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How to Cleanse Crystals With The POWER of The 5 Elements!

The POWER of Cleansing Crystals with the 5 Elements

If you're going to work with crystals, it is absolutely essential that you cleanse their energy both initially, and regularly.

There are many methods for cleansing crystals, however, the most powerful and effective crystal cleansing only happens when you tap into the power of the 5 Elements.

Why & How Cleansing Crystals Works

Crystals are the most stable manifestation of divine energy in the physical and they are always receiving and emitting energy.

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When this process of recording and emitting energy happens within the earth or in pristine nature, it is a beautiful, magical, reciprocal energy exchange.

But when we take crystals out of their pristine natural homes and bring them into ours, or even when we interact with their energy fields, they continue absorbing and broadcasting energy.

Certain crystals like Smoky Quartz, Indigo Gabbro, or other naturally dark stones like Obsidian, can absorb an incredible amount of negativity, detrimental fear-based energy, and distorted energy before they then start emitting it out.

But for many stones and crystals, including lighter stones like Clear Quartz or Green Calcite or any other number of incredibly magical stones, they need to be cleansed more regularly because when they encounter negativity, they absorb it, and it has a way of blocking their clear transmission of beneficial energy and can actually cause them to emit some of the negativity they’ve absorbed.

And unless you’re working with one of the very rare few stones like Indigo Gabbro, that has the transmutation ability of transmuting negativity it takes on back into positive energy…

You’ll need to assist the crystals in cleansing out the negativity and detrimental energy its taken so they can emit their pure, brilliant light and energy that is so supportive for us as spiritual beings in the physical.

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How to Cleanse Crystals

How to Cleanse Crystals with the 5 Elements There are many different ways to cleanse crystals.

Not all of them are created equally.

Being a long time crystal lover and working with crystals for a long time, I've come up with a way that works for me to cleanse crystals using the five elements.

The reason this method is so powerful, is because as I mentioned, crystals in pure, pristine nature are engaged in this beneficial energy exchange and transmission with the earth energy and with spiritual energy.

So when crystals are in pristine nature, the earth energy actually cleanses and harmonizes the energy of the stone.

The five elements, earth, air, fire, water, ether, they are the building blocks of chi. They are the elemental energy that allow spirit to manifest in the physical.

So to cleanse the energy of the beautiful crystal you’re working with, you can use these methods I'm about to share with you to evoke that energy of the five elements in order to restore the crystalline truth, purity, clarity, and brilliance.

As you read through these methods of cleansing crystals with the 5 Elements, I’d recommend you take at least one of these methods for each of the elements in order to complete a full, thorough and complete cleansing of your stone.

Common Methods for Crystal Cleansing

A lot of people like to cleanse crystals by just smudging them with sage, just using the power of intention, or just putting them out under the Moonlight. If you use any of these methods, know that your crystal cleansing process be much more powerful if you draw on all the five elements.

By cleansing crystals with the 5 Elements, we’re not only removing negativity, we're also restoring on a subtle energy level, the crystals natural connection with nature through the 5 elements.

Cleansing With The 5 Elements


Let's start with. Ether. Ether is sometimes known as space. It is literally the space we look up at in the night sky, but it is also the space between moments, the celestial space between everything, where we can access the primordial void of infinite possibility.

To cleanse your crystals with Ether, you can quite literally put them outside under the night sky to tune them into the energy of space, though this isn’t always the most effective, so I'll tell you about how you can level this up in just a minute.

But what I really want to share with the ether component is to tap into the power of intention because ether or the etheric, is the first level of subtle energy beyond the physical body.

Ether is the interface between the physical realm and the higher spiritual realities. So you can tune into the etheric space in order to call forth the higher energies of Spirit to cleanse your stone through prayer and intention.

Leveraging the support of higher spiritual beings is a powerful way to do this.

So you can simply focus on your stone, focused within and ask:

“Beloved Source of All That Is, the One… Solar Logos, Christ Light. Guardian Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters in Spirit…

I ask for your support in cleansing this beautiful crystal being of any and all negativity or detrimental energy it may have taken on to help restore it to its true Divine nature, most vibrant clarity and most radiant light.


Once you’ve tapped into the Ether element by connecting with higher spiritual beings, and the energy of the higher realms, then we move on to the next element, which is. Earth.

A method for cleansing crystals with the Earth element is to literally place your crystals outside on the Earth in a pristine, positive energy place in nature. You can also bury a stone in the Earth *just put some marker as to where you buried it so you can remember where it is.

Now, if you happen to be living in a city or a place that has geographic stress or detrimental earth energies, this isn't going to work well, or at all.

Salt of the Earth

A powerful alternative for tapping into the Earth element to cleanse crystals is salt!

Fill a shallow bowl or tray with salt, and place your crystals on it.

