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Archangel Uriel- Transformation

Angel Message With Archangel Uriel

archangel uriel

Dear friends, dear beings of light, I am Archangel Uriel; I am pleased to connect with you now. We are connected now in your physical reality but we are also connecting on a much broader spectrum than this. Indeed, you are living with us now in the seventh dimension surrounded by archangels.

Beloved,I desire to speak with you this evening about life's purpose. Why you are here on this Earth, this beautiful planet, at an exciting time at a time of much change. Yes, change has been constant on your Earth from the time in which it was created, but now, as you very well have noticed, time has been accelerated, and this change in particular is a very exciting one. For it is finally time for Earth to ascend beyond the third dimension, lift and ascend completely into Heaven on Earth! So why is it that you are here on Earth at this time?

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And I say to you, you are here on a quest, you are here on a mission that you carefully considered prior to being born, and you planned events in your life to assist you in awakening to assist you in remembering why you are here, What you are doing, what is your quest. Your quest beloved is remembering your divinity Remembering and reconnecting with the high priest and the high priestess that lives within you. You are so much more than a typical being, so much more.

Your energy is lifted now, with my assistance. This lifting begins with an energy. A light, white light above your crown chakra, will enter into your crown chakra and fill the tube of light that runs from the center of your being. Expanding… Lifting.

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Dear friends, the quest that, you are on is by no means an easy task but you were and you are, prepared for all that you have encountered and all that lies ahead. There is a common saying that “God would not give you anything that you could not handle” and this is true. Really you are capable of handling much more than you have ever experienced, and for you, that is remarkable, because there have been intense and perhaps non-pleasurable experiences.

Releasing any and all negativity, and replacing it with kindness, compassion and love, enables you to evolve into who you really are. You choose to be in this particular time because you are able to completely unfold, to completely open like a beautiful flower in the sun. There have been incarnations where you were not able to open fully due to oppressions and due to the ruling forces of the society which you lived in, but I tell you it is safe now and you are needed. Change is happening on Earth, and this is no new message.

You are the change that is happening on Earth! It began with you. It is not possible without you. By embracing the love that you are, by responding with love in all areas, you align yourself with remembering the specific things you must do as a part of your quest. There are those of you who have agreed to work with certain beings, with certain elements, with certain masters. Taking the time to experience the silence of the void is so very important that you incorporate this into your life in a daily basis. Your higher self, your soul is speaking to you. It is speaking messages. It is giving you guidance. And while yes, you do hear this at times Yes you follow your intuition, but there is much that is slipping through the cracks, and this is because of your ego.

Ego is an interesting subject. You have been with your ego for your entire life, you were born into this world and your parents trained and coach your ego, fed you belief for you to follow. Everyone around you has an ego, you have an ego and the ego force for many people has become unbearable. But you are one who can handle this, for you know that your ego is not your true self. You are not your ego.
Taking time to meditate is training your ego, letting it know that it is no longer in charge. Spend time as the watcher, observe yourself, observe the beliefs that come out. Where did it come from? And then observe the part of you that is observing. Watch the watcher. Notice that your consciousness is not your body, but it is something beyond, it is something more. Watch, listen and quiet your mind. Your ego will not die easily, but allowing yourself the opportunity to be in quiet will assist you so much. Even when there is no path to be seen, even when you do not know where to go, if you feel lost or alone, taking the time to quiet your mind, a path will present itself. You planned this life, this quest you are on. I used the word quest because that what it is, there are lesson which present them selves in each lesson. You have an opportunity to fail or you have the opportunity to pass, it is like being in school, life is a school and as you successfully complete this lesson, you allow yourself to move on to a new lesson that brings the opportunity of more fulfillment. One of more joy and of more love. More compassion, more grace, more dignity. You are all of this and you are ready to embrace it. Being conscious that yes, there are lessons. This is a first step. Then when a situation that seems to have repeated itself multiple times in your life appears, you will recognize it as what it is A lesson.

When an addictive behavior no longer serves you, you will have the courage to let it go.

You are supported on your spiritual life quest by, by me Archangel Uriel, but know that you also have many of your own special guides…You have an angel, elemental, even unicorn, a being of light that maintains such a high frequency, they just now are able interact into your world, now that the energy has lifted.

If you desire to work with a Unicorn, know that there is one who is ready and willing to work with you. Unicorns are amazing beings, enlightened beings, who will assist you in removing the veils of your third eye… once all veils are removed, you are able to maintain and stay in your state of enlightenment, you will achieve this in this lifetime, that is why you are here know that you are supported in this process.

We in the realms above are aware that your life on Earth is not always easy, but you knew this when you chose to be here, honor yourself now. Make your, your number one priority. Follow your inner promptings and desires, even if they seem silly at first, be willing to be a fool for God, be willing to follow your truth that lives inside you and it is true.

Friends, now you are in a place of increased vibration, of increased frequency, and I will use your being in this place to illustrate my final point. Every thought that comes into your mind has an impact your frequency. Where you are now, since you have been steadily listening to me, ignoring your ego and focusing on the words of love and the vibration of love, you feel great, you feel expanded, and you are.

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Throughout your everyday, every thought that you think, every word that you hear, every song on the radio that you hear, affects your frequency. It is fairly simple to say that those thoughts which are in line with your true self feel good. Positive thoughts raise your vibration, and those thoughts coming from fear, lack, or ego… lower your vibration. It is time now to steadily and consistently raise your frequency, activate all your DNA, and ascend.

Much growth, much light and much love await you. Commit to yourself this night, commit to observing your thoughts daily, no more will your ego run rampant. There is a higher power in control here, honor this, give thanks for this.

Beloved, I am Archangel Uriel, and I bid you farewell for now.

Channeled by Melanie Beckler

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