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Archangels of Prosperity and Abundance

Working with the Angels to Create Prosperity in Abundance!

Ready to invite more abundance into your life?

In this post, I'm going to share with you some of the top angels whose transmission and presence can support you in manifesting increased prosperity and abundance in your life.

But first… What is abundance really??

Most people today tend to equate abundance with money, and most people, have a feeling (consciously or deep down in the subconscious) that if they only had more money, many of their challenges in life would be solved.

But abundance is not money.

We've all heard that money does not equate to happiness, and with this I totally agree.

But abundance on the other hand… True abundance is directly correlated with happiness and here's why.

Abundance is a state of consciousness.

When you're aligned with the energy of abundance, with prosperity consciousness… You naturally attract to you the money, relationships, energy, joy, and vitality required for you to live a beautiful and harmonious life.

In other words… You could have all the money in the world, but still be disconnected from what truly brings joy and harmony into your experience.

Likewise… You could have just enough money to cover essential expenses and pay your bills, while feeling so abundant, free, joyful and completely inspired and enlivened by life.

So how can you shift from scarcity into abundance? I actually have an entire post about that topic you can read about here….

But yes… one of the ways to tap into the flow of abundance, by aligning with an abundant state of mind is to work with the Angels of Abundance.

Call upon the Archangels of Abundance and Prosperity

There are many angels of abundance and prosperity whom you can call upon to help manifest increased prosperity in your life. Angels and Archangels can absolutely work with you to help you release blockages to financial abundance, align with abundance consciousness or to connect you with new ideas and opportunities to manifest financial blessings in your life.

Your Guardian angel is your closest angelic ally, and is always willing to assist in any area of your life, including answering your financial help prayers.

Learn more about connecting with your guardian angel here. >

In addition, there are many Archangels who specialize in areas that can help you in manifesting prosperity.

Below you will find a list of these Archangels, and a brief look at how they can help you with matters of abundance and prosperity.

Call upon each of the Archangels of Abundance and Prosperity individually by name as you are inspired, or collectively by calling in the “Angels of Abundance and Prosperity” to support you in a specific situation, or for overall help you in your life experience.

