Making Contact With The Archangels

Making Contact With The Archangels

archagelsHow to Contact The Archangels

The spirit world has a hierarchy. The souls of humans go to a place called the Supra World which is an energetic layer surrounding planet Earth, this is for those souls who are still taking part in the reincarnational process.

For those that have undergone this transformation they will go to higher levels. Guides reside on their own astral realm and above this is the realm of Angels and Archangels.

Many times people who are wanting to connect with angels feel that the communication is blocked or they are not sure that they are not imagining it. The Archangels are very powerful and are professional messengers so to them it is no problem to connect with us and to transmit messages of guidance and love. The issues arise when we doubt our ability to receive or perceive these messages.

The Heart Is The Start.

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Many mystics see in their third eye or outside of their body, many mystics hear outside or inside their mind, many mystics feel outside or inside their body and so the list goes on. However, are you aware that the angels energy enters through the Soul Star Chakra and flows straight to the heart first? The Mystic then draws the energy UP to one of the perceptive senses and simply translates the frequency that they are receiving. The heart is the place where those that channel energy connect with first, often bringing it up and expressing it through speech, it is where the Angels or Guides connect with us and flow the guidance through the rest of our being. So if you are trying to connect with a guide or angel and are creasing your eyes up and straining – forget it, it will be far less effective than connecting with the heart first and then trusting what you feel you are seeing, hearing or knowing.

Opening the Third Eye

Many mystics will give you very complicated breathing meditations to open the third eye, what they fail to mention is the biggest issue, trust. Trusting the energy you are working with is fundamental but also trusting your self. I was working with someone recently and they were doubting what they were getting what they were seeing, when I explained that as a clairvoyant i channel for the customer during the course i showed her I had written down the very same message – she was over joyed that there was validity to what she was getting!

In order to open the third eye one must connect with the heart first, a simply way to do this is place your hand on your heart, feel compassion for yourself and breathe pink into the heart, feel it expand with love and remember to Smile. Enjoying your development and experience with light beings is the whole point! Your third eye actually resides about one inch above your eyebrows, so when you imagine something it will show itself to you at eye level the third eye needs training to view about an inch and a half Up your forehead.

You can do this by pressing your fingers against your third eye and ‘seeing' them come through your skin and bone from the ‘inside' Also asking Michael and Haniel to cleanse your third eye is a beautiful way to begin to strengthen this often overly misunderstood gift. Practice is also important so asking the Archangel Michael to show you a person you may see or a colour car or lorry and keeping your eyes peeled. Clairvoyance is clear seeing and this is not limited to your inner vision but also to shadows (spirit energy and guides showing themselves to you) and bright lights from the corners of your eyes (Angel Energy as they move through the air).

Hear Hear

Hearing can be startling if you are not used to it. However true clairaudiance is actually within the mind. The Archangels will step into your aura and use your pineal gland and stimulate your brain to send you the guidance. Often we can hear a resonance of how the Archangel would sound if they were actually speaking the words. Michael says that asking Gabriel to cleanse and clear your Ear Chakras and to make you more receptive has great benefits when starting to work clairaudiently

The angels will never scare you they and even your guides and loved ones will Only work with you at your own pace. If you are forcing it then they will clamp down and say ‘not right now' they will open you up step by step at your own pace and when they see you are enjoying the process they can advance you to a higher grade.


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Developing your ability to hear angels guides and loved ones is my specialty. Because we work with the angels primarily there is no risk of you picking up anything scary or unwanted. In the five week development course that we run you will learn to heal with Raphael, read oracle cards deeply, do body scans remotely and read from names. You will learn how to identify which Archangel is with you and how your personal gift works and can be strengthened.

If you are unsure that this is whats right for you we would highly recommend a Spiritual Purpose reading. The Spiritual purpose Reading is all about you your gifts and your life purpose. It will address any concerns you have about what you are experiencing and will also give you clearing and uplifting techniques and tips to use on your own. For now there is a special offer of a complimentary mini reading for one question if you book during March for the course and it also includes a profile of your gift and the Archangel that oversees your path.

Make that change this March and start on the path that your soul designed for you. Its loving uplifting and you will never need to search for guidance again – you'l be able to get your own.

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About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.


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Kara says October 21, 2014

I really like this site because of the information being simplified and yet rich. I have really strong signs and some abilities to begin with this amazing journey. I currently have someone I pay to teach me a little bit at a time, but, I’am so eager to gather information because of the energy flowing through me and the signs are so strong my soul finally knows it’s connection. There is just a flood of emotion for me and It is very hard to sort out on my own. I would like to learn more about this course. As it is hard for me to understand everything that is coming on my own. Thank You, Love and Grace…

Busisiwe says March 16, 2014

Beautiful site. Was glued for hours.

Iris says March 8, 2014


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