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Start Seeing Angels… Where to Look and How to See Your Angels!

How to Start Seeing Your Angels…

Start Seeing Angels You have angels who are with you, guiding you, and looking out for you from behind the scenes.

With a little bit of technique, by setting the intention, and with some practice and persistence, you can learn to start seeing your angels with your own eyes.

How to See Angels
What Angels Really Look Like
Release Fear Around Seeing Angels
A Simple Process for Seeing An Angel!
Where to Look For Angels!
Seeing Angels In Nature
Seeing Angels Around Other People
Types of Angels and Other Spiritual Beings You May See
Resources to Start Seeing Angels

So How Do You See Angels?

how to see angelsFirstly, keep in mind that angels are spiritual beings. While angels can and will appear in physical form by standing right in front of you, this is much rarer than their appearing energetically.

When angels do appear energetically (as they often do), you can see them by having a relaxed point of focus, looking through the air before you, between the particles of light to see your angels with your intuitive mind and through your spiritual sight.

What Do Angels Really Look Like?

Before we go over the specifics on how you can start seeing angels now, I just want to point out that it's very likely that you've already seen an angel… Seriously!

Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye? Perhaps a glow of light around someone, or near you, and you turned to see what it was and then it was gone? This very well may have been an angel.

Seeing angels as orbs or sparkles of light is very common for children, and adults who are in a relaxed, and uplifted vibration.

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But what about seeing angels in flowing gowns, with wings, halos and radiating with a brilliant light? Is this possible?

The answer is yes! Angels will appear energetically before as you have seen them in artwork. They will often appear as you expect them to, or in a way which you can recognize and relate to.

There really is a great variety in what angels look like, from playful childlike cherubs to nine foot tall light beings radiating with a brilliant white light of unconditional love and Divine frequency. Angels really do not have a specific gender, but will often appear as male or female, so that you can relate to them.

Sometimes angels appear with wings, but not always. They don't actually need wings to fly, but will sometimes appear with wings, representing their ability to carry out the Divine will, and so that you will recognize them. I've seen angels with large beautiful wings, small fairy like wings, and with no wings at all, but simply radiating light from within.

Angels are energetic beings, and so they may appear to look a bit different on separate occasions, depending on what they're helping you with. You may see flashes of light, swirls of color, or sparkles in the air as your angels move about.

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Learn more about what angels look like here. 

Release Your Fear Around Seeing Angels

If you've been wanting to see angels for a while, and it's not been happening… You may have past or present fear which is creating a blockage.

Ystart seeing angelsour angels know you, and they can see if appearing before you will scare you. If this is the case, they won't appear visibly until you're ready.

Before continuing, take a moment to look within, and see if you can identify any fear which is presently stored in your being. Where is it? What does this energy vibrate like? Can you imagine it out in front of you? Try spinning the energy in the opposite direction, imagining it getting smaller and smaller as it releases into the light.

Here are a couple more resources to help you let go of any fear surrounded to seeing angels.

Release Fear & Embrace Love ~ Meditation with Archangel Michael

Letting Go of Fear with Help from Your Angels ~Article

Your angels do not want to frighten you, and so even if you're not seeing them when you call them in, they're there. By releasing fear from your mind and body (ask your angels to help with this), you can quickly get past this energetic blockage and get onto seeing your angels.

I started seeing angels and other entities as a child, and then again in my teens. On both occasions this really scared me, and so I blocked the ability until I worked through the fear and once again learned to visually experience their presence.

OK… So now that you've worked through any fears, releasing fear over to your angels and into the light. Lets's start seeing angels!

A Simple Process for Seeing An Angel!

Simple Process for Seeing Angels Start with calling in the light. Imagine bright white light is all around you. The white light cleanses, uplifts, and protects your energy.

Imagine an orb of white light all around you, glowing like the sun is within your heart chakra and extending out around you.

This energy of the light attracts high vibrational beings like angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides who want to serve and assist you. The light also repels self serving, lower vibrational entities, which may just want to scare, confuse or otherwise mess with you. When contacting the realms of spirit, always call in the light first for this reason… It aligns your point of attraction with the high vibrational beings of unconditional love who are beneficial for you to connect with.

Call in the white light!

Once you've done this, set your intention.

Think of your Angels… Then think or say, Guardian Angels, or Archangel Michael, please come into this present moment and stand in front of me, and stay there, so I can clearly see you now.

Relax your mind, release any lingering fear, thought, or doubt, and unfocus your eyes so that you enter into a daydreaming type state… looking before you in somewhat of a blank stare.