  • Meet the Abundance Archangels: Archangel Ariel Archangel Chamuel Archangel Hamied Archangel Sachiel Archangel Haniel Archangel Jeremial Archangel Metatron Archangel Michael Archangel Raguel Archangel Raziel Archangel Sandalphon Archangel Zacharael Archangel Zadkiel Click to learn more about how to call these angels into your life! Archangel Ariel~ Archangel Ariel is the Archangel who oversees abundance and prosperity. Ariel can bring you the guidance to help you find the way towards increased wealth in all areas of your life. She can also provide support to you in helping you find a job, start a business, or to simply remember you that you deserve financial abundance in your life and when you step into being of service in the world your finances can grow and expand as a result. Ariel can also help you to open to receive the prosperity and money from both expected and unexpected sources.
  • Archangel Chamuel~ The Archangel Chamuel is a money angel in the sense that he assists in boosting confidence, building career success, and  finding lost objects (including money). He can help to clear the confusion which may be blocking the flow of prosperity from reaching your life. If you've wondered which angel helps with career… It's Chamuel!
  • Archangel Hamied~ Archangel Hamied is the Archangel of Miracles. He can assist you in restoring your faith about the magic of life so you can truly experience the miraculous, not limited to, but including the world of your finances.
  • Archangel Sachiel~ Archangel Sacihel is the Archangel of wealth, water, and success. Call upon Sachiel for support getting in sync with the Divine flow of abundance, and seeing how you can remove the blockages which prevent you from aligning with the rich and vibrant possibilities for you life.
  • Archangel Haniel~ Archangel Haniel is an angel of the moon and a bringer of energy. She can assist you in recovering your passion for life, and healing emotional wounds which may be blocking abundance and limiting your finances.
  • Archangel Jeremial~ Archangel Jeremial is the angel who can help you with making choices regarding your finances and with solving problems of all sorts that arise in your experience. Jeremial can help you to determine the right course of action that will heal blockages and align you with prosperity in abundance.
  • Archangel Metatron~ Archangel Metatron is known as The Angel of Life. In terms of abundance, he can help you to align with motivation to create positive change in your life. Metatron also assists in deciphering your souls dreams and passions, and in tapping into skills and resources you've developed in lifetimes past so you can leverage these skills and soul gifts now.
  • Archangel Michael~ Archangel Michael is the Archangel of Protection. He also serve to align you with courage, strength, and can clear negative energy, and heal limiting thought patterns that are only holding you back so you can move forward in manifesting your dreams and abundance.
  • Archangel Raguel~ Archangel Raguel is one of the main angels who works to restore peace and harmony. on the planet. He can support you to heal your relationships with other people and with money itself, which can be immensely powerful in bringing you into into harmony with the flow of money and abundance.
  • Archangel Raziel~ He is the Archangel of Divine Magic. He can help you to manifest prosperity and to understand the Laws and mysteries of the Universe so you can leverage them to create blessings in your life. Raziel can also assist you in magically aligning with the opportunities or Divinely inspired income generating ideas.
  • Archangel Sandalphon~ Archangel Sandalphon is known to be one of the angels who carries prayers to the Divine (including prayers for increased abundance or a prayer for financial miracle). Sandalphon also assists with musical pursuits and aspirations. Do you want to make money in the world of music? Sandalphon is a great angel to call upon to help line opportunities up for you in this area.
  • Archangel Zacharael~ Archangel Zacharael is one of the angels of surrender. He can help you to surrender and release destructive tenancies and experiences which may be blocking your prosperity. He can also assist you in letting go of addictions and attachments, and surrendering the ultimate outcome over the the highest Divine Will..
  • Archangel Zadkiel~ Archangel Zadkiel is one of the angels of spiritual alchemy and transmutation. He can help you to transmute the challenges you're facing into new opportunities and blessings. He can also bring emotional healing, and forgiveness making way for Prosperity in Abundance, and the manifestation of your authentic purpose and soul power in your life.
  • Archangel Barakiel~ Archangel Barakiel is one of the angels of blessings who can help you to align with the blessings that are possible for you in your life. Barachiel (alternate spelling) also has such a joyful presence that he can help you to evoke a sense of joy, gratitude and optimism so that you meet whatever arises in your life with a joyful sense of laughter. As a result of being in this state of joy and gratitude, Barakiel can help you to manifest blessings even more readily.If you've wondered: Who is the Angel of Luck? Barachiel known as The Angel of Luck because of the blessings he helps align!

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Additional Angels to Call Upon For Abundance

In addition to the angels mentioned above, your personal team of spirit guides and guardian angels are always ready, willing and able to help you to manifest your highest purpose and to attract what it is you most desire in your life.

Whether you desire to manifest being rich, or if you simply want to get to the point where you have your needs met, there is a potential timeline for that and the angels can help you to adjust your actions and your trajectory in order to become the person who is rich, or to become the person who is fully in alignment with their soul love, purpose and mission…. Or perhaps both!

When it comes to asking angels for help keep in mind that there are always levels of blessings and support that can be aligned. This is one of the reasons why I always like to ask for help in a way that leaves the possibility and opening for the Divine and Infinite to work through the angels to help manifest blessings in a way that is even better than I can comprehend or expect. Ask for the most benevolent outcome. Ask for the highest Divine possibility. Ask for true abundance that is fulfilling, and in alignment with the highest interest of all.

Ask The Angels For Help Financially

One important thing to remember when you ask for support, guidance and intervention, is that if you want angelic assistance…. Is that you actually have to ask for help if you want your angels to step up their presence and assistance in your life!

Angels are always willing to help, with large or small matters, but they also honor your free will and rarely interfere in big ways in your life unless specifically asked and given permission for guidance and for intervention.

If you want support from the angels financially… Be sure to ask!

How Do You Pray to the Angels of Abundance?

When it comes down to the specifics of how to ask for help from angels… There is not one right or wrong way to ask or to pray.

There's no secret sequence of words or sacred financial miracle prayer that will miraculously fix everything in your experience.

The key is to approach the angels with respect and clarity, and to ask for assistance with clear intent.

This prerequisite is more important that if you ask for help in a way that's been clearly outlined for you.

