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What is Clairvoyance – 13 Truths About How to Become Clairvoyant

What Is Clairvoyance Really?

What is clairvoyance? Quite simply it's the psychic sense of sight.

The very word clairvoyance means clear seeing, and there is so much truth in that alone.

Clairvoyance is the psychic ability of seeing beyond the physical, seeing in the future or past… And also seeing deeply into situations to see the truth beyond illusion. Through clairvoyance you can also learn to see your angels, or see symbols from spirit offering guidance in the present.

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How I Opened My Clairvoyance And You Can Too!

Clairvoyant I’ll be completely honest with you… When I made the commitment to open my third eye back in 2007, clairvoyance was not my strength.

I have always been incredibly intuitive, and I can even remember having visions from the time of an early age … (most of which scared me, but more on that shortly)

However, when I look back and reflect on my life leading up until this point, more often than not I felt in the dark when it came to clairvoyance…  Rarely would I “see into the realms of spirit”, or visually receive profound and accurate guidance, wisdom and truth, as is the definition of clairvoyance.

That is, until I made a choice, and consciously learned to open my clairvoyant sight.

When this happened, I finally realized that clairvoyance had always been there for me, but was just blocked by beliefs of what it should be like, layers of filtration based on how others described their clairvoyance, and limiting notions based on how I wanted my psychic sight to work.

And now that I’ve opened clairvoyantly, I can show you how to do it too!

But before we get into all the juicy details, and action steps for opening your third eye and developing clairvoyance…

Let’s take a step back and start with one simple little sentence I have come to know as the truth.

Everyone perceives spirit differently.

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You, me, the Long Island Medium, Doreen Virtue, and Sylvia Brown, Sonia Choquette, and your next door neighbor… We all have the ability to perceive into the realms of spirit… No one more than another… Just differently.

This may be hard to believe… It was for me. I thought people who were psychic were somehow special… But now I see they’ve just developed psychic skills that are latently present within everyone.

Honestly, it pains me to read certain authors in the psychic niche, who talk about their God given gifts, about how special they are, how they were born with gifts and they have been this way since they were a child, how other people aren’t as gifted, and everyone should just bow down to them.

LOL Okay, I’ve never actually heard anyone request to be bowed down to… At least not that literally.

But anyway, it pains me to hear these authors go on and on about how gifted and special they are now, and how they have been this way since they were children…

Because everyone is born clairvoyant!

Clairvoyant Really… I’m serious here!

Every child is born with the gift of clairvoyance, with the clear ability to perceive in the Divine and spiritual realms…

But in most cases, these gifts are quickly shut down and blocked for a number of reasons.

By addressing the blockages, and setting the conscious intention, I chose to re-open my third eye… And you can be too!

Okay, just to be totally transparent, I do remember having some weird “psychic” experiences when I was a kid.

I remember feeling things about other people I wasn’t meant to feel, hearing things I wasn’t meant to hear and knowing things I wasn’t meant to know…

I even remember seeing weird things, like a ghost in the hallway, a hand hovering in the air over my dresser, or the weird energy fields around certain people I was supposed to talk to in the communion hall after church…

But at the time I didn’t associate these weird experiences with being psychic, clairvoyant, or anything of the sort.

I definitely did not think I was psychic (that would have been wrong and evil based on my early and ultra conservative religious beliefs)…

I just felt weird, uncomfortable… And honestly, I felt like an outcast who just wanted to crawl under the kitchen table and hide!

Fast forward about 21 years to present time…

Thankfully, I now have a TOTALLY different perspective on clairvoyance and being psychic in general.

I still feel things others don’t, and know things they may not want me to…

But I also now know at my deepest level of being that clairvoyance is not only real, but that it can be honed and developed…

I know this, because this has been my truth.

I first learned the definition of the word clairvoyance in about 2007….

I had been studying with a spiritual teacher for a few months at that point, and learning so much about the realms of spirit and how to access them.

I remember her describing to me in one of our many sessions how she “saw into the realms of spirit”.

Man, I wanted to be able to do that.

To see my next steps, witness the beauty of the Divine first hand… And clearly see the highest and best possible opportunities before me…

It sounded unreal, like magic…

I wanted it bad!

But the challenge was, even as I began to quickly open to my psychic and spiritual gifts, clairvoyance was not my strength.

At least that is what I believed, and so that is what became true for me.

I actually remember feeling envious in some of my channeling classes when my fellow students described their visions, how they described the clothing, facial features, and incredible light of their guides in great detail…

And I was left with just a feeling.

Granted it was an incredible feeling…

Really, it was an all-encompassing, and actually quite beautiful feeling of unconditional love, acceptance, peace and bliss that was exactly what I needed at the time, because it helped me to know I was in the right place, and feel into what was right for me next.

But, at that point in my life I still wanted more.

I wanted to be clairvoyant… That was the “cool” psychic sense, the well-known sense, and the only sense that would garner respect in the psychic community. (Can you hear the ego of my past self-talking loud and clear here?… Okay good!)

The huge blessing in all of this, is that the voice of the ego that I was hearing at that time… And that maybe you’re struggling with now too… Is really a lie.

All of the psychic senses are equally powerful, valid, and able to be used to tune into real, accurate, and meaningful guidance and information.

When I realized this, and thank goodness, I did… I dove into my strengths.

I chose to further develop my ability to feel, to know, and to sense.