Soften your gaze and breathe. Relax, and continue to gently gaze before you as your physical eyes relax and your minds eye opens.

Look into the air before you… Look through the air for what is contained between the particles. See the “living air” and the energy of the air swirling around before you with your intuitive and psychic sight.

Keep with this until you begin to see the movement and energy of the air before you. If you're not seeing it, try again in the evening, late at night or in the super early morning hours when the veil is thinner.

Try this in different rooms, outside, etc. It's sometimes easier to see angels when it's dark out (as they tend to blend in with direct sunlight). Practicing this with dim or ambient light may also help.

Don't worry if it doesn't seem to work at first, keep practicing. Refocus on your intention, and soften your focus, concentrating on seeing through your minds eye.

As you gaze into the air before you… Notice through as a slight outline of your angel begins to appear. Keep breathing and stay relaxed and within your state of relaxed focus you'll be able to notice more and more detail about the magnificent angelic being before you.

You may catch a glimpse of your angel, get excited, and shift your point of focus so that they quickly disappear. Don't worry, just return to your relaxed, daydream like gaze and wait for the angel to appear again.

You may also look for a whitish glow, which often surrounds angels. Look for sparkles of light, and once you see the glow of the angel, shift your focus slightly to look for the outline of an angel within the glow. Once you see the outline, focus on the details of the angelic being standing before you. What is their clothing like? Do they have wings? Or are they simply radiating light from within?

With practice and persistence you can learn to see your angels with more and more detail.

Angels have appeared to me as energetic beings looking much like humans, but with wings, flowing gowns, and shining light from within. I've also seen them appear quite simply as orbs, geometric patterns, or flashes of energy.

Just be aware and pay attention, trusting that the angels will appear before you in whatever form will most serve you now.

Don't strain your eyes to try to see the angels, its from a relaxed point of focus from your physical eyes, that your minds eye can kick in and fill in the gaps energetically so that you can see beyond the veil.

As you strive to see your angels, remember to ask your angels to help! They're happy to help you with anything, including learning to sense, know, and experience their presence and in helping you to learn to see your angels, and the angels with other people.

“Angels, please stand before me now. Help me to clearly see, know, and experience your presence, for the highest and greatest good, and so it is. Thank you.”

Practice with this technique, and you just may surprise yourself with how quickly you can learn to see your angels. You may ask for one to stand before you, and when you start to look, there are three! Thank your angels for showing up, and know they're always happy to serve and assist.

If you don't see them right away, don't worry. You can do this! It may just take a little more time and practice. Try again before you go to sleep, or even better give it a shot when you wake up in the middle of the night at 3am, and your ego mind is still half asleep.

Where to Look For Angels!

Many people have the idea that seeing angels is similar to seeing other people, except angels of course have ornate wings and halos… The reality however, is that the natural state of angels is pure spirit, high vibrational frequency, and light.

For this reason, seeing angels is usually more like seeing flashes of light, orbs, or streaks of luminescent color, than it is like seeing your friend standing across the room from you.

For most people, angels present themselves in even more abstract ways using symbols and other signs.

Angels can however take many forms, and yes, they do sometimes manifest as physical beings, and other times they appear with halos and wings.

Angels may also look to you like a beautiful person surrounded with a glowing light, they may appear as a light orb, as shimmering light, as a glowing outline, or they may simply manifest in your awareness as high vibrational Love energy.

Common ways to see and perceive angels include in a meditative state, as an intellectual understanding, in an internal vision, through peripheral vision, in a dream or in the hypnogogic state (that state between being awake and sleeping).

To give you an example, I see Archangel Metatron as the most beautiful field of purple, gold and pink energy, spiraling geometric forms, and Divine Presence. I started seeing Metatron in this way internally, while meditating or channeling, but with continued awareness, I now notice Metatron in plain sight, and often out of the corner of my eye.

Seeing Angels In Nature

You can see angels… Sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing where to look! The angels have often told me: “Look for us in nature.“

This really works!

Go to a beautiful place in nature, where you can relax and spend a little while. Ask your angels to enter into your present space, and to help you to tune into their presence.

Next, gaze softly into a grove of trees, a field of flowers, a flowing river, or a clear blue lake… Relax, and just be present admiring the beauty of nature all around you. A soft non-attached gaze is key.

Be aware, breathe, and pay attention. Do you notice a little shimmer out of the corner of your eye, is there a mental impression of an angel which appears almost like a memory, or maybe sparkles of light suddenly seem to dance across the grass, or through the trees?… You just saw angels!