Intention is everything… And the angels can see if your intentions are pure or not! So be clear about what it is you truly desire to co-create…

And then ask for support, guidance, messages, and assistance from the angelic realm, in opening to the realms of Spirit so you can open to the Divine Flow of Abundance…

Allowing The Divine to co-create blessings in your life and finances with and through you!

Here's a sample abundance prayer to help get you started:

Take a few moments to breathe and shift your awareness within. Move your conscious awareness inward and allow your heart to open.

Imagine that light is all around you, and that as you breathe the light in you become more present, clear, centered, and filled with light.

A simple breathing practice like this doesn't take a large amount of time and can work wonders to open your ability to see and perceive the angels who are with you. As you're breathing and filling yourself up with light you may receive signs of their presence. If you do, be sure to express your gratitude for the real contact that you have made with your angels.

Then, think clearly in your mind, or even better speak aloud:

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“Beloved Source of All That Is, God. The One. Beloved Solar Logos Christ Light. Beloved Holy Spirit. Beloved Guardian Angels. Beloved Archangels of Abundance. Thank you for so many blessings in my life. Thank you for all the abundance you've already helped me to feel and experience.

I ask you today to please guide me to open to the flow of abundance to an even greater extent in my life.

Assist me in clearly seeing Divine opportunities before me… In clearly knowing the highest and best next steps to take. Help me to have willpower to take action on inspiration so I may be of service in a greater way…

And Open to the flow of financial blessings and abundance in my life.”

Another thing to keep in mind when you pray to angles is that they won't mind if you ask them for a sign!

You can always finish your prayer by saying something like:

“Thank you so much for your guidance, support and presence in my life.

If I have indeed connected with you today, and my prayer request has been heard and answered…

Please bring me a clear sign so I may know you're working with me and helping me to manifest greater abundance in my life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And so it is. Amen.”

Get Another Abundance Prayer Here! >

With bright blessings of love, and abundance!

Melanie Beckler

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  1. I just have a question. Where do you get your information from. Is it from the Bible? Because I have not found in the Bible where it speaks of all these different angels. I know it speaks of Archangels, of which I believe there are & it is true, but where does it say about all the different names & their purposes in the Bible, "God's written words" for all of us? I am not trying to be hateful at all, & hope I do not sound this way, just wondering where you get your information from? Please reply back to me. Thank you. Have a blessed day, in Jesus name, Amen. 🙂

  2. Can I have a specific prayer for archangel Raguel please he is one of my assigned archangels. I’m struggling to find one! Love and light to you x

  3. Thank you so much for your many teaching with understanding and knowledge on abundance I have just started a business from my home helping businesses that need financial but maybe can’t get money from a Bank loan because of different saturation one thing are another so what my prayers has been I’m saying to the universe thank you for using me to be a blessing to a persons business and that they can afford to do this kind of transaction to move for but I would love to have a Cannabis accounts and would like to call those accounts in to do an excellent services and my accounts and have excellent results with blessings with all that I do

  4. Please how can I direct my prayer to Archangel Ariel for prosperity and to attract money. How can I channel my prayer and what is the words to use in the prayer.

  5. Hi names James looking to get contact Ariel to help remove the blockages of prosperity .and not just removeing it but have it not to come back.and y it was put there in the first place.also had a gift that was block

  6. great to have angelic experience,am a living witnesses,I saw,I feel,l hear,l communicate,still believe in TRINITY


  7. I am rich in soul. And I am grateful for the help I receive from the angels. Thanks to archangel Micheal, Ariel, and Raguel.

    1. Please, My name is Reginald how i can call angels Michael and Ariel to help me with finances and protection….?

  8. My husband desperately needs employment and financial restoration. We’ve been in a long wilderness season and hopeful for a breakthrough for 2017. Please pray for us. I call on the angels to assist us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  9. We really need a financial blessing & peace & prosperity froWem all the Angels. We need love, protection, and guidance from all the Angels.

  10. archangel Ariel and all good angels.favour my request for abundance in prosperity for my husband to be and for my family career success and breakthroughs in our career paths.Bring good out of evil and make us to have multiple male miraculous births etc

  11. I’m in need of financial assistance as I am finishing year twelve and I need money for the school ball my graduation and a car so can you give me some guidance

  12. Am sinking in debt and I wish to pray to all the angels to give me money to enable me pay off all my debts and give a good life to my 2 children. Make this urgent since am almost being thrown out of my rented house.

