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How to Invite Angels Into Your Dreams

How to Dream of Angels

Angel DreamsConnecting with the guidance and presence of Angels is not limited to your waking hours. In fact, it may actually be easier for you to connect with the guidance of your angels while you're sleeping, because when you're asleep your mind will naturally be quiet, and your energy peaceful and relaxed.

Stress, fear, and mind chatter are some of the main things which block you from experiencing angels, and when you're asleep you're far less likely to have these mental blocks interfering.

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In addition, when you're dreaming, your subconscious mind doesn't really question what you're seeing and experiencing. This is why you may have odd or off the wall dream themes, levitate, fly or suddenly teleport from one location to another, and why you can easily receive guidance from your angels without your subconscious mind blocking it out.

Connecting with the guidance of your angels during dreams is a great way to receive guidance, inspire creativity, gain further understanding, and to find clarity in an environment which is free from doubts and rigid thought patterns.

How Do Angels Appear In Dreams?

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In your dream-space, angels may appear and offer their guidance in many forms. They may take on a completely human persona, and appear as a healer, teacher, friend, or even as an animal. They may also choose to send you certain dream themes to help you process your life lessons, and sometimes they do choose to appear in a magnificent and clearly angelic form.

Sometimes you will remember your angels presence in your dream right when you awaken, and other times they will offer deep and profound healing and guidance which you have no recollection of when you wake. Usually though, although you cannot remember any specifics from your dream, you have some knowing or feeling that something shifted while you slept. You may wake up feeling more positive, with a new found clarity about your next steps, or with the simple understanding that something spiritually significant transpired while you slept.

Do you ever recall certain parts of your dreams with vivid detail? When certain themes and key details from your dreams seem to stand out, with intense color, a strong feeling, or a deep resonance, there is a strong chance these vivid details contain guidance from your angels.

You may also have a dream which doesn't really make sense to you, but there is a clear symbol present within. Angels love speaking through signs and signals, so pay attention! Make a note of the symbol when you wake up, and ask for your angels to help you understand it's guidance and meaning.

Keeping a dream journal will not only help you to better remember your dreams, it will help you understand the meaning of the symbols and themes you receive during dreams.

Dreams are absolutely a form of unconscious meditation in which the guidance of your angels can be accessed, and with awareness, an inquisitive mind, and by paying attention and remaining open you can learn to understand and receive the guidance within.

How to Invite Angels Into Your Dreams

Thinking about, meditating on, or consciously connecting with your angels in prayer, or in a meditation before you go to sleep, will greatly increase your chances of receiving the messages of the angels in your dreams.

While laying in bed, before you fall asleep, take a minute to clear your mind and elevate your vibration.

Imagine being surrounded with Divine white light, and sense the presence of your team of guides and guardian angels .

Think or say: “Angels, please be with me tonight while I sleep. Protect me and surround me with healing, love and light. I invite you to connect with my in my dreams. Please fill my dreams with your guidance, insight, messages, healing, and with Divine love. Help me to gain clarity about _________, and help me to recall your guidance clearly when I wake.
I ask this for the highest and greatest good of all. Thank you, and so it is.”

Then simply breathe, relax and imagine breathing in the white light of the Divine while, and when you exhale let go of any tensions, frustrations, fears, or doubts. This simple meditation will help quiet your mind so you can fall asleep, and will keep your energy uplifted and ready to connect with the guidance of angels in your dreams.

After Awakening

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Right when you wake up, see what you remember of your dreams. Write down any themes, symbols, or dream experiences before they slip away from your memory, and so you can refer back to them with awareness to further understand their meaning.

You may have a clear and profound or perhaps even a lucid dream of angels when you continue to work with this affirmation inviting the angels to connect with you during your dreams.

There is also a great deal of healing which transpires during sleep, and which your angels are more than happy to help you align with. They can help release blockages, and align healing for your mind, body and spirit. Ask, and you shall receive.

Even if you don't remember right away, when you ask your angels to connect with you in your dreams they will. You may not remember your dream, but rather simply wake up with a feeling that you did receive healing, clearing, or guidance on some level while you slept.

Keep with this practice of inviting angelic guidance into your dreams and you surely will have an experience which you can recall and remember your dreams and guidance from angels.

Infusing your dreams with angelic guidance will help you to awaken rejuvenated, energized, and filled with the love and light of the Divine.

Need help remembering your dreams? Check out this additional post I wrote on receiving spiritual guidance through dreams which has some great insight to help you remember.

With love and gratitude, 
Melanie Beckler

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