Archangel Muriel

Archangel Muriel is one of the lesser known Archangels… But lesser known does not mean less helpful, or even less powerful.

Archangel Muriel is a powerful and yet gentle Archangel of peace and harmony who oversees emotions, and intuition, with unconditional love and compassion.

Historically Muriel has been known as the “Perfume of God”, her name based on the Greek word for the fragrance myrrh, and while Clairalience (the psychic sense of clear smelling) is by no means my strongest sense, when Muriel is near I will often smell the sweetest, subtle floral fragrance.

Archangel Muriel helps all who call upon her, but is especially connected to those who are empathic, or struggling with emotions. Muriel also assist individuals who are ready to open up intuitively to the next level. Muriel will surround you with angelic love, peace, and harmony- helping you to understand what emotional energy is yours and what you are feeling which actually belongs to another. Muriel will work with you to awaken your spiritual light and clairsetinence, or otherwise known as clear, psychic feelings.

Muriel will also help you to learn to trust the wisdom of your heart and the intuitive guidance of your soul. This serves to bring increased passion and certainty to take action and move in the direction of your dreams, and authentic purpose.

When working or calling upon Archangel Muriel, don’t be surprised if your inner humanitarian begins to emerge. You may receive information on how you can joyfully serve and assist both yourself and others. Or, when seeking to determine your next steps and path, Muriel can be a huge support when at a cross roads of sorts, she will help you to understand your emotions which are present, and clearly see the path through.

Muriel is also very helpful to call upon for assistance with gardening, healing pets, or grounding the healing energy of unconditional love, peace and harmony into your own life, and physical being.

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