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Twin Flame vs Soulmate | How to Find Your Spiritual Match

The Difference Between Soul Mate, Twin Flame and Karmic Relationships

I often get questions from people who are confused about the types of relationships they're experiencing in their lives. This is understandable because there is quite a bit of conflicting information out there about soulmates, soul loves, and twin flames.

To help clear things up, here's a recently channeled message from the angels on the difference between karmic, soulmate, and twin flame relationships.

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Angel Message

Greetings from Orion, Metatron, Uriel, Zadkiel, and Muriel – We are honored to connect with you at this time, to connect with you at this time and place in the presence of the divine, of love, of light. Know that you are supported in tuning in to our message and teaching today on multiple levels. We speak to you through these words. But simultaneously, we broadcast frequency and light. In addition, we connect with you individually.

And so, pay attention to the message you receive beneath these words, to the additional guidance that flows in for you specifically – for we speak through Melanie now, but we connect with you individually, indeed, as well, with immense love, light, and divine presence to support you.

And so, let us begin with a question.

Our question comes from Jeremy in Canada who asks, “What is the difference between a twin flame and a soulmate?”

Twin Flame We are pleased to speak on this topic. But to do so, let us first take a step back.

Take a step back in perspective to view the universe, the multiverse, all that is, from a different perspective. As we now say to you, everything—God, angels, guides, soulmates, twin flames, friends, family, karmic relationships, plants, animals, minerals—can be viewed as one cell, one soul, one unit making up all that is.

One Cell, One Soul

And now, as we zoom in further, this one cell, this one soul is made up of many cells and many souls, spanning universes and galaxies, crossing time and space, existing across multiple dimensions, multiple planes of existence, and multiple realities. And all of this is intertwined together as one. This is the concept of oneness.

Now, zooming in further into this present point in time … you are a soul, but your soul is not only expressing as your personality self. Your soul is expressing as multiple personalities across the lines of time. You have been male, female, young, old, and all sorts of different characteristics. Your soul is nonphysical and vast. Your soul is brilliant, united with divine light and presence, with God and source. Being completely aware of its oneness with everyone and everything, your soul is able to experience reality from the vantage of multiple-personality selves simultaneously.

Similar Purposes and Objectives

The soul does have traits and even struggles. It has areas in which growth and learning are desired. And this is why your soul incarnates as a personality self into the physical realm and the earth school, into other planets, star systems, eras, and points in time. Your soul often incarnates with other souls whom it is familiar with, and shares similar purposes, objectives for learning, growth, and service.

For your personality self, growth happens through your relationships and connections with others. Relationships serve as mirrors in a number of ways—mirroring where you have been as a soul or a personality, where you are now, and mirroring your potential.+

Vulnerable and Authentic

And through going deep into relationships, being vulnerable and authentically connecting, much learning, growth, and transformation can unfold. This is the purpose of relationships: for your soul to grow through your personality’s spiritual growth, personal growth, and ascension.

As your personality embodies more of your soul light, more divine light, you are more whole. You are more authentically in alignment with your truth. The personality can move in the direction of the soul, of love and growth. And the personality can move in the direction of ego, doubt, and fear.

Love, of course, is the path of soul growth that carries you forward. Love, therefore, is the ultimate response to any relationship, no matter what its form may be. And there are a number of relationships among souls that may manifest in the physical.

Karmic Relationships

The first relationship we wish to discuss is karmic relationships—those relationships you have had with other souls in the past where karma was created.

What is a karmic relationship?

These souls then have a way of reappearing in your life and on your path. And your souls are drawn together. Many early relationships in your life—early boyfriends, challenging friendships, even family members—can be karmic relationships that come about for healing, for dissolving karma, so that both souls can move forward.

Karmic Relationship Signs

Karmic relationships are often those where there is intense passion, the desire to possess or control another. These relationships often appear to learn the lesson, to release this person from your life, to move on and let go. It is important to cut karmic cords.

Archangel Michael comes in now to support you with this, tuning in to any karmic relationships that are currently present in your life. And the cords between you and these other souls, these other personalities in this physical existence are pulled and cut with the sword of light. The cords, roots, and any and all residue are released. Any karmic entities triggering challenges on your path are dissolved and released into the light.

Learn more about karmic relationships here. 

By progressing on your path, aligning with more of your soul light and authentic power, and by progressing on the path of love, awareness, and awakening, you begin to draw another type of relationship towards you—soulmates and, zooming in further, twin flames or twin souls.

Soulmate Relationships

What is a soulmate relationship?

Soulmate relationships are those souls whom you have agreed to incarnate with into the physical. In your pre-life planning, you intended to meet up in this physical expression to help and support one another, to, grow, and to learn.

