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Regardless of where you are in your life now, guidance is available to you from the spiritual realm!

The articles found in this category are designed to help you further connect with this spiritual guidance. From Angel Cards and divination tools, to articles that help you mentally understand more about connecting with your angels and the spiritual realms.

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Jesus Healing – Invoking Christ Light and Powerful Divine Healing

Invoke Christ Light and powerful “Jesus Healing” What you're about to learn is a powerful technique that has the power to: completely transform your vibration bring healing to your mind, body

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Accepting Your Spiritual Gifts From The Universe…

Receiving Your Next Level Activations and Spiritual Gifts While meditating yesterday I had quite the “ah-ha” moment, about the gateway opening we're stepping into, and what is really possible

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Integration In Preparation For The March Energy Gateway!

Are the energies feeling a bit intense for you recently? Right now, I am personally, and I'm seeing many others experiencing a period of integration. Meaning… We've really leveled up recently! And

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Ocean Healing! Tune Into the Healing Power of the Ocean

Tap Into the Healing Energy of the Ocean – Wherever You Are! Time by the ocean can connect you with a deep spiritual healing that goes beyond your physical body. Ocean energy is incredibly restorative,

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Channeling- What Is Channeling Really?

What Is Channeling Really? Find Out In This Ultimate Channeling Guide! Channeling is quite simply the process of expanding and focusing your consciousness to bring through Divine guidance. Divine guidance

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Spiritual Marriage – 5 Keys for a Happy Marriage Grounded in Spirituality

5 Keys For Creating A Happy “Spiritual Marriage” My husband Miles and I have been blessed to find each other and create a marriage grounded in spirituality. Over the years, as we’ve walked

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The Truth About Alcohol And Spirituality

Does Alcohol Have a Place on Your Spiritual Path? Alcohol has no benefit for you on your spiritual path. There is no positive or high vibrational shift that comes from drinking alcohol, despite society's

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Sun Meditation – Filling Yourself with the Divine Light of the Sun

A Sun Meditation Is A Simple Way to Raise Your Vibration… With Sunshine! Receive the light. Be the light. Get some sunshine, charge yourself up, and shine that light forth. Like this video? Join

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House Cleansing Prayer – Spiritual Cleansing For Your Home

Spiritual Cleansing Prayer to Eliminate Negativity and Bring In The Highest Vibrations of Light and Love This is prayer and invocation to call light, Angels, and higher vibrational frequencies into your

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Stepping Into A Higher Timeline of Light – The February Eclipse Gateway

Aligning With Higher Levels of Light We live in an incredible time… One in which there continue to be new waves of light streaming onto the planet. Gateways opening, DNA-Activating, hearts opening

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Love Yourself More! A Conversation about Self Love

How Can You Love Yourself Even More? Self-love is not selfish. It is only when you love yourself that you're then able to overflow love outwards towards others. When you love yourself, you're then able

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Marijuana and Spirituality – Does Cannabis Support Spiritual Awakening?

Can marijuana help you on your spiritual path? Or, will marijuana hinder your growth? As marijuana becomes legal for recreational use in more states in the U.S and countries worldwide, you may be wondering…

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