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Spiritual Dreams, Connect With Your Angels and the Divine

What Are Spiritual Dreams And How Can You Have Them?

Dreamtime is an incredibly powerful way to directly connect with spiritual guidance. During dream-time your waking mind is still and your subconscious mind, guides, angels, and the Divine can reach you.

Before we dive into talking about spiritual dreams I want to first point out that yes, even if you don’t regularly remember your dreams, you do have them!

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Even if you aren't currently recalling your dreams, you are dreaming.

Spiritual Language of DreamsDreamtime can be playful, profound, spiritual, prophetic, uplifting, exciting, weird, disturbing, or even scary.

Despite some of these dream types being far more enjoyable to recall than others, all of your dreams have a purpose, and many hold significant insight and healing.

The average human being sleeps about 7 hours a night, which when added together equates to 1/3 of a lifetime!?

With this much time invested into it, there must be some purpose for the time we spend dreaming right?

Yes! I’ve long been fascinated by dreams and for almost 20 years now, I’ve been remembering, analyzing and reflecting on the messages and insight Dreamtime brings.

Through learning to understand the symbolic language of dreams, there is a huge opportunity for you to experience spiritual growth and advancement.

Your dreamtime experiences are most commonly about you and your personal life (Only about 10% of the time they may be about another person).

Yes, even when another person is in your dream. In most cases, dreaming of another person is still about you! That person is likely symbolic in some way, and is being presented by your subconscious to represent and describe something to you.

By learning to understand the language of your dreams, a single dream can be a profound opportunity for you to check in with Divine guidance, to discover insight from your subconscious, and to see where you are, where you have been, and where you are going.

Powerful Spiritual Dreams

Then there are those *big dreams. Know what I'm talking about?

Certain dreams really just seem to have something more to them. These are the dreams you remember for years. The dreams that shake you, or otherwise rock your world in some way. These can be the dreams that are recurring, or that really just impact you deeply.

Big dreams are what I most consider a “spiritual dream” (though really all dreams are spiritual experiences when you pay attention to them).

A single big dream is something that can offer guidance, direction, and insight for you to contemplate over the course of years.

Recall Your Dreams

To start tuning into the power of learning the language of your dreams, you first need to start nightly recalling them! (If you're not already.)

Committing to remembering your dreams every night by first setting the intention to do so is the best place to begin.

I have some more tips to help with dream recall for you too!

1. Dream Journal

One way to super charge your intention to remember your dreams is to keep a specific dream journal by your bed. Every morning (or if you wake up in the middle of the night) start recording whatever you can recall from your dream time. This keeps the dream contents from quickly vanishing back into the unconscious, as they can so easily do when transitioning from sleeping into being awake.

You don't necessarily have to continue this practice of recording your dreams forever. I don't write down all of my dreams at this point, but always have the practice of waking up, and then remembering, observing, and contemplating the messages received in dream tim.

Dream Crystals - These Crystals Help You Remember Your Dreams2. Crystals For Dream Recall

Crystals like kyanite, herkimer diamond, amethyst, selenite, indigo gabbro, or a double terminated crystal point can also help you with dream recall.

There's many other benefits of sleeping by these stones too.

I keep a few crystals on my nightstand. I currently have Selenite, Indigo Gabbro, Herkimer Diamond, and Kyanite there. 🙂

I really like connecting with crystal allies. 

You could put the stones under your pillow as well, but I usually don’t do that.

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3. Going to Sleep Clear and Sober

If you're wanting to remember your dreams but it's just not happening … keep in mind that substances like alcohol or marijuana can block your dream recall ability. If you're using cannabis for pain relief, consider trying CBD instead.

Practice going to bed clear and sober.

4. Dream Herbs and Essential Oils

Another dream recall ally is found in the form of medicinal herbs or essential oils. Try sleeping next to a dream inducing herb like mugwort, blue lotus, or damiana for an extra boost. I like to keep a bottle of Young Livings Dream Catcher essential oil on my nightstand.

Once you start remembering your dreams, you can then begin to contemplate their messages and decipher their spiritual significance.

Interpreting Dreams… With A Dictionary?

You can absolutely look into one of the many dream dictionaries available to get an idea of the general significance behind common dream symbols, just don't necessarily take all that you read to be true.

What a dream symbol means one for person may describe something entirely else for another. The language of dreams is uniquely personal,

A woman for example represents nurturing, caring nature, and love in many dream dictionaries. However, depending on the age, characteristics and actions of that same woman, your dream can reveal an entirely different insight to you. How you relate to the women in your own family, is also a huge factor in what a woman may mean in your dream language. One of the big dream lessons for many people is healing a core Mother wound and where you are on the grown horizon of that healing journey can also significantly alter how this symbol relates to you compared to for other people.

Dreaming is an incredibly personal process, and because of this, the true significance of your dreams can only be found within. The symbols of dream time change depending on how your subconscious mind views and relates certain symbols as well as what you’re currently experiencing in your life.

  • How do you feel about the dream you just had?
  • What emotions are evoked during your dream, or when you recall your dream upon waking?
  • What is currently happening in your life around the time of your dream?
  • Was something about this dream particularly impactful, captivating or surreal?

The answers to these questions, along with the intuitive nudges you tune in as to what insight the dream brings are huge factors helping you to understand the deeper significance and guidance present in the dream.

What About Fear Inducing Nightmares

Are you having scary nightmares? Fear in dream time can be a result of your working through something on a subconscious level. These dreams can be incredibly valuable in revealing insight to you, though the certainly may be a bit unsettling. Fear based dreams may be attempting to reveal areas of your life where you're being held back by fears and insecurities, perhaps even paralyzed by them.

