New Year Angel Messages
New Year

Infuse Your New Year With Higher Light

Angelic Inspiration for the New Year

As we now collectively turn the page from one year to the next…

There's a natural pull to review what we've each done and accomplished in the past year…

And what we intend for in stepping into the New Year born anew.

Taking a little time out for this reflection is really such a powerful process, especially when you consciously choose to view the past outcomes and future possibilities through the perspective of the Divine observer.

Witnessing your past through the lenses of love…

Seeing how challenges triggered your growth, and how all that has happened or been created has brought you to this moment now.

And through this seeing how the past and future are linked.

Knowing that you can now consciously choose to infuse your preset with love, light, and higher consciousness…

Which in a way brings healing to what has happened in the past…

And empowers the highest possibilities for your future.

Through simply tuning into and shining brightly your inner light…

Staying clear, conscious and present.

Returning to the perspective of Higher Consciousness now…

And bringing this with you into the New Year!

Happy New Year!

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler

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