  13. What angels do I go to for LOVE and everything associated with love (Like, Romance, Sex, Lust, Hugs, Hand Holding, Kisses, etc.), And what angels do I go to for forgiveness? What angel do I talk to constantly, about having someone forgive themselves because of the problems that they are dealing with and this other person (me), that they know (truly) has the biggest heart for them, and has for 11 years. Love & Kindness was leading to absolute pure love to where he wanted to get out of his state (twice) and come visit me in my state and be with me for a few days, and he wanted to spend pure happiness with me.. It’s so beautiful. For months I have been calling myself his Angelic Healing Bear, I get a beautiful beautiful sign in the sky, the clouds have formed an angel and there was a bear behind the angel with an angel wing 🙂 (best miracles I will not say be to long)!

    I have had miracles and signs from the Angels & Archangels & God & the Ascended Masters and all that I pray to, but still not what I want or need in my life to be happier and healthier, BIG TIME!!

    I should also ask, which angel can I pray to for much better health?

    I am really looking forward to meeting my soul mate/true love since he knows I love him with all of my heart & soul 🙂 ((more now than ever before)), I’m looking forward to feeling a whole lot better and looking a whole lot better too. Things were starting to be better for me health wise and body too, but then I got sick again (disabled). So all I know is to ask the Healing Angels and the Angels of Love, Light, and Romance for help. Chamuel and Sophia too. I know Muriel is 1 angel that can help with mine and 2 others problems. Is there a list that I can go to that mentions ALL the angels/archangels and name pronunciations too. Thank you so much!!

    REALLY AND TRULY, thank you!!
    I want to help myself and others. Give them signs and miracles. So yeah I just needs tons of damn help u_u … Thank you so much for your help though 🙂

  14. I am requesting help from all good angels, I do not have money to pay my rent and i will be kicked out if i do not pay by Wednesday, i am already 26 days late and im so desperate that i searched this on google and came to this site, please help, i need a miracle.

    Thank You!

  15. Prayer for our business to get employment opportunities to stream our way, so that we can bring employees back to work and be able to pay them. Angels of Prosperity I Thank You for this prosperity request for our business and accept this blessing in Jesus name! So be it done! Amen!

    1. We pray to God in the name of his only begotten and allow his word to be ministered to our ears in whole hearted faith, ten and only then will Angels be administered by praying to the right source. He turns his head and covers his eyes if we pray to any other source. No where in the bible does it tell us to pray in any other way. The blessings the abundance that we need will be numerous, because our lives have been already written, only the pages get sealed to the book and our Angels can’t open the book and help our beautiful lives to occur until we praise Christ, ih how they’ll rejoice and come to the rescue because they love to worship the prince of peace. Faith comes from seeking the knowledge and hearing his word…then the Angels can get to work!!!

  16. Good day the powerful angel of wealth and money, I need you to pay my debt and give me abundant money to study in U.S I need you now pls put money into my account and bless my business. thanks you because I have faith that you are doing it right now.

  17. hi i just want to know which angel can i refer my financial constrain, i want to be debt free as other pupils. please help me to find the right one to assist me please,

  18. I need an Angel of money to grant me quick riches to settle my debt and to take proper care of my subblings

  19. angel angel angel,I have read about what a lot of people are saying about u, I feel lucky been here…angel I don’t have a dime in my bank account, again my wife is leaving me because I don’t money to care for her, and I can’t pay my bills, none of friends are not ready to help…I desperately need money to make things right in my life, I sometimes feel like am not alive… please angel of abundance grant me my needs….

    1. Thank you for enlightening us about angels. Do angels require anything from human beings like sacrifices bf they give prosperity?

  20. Am expecting money in 21days please Archangel Ariel help me so that i can receive the money and help my family and friends also the entire world @ large….THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!

  21. Dear All,
    Archangel Chamuel helps with finding a new Job.I have successfully experienced it and i am grateful to him. Pl remeber when you call him imagine yourself filled completely with his divine purest of pure Pale Green love and light.Also dont forget to thank the angels & archangels unlimitedely after each prayer as if its already listened to and has been implemented in your life.