This may seem too subtle at first, and you may want more… Keep practicing, raising your vibration, paying attention and through this seeing and knowing the presence of your angels will become more clear, real and vivid.

Seeing Angels Around Other People

As mentioned above, angels are incredibly high vibrational beings of light and love.

By tuning into the energy of another person, or even yourself, you can develop the ability to tune into their angels by learning to sense these higher levels of vibration.

With permission from the person you will be tuning into (this can be conscious, or you can simply ask their Higher Self for permission) become aware of their energy. You may want to softly gaze at them, or focus just beyond them so they’re in your peripheral vision.

You can also close your eyes, and tune into the person with your inner sight through your mind’s eye.

If you want to do this for yourself close your eyes, and imagine you’re viewing yourself from an outside perspective… You can also stand in front of a mirror, and softly gaze above your right shoulder.

Relax, and softly focus on the person you’re tuning into (or yourself), and ask the angels present to help you see them.

When you do this, pay attention to what you perceive. Is there a lightness of energy above their shoulders? This is where their guardian angels will likely be present?

Do you notice a lower vibrating but still spiritual presence of someone standing behind them? This is likely a deceased loved one…

Everyone perceives Spirit in different ways, so just be aware of how this works for you.

Types of Angels and Other Spiritual Beings You May See

In addition, here are some of the types of spiritual beings the person you are tuning into may have with them and where you will likely notice the presence of these angels, guides, deceased loved ones and spiritual beings.

Fairies, Nature Angels, Elementals – Around the feet or legs.

Pets, Power Animals, Mythical Animals – Around the legs or waist.

Deceased Loved Ones and Ancestors – Around the midsection. Deceased loved ones often will often stand behind you.

Spirit Guides – Can be found in a circle around your center.

Guardian Angels – Over the right and left shoulders or near the third eye.

Archangels and Ascended Masters – Directly overhead, usually above the crown chakra.

Star Beings – Way above the person… People with a star connection often have a type of silver or light cord extending up into the cosmos or toward a ‘mother ship'.

There are many types of angels you can see, feel, and experience. You may come across warrior angels, protection angels, teaching angels, guidance angels, nature angels, guardian angels, angels of wisdom, abundance, creativity, joy, inspiration, passion, laughter and so many more. There are even angels whose purpose is to watch over certain locations, people, projects, and even ideas.

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When you are finished scanning the energy of another person, be sure you consciously disconnect your energy from his or hers. A sweep of your hand across your chakras is a simple way to do this. Then imagine a waterfall of light cleansing your energy, and theirs, and ask your angels to return all your energy into your being cleansed and purified, and any energy belonging to the other to be restored cleansed and purified.

Take some notes and what you saw, perceived and experienced, and know that again with practice, persistence, and time… Seeing angels in nature, around others, and around you will come more easily, naturally and clearly with practice.

More Resources for Seeing Angels

You truly have everything you need to see, experience and connect with your angels… But it does take practice!

If you would like further assistance with this, check out the following recourcess:

How to Receive Angelic Guidance – Angel Course!

What Do Angels Look Like? A Look at The Symbolism and Appearance of Angels– Article

Understand and Develop Your Psychic Abilities – Article

How to Become Clairvoyant – Article

Journey Through The Elements and Awaken Your Psychic Senses – Meditation

Seeing and experiencing angels is a beautiful thing… Enjoy!

Have you been practicing how to see your angels? If you have any fun experiences or tips, be sure to leave a comment below and keep me posted on your progress!

With love and light,

Melanie Beckler



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  1. When I look at “the air”, I see all these tiny swirly dots. Some swirl and twirl, some dart about. Then I may see a sparkle that flashes here and there. I also see the air moving and flowing sometimes with a faint color mixing in. Can you tell me what each of these things go are? I am especially curious about all the swirling dots.

  2. I love your website although I have not seen angels . I hoping to see angels real soon because
    I have suffer from depression and felt along in life.

  3. Look everything around us is matter made up of want me to believe that there
    Is a intelligent life all round us that our eyes can not see.if that is so.why do the not show
    Themselves to.

  4. hi i’m new here,i sometimes see white lights at the right corner of my eye.Sometimes when i’m alone i feel the presence of another person which i can’t see and i get really sacred.please how do i overcome my fear and i’m interested in seeing do i do get to see them?

