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Integrating Love, Free Angel Message with Archangel Muriel

integrating loveArchangel Muriel connects in this new guided meditation, to assist you in integrating past challenges and lessons, with the radiant love, wisdom, and knowing of your authentic spiritual being. Muriel illustrates how integration is key to mastery of love, and mastery of life, which leads to the manifestation of positive changes of love, cooperation, peace, and harmony.

Muriel offers both guidance and healing frequency to assist you in fully realizing the brilliance of the Divine Spiritual Being that you authentically are.

Through integrating love you are able to experience an authentic connection with your inner Divine Light, and with the outer Divine Light which is present all around, which you are one with.

In this new .MP3, you will receive an angelic message, as well as a guided meditation exercise which will help you to ground, rejuvenate, and uplift your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical being.

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Integrating Love, Guided Meditation with Archangel Muriel

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With love, light and gratitude,

Greetings. Indeed I am Muriel and I am present in this time and space. Present, and connecting with you, with many angels, archangels, and ascended masters of the light. Here to assist you in learning and knowing the process of integration, the process of integrating all that you are and all of your life experiences.

Integration is essential for life mastery, ascending, stepping off the karmic wheel of time and into the full realization of Christ light, of your higher self, of the full and total experience of the Divine light running throughout All.

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Enlightenment is perceived by some to be attained through transcending challenge so that density and challenge are no longer experienced. But understand, that you are in the duality classroom now still, and for a reason. Within this realm and plane, the full ascension comes through integration.

Integrating past challenges you have overcome and learned, integrating past pain and wounds and hurts with the radiant love, authentic being and wisdom and true knowing of the spiritual soul light and Divine being that you are. Through this, you can know and see and experience that your life’s challenges have been opportunities to learn and grow and advance forward in awakening, in awareness, and in consciousness.

The early wounds, the recent struggles, are not separate from the Divine.

“How could the Divine let this tragedy happen?” Is missing this point that at certain points in the soul journey, in the journey of evolution, of ascension, of progress forward towards full realization, full awareness, and full Christ light, involves magnificent blessings, and joys, and involves learning harder lessons through struggle, challenge, and opposition.

It is when in the midst of challenge, you are able to retain awareness that even the challenges are of Divine order. Even challenges offers blessings and opportunity for growth, that you are not weighed down, that the challenge simply urges you forward and assists you in shining brighter. And then through challenges perceived as blessings and through joys and remarkable moments of life, through all of life, you are ascending, you are elevating your personal joy and love, you are vibrating with more of the inner soul essence of your authentic truth, of your full spiritual light, of your inner power, of your Divine joy and love and well being.

You are able to recognize that lessons, oppositions, challenges, synchronicities, Divine alignments, and joyous life experiences all exist under the lens of Divine love. These are all from one source and light, manifest through illusion here in this physical plane to assist you in this forward progression on your soul’s journey, on your hero’s journey towards mastery through this total and complete integration.
And so, at this time, an exercise is offered towards you, as you relax, and breathe and focus within.

Now, allowing your energy to flow down through the bottom of your feet towards the core of the Earth in a tree trunk, a column of Divine light flowing down, down through the layers of Earth, down into the core of Earth.

Flow down to the core of the Earth where you connect with an incredible light therein, where you connect with the Divine light at the core of the Earth.

Feel, see, know, sense, and experience this light at the core of the Earth, which begins a gentle cleanse and soothing of your being. Rejuvenating your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, uplifting you as you breathe and recognize this light at the core of the Earth is not separate from you. It is one with you, with I, with All.

Experience this oneness and now let this light flow up through the layers of Earth, through the floor beneath you, in through the bottom of your feet, opening, balancing, and purifying your chakras, your root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown, soul star chakra, and now this light flows back down.

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As it flows down it gathers any foreign energies or negativity or objects in your aura or physical body, any toxins or densities which do not serve are gathered as this light now flows down again into the core of the Earth, releasing all that is not yours into this light at the core of the Earth, into the Divine oneness of light, of Divine, cleansing your being.

Once again, feel and experience your oneness with Earth, with Divine light, with All, and now this light surges up through your spinal column, up through the bottom of your feet through your earth chakra, through root, solar plexus, sacral, heart, throat, third eye, soul star, and up into the Divine light, up above the lights, up above the heavens, into direct presence with the Divine, with Source, with All.

Breathe and receive the healing benefits of this space. Relax as the Divine light flows throughout your being. Breathe it in. Let it circulate through your body, strengthening your aura, rejuvenating your spirit, cleansing your entire being, neutralizing tensions and negativity and assisting you in integrating the lessons you have learned from past challenges and triumphs, integrating All That Is.

Being aware now, of all, accepting all as Divine manifestation to encourage the forward movement and progression of each individual alive on the planet at this time.

A grand illusion by Divine design, to learn the lessons of the heart and soul, to usher each soul forward on the path of conscious creation with Divine energy. For the point of enlightenment, of integrating and realizing the full Christ light that you are, the full vibration of your higher self and spirit, is to claim your power as a conscious co creator with the Divine.
Is Your Love To Grow
You are always co creating through your beliefs, through your conscious and subconscious and superconscious, through your thoughts and your emotions and your intention. As you integrate all that is, as you master the physical plane through the spiritual realms, your level of creation is able to be multiplied so that your simple presence and awareness, shining your light, living your authentic truth, manifests positive changes of love, of peace, and of cooperation and harmony in the physical world and realm, in the spiritual realms, in the one light, one source, one Divine energy flowing throughout you and throughout Earth and throughout the cosmos and stars, the sun and moon and all. For all are one light progressing forward in awakening, in assisting you, in fully realizing the brilliance of the spiritual being, of the Christ light, of the higher self that you are. One with the Divine realms and one with all. Your awareness and your integration of this field of all is your mastery. Mastery of life and mastery of love aligned through Divine balance, compassion, and harmony.

If you get overwhelmed by a challenge, if you wonder which way is the right way, if you wonder which step is my next step towards learning lessons, progressing forward, and integrating Divine light, the answer is love, is cooperation. Moving in the direction of harmony, collaboration, and experiencing your authentic connection with your inner Divine light and with the outer Divine light present in all around. Love for self internally and love for the greater self externally.

You are so loved, uplifted, and now cleansed with the Divine waterfall of light flowing all around you, neutralizing any tensions or struggles or stresses you are carrying and holding onto, assisting you in letting go of gripping onto old stories, old wounds, and old hurts, letting go. To let these wounds integrate, to be healed and neutralized, so that the golden egg of power they contain is accessible by you.

Reclaiming your power from past events and from the present and in the future, all through this very now, through simply being, breathing, and knowing that the Divine light you breathe in, that flows throughout your being, that cleanses, soothes, rejuvenates and uplifts, and that you breathe out, letting go of tensions, stress, struggle, strife, are all one. All, serving and carrying you forward on your path of knowing, of integrating, and of mastering, for the highest and greatest good, for your benefit, and for the well being of all.

I am Archangel Muriel and I leave you with a final surge of blessing, uplifting, comforting light of the Divine, white light all around you, which you are able to call in at any time to assist you when you are challenged so that you may claim the blessing, the power, and the light which is in all. I now leave you with my blessing, with a warm embrace of Divine love. Goodbye for now.

~Archangel Muriel as channeled by Melanie Beckler

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