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Archangel Sachiel ~ Angel of Wealth, Water, Success & Prosperity

Archangel Sachiel

Who is the Angel Sachiel?

Archangel Sachiel is an archangel whose presence has mostly been hidden from view up until now, and so even when you search Google for insight into this angel, there’s really not much accurate information about him out there…

And some of what you may find is actually related to an anime character named Sachiel Evangelion which really isn't too helpful for our purposes in learning and understanding more about real angels. LOL

Archangel Sachael however, (alternate spelling) is stepping forward now in a big way to support humanity and so more and more information is coming to light and his presence becoming more and more known.

Through tuning in to his energy and presence, I've been able to find some information and receive some new insight about this powerful spiritual being that I can share with you in this article now.

Who Is Archangel Sachael?

Archangel Sachael is an angel who is connected to the steams of wealth, success, prosperity, harvest, harmony and material gain.

Sachael is also associated with the planet Jupiter, which is by far the biggest planet in our Solar System and in astrology Jupiter is said to inspire us to grow, evolve, take risks and expand.

Mention of this powerful angel can be found in Kabbalistic teachings and even in Christian Angelology where he is placed within the Angelic Heirarchy as being a Cherubim angel, which is actually an older and higher ranked angelic being than the archangels.

The Cherubim angels are known to be the “Spirits of Harmony” who are the second closest Angelic Beings to the Godhead, next to the Seraphim in the Angelic Hierarchy.

Cherubim are the spiritual beings who are behind the harmonized activity of all beings and all worlds. Their service revolves around how the All harmonizes and flows and they perform all sorts of divine tasks and duties according to Divine Will in both the physical and spiritual realm.

There is also mention to an angel “Satquiel” and “Sachquiel” within the occult Kabbalistic text the Sefer Raziel, The Book of Raziel the Angel.

Archangel Sachiel - Oracle of the Angels While a great deal of the service Sachiel offers is at a level far above the comprehension of humanity… I'll share more about what that is with you in just a minute…

But for now, one of the biggest ways Sachael is working with humanity now is to support those who call upon him in tuning into the higher octaves of abundance, wealth and water.

Sachiel’s energy is big, bright, soothing and incredibly uplifting. His bright loving presence is incredibly protective and can bring hope, inspire clearing and healing, while cutting through negative emotional energy, depression and despair by reconnecting you with the true authenticity of your soul light and purpose. In other words he can help you to harmonize your body, and entire being with whatever is happening in your life in the present moment and through this harmony you can open to greater flows of blessings in your life.

Through this, Sachael can support with maintaining harmony through expansion and growth in all ways, helping those who call upon him to harmonize with the flow abundance, prosperity and good fortune.

Abundance of course is not only about financial gain, and while this is definitely within the scope of what Sachael oversees…

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He inspires true abundance, bringing beauty, harmony, life-force and co-creation to the forefront of awareness on the planet supporting the vibrant life and well-being of all beings on Earth and as such he is closely connected to the animals, plants, flowers, fruits, insects, oceans, skies, rivers, and wild places and well as cities.

I personally feel he is coming more into our awareness now that much of humanity is evolving beyond valuing money, profit and power in a higher regard than things like harmony, community, peace, and positive co-creation with all beings. Business success and monetary gain at all cost are definitely still programs operating, causing all sorts of damage to the Earth and human beings… But this old pradigm way of relating to money is slowly but surely (one small group at a time) beginning to change.

He is however a wonderful angel to call upon for assistance in finding harmony and finding your place in the world, by aligning you with how you may be of service at a higher level in the highest interest of all. This alignment naturally opens you to the flow of success and fulfillment in the material world.

In this sense Archangel Sachael is certainly an Archangel of Success in the deepest and richest sense of the world.

Because of his watery quality of energy, his presence is really soothing… Connecting with Sachael felt to me somewhat like getting cleansed energetically and physically by a vibrant waterfall of love. as his energy also came in from way above.

What Is The Meaning of Sachiel?

The name Sachiel comes from the Hebrew language and is said to mean “the covering of God”. This is really interesting and at first glance left me wondering at the meaning.

When you look at the modern definition of cover, it means to place something on top of something else in an effort to conceal or protect it.

The more ancient meaning of the word cover however originates in the mid 12th century and means to protect or defend from harm… Coming from the old French word covrir.

Through understanding what covering means, we can gain insight and begin to see that Sachiel is one of God's angelic protectors and defenders.

He is also guardian of higher spiritual laws of the universe. In a sense he is a guardian of higher levels of knowledge and divine understanding, holding the balance and harmony within the All.

He also appears to act as a sort of angelic gatekeeper, protecting many powerful secrets of Divine Creation that many beings are not yet mature and responsible enough to have within reach.

However, as a result of his guarding these secrets of power, when we in on earth connect with him, there is much he can teach us about true spiritual power, and how to safely navigate energies of money, wealth, and power with a sense of water like ease and flow. Some of the secrets he governs also relate to money, wealth and prosperity and so he holds deep wisdom for how we humans can open to the infinite flow of prosperity within reality.

Invoke Archangel Sachael

Archangel Sachiel Gemstones

Invoking the presence of Archangel Sachael really is incredible.

A friend of mine introduced me to him as an Archangel of Wealth, and as soon as I spoke his name…

“Sachiel” … (SAH-CHEE-EL)

I felt the clear, pure, bright power and expansive presence of Archangel Sah-Chee-El right then and there. It really appears that he is standing by in the celestial realm, ready and willing to assist humanity according to Divine Will.

To make the connection with Archangel Sah-Chee-El…

Breathe and direct your awareness inward towards your heart center. Clear your mind, and tune into the brilliant light you already carry within, and then through awareness, with your heart open, think or even better, say aloud:

“Archangel Sa-Chee-El, please come in and connect with me now.”

As you speak these words feel your heart light expand and light up, as Sachiel, angel of water and flow steps forward to connect with you.

You may notice his energy and presence flowing in like water waaaaaay above your crown chakra at the top of your head. You can allow your awareness to gently lift up the central column of your Divine I Am Presence, to lift in consciousness to perceive and greet Sahiel at a higher level of awareness.

As is the case when connecting with all angelic beings, do your best to quiet your mind, and just feel, experience, and enjoy connecting with the incredible light and radiant love of Archangel Sachiel who can be a powerful ally.

It is said that Sachiel oversees Thursday, and as a result hey may be more easily felt on this day of the week.

Gemstones to support your connection with Archangel Sachael include: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and blue or purple Sapphire.

You can place these stones near you while you enter into a meditative state to connect with angels, or hold these stones in your hand as you direct your awareness within, open your heart, clear your mind and attune your energy to perceive in the higher realms of angels.

With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler

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