    I am now on my way to manifest my life partner!!!Would be much grateful if anyone suggests me the way.

    Sending Blessings!!!

  22. Iam asking archangel chamuel for help to find my lost bank book think it is in a cupboard at my mother in laws I have also asked help from my guardian angel nathiel can you help by connecting with these angels for me as I only asking for a yes or no answer if it is the cupboard many thanks for your help and information about the angels and archangels may many blessings come your way keep up the great work

  23. Dear Melanie,thanks from the Archangels for the work you are doing and the Angel knowledge you are bringing to people in this realm. To all the comments here, the Angels have now heard you and your requests are being fulfilled.You are all seedlings about to push your heads through the darkness and are about to receive the light. The Angels thank you for your tenacity…

  24. Please can the Angels bring a man who I can share my life with, be my soulmate, best friend and lover. I’ve been on my own 7 years, and would really like to find love now. I really have a lot of love to give to the right person.

  25. I truly need a miracle of monetary abundance. I have not been able to work for over two years due to medical issues. I took my last few dollars and bought a lottery ticket for the mega millions tonight, it is at 330 million. I need to win some of this to pay off my medical bills and my fathers funeral expenses, will the angels grant me this?

  26. This information is so powerful! The bible tells us to seek the kingdom of God first, and I believe researching the Angels of God is a part of seeking the kingdom. Thank you so much for this powerful information.

  27. I was taught to write a letter to your angels asking them to help you. Not much more than one page. Burn the letter and then bury it in the sand or earth.

    The angels have never failed me. The first time I asked for help, my mother sent me a thousand dollars so I can pay my rent etc.

    I would encourage all of you to do this!

  28. Please help me to have abundance and prosperity in my life. Iam 55 years old unemployed Filipino seaman. I can not be hired anymore because of my age. I am drowning with mountains of bills and credits need to be paid soonest. Please help me to find an employment other than my line of job to support my family.Please help me to pray that our family will be lucky again and prosperous again.

  29. Wish there was a Angel to help you win the Lottery.
    Could use a large lump sum of cash right now so I could buy a house, and get a new car. The car I have is 22 years old, really do need a new one.
    Aug 8th 2015

  30. I need money right to avoid Bankruptcy and to be debt free this will take about a $2,000,000.00. I need a new job with the USGS in Wichita, Kansas, I also want to my marriage Restored and my family (Kids, grandkids) back together as one family unit.

  31. I ‘ve alway believed in Angels! I s there a special prayer that I can use! For Abundance an Prosperity! Thank You

  32. can you guide me as to what to pray to come out of debt and get
    healing, forgiveness and how to keep the family united

  33. I was told that There is a meaning to my birthday and archangel Gabriel is this true my birthday is 08/30/1991please let me know

  34. Comment,please is there anyspecific time that this prayer maybe @night time need to be said for effective result.thank

  35. Hello i did not see the angle Gabriel mention is there a such Angel if so she was recommended you know God is first in my life and i always pray to my heavenly father but never an Angel i understand now my god is a jealous GOD and i shall put no god before him therefore i can ask help from the Angels for specific needs and pray to one and Let GOD allow his angles to work their magic in making things happen in our life.

  36. Hello there,

    I am looking for help. I have asked angels for help with prosperity but still have not received any magic. How long does it usually take?

  37. Do all this angels help really work?, I want to prove it myself. You are free to write me through my Email. I need personal experience

  38. Dear Melanie. I really need urgent help. I hve been desperately tryng to get work, opportunities. Thus far it has been a long trail of “let downs”. Promises made to me have been broken and I never seem to get out of the struggle rut. It’s been a very very long time since I’ve had any “spare” money on me and I have a woderful family I so much want to fully provide for and treat. I have called on the Archangels of Abundance and Prosperity and also asked specific angels for help in clearing blockages – many times over. Any suggestions or interventions will be appreciated. Thank You

  39. Hello Melanie, thank you for your lovely words and channelings. You look so young and have such a pleasant voice to listen to. Is is at all possible for you to tell me what I would need to do to be able to lift my vibration enough to hear, see and interact with Angelic beings, elementals and guides? I am a Reiki master but clearly my path is still being put in place because I heal on a part time basis and work with kids in the other half of the day. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. much love and blessings.

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