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Visitation Dreams — How to Tell If They Are Real…

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How to tell the difference between true visitation dreams and regular dreams!

Visitation Dreams Have you dreamt of a deceased loved one? If so, you are not alone. When my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago, she shortly thereafter contacted me through a dream visitation. Going back further, my grandfather contacted me through a dream when I was in college and he too reassured me that he was proud of me, he urged me to keep working hard, and he let me know that he was ok.

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This type of experience with my loved ones is not out of the ordinary, and it doesn’t make me special; in fact, visitation dreams are one of the most common ways for spirits to reach out to their loved ones after they have died.

Dream visitations offer proof that even after death, souls live on and through dreams they have a way to communicate with their loved ones still alive in the physical.

Not every dream about a dead loved one is a direct communication from them though, so how can you tell if your dream means your loved one has actually reached out, or whether it is just a creation from your subconscious mind?

The good news is there are some simple ways to tell.

Lets look first at “regular dreams”.

Most of your dreams are creations of your subconscious mind, when your conscious mind is asleep. An easy way to understand how regular dreams work is by thinking of them as movies, and your subconscious mind as the director.

In a dream, your subconscious mind has a general theme, lesson, or idea to communicate and so it selects dream characters to play out the scenario. Your subconscious selects the dream characters based on all the people you have met in your life or in past lives, (whether you consciously remember them or not doesn’t matter).

Sometimes deceased loved ones do play roles as dream characters… These are not visitation dreams. Your subconscious mind needs a loving grandmotherly figure, and so your grandmother, although deceased, plays the dream character role because her personality and how you perceive her helps your subconscious mind to depict the story through your dream.

Many people are quick to brush off visitation dreams, as something similar to the above. Or they think the dream is a result of that person being on the top of mind, and a result of grieving, and not a direct and real communication from beyond the physical.

I know in my heart, that my visitation dreams from both my grandparents were very real, and I’m excited to share some characteristics of real visitation dreams which you can look for to determine if your dreams about lost loved ones were actually a real after death communication.

What Is A Visitation Dream?

A visitation dream is not a creation from your subconscious mind… Visitation dreams are when a non physical being communicates with you while you are sleeping. There are many reasons why they communicate while you’re sleeping rather than awake… The main one is that your ego mind doesn’t block the communication, and so it is much easier for your loved one to get past the filters of your mind which are always working on some level to keep you focused in the physical, and as a result block out activity from the spiritual realms.

Dreams of dead loved ones are the most common type of visitation dreams, though I have also had visitation dreams from angels and spirit guides, which means you can too.

True visitation dreams are much different from regular dreams, for starters they are usually very real, vivid and you will feel that you have been visited by your deceased loved one.

Also, with true visitations from spirit through dreams, you will feel and know in your heart that the dream was a real communication.

When it comes to regular dreams, they’re easy to forget, but with a true dream visitation it will be vivid and real, and you’ll probably remember it for the rest of your life.

When my grandparents contacted me through the dream state, I saw them as completely healed, vibrantly well, and perfect. If your loved one appears to you through a dream in this way, this is a key sign of a true visitation. They are now fully reconnected with Source, and the light of God, so any anger, fear energy, or disease will be gone when they contact you through the dream state.

True visitation dreams involve a clear communication from beyond the physical. It doesn’t have to be in words, and often will be completely telepathic… But when beings in spirit visit you in your dreams, they will clearly and to the point convey their message.

Visitation dreams aren’t long and drawn out… They are usually simple, to the point, incredibly real, powerful, and then they are gone.

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Most often, based on my experience and on the visitation dreams other people I know have had, the communication is focused on reassurance, forgiveness, healing, and to let you know they are ok. If there is some warning your loved one has for you, it too will be too the point, and then backed with reassurance and a feeling of love and support through their presence.

Finally, when you wake up from a visitation dream, you may be overcome with a feeling of love, peace, and gratitude. You will know you have been visited by your loved one who is now in spirit.

If this happens to you, trust that a real dream visitation has occurred; know that your loved one is well, and that even after death they offer their love, reassurance, and support from beyond the physical.

If you do feel like you’re being visited in your dreams by a lower vibrational entity, this too is possible, but does not serve you and can easily be prevented through psychic protection! Call upon Archangel Michael and your guardian angels to surround you with light while you sleep to keep any unwanted and negative beings away.

You can learn more about psychic protection here.

With love, light, and gratitude,
Melanie Beckler

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