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13 Best Heart Chakra Stones for Heart Healing and Balance

Heart chakra stones are the specific crystals and gems that resonate with the energy of a vibrant and awakened heart chakra.

T Top 13 Heart Chakra Stones! hrough resonance, and through working with these specific stones, you can effectively balance your heart chakra to heal past pain, wounds and traumas and to restore a radiant sense of love and well-being that can freely flow through all areas of your life.

Having an awakened and balanced heart chakra is incredibly important because the heart chakra is the balance point for your physical and energetic being.

The heart chakra is the center chakra of the 7-chakra system. It balances the mental and spiritual energy of the higher chakras with the physical energy of the lower chakras. Its also the center point of your multidimensional being.

When the heart chakra is awakened, open and balanced, love is able to beautifully and naturally flow up and down your chakra column, and this circulation through your being empowers you to flow love towards ourselves and others. Love paves the way for higher light to anchor into your life experience.

Additionally, when you’re in a state of true love there is no resistance of struggle… There is a natural resonance and harmony with the Divine and you’re able to navigate through life and relationships with a sense of grace, joy and ease.

The heart chakra also plays a key role in empowering you to anchor the higher light of Spirit into your physical being… And empowers you as a physical being to reach up to experience the higher realms of angels, peace and light.


The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra is anahata which literally means unstruck. It refers to the pure tone of the awakened heart chakra that is the resonant sounds made without any two things striking. It is the sound of love present when there is no striking or struggle…  It is the tone of Divine Love, balance and harmony.

Heart chakra stones resonate with this tone, and can help bring your wounded, closed, or imbalanced heart  chakra center back into a Divine State of embodied love, and balance so you can clearly relate to yourself and others with love.

As always when to comes to crystals, there are many to choose from. Here are my top picks for heart chakra stones to help guide you in selecting the right one for you. Trust your intuition and which you are drawn to, or which naturally come into your life.


These crystals all have many different metaphysical and spiritual properties. Here I am exclusively focusing on how they support and resonate with heart chakra healing.

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13 Heart Chakra Stones

Rhodochrosite Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a powerful love stone with a strong heart based energy. It works to heal and cleanse past wounds and traumas so you can love yourself and others, allowing love to freely flow through you.

Rhodochroiste is sometimes referred to as a stone of compassion and is also a powerful emotional healing stone and can be used to attract and amplify love in your life.

Rose Quartz Crystal Jewelry for Heart Chakra Healing Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is well known for being the “Stone of Love”. It naturally resonates with love and with the heart chakra and has a beautiful warmth and loving energy. Rose quartz supports relationships of all kinds, encourages emotional healing, and opens the heart chakra to the flow of love.

Ocean Jasper Stone Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper, also sometimes called Sea Jasper comes in a variety of different colors. The varieties with green color and energy are powerfully healing and supportive for the heart chakra.

Powerful for grounding intentions and higher manifestations of love into the physical, Ocean Jasper resonates with the healing energy of the Ocean and supports the flow of energy through your chakra system and being.

Green Aventurine Tumbled Stones Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is an all-around healing stone with a powerful resonance with the heart chakra. It has a calming and soothing energy that physically protects the heart and supports in processing unresolved emotions blocking the flow of love in your heart center and life.

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Emerald Photo by Rob Lavinski Emerald

Emerald is a powerful heart chakra crystal and “stone of successful love”. It is incredibly supportive in cultivating loving relationships with others whether that is at the level of friendship or romantic partnership. Emerald encourages living in a heart centered way and responding with love in the present moment.

This is a stone that can support in healing wounds of the heart as well as embracing the heart centered qualities of love and compassion.

Rhodonite Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a beautiful stone of self-love and unconditional love. It promotes emotional balance and heals past wounds and traumas through activating and cleansing the heart center.

Also incredibly supportive for navigating and healing relationship challenges and struggles rhodonite helps to release fear and increases self-esteem, confidence and of course love.