Nightmares often come about to help you let go of fears and blockages in your waking reality.

In some cases though, they can signify the presence of lower fear based entities. If you're having nightmares I always recommend energetically clearing your energy and your space to be sure you're clear!

Its also a good idea to cleanse your energy and space after a really unsettling dream to help you stay in resonance with attracting the highest love and most benevolent light.

If you're not sure how to thoroughly cleanse your energy:

Learn more about Spiritual Cleansing Here >>

Sometimes what seems like a nightmare, can actually be bringing you healing and the opportunity to safely release the past, to let go of attachments, process fears … release limiting beliefs and thoughts, and see where fear has crept into your experience.

Another sometimes obvious source of weird dreams:

Movies/ media.

Have you ever watched a scary movie and then had a nightmare?

Well first off, I never recommend scary movies, they tend to create weird chaotic imprints in the energy field.

Also – Dream time often reflects your present reality, especially whatever you we're thinking or consuming right before bed. This is why it is so important to take control of the information you are infusing your consciousness with (via literature, TV, media, movies and more).

Don't watch scary movies or programming if you're wanting to reduce nightmares!

If you're having nightmares, ask your angels, Jesus, or another of your favorite Master Guides to surround you with love and light when you sleep at night. Ask that only positive uplifting energies symbols to appear in your dream state.

Ask the Divine and the angels to help you learn your present lessons and to release fear-based energies or issues into the light, and toalso  surround and protect you completely with Divine love.

A psychic warning dream is a bit different.

These dreams can also be a bit scary, but are intended to draw your attention to a potential pitfall, or approaching challenge in your reality, so you can reverse, learn from, be ready for, or improve upon the situation.

A warning dream may show you something you need to let go of before you are adversely affected by it.

I'm realizing this all may sound very complex, but it doesn't have to be!

Pay attention, keep a dream journal, listen to your heart, and over time and with practice the language of your dream time will become more and more clear.

Learning from my dreams has been a huge part of my life and spiritual path and I continue to gain insight, clarity, guidance as well as glimpses into the past, present, and future through my dreams. All these dream types I have learned to cherish, appreciate, and enjoy.

Angelic Insight Through Dreamtime

Dreams are also a wonderful place where there is an opportunity to increase your connection with Divine guidance. Connecting with angels energy and with Divine guidance in the dream world is a great way to gain a new perspective on a present challenge, to tap into creative insight, or to receive wisdom and understanding without being influenced by the ego mind (which during dream time is fast asleep).

Remember, angels are first and foremost Divine messengers… Of course some of their work takes place in the realm of dreams.

With practice, and by consistently intending to recall what you dream, you may have psychic dreams, gain spiritual insights, have a spirit visitation, lucid dream, travel to remote spheres, and even get glimpses into parallel experiences, past lifetimes or future possibilities.

In the dream world there really are infinite possibilities.

Spiritual Dreams For Growth and Learning

A dream can often bring pertinent insight about all matters of life; including health, employment, spiritual growth, challenges and lessons, blockages, opportunities, relationships, and more.

Before you go bed tonight, take a moment to quiet your mind, visualize love, warmth and golden light all around you, and set the intention to remember your dreams.

Then, first thing when you wake up in the morning, take a few minutes to recall where your mind has been traveling while you were sleeping.

Reflect on the meaning of the dreams you've had.  Remember that the meaning of dreams is often highly personal, and so looking up dream symbols in a dreams dictionary will not always be accurate. Dream symbols do carry significance though, so daily reflecting on the content of your dream activity can be highly helpful and beneficial

Prayer to Invite Angels Into Your Dreamtime

This simple prayer can be used daily at bedtime to invite angelic assistance into your sleep:

“Beloved Source of All. The One. Solar Logos. Christ. Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters of the highest and most benevolent love and light  who can most serve me now.

Please guide me and connect with me through my dreams tonight. Help me to open to receive healing, wisdom and insight which will most serve.

Help me to remember my dreams upon waking up, and to realize and understand the deeper messages and wisdom therein.

I ask this for the highest and greatest good of all, thank you. And so it is.”

Angels and Dreams This simple prayer will help your dream-time to become more beneficial, vivid, and filled with wisdom and insight by setting your intention.

What About Lucid Dreams?

With practice and awareness, you can develop the conscious ability to lucid dream.

There are stages of lucidity while dreaming.

I consider a lucid dream to be one in which you're conscious, and aware of the fact that you're dreaming while the dream is going on.

From this state of initial lucidity there is then a deepening. When you know you're dreaming, you can then begin to take control of the dream (sometimes easier said than done) become an active participant in your dream creation.

Lucid dreams are so real, magical, and be incredibly healing.

Set the intention to recall what you dream about. Intend to become conscious in your dream, and then first thing in the morning when you wake up, start asking yourself… “What did I dream?”

You may not at first recall the specifics, but with persistence, you will begin to feel and become aware of your valuable dream-time work and how it affects your life.

Recall Your Dreams In Reverse

Dream time does not follow a chronological timeline, and so for recall, it can be helpful to recall a dream in reverse. So start with the last thing you experienced, and then ask yourself, what happened before that, and then what happened before that?

There's a sort of relaxed, open, peripheral mode of awareness that's supportive for dream recall. You can align with this state of mind through practice.

A single dream can bring incredible bring clearing, and can help you break through your blocks at a rapid pace so you can advance forward on your authentic path, towards accomplishing your soul's mission and purpose.

What is this purpose? In a nutshell, it is to serve and share, to love, to live, to witness, to shine, and to make a difference…

Call your angels into your dream time, and they will be happy to help you with all of this… and more!

With love and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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