I became highly attuned as an empath, I became an incredibly clear Divine channel, and my prophetic sense of knowing through dreaming, and feeling became incredibly accurate too.

I realized that I didn’t need to physically “see” someone aura to know what color it was. Or “see” the angels around people to get detailed information and know they were there.

But you know what?

Even with all of this…

I am Highly Clairvoyant I still wanted to be clairvoyant. I felt the nudge to develop clairvoyance and open my third eye…

And so I did.

  • I set the intention: “I am highly clairvoyant.”

This led me to work with the angels to dissolve the blockages and limitations keeping this affirmation from being a reality, until it became my truth.

I can tell you now, it is amazing being able to see into the realms of spirit, and while I wouldn’t trade it for feeling, or knowing, or perceiving…

I see now that all my psychic senses work together so well…

And really, they were here all along, it was only a matter of removing the limiting beliefs, layers of filtration, doubts, fears, and insecurities blocking me from clearing seeing into the spiritual realms.

Allowing the divine truth of a clear and vivid connection with Divine love beyond the physical to re-emerge.

And the moral of this little story, is that because I wasn’t very clairvoyant, but learned to open my psychic sight.

You can too!

The Most Common Clairvoyant Blockage

There is a huge misconception out there that some people are naturally gifted clairvoyants, and others are just not.

The truth is that we were all born clairvoyant, and we all have the ability to develop clairvoyance.

So why is it that some people are able to clearly see psychically and others are not?

The simple answer to this question, is blockages.

The most common block to clairvoyant sight is hands down fear, and negativity.

Fear Blocks Clairvoyance!

C Release Fear to Open Clairvoyance hildren are naturally born clairvoyant, however this psychic ability is often turned down, or shut off completely due to fear of some kind or another.

Fear of being “weird” that is triggered when an adult or parent says something about what they child has seen being “imaginary” or “make believe”.

Fear of the psychic gift being evil, or bad in some way. This fear is often tied to misunderstood religious beliefs, and being told that psychic gifts are evil, wrong, or hated by God…

In reality this couldn’t be further from the truth! Clairvoyance is a part of our natural physical and spiritual makeup… It’s  a God given gift!

Past life fears tied to being persecuted for psychic abilities, or simply having traumatic events in past lives can bring up fears related to clairvoyance in the present.

Fear of seeing frightening images. Sometimes when children see a frightening event that comes true, they’ll think they created it and shut the gift of psychic sight down all together.

Alternately, the fear of losing control and not being able to stop from seeing scary or frightening images can shut down clairvoyance too.

Whatever the cause, by releasing fear, clairvoyance can once again beautifully and naturally shine though.

Call upon Archangel Michael for assistance releasing fear that is blocking your clairvoyant sight.

“Archangel Michael, please cleanse my mind, body, and spirit of all fear and negativity. I am willing to let go of my fears surrounding seeing the future, and seeing into the realms of spirit.”

Breathe, and release fear and negativity into the light and over to the angels.

If fear is not the issue, where else in your life are you blocked?

Clairvoyance offers a sort of bio feedback about the spiritual realms… So when this sense is blocked, it’s usually a sign that there are blockages in other areas. By fear or negativity as mentioned above, or by other lifestyle, dietary, or substances that lower instead of raising your vibration.

Affirmations to Remove Blockages to Your Clairvoyance

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  1. I am clairvoyant
  2. I am highly visual
  3. I remember my dreams
  4. I love and approve of myself.
  5. I honor my unique light and spirit.
  6. It is safe for me to psychically see.
  7. I am safe.

How does it feel to say and write the above affirmations?

If they don’t seem to flow smoothly, or you have thoughts/ doubts appear you likely have a blockage. Call in Archangel Michael to release these blockages from your mind, body, and spirit into the light.

Then, keep writing, speaking, and working with the affirmations to reprogram your consciousness and align with being profoundly clairvoyant.

Angels Who Can Help You to Open Your Clairvoyance

Angels to Open Clairvoyance Archangels are messengers of the Divine, and are powerful allies for helping you to keep your psychic and spiritual gifts open, awakened, and clear.

Archangel Raphael is known to help with healing, but he also assists with your physical eyesight and psychic sight too!

Archangel Haniel is a beautiful Archangel of intuition and clairvoyance. She’s closely tied to goddess energy and to the energy of the moon, and so is clairvoyance!

Archangel Raziel oversees many of the secrets and mysteries of the universe and can help you to develop your psychic abilities including clairvoyance.

Archangel Michael as I mentioned above is a powerful archangel of protection, and will help you to release fear and negativity that may be blocking you third eye, and clairvoyant sight.

Archangel Orion is a powerful ally and teacher guide. He will help you to tune into the power of the universe to cleanse your energy, raise your vibration, open your clarivoyance and manifest blessings into your life experience.

Archangel Metatron works closely with those who are psychically sensitive. He can also help you to cleanse your chakras and open your clairvoyance.

Really, any of the Archangels can help! Pay attention to who you're drawn to connect with, ask for assistance and be open to how the help appears!

To learn more about each of the Archangels, how they can help you, and how to connect… Click Here! 

And remember…

You don't have to be clairvoyant to be psychic. We all perceive spiritual information differently, and so if you get a sense of something instead of clearly seeing it, let that be okay!

Pay attention and be open to how your psychic gifts manifest!

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With love and light,

Melanie Beckler

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