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11 Best Throat Chakra Stones for Balancing Your Throat Chakra

11 Best Throat Chakra Stones

Crystals can be incredible allies for healing and spiritual development. In this post, we're going to specifically cover how to use crystals that resonate with a balanced and healthy throat chakra, aka. “Throat chakra stones” to heal and balance this chakra energy center..

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When all of your chakras are clear, balanced and operating harmoniously, life force energy is able to circulate through you and living a connected, vital and empowered life becomes well within reach.

But when one or more of your chakras becomes blocked, weakened, stagnant, or even overactive, challenges can endure.

What Is The Throat Chakra?

Throat Chakra: Vishuddha  Your throat chakra (Vishaddhu in Sanskrit) is the energetic center at the center of your neck in the area of your throat.

It is well known to be associated with your voice, expression, creativity, emotions, and ability to clearly communicate your truth and connect with others.

Interestingly the throat chakra oversees much more than communication though and also plays a role in your being present and contented in yourself, which can then align you with the magic of divine timing, and synchronicity.

The throat center is also one of the key energy centers that empowers you to connect with and communicate with your unseen team of spiritual guides and angels.

When the throat chakra becomes depleted, imbalanced or blocked you may find it challenging to communicate with others (including the spiritual realms), and you may find it difficult to know and stand in your truth…

But those aren’t the only symptoms of a throat chakra imbalance.

Maybe one of these additional symptoms of a throat chakra imbalance sounds familiar to you?

Common Symptoms of a Throat Chakra Imbalance

  • You feel like something is holding you back from speaking your truth.
  • You have recurrent throat irritations or, sore throats or neck pain while otherwise being healthy.
  • You experience a tendency to complain or focus on things you do not want.
  • You feel indecisive about what is most important to you.
  • You experience TMJ, dental issues, jaw pain, or stiffness in your jaw and neck.
  • You feel deep down that you have an important message to share … but there seems to be something blocking you from sharing it.
  • You find it challenging to speak up and express your truth… Maybe you find yourself speaking what you think others want to hear rather than what you know to be true deep down.
  • You often to others, and also to yourself.
  • You feel a lump in your throat and stuck in your ability to express yourself when challenging emotions arise.

If any (or more) of these symptoms of a throat chakra balance arise for you don’t worry, and know that awareness of an imbalance is the first and a key step towards empowering any imbalance or blockage to be resolved.

Also… Know that you’re not alone!

Many people experience chakra blockages in their life… In fact, it’s far more common than most people realize.

But the good news is there is incredible support from the realms of nature and spirit for you to release blockages and once again allow the flow of light and life force energy to circulate through your chakras and through you.

Crystals are allies that operate on a physical, vibrational and spiritual level and in this post you’re going to learn some of the best stones to support the throat chakra.

Learn more about the connection between angels and crystals here. >>

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What Stone Is Best For The Throat Chakra?

There are many stones that have traditionally been used to balance the throat chakra – and traditionally blue stones, are associated with the throat chakra center (though there are stones that can be supportive that are not blue as well, so this is more a generalization than a role).

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Partnering with some of these throat chakra crystals and stones like angelite, lapis lazuli, and aquamarine can help to bring the energies of your throat chakra into balance.

And since positive change begins with energy, balancing the energy of your throat center can create a sort of positive ripple effect of bringing healing, growth and positive transformation on every level, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Top Picks: 11 Best Throat Chakra Stones

  1. Angelite

Angelite is a Throat Chakra Stone Angelite is a stone awareness, peace, and calm. It supports you in opening to clear communication and gaining deeper understanding about yourself and others by strengthening your ability to listen.

It’s also an incredible ally for opening up the lines of communication with your angels so you can receive guidance and messages from the spirit realm.

Spiritually, Angelite can help you to unblock all of your energy channels and chakras (including your throat center) which is required to really open up to communicate with Spirit. This open flow of energy can also help to empower your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities in blossoming into your awareness.

Angelite, as the name suggests, has an incredibly angelic, nurturing, and loving energy that can assist you in developing a conscious connection with your angel and spirit guides.

  1. Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite Crystal For Throat Chakra Healing Calcite is a remarkable stone that comes in many colors, shapes and forms.

Blue Calcite, has an especially soothing and calming energy that is incredibly supportive on an emotional level and is effective for bringing a balancing and harmonizing energy for the throat chakra.

