The Secret Archangels

The Secret Archangels

ArchangelsGetting to Know More of the Archangels

By Sheelagh Maria

Archangels are the level of angels that are designated to the welfare and overseeing of humanity and our animals, they are a ‘race’ of beings the ‘angelics’ who exist at a much higher lighter frequency than we vibrate at.

The most well known Archangels serve us beautifully and in most aspects the more common ones are mentioned here, however the Archangels asked me to share the identities of some of the others who would like to be acknowledged and are also ready to work with you

Archangel Jeremiel is the archangel of Change and making the most out of it. Jeremiel comes to you on a beautiful ray of aubergine purple, he is a tall and powerful yet very humorous angel and wishes to assist you with your greatest dreams, desires and goals. Jeremiel is the angel to work with when you want to transition from one situation to another, he asks you to work with your ‘tone’ and to heighten your vibration to become a match for what you wish to experience. Jeremiel helps you to be clear about what you wish to experience and can also usher in opportunities and openings if you ask him nicely.

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Archangel Muriel is Archangel Michaels twin flame she is a soft and feminine energy who encourages you to be all that you came here to be, she speaks in terms of possibilities and potential and advises you to believe in your own gifts, talents and abilities. She is a wonderful archangel to work with if you are experiencing doubts and want to make progress, she will lovingly guide you by the hand into calm waters and encourage you to tread just a little further, her energy is moonlike and sylph like and she is especially attached to gods creatures and our plants and flowers. Wonderful if you are elemental in your out look and have a desire to
grow new beginnings.

Archangel Ariana. She is one of the oldest and highest of the archangels in the universe, she has a very wise energy which is untroubled by anything you are experiencing and she is calming and nurturing at the same time. She helps you to have a more philosophical view of what is around you and assists you in realising your own potential, Known also as the Archangel of children she is especially helpful in guiding children with special abilities or disabilities as she helps us to see the beauty in their souls, and to benefit from their gifts. Ariana is also known as the ‘crystal archangel’ due to her connection with the mineral and crystal kingdoms.

Archangel Serafin is a principality, she is one of the highest ranking archangels in existence, she is particularly affiliated with humanity and is a wonderful angel to work with if you are learning a new skill. Invoke Serafin if you are wanting to have some assistance with a project, exams or opening your awareness of other cultures, she can help you to absorb knowledge easily and communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds. A very wise angel she tells me she had a close relationship with the people of egypt and Isis works with her a lot.

Her energy is wise and strong and loving and kind, she helps us to see the bigger picture rather than get lost in small details

There are thousands of angel and archangels but don’t worry if you don’t know ‘who’ to call just ask that that Archangel that is right for you comes forward to assist you in all ways needed heavenly support is only a request away!

With love and blessings for a beautiful now

~Sheelagh and the angels

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Alexander Larsson says September 8, 2014

Hi! When you mention that Archangel Serafin works with Isis, I got a bit surprised! So, does Isis really exist, not just a goddess in ancient mythology? I do appologise for my ignorant question, but it’s because I’m a “liberal” catholic and I just want to be on the sure side!

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