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5 Spring Equinox Rituals – Celebrate the Start of Spring!

After the long cold days of Winter, the arrival of Spring is most welcome.

The spring season officially begins with the Spring Equinox, though around this time of the first day of Spring, there can still be quite the dance and pull between warm or wintery weather depending on where you are.

But one thing is certain, and that is on the Spring, or Vernal Equinox, the Sun's forces of Solar Light grow closer, and renewal is felt both in the life forces within the hemisphere of the Earth and within humanity as well.

The coming of spring weather is here or near. Of course, If you're reading this now and actually heading into Autumn, there is an entirely different energy. Click Here! >> 

Spring: A Powerful Impulse For Growth

In Spring, Mother Earth's powers of growth, vitality and fertility increase in the hemispheres and initiate a powerful impulse for growth which leads to a glorious display of sprouting life.

The Earth is absolutely pregnant with possibilities for new life at the Spring Equinox, and in this it is a time of fertility and renewal of life.

Spring Equinox is also the last of the seasonal festivals that happen during the dark half of the year in the Wheel of the Year annual cycle.

From this point of the Spring, or Vernal Equinox, we now head into the light half of the year, where the days grow long and warm, and the solar forces shine bright.

The Return of the Light

The return of the Light is one of the main themes of the Vernal Equinox. The increasing Solar forces bring an incredible impulse for renewal. There are also ties here to Resurrection forces, Easter, and the Solar Christ Light, which may be a topic for another post.

Here, I want to point out that the Renewal of the Light via the Sun happens on a physical, and also on an etheric level.

The Sun replenishes the Etheric Life Force of the Earth's hemisphere, which also renews humanity, and brings a renewal of power to the forces of nature and many *elemental beings who help manifest the Divine into physical form.

*(Some elemental beings serve beneficial roles for Earth processes but can be detrimental for humanity to interact with… To learn more on this topic check out: Living a Spiritual Year by Adrian Anderson).

Equinox Equal Day and Night

The Equinox is a time of relative balance where the length of day and night reaches a wonderful point of equilibrium.

The very word Equinox points to this being a time of balance. Equinox comes from the Latin words aequus meaning equal, and nox meaning night.

This balance, which unfolds on many levels, creates opportunities to cultivate and plant the seeds of living a more joyful, creative, love filled and high vibe life into our present time and personal experience.

One of the Best Ways to Celebrate and Tune Into The Energies is through Meditation!

I've channeled a brand new Equinox Activation Meditation Series…

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Or keep reading for 5 simple Spring Celebrations:

5 Spring Equinox Rituals to Welcome a Fresh Start

5 Spring Equinox Rituals to Welcome a Fresh Start In my view a ritual can really be anything you do with the intention to reconnect with the sacred, be that through words, actions or a more formal ceremony.

I personally tend to keep my rituals simple. I love contemplating and embracing the change of Seasons and observing the forces of renewal, fertility and Solar Christ Light.

Here's some ritual ideas to help you observe, connect and tune into the sacredness of Spring now:

1. Observe the Signs of Spring

However feels right to you, get outside, and spend some time in nature to honor the changing of the seasons and reflect on the signs of spring in your location.

This could be as simple as a walk around your neighborhood to look for and notice the many signs of Spring, or to observe the push/ pull dynamics between Spring and Winter. Look for what's sprouting and growing. Can you see buds on the trees? Are there any early wildflowers coming up where you are?

If it's warm and sunny on the Equinox where you are, you could talk your shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass to ground your energy, or sit and meditate in the sunshine consciously drawing in the replenishing light and etheric energy of the sunshine.

Regardless of the weather, and come wind, rain, snow, or shine… I'll definitely be going for a hike on the Equinox to honor the season, observe the changes in nature, relish the changing flavor of forest magic, and celebrate life in my favorite way which is quite simply being outside in nature!

Need more convincing to go play outside? Learn about the incredible benefits of forest bathing here.

2. Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is a simple ritual that has long stood the test of time, and that people have been observing as a part of the Spring Festivals for centuries.

The increasing sunlight is a natural time for revealing the dust, clutter, and cobwebs that may have accumulated in your space (or your mind/ body) over the Winter.

While cleaning may not feel very fun or ceremonial to you… Keep in mind that it's really all about the intention behind it!

On the Equinox, set the intention to cleanse out the old, negative and distorted energies from your home, mind, energy field, and life!

