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Brand New Angelic Activations For the March 2019 Equinox! Hey ... Melanie here 😊 I'm excited to share something with you[...]
2019 Angelic Equinox Activations
Realign With Your Embodied Soul Light The timing now is perfect... To anchor a higher level of your authentic truth,[...]
Soul Light Realignment
Your highest light and most radiant Divine Expression awaits... Are you ready to claim it? To reveal your highest authenticity...[...]
Let Your Inner Light Shine with Archangel Michael
Hey, Melanie here 😇💖✨ … As you likely already know, for years now I’ve been on an incredible journey of channeling[...]
Guardian Angel Meditation
12-Minute Inner Peace Meditation Archangel Michael connects with an incredible frequency transmission of stillness, silence, tranquility, and peace in this[...]
Inner Peace Meditation with Archangel Michael
Guided Angel Meditation with Archangel Uriel for Raising Your Vibration Relax and lift in golden solar light and angelic energy[...]
Archangel Uriel Meditation – Raising Your Vibration!
Archangel Michael connects in this short message of love to guide and assist you now in rekindling your inner light,[...]
Archangel Michael Love Message
Reset Into The Frequency of Love Experience the incredible power of resetting into love frequency in this new Angel Meditation[...]
Love Frequency Reset – Archangel Michael Meditation

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