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New Moon Guided Meditation

The time on and around the new moon offers a powerful opportunity for you to align with a clear vision of your path, to set intentions, and to step into positive new beginnings.

In this new guided meditation channeled by Melanie, Archangel Muriel connects with a beautiful message and frequency which will assist you in leveraging the powerful new moon energy to bring benefits to your life, and to all consciousness.

Relax, breathe, and listen…

new moon guided meditation

Feel yourself letting go of conscious thought, of worry, tension, and doubt. Breathe and relax.

Know that you are surrounded with Divine white light, protected and uplifted by your team of guides and angels. You are supported in moving in the direction of your dreams, in manifesting the intentions of your heart, in living the Divinely inspired blueprint of your soul planned prior to your birth. And so for right now, relax, breathe, and let go.

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Imagine that the doors of your heart are opening wide and that you are entering within, going inward into your inner space, peace, calm, silence, void. Breathe and relax.

Focus now on your eyes, letting your eyes relax, your mouth and your jaw relax, focus on your neck, releasing tension and relaxing your neck, relaxing your shoulders, your arms, your chest. Relax your abdomen, relax your upper back, relax your lower back, relax your hips, your thighs, relax your legs, knees, calves, relax your ankles, relax your feet. Relax your fingers and your toes. Relax, breathe, and enter in.

And now begin to imagine that you are sitting outside in a safe place in nature on top of a hill or in a clearing where you can get a full view of the night sky. Notice your surroundings. The darkness of night around you, but you are able to sense, feel, and know the presence, the protection from your guides and from your angels here with you now.

Imagine that you are looking up at the night sky now, noticing millions of stars twinkling from amidst the dark blue and black night sky. More stars than you count, more stars than you have ever seen before illuminating the space within, shining brightly.

Notice the constellations. Notice the brightest star, which you are most drawn to now. Does it have a color? Imagine that the light of this star, the brightest star in the sky at this time that is able to be seen so clearly and brightly, due to the new moon. The light of the bright star in the night sky under the new moon now shines down upon you.

Imagine the light from this star energy anchoring now into your light body and your spiritual form, your frequency being elevated, being uplifted from this Divine cosmic light from the brightest star in the night sky, shining down upon you now, cleansing and uplifting you, attuning you to your inspiration, to your qualities of the light, qualities of the Divine.

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Receive this blessing from the night sky, from the brightest star in the sky right now. Receive, and notice all the stars once again twinkling before you as you look up.

As you are viewing the night sky, you notice a shooting star streaking across the horizon. And we say to you, now is the time to wish upon a star, to wish for your heart’s desire, to place your intentions for this new cycle, for this new beginning.

And so ask for what you desire. Intend what you wish to be so. And as you place this intention, another shooting star darts across the sky like an angel flying across the night sky at lightning speed.

This star illuminates your vision and then disappears back into the darkness of the night. Declare your wish, place an intention.

What do you desire to see in your life? In the world? Personally? Collectively? For your family? In your experience?…

As you continue to view the night sky above you, shooting stars begin to increase in their frequency. A meteor shower above you twinkling and dancing through the sky.

As you take a moment to set your intentions, to be aware of your true heart’s desire, to wish upon the stars, you begin to notice that the lights zipping through the sky, flying by, flying in and out of experience, entering into the sky, entering into this realm, in and out… are angels of the light flying above, beside, in, out, and all around, working with the light, with frequency, with energy to align reality with your intentions, to assist you in manifesting your wish, your dreams.

To align you with your true heart’s desire, with your Divine blueprint, with your path, with the ways in which you may serve and love, which brings joy and fulfillment for you and benefit for all.

Breathe and relax. Look up at the night sky once again experiencing the magnificence of the Divine present in this now. Feel your love for mother earth, for father sky.

Feel the immense love present in this now and now imagine that you are gathering all of this love into a ball that you can grasp in your hands, gathering all the love present in this moment into a concentrated ball of energy that you are now sending down, sending your love to the earth, sending all the love of this present moment to earth now.

And as you do this, the love from the earth is returned, the earth mother, for you are a child of the earth, now responds with love for you in this moment, blessing you in your new beginning, empowering you to boldly and bravely take the steps forward to create your dream.

Look up at the night sky once more noticing the constellations, the stars, the planets, noticing all that is, that is outside of the earth, that makes up the Divine, that makes up the cosmos, that makes up father sky.

Feel your love for the Divine, for the stars, planets, cosmos, for all the incredible love present in this now and imagine that all of this love is drawing into you, being compacted into an energetic ball, which you can hold onto. All the love of this present moment drawing in. And now take this ball of love and send your love to the Divine through the central sun, sending your love to the Divine and momentarily or automatically, love from the Divine returns to you tenfold.

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And so now love from earth, sky, angels, guides. Love from you and from all around you, uplifts you, unites you with the healing power of love contained within you in this very now, creating a ripple of beneficial energy, for love knows no limit, flowing throughout all, impacting all, uplifting all through this magnificent power of love, inspiring you to live your dream, to walk your authentic truth, to live as the unique, Divine being that you are, one of a kind living your truth now and in this new cycle.

Take your next step with love and trust that the next will follow. Know that your team of guides and angels are with you assisting you, protecting you, uplifting you along your journey. Ask for assistance, call us in, and know that you are Divinely loved and supported always by earth, by sky, by stars, by angels, by guides, by all.

You are loved, blessed, and uplifted. I, Archangel Muriel, now leave you with the blessing of the Divine, of the earth, of the sky, of all, for you are so loved now and always. Goodbye for now. ~Angel Message channeled by Melanie Beckler

about our creator:
Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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