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7 Signs You’ve Had A Past Life Dream

Have You Had A Past Life Dream?

Memories from your past lives don’t always come when you’re awake. Some of the most vivid past life recall I’ve ever had was through dreams; some that began in childhood, and others that emerged as an adult.

If you've ever, experienced vivid dreams that feel unbelievably real, then information and symbols from past lives may be coming to through your sub-conscious.

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When you sleep, your conscious mind takes a break and the sub-conscious mind, the one much more closely connected to Divinity, gets to be in the drivers seat. If you’ve ever gone to bed upset or frustrated and the woken up feeling better, that’s your sub-conscious working and making subtle changes within. Dreams are generally the sub-conscious’s attempting to communicate with you about a variety of things (like an upcoming decision) or trying to work through built-up karma from a past life.

So how can you tell the difference between normal dreaming states and dreams that are actually glimpses into past lives?

Here Are 7 Unmistakable Qualities of Past Life Dreams

1.     They Show Historical Detail

Regular dreams will generally have only places, people, and things that are familiar to you in your current life. It makes sense – you dream about what’s familiar.

You’ll know you’re starting to tap into a past life when the dreams involve historical settings or period clothing. In fact, it’s entirely possible that you’ll dream of being at significant events in history. The details will be clear and so will the sensation of having been there before.

On a few occasions, I've had past life dreams where I was vividly experiencing something in the past. Everything in the dream was clearly a specific time period, except for me! I was still dressed in clothes from present day… This is a slight shift in how a past life dream with historical details may manifest.

7 Past Life Dream Signs 2. You Don’t Look or Act Like Yourself

Have you ever had a dream where you were seeing, and experiencing through the eyes of someone else? A dream where you were someone else? This is a common sign of a past life dream.

The majority of your dreams will place you as the primary point of view and you’ll look as you do in this life. Most of the time, you’re inside your body or your head, looking out and watching the dream unfold as you move through it.

In a past life dream though, you may see yourself as a different gender, age, race, religion, etc.

If you wake up saying, “I didn’t look anything like myself, but I knew it was me,” this is an excellent indication of a past life dream.

Additionally, in karmic dreams, you often exhibit behavior that’s unlike you, and you are able to do things that you can’t do in this life. This includes your thoughts, skills, and even emotional range. You might be able to speak or understand another language, or you might have the knowledge of a farmer, or the training of a soldier. You might find yourself with more readily available compassion or violence.

One of the coolest things that can start happening after karmic dreams is that these skills and talents begin to manifest in your daily life. It can feel a lot like remembering and it’s an incredibly intuitive and spontaneous occurrence.

3. They Are Repeating and Unchanging

Regular dreams jump from one scene to another.  They also have a rather fast pace and, when remembering or telling them to others, can seem a bit random.  The majority of people aren’t deeply and consistently connected with their higher selves through the sub-conscious, so chaos reigns in our dreams.

When you dream that you’re cleaning the kitchen and you walk through the door into your office where there’s a birthday party happening and the Pope is there, this is what happens with regular dreams, and it's totally normal and accepted by the subconscious without skipping a beat.

When you have a past life dream though, the events are logical and there is a sense that you aren’t in control of what’s happening. This is because your sub-conscious isn’t creating this dream, the source is higher, and so you are truly an observer here. And when the dreams recur, which they often do (another sign!) they never change.  You watch the same sequence of events each time with little or no variation and no ability to influence the dream.

4. Your Strange Quirks and Behaviors Are Explained

In your current life you’ve developed into a complete person with a fully formed personality.  But we all have those odd quirks and beliefs and superstitions that don’t seem to match anything else about us.  These are often carry-overs from past lives and the source of which can be revealed in a past life or karmic dream.

In your past life, the belief likely made perfect sense, but here in this life; it just seems out of place and has no foundation in any of your experiences.

Past lives influence your behaviors as well.  They can explain some of your compulsions and phobias, like claustrophobia or always needing to sit next to a door or facing a window. If you have no memory from this life that helps you understand why you do or don’t do certain things in certain ways, it’s likely from a past life.

If you have a sense of understanding about your previously unexplained beliefs and behaviors after a dream, it is a sign that in your dream, you were actually tapping into a past life.

5. Answers About Physical and Emotional Health Are Revealed

Some of your recurring emotional states and physical conditions can be explained by past lives.  If you tend to have arthritis in one knee but not the other and not in any other joints, a past life dream could reveal an injury or violence that happened on that side of the body or in that exact place.

A quick temper in this life, a constant sense of financial doom, or a tendency for being generous to a fault might find its origins from a dream. If you find that you understand something about your body or emotions that you didn’t know before, it’s likely that you’ve had a past life dream.

You may even have a dream about being wounded, injured, or affected in some way that directly relates to an experience in your waking life. This is an indication of tapping into a past life experience that is also tied to your present.

6. Your Spiritual Issues Are Revealed

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A lot of my clients find me because of a growing sense that “something is missing” from their lives.  They feel confused about why they can’t be happy like everyone else seems to be. If this sounds like you, it’s highly likely that a past life can explain why this anxiety, depression, and dissatisfaction are a part of your life. These are your unhealed issues, and karmic dreams are often the missing keys to this understanding. We all experience trauma in all of our lives and if this trauma is not resolved or dealt with, it can turn up in the current life as existential confusion that only a dream can explain.

7. They Just Feel Different Somehow

Finally, when all is said and done, sometimes you just know it’s a past life dream because it feels incredibly different from your other dreams.  You wake up and you know that it was important, you don’t forget any single part of it, and the symbols are distinct in your mind.  Years later, you remember them.  They’re imprinted on your mind and they don’t go away.

When past life dream comes, it’s important to dig deeper into them.  They have come for a reason and you must spend time to learn why.  Not only can they help to explain the unexplainable aspects of your life, but they can bring you comfort, peace of mind, and clear off lingering past karma. Remember, karma isn’t about punishment, it’s about learning.  When you learn the lessons, the karma clears and you move forward.

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With love, light, and gratitude, 

Melanie Beckler

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