New Year Angel Messages

Messages For Your New Year From The Angels

new year angel messagesNew Year Angel Messages

Much talk has been ‘had’ about what 2014 was about, but lets talk about what is ‘beginning’ already to flow in, Archangel Michael in particular wishes to advise every angel lover to utilise their help and advice as we move into the New Year and all that it promises to bring

2014 was a year of great personal transformation and challenge for most, and many lifetimes worth of karmic lessons were released to heaven, now we are in a process of creation and we are being asked to ensure we have the tools at our disposal to bring in the best experiences and outcomes that we desire in 2015.

Michaels first message is not to let fear ‘get in the way’ he says many of you are in desperate circumstances and are wanting others to tell you how to make your dreams come true, he makes it clear hear that we all possess the ability to create any experience but sometimes we feel that it is beyond our current circumstances and so feel lost or like giving up

If you have experienced money difficulties or are wanting to attract a lover it’s important to remember that what is right for us will always come in when our vibration (the sum total of our thoughts and our feelings and our chakras being clear and our energy being grounded and clear) is high.

Finding methods of cleansing and clearing our energy is the first step to this also moving away from our ‘now’ reality and moving into the desired reality, in other words beginning to feel the feelings that you expect to feel ‘when’ your experience comes in.

Self nurture rather than self blame or indecision is what will take you there, so taking walks in nature, eating healthful foods, meditating, talking to the angels and surrounding yourself with fresh flowers and bright colours all begin to make our everyday life a pleasing experience

Even if you are facing circumstances that seem unsolvable right now understand making the smallest changes to your diet, routine and moods will be what encourages new energy, higher moods and ultimately the opportunities that you are craving begin to flow in and it will happen in small ways first, don’t ignore these accept them as signs that you are on your way

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Raphael wants to encourage you to take responsibility for your own healing and development in 2015, he says that despite past experiences you Do possess the ability to heal yourself, others and also connect to magical beings if You beleive that you do – belief is the only factor stopping your energy from rising and your crown chakra from opening and thus allowing the angels to get more of their energy in to your aura for you to perceive

Spend some time in January deciding what you want more of, more ability, more free time, more laughter, more nurture more joy rather than tying yourself up in ‘how do i get there but i don’t have the time i don’t have the money’ – deciding upon a ‘theme’ rather than a set ‘goal’ is going to encourage you to begin to make the changes that will allow the ‘mood’ of your life to begin to alter – he says that taking more walks, eating a lighter diet, spending more time in compassion and gratitude will begin to help you to change your perspectives.

Raphael particularly encourages compassion when looking at other peoples behaviours and choices, however he also guides not to go into judgement because their choices or behaviours are contradictory to what you want for yourself, simply observe ‘isn’t that interesting’ and move back to empathy but honour for self above all

Gabriel comes in to talk about clarity ,she says when you don’t know what or you don’t know how or you don’t know when just decide ‘if’ – doing this in principle and sticking to it and taking the time to Up your mood, feelings and thoughts on ALL subjects – will allow the pathway to become clear, she also asks you to notice how you feel around certain people do certain co – workers or family members or children even bring out a response of in patience or resentment in you? if so and Christmas is a great tester of this, it is perhaps time to consider shielding your energy when in their presence whilst also making sure you Do have time set aside for yourself, when you do this you will feel less involved in their drama and moods and opinions and it will mean that you are able to keep feeling happy, calm, peaceful and know and expect that all of the help that you need is on on the way

Archangel Metatron shares that 2015 is all about You and ownership, understanding that when we make a decision about anything either by expecting it, dreading it, wanting it or fearing it the Universe yields to us and will bring us ‘evidence’ so by taking ownership of your own feelings and thoughts and living each day anew – you are beginning to ask for a much more magical higher grade blissful life…..and being decisive about how you want it to feel rather than the specifics allows the Angels to do their work quickly and easily for you often bringing in outcomes that you just couldn’t see……

As we draw to a close, I personally wanted to thank you for being a part of this amazing magical journey, whether you know it or not the angels are always with you always encouraging you and source or God too sends you blessings every day that you are on planet earth

If you are wanting to kick start the magic for 2015, why not consider a hours channeled reading, spiritual development session or love reading? We are here to help and love to do so

With love and joy, peace and clarity

Sheelagh, and the angels

About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.


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Dana says January 13, 2015

I can not get though to your web site

to oorder a angel reading thank you

ToniaWhitaker says January 3, 2015

Thank you so very much for sharing! What a beautiful message from the angels. Their vibrations certainly carried through this message.

Rebecca says January 2, 2015

Your message of working on a ‘theme’ for the new year rather than resolutions or goals really struck a chord with me. That’s exactly what I feel to be doing. Thank you!

Brenda Ramelis says January 1, 2015

Is this a actual book. Or will it be sent to my e-mail

Terri says January 1, 2015

Sheelagh – your messages from the angels were tremendously helpful. It has really helped uplift & inspire me on this 1st day of 2015. I wish you a wonderful, blessed year & many thanks for all you do!

Kathie Bartlett says January 1, 2015

Happy New Year Sheelagh!!! Thank you very much for this message. While I read it, I felt it was a personal message to me in order to help me and encourage me to move forward. Thank you again, Warm Regards, Kathie Bartlett

Steve king says January 1, 2015

I love all the angel readings and feel as though each and every one has been written just for me. Thank you for your guidance. Bless you.

Rosemary Asaro says January 1, 2015

These are beautiful messages from the Archangels….I have been passing more fervently to them. I needed to read this today. Happy New Year! God bless us all!

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