout The Cosmos.  You are one in the same.

As you take the time and focused conscious energy required to connect with your angels for love, guidance and healing, you are adding more love and light to the overall ascension taking place here on Earth.

As with the moon cycles, energy cycles as well…  When you open your heart in meditation and send love, unconditionally… Love must come back into your experience, as well.  As you send out healing energy, healing must return into your life.  As you send out blessings of abundance to others, blessings of abundance will begin to manifest in your life.

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Read the entire transcription of this Ascension Angel Message with Archangel Uriel here:

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“Greetings dear one. Indeed, I, Archangel Uriel, am here and I am pleased to speak to you again now on transformation. For understand, these forces of change, of ascension, of advancement forward are stirring within your earth now and within the energetic climate. And so you are at a point of opportunity once again to implement changes on a large scale within your own personal life. For, understand, that collective change, mass change on a global scale, begins one individual at a time, one spark of the divine at a time, one inner soul light being connected with, nurtured, and allowed to grow into something beautiful for your soul light and the desires therein, the dreams, the divine blueprint and plan for your life is indeed in alignment with your joy, with what is fulfilling, with what brings goodness, passion, and thriving into your life. This wave of change, force of inertia  this time of transformation is not something that happens outside of you or outside of humanity.

It is something that happens from within, one being, one soul light shining brightly at a time influencing the collective and the greater whole. For we have spoken in the past and reassure you now that as you advance, as you reclaim more of your spiritual light and power through introspective awareness, through meditation, through practice, the new levels you are reaching, the peace within, the love, the joy, the personal responsibility, and willingness to work with not against the earth, to come into alignment and to coexist with all beings on all planes, in all universes. This mode of being, this energy and lifestyle and frequency that you have the ability to connect with sets the chain of events of change for the planet and collectively into motion.

The process need not be complicated, for daily entering in meaning quieting your mind deliberately and consciously releasing thought as it comes up, letting it go, focusing on a blank screen before you, before your mind’s eye. Notice what you see, focusing intently and completely upon whatever appears on this blank screen. Relax into feeling, noticing, and experiencing your breath, breathing in divine healing light and love that is around you, that we on the angelic realm broadcast into this moment for your benefit, for love is a high. Light, fine vibration, love, when allowed to enter into your body, mind, and spirit, will work to dissolve fear and dissolve soul blockages that are limiting your progress, that are triggering challenges and tough lessons on your path. The paradigm shift for you personally which will lead to paradigm shifts collectively is connecting with the inner light within you, which makes your link with the divine and with the angelic realm possible, which nudges humanity and the earth as a whole towards living an expression of divine love and truth coexisting.

And so these new beginnings stirring within the earth, stirring within the fabric of creation beneath the surface of what is visible in your life now yearn to bring you forward in awakening, in opening, in your own spiritual path and progress and more than this, to align you with your true inner joy in what is fulfilling for you. For understand this is different and unique for all beings. But your joy and your love are important energetic components of the ascension of all humanity, earth, and all beings. This is vibration we speak of, a vibrational universe. Each thought form, each being, each moment containing energy and vibration and frequency. Always responding, correcting course, and being balanced out by every other frequency present in this realm, all connected, all are one, all are influenced and uplifted or dragged back into fear depending on the choice of individuals like you, in every moment, at any point. But in this your current life, the stage is set, the winds of change are already stirring, and so you can capitalize upon this powerful point in time to receive a major course correction, to re align with the true, authentic desires of your heart, of your soul, and your inner light.

Know that these desires according to your divine blueprint, not desires of mind or ego but desires of heart and love, bring healing and bring forgiveness to all in the earth realm, to the one energy present in this here and now. Change is necessary and is unfolding on a grand scale, freeing humanity individually and collectively from the constrains of fear, of suffering, and of ego, and what I urge you to understand and consider is that your choices as an individual are valid and powerful in creating a shift in the collective whole. Service and love for yourself, for humanity, for others paves the way for positive advancements in your life, soothes the burden of past karma for humanity, and opens doors for new, positive karma through choice. Many masters before have taught and shown that love in the now moment is the direct root to full ascension. I am pleased to assist you now, calling upon direct divine love to enter in, to uplift you, to nurture and soothe your being.

Divine love and light all around downloading into your personal frequency and energy signature and through this love and through forgiveness of past choices, regrets, and actions causing harm committed by you or which you have been the recipient of, forgiveness eases the burden of negativity and changes the course of the energetic flow. For understand that negative karma and negative actions lead towards challenges collectively for humanity and individually for you. Forgiveness can ease this burden and then through love and joy, willing service, and gratitude, positive energy, love paves the way for divine reward and blessing. True inner joy to ensue. The choice here is clear. Love, be willing to move in the direction of love and release and forgive whatever density you do encounter. Refocus upon the joy and the love and the peace that brightly burns within you, your inner light, your spirit, and this will grow. Let your spiritual body, your light body, receive a download of divine love and blessing now as divine spirit in the form of light, golden white purple rainbow light, filling you up now physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies balanced and uplifted by the divine according to divine will. Breathe and relax and know that whatever you felt from that download, it indeed did occur. There is a new degree of divine love and light present in your energetic field.

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And so moving forward in this time of change, of accelerated growth and now possibility, you can call upon this divine healing to balance, to uplift, to inspire, to light the next step, showing you a glimpse of where you are headed. Simply think or sing or say or repeat in your mind, “Divine light heals me now. Divine light uplifts me now. Divine light and love are all around. Divine light and love heal me now.” With love, with forgiveness, with compassion, with peace, and with joy, you are able to initiate great change. Take these reigns, consciously implement, and bring blessings into your life which cannot help but ripple out and enter into the lives of all, the realm of all, for all are one, all are connected through this divine love which you are a part of, which you have connected with, and through this meeting, all things are possible, all dreams, all inspirations and intentions. Love, joy, forgiveness, compassion are your allies in riding the light wave present upon planet earth. Initiating positive change in your life at this time to improve your experience, and to bring love an joy and blessings into the realm of all. I am Archangel Uriel, you are dearly loved. I leave you now with divine light and healing frequency. I am now complete. Thank you. Goodbye for now.

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