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Green Jade photo by Simon A. Eugster Green Jade

Green Jade resonates with a clear and awakened heart center while promoting love, tolerance, care and balance.

It is said to promote luck in love by creating harmony, balance, happiness and prosperity.

Can also help to release negative emotions and irritation blocking the flow of love through the heart center.

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Amazonite Crystal Pendant Amazonite

Amazonite has a powerfully balancing energy with a lovely calming and yet protective energy that supports you in speaking the truth of your heart and accessing deep wisdom within.

Amazonite also balances emotions and resonates with powerful healing energy.

Prehnite Jewelry Prehnite

Prehnite is a stone of love, peace and harmony that can open you to receive and connect with the inner wisdom of your awakened heart center.

Powerfully healing, it supports a loving connection with the angelic realm through your open heart, and restores balance to your heart center, and entire being.

Malachite Crystal Jewlery Malachite

Malachite is a powerful heart chakra healer that protects against negativity and balances emotions. Can help to alleviate destructive patterns and habits by bringing your heart back into resonance with awakened love.

Can help to bring balance and harmony in relationships by cultivating balance and harmony within your own heart center.

Chrysoprase from Australia- Photo by James St. John Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a powerful heart chakra stone that amplifies love, joy, hope and happiness through opening the flow of healing through the heart center.

Can help to attract greater love into your life while also aiding in forgiveness and cultivating compassion and hope.

Epidote Photo by Rob Lavinsky Epidote

Epidote is a relatively rare gemstone that supports in nurturing and expanding the energy of the heart center. Epidote can help to rebuild trust in relationships (with yourself and others) and to break draining and negative habits, thought patterns and tendencies.

Epidote fosters spiritual and personal growth and enhances spiritual perception.

Aquamarine Heart Healing Aquamarine

Aquamarine promotes love and courage. It is powerfully soothing and supportive for those dealing with grief or learning to express their hearts truth.

While commonly associated with the throat chakra, it also deeply resonates with the heart and really, supports you in expressing through your throat the truth of awakened love in your heart.

How to Work With Heart Chakra Stones

Now that you know which stones are supportive of a balanced and awakened heart center, you may be wondering just what to do with them to tune into the benefits.

There are many ways to work with crystals, here are a few ways to get you started:
  1. Meditate with your Heart Chakra Crystal

Hold your heart chakra stone in your left hand (receiving hand) and quite your mind to meditate.

Alternately you can lay down and place the stone over your heart chakra. As you clear your mind, direct your attention towards your heart center and allow yourself to simply relax to tune into the heart chakra healing available to you in the moment. Move your awareness deeper and deeper into the center of your heart to awaken and activate your heart chakra.

  1. Wear your Heart Chakra Crystal as Jewelry

One of the best ways to work with healing crystals is to wear them as jewelry. This allows you to resonate with the healing energy of the stone all day, and to have it on you when you most need.

For heart chakra healing it is especially powerful to get a long chain, and wear the specific heart chakra stone you want to work with directly over your heart chakra center.

Alternately, wearing a ring with one of the heart chakra stones on your pointer finger (the finger associated with the heart) is a powerful way to focus the healing energy also.

You can of course still gain benefit from wearing the stone in general too, just remember to consciously focus your attention on the stone throughout the day to tune into its healing energy.

  1. Sleep With Crystals Under Your Pillow or By Your Bedside

Powerful healing happens at night when you sleep and placing a heart chakra healing stone under your pillow, or on your night stand is a wonderful way to bring the crystals healing energy in your healing sleep time.

  1. Take a Crystal Elixir or Essence

Crystal elixirs are made by charging or infusing water with the crystals energy. You can often find these at metaphysical shops or fairs. Put a drop on your tongue or in water to ingest the crystalline healing energy.

You can make crystal elixirs yourself as well by soaking crystals in water, just be sure to do your research first and be well informed… Crystals such as malachite can be toxic when ingested so you would not want to drink it.

Learn more about how to work with Healing Crystals Here.

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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