Blue Calcite will lovingly guide you to become a better communicator by adapting your communication style so that its aligned with grace and diplomacy.

It also aligns you with the vibrational energy of your angels who can further support you in understanding your inner truth, navigating your emotions, and guiding clear and loving communications.

  1. Aquamarine

Aquamarine - Throat Chakra Crystal Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone that has a watery nature and deep connection to the water element, the Ocean and creatures of the sea.

The Latin origin of “Aquamarine” actually means “water of the seas”. In ancient lore, Sailors would use these stones as talismans to protect them from drowning and other perils that may arise on their sea voyages.

Aquamarine supports your throat chakra by helping you to communicate your inner most truth, including your feelings and emotions with presence, grace and ease.

Because of its watery nature, it can help you to navigate through blockages you may experience at an emotional level… Aquamarines vibrational wisdom can guide you through deep feelings and emotions buried beneath the surface of your awareness in your subconscious.

  1. Blue Kyanite

Kyanite - Throat Chakra Crystal Blue Kyanite is a stone that continues to delight and inspire me personally. It is an incredible ally for throat chakra healing and opening clear communication.

It helps you to both “talk your talk” and “walk your talk”.

Blue Kyanite is also incredibly effective for dissipating distortion and when worn or carried in your energy field. It works on a vibrational level to support the alignment and flow of energy through all your chakras by releasing blockages and bringing balance and harmony.

Kyanite also supports mental and emotional clarity and holds open a channel for clear connection to the guidance and frequency support of your spirit guides and allies in the angelic realm.

It overall promotes psychic awareness and understanding while also being protective and supportive on an energetic level.

  1. Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate Stone for the Throat Chakra Blue Lace Agate is a stone with a very gentle, calming and peaceful energy that can support you in raising your vibration and improving communication on just about every level.

It is especially attuned to opening your ability to clearly communicate and articulate spiritual concepts and ideas related to consciousness, spirituality and peace.

The soft, healing, and soothing energy of Blue Lace Agate can help you to relax and ease into the present moment. It’s also closely connected to the realm of the angels and can help you to open to receive the communications and downloads of spiritual information and insight from the angelic realm.

  1. Apatite

Apatite Throat Chakra Crystal Apatite can range in color from a wonderfully rich and deep blue green color to a lighter pale turquoise green, this range of depth in color is reflected in its healing qualities –Apatite is connected to an ability to access deep wisdom as well as high level spiritual guidance.

Apatite can support in boosting your creativity and expression. It calms the energy body, and supports a natural throat chakra balancing for clear and grounded communication and authentic expression.

On a vibrational level it also works to dissipate negativity, mental confusion and aloofness, all of which can stand in the way of being able to clearly communicate and see the truth. (Very helpful to use during meditation to clear and quiet the mind as well!)

Apatite is not only supportive of  the Throat Chakra, and it also brings balance and harmony to your entire chakra column.

Deeply attuning to and receiving Apatite’s Wisdom will support the blooming of your psychic abilities, remembrance of your soul wisdom, and gaining deeper understanding of your inner self.

  1. Turquoise

Turquoise is a powerful throat chakra crystal Turquoise is a powerful crystal ally that can support you in syncing the energy of your throat chakras with your highest truth.

Incredibly supportive for communication and authentic creative expression, Turquoise also supports emotional balance, spiritual connection, and courage.

A very soft stone, turquoise is often chemically hardened which can harden and hamper its vibrational medicine a bit, though even treated Turquoise still brings vibrational benefit and positive energies.

Raw untreated Turquoise can be a bit hard to find, but is absolutely divine in its ability to enhance your spiritual connectedness and ability to ground higher spiritual light, concepts and insights into the physical.

  1. Amber

Amber is one of the Throat Chakra Stones - Here's why While technically fossilized tree resin rather than a stone, and more commonly associated with sacral chakra healing, Amber is an incredible “crystal ally” for healing and balancing the throat chakra.

Amber brings potent healing and clearing energy to the entire physical vessel and spiritual being. *its also a good environmental energy cleanser as well and works by drawing out distortion, dis-ease, tension and stress.

Amber brings a stable, grounded vibrational medicine that encourages balance, patience and self-confidence…  These create a strong foundation for you to discover and communicate your truth.

Amber gently and yet powerfully opens the throat chakra and can help to ease physical symptoms and discomfort of a throat chakra imbalance if they have begin to physically manifest.