  5. This is all quite interesting. So. Yeah. I totally agree with this reality. I shared my experience with family members and it was not met with much fanfare. Multiple experiences. Still going to this… very moment actually… Have i harnessed the power? No. They let me know when they need to let me know. They dont have intention to change the larger outcome. But if i do, they let me know. They’re definitely there to help you. Can they see the future? Yes and no. I actually haven’t figured that out yet. They can only see a certain amount of time ahead and in some instances, they are helping direct a larger outcome. They will definitely stop me from doing things or at least try. I’m just glad that i found this site and i am not losing my mind.

  6. I have had numerous angel encounters throughout my life. Two back to back. Just last week, my car was totaled, not a scratch on me Halloween night 10/31/19. I knew it was an angel encounter and thanked them. The police couldn’t figure it out. Just last Friday, on the highway, a car sped up in front of me, swerved to the left and ran into a car in the fast lane. It was as if I was in a capsule. Everything happened around me, I was in astonishment. Angels are protesting me and I know why ……. I absolutely know why ….

    1. I had the same thing my car was completely totalled and I walked away.

      I have had five or six incidents where I should be dead and am not included being told the cancer I had was incurable yet here I am.. Cancer free

  7. I read some of the comments. My experience was different. One time I was going through a real hard time. My dad was slowly dying of cancer. I was closer to him than my siblings. I was laying in bed. I cried and prayed for what seemed like hours. I then fell asleep. While sleeping bad thoughts came into my mind. I did not want to think these things and it bothered me….but I was asleep and couldn’t control them. All the sudden I saw an angel in my dream. It was taller than man. Maybe 10 foot tall. Their head was not human shaped. It was bigger than normal. Taller and longer. He? was dressed in a white robe with a white rope looking belt. He had a huge sword in his hand and sliced through my head and the evil thoughts went away. Then he left and I woke up. Of 8 kids I was the only one with dad when he died shortly after this experience. I was not frightened of the angel. But to me.. it did not appear to look in the image as others have seen.

  8. I saw angels when I was little (I called them “the golden-haired boys”) and I wasn’t frightened. They came to visit me often, but eventually stopped being visible to me and I haven’t seen them since. Can animals change whether an angel will present itself? (my cat was running around my room)

  9. Hi
    Thanks for the information and everything may we all enjoy life and be alive healthy and in our best shapes possible.
    I saw a flickering star like lights yesterday night after sensing the light in the right corner of my eyes then turned around my head completely and saw it was was like seeing stars from near you and flickering and every bit of it was very very nice feeling.the thing that was also interesting was that I had seen a cat going around in my new house the other day that was very beautiful first I got shocked that what is this cat doing here and why is this cat so relaxed going aroud here? I follows it.he sat on a chair and laid.i let it be.after 1 hour I went to the other room and began eating food.after 3 minutes I turned my head to left and saw this cat watching me all the time. It was a nice feeling.then at the night of this day flickering lights happend. Seeing forward to experience more.

  10. When I was young I was praying one night for some kids that bullied me in school. I looked up and saw a shadow of a man with a briefcase. He told me he had come on business and that our family would have a ministry. He then vanished and what he said came true! We were called the Revived Five and we went from church to church ministering the godpel. My Dad died of cancer in 2004 and I sometimes think I feel his presence. It’s just like I know he’s there. I think it’s crazy! I have seen sparkling light before in my old house.
    My boy who is 22 says he sees shadow people at his house. Are they a dangerous entity? Just thought you might give me insight on this?

  11. My dad died 2 months back
    Today while at night i was walking on my terrace i saw a white big shadow swiftly passing over the upper part of terrace wall and it vanished. It appeared as a scene at the corner of my eye and for just 2 seconds but i m sure i saw was big 1 m long & 0.5 m broad roughly.
    Was it my dad i was missing him while i was walking n when i saw d light i didn’t feel scared at all… pls do share your opinion

  12. I am currently going through an extremely difficult emotional time. This morning I woke to find an orange light all round my body and I felt an overwhelming calmness .behat was this

  13. Seeing sparks of light in house with my mum, she’s seen them on and off for years, I’ve never noticed them, until I just one days started to notice random sparks of pulsating light, like a ball of light that just bursts, like an energy form. I have been seeing an all white one and blue and white, so has she. Almost reminds me of a firework. We re meditating a lot more and doing positive affirmations and we say gratitude prayers and we always ask for guidance/signs( though we are not 100 % believers in this stuff, more like 50/50. If you were in the situations we were in, or born into what we were born into, or dealt the hands of cards we’ve had you’d be skeptical( lot of scams, things that didn’t come through for us, terrible luck, bad energy). But we have a neighbor who is interested in showing us how to sage ourselves and home. We’ve been told repeatedly we have a lot of negative energy around us, and in our homes, and we have some huge block. If you go in our house, you feel very sad, depressed, hopeless vibe. But it is our home none the less, and we have always fought to stay in there, just the last few years things have gotten a lot worse( and they were very negative to begin with). That’s all I am going to say about that.