This is the perfect time to do some de-cluttering (hello Marie Condo

To help bring more sacred into your spring cleaning, get some inspiration for Energy Clearing with Angels here.

Keep in mind that in cleaning your space and cleansing out the old, you're making way for a fresh new supply of vibrant light and joyful energy to fill your mind, body, and Spirit in the new Season.

Out with the old, in with the new!

3. Reconnect With Your Goals

We're now heading into the most fertile time of the year. Join nature in this celebration of growth and new life around the first day of Spring, by getting clear about where you'd like to grow, level up and what you want to change in the coming season as we move towards the Summer Solstice.

When talking to people about goals, it's so common to hear that they don't really know what they want!

If this is you… Take some time on the Equinox to simply free-write about what is working for you and going well in your life, and what's not.

Put into writing what you value, along with ideas and plans for what you want to accomplish, create, and change.

Remember this is a time of rebirth and renewal! The Spring energy creates a wonderful opportunity for refocusing on your intentions.

Get clear about what you truly value, about what is now most important to you, and put into writing affirmations, goals and intentions around the bright new energy and possibilities you're now calling forth into your life.

You could also write out a sort of Spring Bucket List, with ideas and intention for what you would like to do, experience and enjoy between now and the Summer Solstice.

4. Decorate for Spring!

The first day of Spring is a wonderful time to refresh your altar, or decor in your home in a way that symbolizes welcoming the fresh new Spring energy?.

Spring Symbols you may want to include or draw inspiration from for a little home decoration include:

The March hare/ white rabbit, birds, pastel colors, spring birds, candles and flowers, colored eggs, daffodils, flowers, and live plants.

Fresh flowers and plants are especially powerful symbols for welcoming Spring because of their living, breathing life force energy and presence.

Celebrate with a new house plant, and take a moment to really tune into the subtle life force energy and the growth forces within the plant.

It's of course up to you as to how simple or elaborate you'd like to decorate your space! You can also focus your springtime decor into a single area, you could create a Spring altar, or completely refresh and brighten up your entire home.

Note: You don't have to buy a bunch of stuff to do this! Get crafty, repurpose, refresh and up-cycle, and look to Nature for inspiration and to observe how she's decorating for Spring.

Creating A Spring Altar

A Spring Altar can be a great focal point for honoring the coming season. I have a mantle above my fireplace that's become a fun seasonal altar I love to decorate.

The act of setting up your altar for Spring, and changing out any winter elements to weave in the fresh new energy Spring brings is a fun and sacred ritual that really brings you into the present, attunes you to the new energy, and creates a beautiful visible reminder of the season in your space.

5. Plant Seeds

We've already talked about planting the seeds of intention this Spring by refocusing on your goals.

Now, let's plant some actual seeds to celebrate as well.

Seeds are incredible! They're actual capsules of life force energy just waiting for the right conditions to spring into life.

Depending on your garden zone, planting seeds on the Spring Equinox may be either an indoor or outdoor activity for you.

Either way, I highly recommend engaging with the magical growth forces of Spring and the impulse for new life by planting some seeds.

Get a head start on your garden by starting some seeds in seed starting trays now. Or if outdoor planting is on for you, start some early season varieties like greens, radishes and snap peas in your garden.

Alternately, you could just start some mustard or arugula greens on your kitchen windowsill using recycled containers like small cardboard boxes or egg cartons to plant seeds into. Or plant a couple seeds in egg shell halves to place on your Spring altar.

Plant Seeds In Eggshells Sprouting microgreens is another fun and super easy way to engage with the Spring life force energy through seeds.

Taking some cuttings of a beloved house plant to propagate some new starts could be a fun add on activity to Spring Equinox seed planting too!

Celebrate In A Way That Feels Joyful For You!

However you choose to celebrate, do what feels right for you! Spring is a time for celebrating the return of the light and the increasing vitality of nature. Not only do Spring flowers and plant life delight and inspire us… But a new sense of warmth, light and well-being can be cultivated within now as well!

There is an incredible joy that arises in simply observing and attuning to the pace of nature, and the powerful, creative, and magical life-forces the Earth is blessed with.

Honoring this moment in all of its beauty, knowing that soon the Wheel of the Year will turn and we will be honoring the Autumnal Equinox, and then Winter Solstice once again.

The unique beauty and magic of the seasons is temporary … Which just means that now is the moment to enjoy and celebrate the many blessings Spring brings.

With love, and bright blessings,

P.S. Ready for the next step?

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