It also has a way of supporting you in cutting through indecision, to bring clarity and positivity.

Amber also can help you to deepen your connection with nature in a way that will uplift, empower and inspire you.

  1. Azurite

Azurite is a chakra healing stone that is beneficial for many chakras The vibrant, deep blue stone called Azurite is sometimes known as the “stone of heaven” and other times as “Blue Malachite”, as Malachite and Azurite are often found hand in hand.

Azurite supports unlocking your inner wisdom, authentic truth, dignity and spiritual wisdom. It is also one of many “psychic stones” that can support your psychic development and remembering how to access insight and information from sources beyond the physical. It vibrationally works to enhance your creativity, compassion and psychic receptivity.

Azurite is a chakra healing stone that is beneficial for many chakras, but particularly for balancing the third eye and throat chakra centers. It brings alignment to the chakras and harmonizes the flow of etheric life force energy through the physical body by dissipating blockages.

It has a powerful way to clearing away tension, confusion and rigid or negative mental patterns to allow the mind to open to new perspectives.

The clear flow of life force energy through the mind, and body empowers clear communication and vocalization of truth through the throat center.

  1. Amazonite

Amazonite is a beautiful throat chakra stone Amazonite is a stone of truth and honesty… Both of which are qualities that are essential to embody for the throat center to vibrate clear and bright.

Amazonite can also assist you in seeing the underlying truth about people or situations in your life….

It also supports you in knowing and speaking and living your highest truth with honesty, grace and ease.

When you really begin to resonate with the soul qualities and energies that amazonite can teach, you may begin to naturally attract people in your life whom you can clearly communicate with, and who act in alignment with honesty and integrity.

Amazonite also works with restoring emotional equilibrium, and helps you to openly hear the truth of others and understand their emotions from different angles without getting absorbed by them.

I also find Amazonite to be helpful in balancing the Heart Chakra which you can learn more about here.

  1. Larimar

Larimar is an effective throat chakra stone for healing Larimar is a stone that is beautifully supportive and healing for the heart chakra, throat chakra, and third eye chakra.

It’s known as “The Dolphin Stone” due to its connection with dolphins, whales, with the Divine Feminine, with the ancient Atlantean Civilization, and with the sea.

Larimar exudes a vibration of peace, calm and relaxation and is supportive for easing stress, tensions and anxieties.

It is also an incredibly ally for opening up your throat center to the flow of divine life force energy, promoting self confidence and encouraging you to know and express your deepest Truth.

Larimar offers support in clearing and calming your mind so you can tap into inner peace, raise your consciousness, and open the lines of communication with the people in your life *and the spiritual beings on your team.

Larimar can also assist you in becoming aware of where you are falling prey to self-sabotaging behavior and having the presence and clarity in order to make positive and constructive change.

Larimar is a relatively rare stone that is found in the Caribbean and that has a strikingly beautiful and soothing blue, turquoise color reminiscent of sunbeams dancing atop the crystal clear, calm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Where to Buy Throat Chakra Crystals

When possible I prefer to buy stones in person at gem and mineral shows, or from local shops. This way you can pick up the stones, and tune into their energy to choose the ones that most resonate.

But today more than ever buying stones in person is not always possible.

Luckily I have found a couple of great places for buying crystals online:

For crystal jewelry online I like to shop here >>

And here is a great shop for Healing Crystals Online >>

How to Use Throat Chakra Crystals

Once you select and obtain a crystal you’d like to work with to bring healing and balance to your throat chakra, it’s a best practice to cleanse their energy.

Learn more about how to cleanse your crystals here.

Once you’ve cleansed your stone… Tune into it.

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I like to connect with my crystals by holding them in my left hand (non-dominant hand) and just gazing into their crystalline structure. Clear your mind, relax and allow yourself to really feel and See into the crystals energy.

Close your eyes, and connect with the crystal through your minds eye, and psychic perception. Feel into the crystals energy with your eyes closed and allow a sense of the crystals medicine, magic and wisdom to connect with you…

Allow the vibrational resonance of the stone to flow in to your throat chakra center and consciously allow the energy of your throat chakra to open, unlock, balance and harmonize.

Connecting with one or several of the throat chakra stones that you feel intuitively guided to can immensely support you in balancing your throat chakra.

There are also many additional practices and methods you can leverage to bring healing and balance to your throat chakra, learn more about how to heal the throat chakra here.

With so much love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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