  14. for a few years back i was begining to see Angels.They look like normal persons without wings___they have beautifull eyes and they disepear very fast___its unbelievable how fast they are moving___every time I see one it’s charge me with a clear pure positive energy.Sometimes they just pass beside me with an unbelievable speed.i really feel blessed for this experience.thanks to al my angels who are guiding me all the time

  15. Few months ago i was in bed everywhere dark
    Then ive changed my position at the same time ive turned my quilt and saw very few golden
    sparkles. The same thing happened to mw yesterday but ive saw only one short golden line on my quilt
    Idont know what is it
    Maybe its a light from outside or angel
    According to you whats it Melanie?
    And can you give me a simple method to see angel? Cause im confused about that you gave
    Thabk you so much

  16. When i was younger, about 3 1/2, I used to see sparkles and orbs of light very frequently. I always thought that my eyes were playing with me and at the age of about 3 1/2 i wished that i had a little sister. I remember it so clearly. So Imagine a little girl with dirty blonde hair, I was walking into our backyard from the kitchen and i was standing on the deck, i remember slowly walking down the dark wooden stairs whilst looking up at the clear sky, I faintly said to myself: “I wish i had a little sister.” I then heard a very quiet voice say “Okay”
    It was an unfamiliar voice. After about 6 months, My mom found out that she was pregnant and then three months later we find out that it’s a girl! i remember the day that my mom brought her home, it was so funny! She made the tiniest little poo ever! But boy did it stink!

  17. When I was around 5 and use to co sleep with my mom, I remember I use to ask her if she can see sparkles in the air and I would see them swirling all over her bedroom at night and i never understood why she couldn’t see it. One night when I was in my own bed same age around 5, a figure came into my room made of the same sparkles and I asked who they were and they told me not to be afraid and that my mom was pregnant with a sister for me. When I told my mom she was pregnant the next day she was shocked and she was, my little sister and I are 5 1/2 years apart. I decided to look up what those sparkles are one day on google and I never knew what was really going on until I started reading about it and want desperately to get back what I use to see and experience. I grew up in a Christian household and prayed all the time as a little girl, I know that faded when I got older and I don’t know if that has to do with this leaving me.

  18. I do no if I sow an angel but I remember that the day that I see an angel I was driving it was raining and I stopped and a red light and when I looked to my right side in the corner it was a big box from the fpl the electric company and in the top I sow a young male like in the 20 or 30 dresses black clothing and he was sitting in a crouch position. When I looked back he wasn’t there

  19. I was sitting watching the ocean at sunset with my husband in Florida where we live. I had Maui Jim sunglasses on and so did my husband. I have always been able to see orbs in pictures and in the shots we have taken of our family and put on the Internet. I started seeing orbs over the ocean bouncing up-and-down and thought the sun set was reacting with my Maui Jim lenses. I asked my husband if he could see any dots out there and he said no. I then ask if I could try his sunglasses on to see if I could see the dots again. I could see them with his glasses as well and then I took his glasses off and could see them with no glasses I mentally wondered in my mind why was I seeing orbs in real life instead of just pictures. The thought came to my head heavy this is just a gift of love to you. For a very long time I watched 34 and five orbs bouncing up-and-down and then all of a sudden they would all disappear totally straight up and they would appear again bounce around and then go straight down into the ocean. I watch this for about five minutes and all of a sudden I heard that’s all. Then I never saw another orb . Now after reading your article on seeing angels I realize that I was seeing angels thank you for your article sincerely Ruthann Pyle

  20. I havent seen angles but God had been working in me when i was young and now,not often.i pray to appear to me mom has seen an angle real,not a vision.she tells us that when she was young,she contcentrates on bible stories until one night as she sleeps with other children,though other children didnt like her stories,an angle’s face appeared to her unaware but she scream.others asked why,and she said her head was thanks be to Elohim who is with us

  21. Hi all, I’m new here… I’m seeing several “White Flashes” and today I’ve read the article and I practiced and within seconds I felt the energy all over my body inside and out without any fear and I knew that my Angels where there as I felt their presence, God he’s great in Jesus Mighty Name.

