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2011 channeled messages

Channeled messages of love and light are here to assist you on your ascension path. You are a divine being and connecting with your spiritual light is key in your continued growth. I am happy to share with you many channeled messages below!

This first channeled angel message is a powerfully light filled meditation to help you connect with your inner light and personal power to complete your unique and important part in the ascension process.

May 2011 Free Channeled Message from the Inner Angelic Guides of Light Click Play To Listen or Download

I encourage you to share the channeled messages on this page with anyone you are inspired to share it with!   Enjoy! <3 Melanie

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Thank you for viewing our selection of Channeled Messages.   These messages are filled with love and light from the angelic realms as channeled by Melanie.   Many of these channeled messages include a beautiful audio track courtesy of Thaddeus.

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  1. Melanie and staff..I have been going thru an extremely difficult year. Job loss health issues boyfriend breaks relationship homeless. Your guided messages thru the beautiful angels have helped get me thru. My love & gratitude to you and the angels. All white lite love from bottom of my heart & soul xoxo

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