Salt has been used in ancient cultures, lineages and traditions around the world for eons for its cleansing and purification properties.

So just like if you're feeling emotionally weighed down, you could take a salt bath in order to shift your energy, placing your stones on salt will help to cleanse and elevate their vibration by removing what they're not, and revealing the truth of what they are.

Now, a lot of people recommend soaking your stones in salt water, and this is very powerful cleansing by combining Earth and Water… But it can leave a salty residue on your stones and for very high end crystals, it can actually damage their luster.

Saltwater is very caustic, and so so you may want to be careful with that method.


For air there is actually some cleansing benefit in bringing your crystal outside when it is windy and tuning in to that air element, the power of wind to cleanse and transform.

As the air moves through you, hold the intention of the air moving through your stone blowing away and cleansing away any and all negativity.

This is not however always the most complete or reliable cleansing and there are other ways to leverage the cleansing power of air.

The first, is using sound like ringing a brass bell, using a tingsha, or singing bowl with the intention for the sound waves traveling on the air to cleanse your stone.

You can also leverage the power of fire, and plant life, in conjunction with air to cleanse using a smudge or incense.

Light a cleansing incense like Sage, Palo Santo, Copal, Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Cedar, and as the smoke from the incense moves through the air, tune into the element of air, and hold your crystal in the smoke with the intention to cleanse its energy.

“Cleanse and release any and all distorted energy, and any and all negativity into the light.”

This is a powerful way to cleanse your crystal with the energy of air, but its not entirely complete.

Even though the incense represents Earth, Air and Fire combined… We’re missing water. So I’ll share one more step you can add to complete your 5 Element Cleansing.

But while we’re on the topic of lighting incense on fire, let’s talk about fire.


Of course incense leverages the element of fire in order to be lit. Incense in and of itself is this fusion of air, of fire and of earth or plant life.

But when you have a candle lit in front of you. Tune into the element of Fire present in its flame. Tune into the spiritual presence, warmth, light and power of the fire.

You can actually hold your crystal up to the Fire, and know that there is cleansing and purification energy emitted through the flame, from the fire itself.

Alternately, if you have a fireplace, you can hold your crystals up to the fire. Tuning into the warmth and cleansing power of the flames. *Up to the fire, not in the fire, which would be very harsh for your stones and you might burn yourself.

The energy of the Sun of course carries the powerful Fire element as well, and sunlight is an effective method for cleansing stones, especially when you put an intention behind it (Ether), and put your crystal out on the Earth in the fresh Air, where it can receive the cleansing Fire Energy of the Sun.

You do have to be careful with this method because many stones like Amethyst, Azurite, Fluorite, Kunzite, Celestite, and more will fade if left out in the sunlight.

Clear quartz is great in the sunlight, but something that's really vibrantly colored will likely fade, so you need to be careful with the sunlight method, and don't worry because there are of course, other ways that I already shared to tap in to that element of fire.


A great way to cleanse your crystals with the water element is to literally hold them under running water.

If you live somewhere where you can access a stream or river, holding them in the water, tuning into the cleansing flow and etheric energy of the water is incredibly powerful to cleanse their energy.

You can also hold a crystal under the running water from a faucet with the intention for the water cleanse and transmute any and all negativity, or distorted energy from your stone… Cleansing it out and letting it go.

Essential Oil Spray

Another wonderful method for cleansing crystals with the water element is to make an essential oil spray.

This is actually a fusion of Earth energy (plant life) and the Water element.

I like to make a spray for this using sacred frankincense essential oil, sandalwood essential oil and hyssop essential oil. Lavender is another great essential oil choice for this as well.  (I use Young Living Essential oils, and when it comes to Essential oils quality oils are key, as many cheap oils have toxic chemicals).

These oils I mentioned all have different pranic energy colors that either absorb toxicity or purge toxicity.

When you spray stones, you want to do so with the added intention for the stone to release into the light all that no longer serves.

A little saying I really like that you can use is: “Water, water, clear and bright. Cleanse these crystals. with love and light.”

An essential oil water spray is really effective and works well to go around your home if you have bigger crystals and quickly spritz and spray to cleanse the stones.

Restore the True Vibration of Your Stones

Cleansing your crystals by tapping into the power of the five elements helps to restore their True vibration, which is a unique and stable thought pattern of the divine.

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Each crystal carries a beautifully unique energy and is connected to incredible higher spiritual beings.

Crystals can help you to learn how to connect to higher levels of spirit or to thrive in more of your truth and authenticity as a spiritual being in the physical, in your own right.

Cleansing crystals with the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether recreates the harmonious earth energy exchange between Crystals and the Earth and can help your stones to come into their divine essence and True manifestation so they can be powerful allies for you.

I hope this was helpful for you on how to cleanse crystals.

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With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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