  22. OK, thanks for this insight on how to see angels. I have been praying and asking God to open my spiritual eyes to them but not yet. I will try your suggestion today, i really need my angels help for guidance on some issues dealing with to make right decisions. Dear Lord i need your help now. Enjoy your Site very helpful, thank you.

  23. I have many questions, but nor sure what to trust or belive in, i am seeing orbs everywhere, i dont belong in this world. I need guidence, howevere do not see the benefit of money in any developing situation.

  24. I’m new to this site, but I so want to see my angels. For comfort & to no that they r near. I do see things out of the corner of my eyes sometimes & always think, That’s My Angels so maybe they r near me… Love your site…

  25. Hey i know it’s stange but i think i saw one angel, i was sitting down after finishing my game of bagminton when suddenly just as i looked out of the corner of my eyes i saw a white trosered leg and white shoes i looked up and nobdy was there, shaking my head thinking i was day dreaming i ignored it when suddenly i felt sombody pat my head gently in a loving kind gesture. I remeber feeling gusts of wind as his wings flapped as a feather brushed my arm, i never saw him again, it was atually in school grounds at cranbourne enterpise collage in the sports hall.

  26. Several days ago I was in deep sorrow. I had gotten news that my father slipped into a coma. To our despair he came out of it in a vegetative state. One night about a week later,
    I was in bed sobbing and in deep prayer. I had a headache and feeling very tense. I was in the dark with my eyes closed when suddenly on the left side of me I got an image of a woman Shoulder up with an expressionless face looking straight ahead. Suddenly she tilted her head sideways and with the corner of her eyes looked at me with a smirk. At that very instant, I felt a strange vibration, that took my headache away, and this vibration from my head traveled almost instantly all the way to my feet. For that second I felt the most inner peace possible. All my worries were suddenly gone. For that second I thought of the world, for lack of a better way to describe it, as just a trip. That we put importance on silly things that really mean nothing when looking at the bigger picture. When that second past I lost the image, and my sorrow and headache returned as before instantly. Once again a moments later, again with my eyes closed, I looked to the right this time I saw an images of two women shoulder up with expressionless faces looking straight ahead forward from me. At the same time they both tilted there heads and gave me a smirk. The same inner peace returned. This also lasted a second when a different random thought came into my head.I could not get the image of the women back. My pain returned. Suddenly it hit me, Angels? they must have been Angels.
    This experience gave me comfort till now. I hope in the future I will once again see these Angels.

    1. How amazing Frakii!

      Yes angels! I love how they look your pain and sorrow away… While it seemed like it was right back, their temporarily taking it started the process of release and a powerful shift.

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with seeing and experiencing angels!

  27. i started this technique as soon as i read it. i did everything that it said. At first i was still scared at the point with thae starting of seeing them. I asked the angels to help me relax and i did. I saw a really dim shape of a head. I got excited and it disappeared. I will practice this everyday

    1. This is a great point Anais! Being relaxed and present is key! I’ve sometimes gotten so excited to see the angels my point of vision shifted and the vision vanished…

      The good thing is when this happens you can just close your eyes, focus inward, relax and tune in again!

      Thanks for commenting!

  28. This is a wonderful read, I so enjoyed it, I have always seen electric blue lights around me since I was a child and sparking gold lights. As i’m getting older I now see very a big white flashing light at the corner of my eye, so fascinating and comforting to know my angels are around me.

  29. Melanie, I am new to your site but enjoy it. I am writing because I recently became more commented to my faith and praying and talking to Angels…last week I experienced the most amazing vision…and believe me I was not asleep but in state of mediation around 2-3 am. All of a sudden I hear the deafening sounds of horns and trumpets Like someone announcing themselves. I see before me swirling lights white, yellow and gold. It fills my room…I closed my eyes thinking it would go away but it didn’t I only saw more lights and the instruments continued to sound loudly. I straightened up to see a huge figure but in the outline ( of brilliant lights) of what I knew was the Angel Raphael who I constantly speak to with two other Angels standing beside on either side him…but I also saw and felt there were many many more Angels in my room. I had something similar months ago but it was shimmering lights but I was afraid so it went away …but this time I was not afraid and welcomed seeing the Angels and was left feeling over joyed and amazed. I am new to this so I was not sure if I am missing a message or are they just letting me know they are with me and hear me? A true believer…Lucy Gentile

    1. Wow how powerful! Well, they were definitely letting you know they are with you… Feels like there was also a healing/ energy alignment that took place!

      Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience seeing the angels!

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