Soulmate Signs

Soulmate relationships take many forms. One level of your soul group is soul friendships. You have a large soul group, whom you have incarnated with across the lines of time, as different personalities in different planets and star systems, in various times of the past and future on earth.

Your soul group varies in degrees of closeness, as soul friends and soul acquaintances. And zooming in further, you have soul family who you are even closer with at the soul level.

Soul missions and work, lessons, and growth are shared not only in this present incarnation, but also across the lines of time, outside of time and space in the many expressions of the soul.

Learn how to manifest your soul mate here! >>

An Intricate Dance

Again, we draw your awareness to the maximum zoomed-out vantage and the understanding that all of this is happening simultaneously, as one overarching soul, one divine light, one source energy, which flows throughout all of creation, and makes up every soul and personality. This overarching soul is divided into multiple souls. And the multiple souls all express as multiple personalities, simultaneously and by divine design, an intricate tapestry of consciousness, an intricate dance playing out across time and space, across dimensions throughout existence.

Souls choose to incarnate into lifetimes together, into personality selves as groups. This is your soul group, your soul friendships, and your tighter knit group, your soul family. All of these are types of soulmates.

Soul Family

Soul family includes brothers and sisters, daughters and mothers, lovers, husbands, wives, children, parents, deeply connected friends—intimate relationships, spanning lifetimes.

Your soul family supports your growth as a personality and as a soul. You incarnate together to support one another, to learn, share, grow, and to progress on your unique soul path and journey.

Meeting your soul family members sparks soul growth and spiritual growth, and is a powerful mirror for where you have been, where you are, and where you are going.

Your soulmate relationships at the level of soul family are some of the most powerful, intimate, rewarding, challenging, beneficial relationships you can have. They are directly tied to your ascension and growth, and they immensely serve you as a soul and a personality.

Life Partner

And yet, soulmate, as is most commonly understood, is the true love, the big love, your soulmate, and your partner in life. This can be and is often a romantic relationship, a life partnership, but it can also be a dear sibling, or anam cara, a true soul friend.

Soulmate Relationship Characteristics

The characteristics of these soulmate relationships are that they trigger learning, compassion, and evolution. They offer a solid foundation for your growth. They are immensely powerful when you are willing to be vulnerable, to really connect at the heart level, to love, to learn from one another, and to progress together through your life in the physical, which helps you to advance at the level of the soul.

Twin Flame Relationships

Twin FlameA twin flame or twin soul relationship is a type of soulmate relationship with a distinct difference.

As we mentioned, from a zoomed out perspective beyond the physical, one soul incarnates across the lines of time as multiple people and personalities for the complete multidimensional experience that is the soul’s journey. This all happens simultaneously. Your past lives, your future expressions, and your present personality self all exist at once, when viewed outside of linear time and space.

What Are Twin Flames?

When your soul incarnates as a personality self in a specific linear time, physical expression, and in one point on the vast field of possibility and existence as two people and two personalities, this is what it means to have a twin flame relationship in the physical.

Manifested as Two

The same soul not cut in half or divided into two beings, but manifest as two, one masculine and one feminine being.

A twin flame relationship is when you meet this other manifestation of your soul in your lifetime, and they too are manifest in the physical. The reason, of course, is that this serves the unique needs of your soul.

Two twin flames incarnating in physical reality is happening more now than ever before. This is correlated with the ascension journey of the soul. Being a twin flame is not required for ascension, though many souls are choosing to walk the twin flame ascension journey.

Physical and Spiritual Beings

Twin souls can also manifest as physical and spiritual beings. If your twin flame is in spirit, they act as a guide and helper beyond the physical. They will often help to align you with your soulmates, soul family, and soul loves.

Whether you are in a soulmate relationship or in a twin flame relationship, one is not better than the other. Both serve your soul growth, your soul ascension, and your soul learning. Both are valid and important, and both matter.

Rapid Spiritual Transformation

A twin flame relationship is the same soul manifest as two people. And their union in the physical is almost always a catalyst for rapid spiritual transformation and ascension growth. Their union brings about a feeling of completeness and connection immediately.

Twin Flame Relationship Misconceptions

There is a misconception that a twin flame relationship needs to be the most passionate and intense relationship, with the most sparks flying. And this can happen. But know that intense passion can also be a sign of a karmic relationship. This passion is drawing your souls together for a good reason; so you can heal, learn, and move on.

Twin Flame Challenges

The twin flame relationship is more stable, though it also has its challenges. Karma is often shared between twin flames from past physical incarnations. And upon meeting, this karma must be resolved. If it is not, the twin flame relationship may struggle as tension appears, and the souls will choose to go separate ways.

Each Personality is a Unique Being

The twin flame relationship is powerful at this ascension time because the soul, which has incarnated as these two unique people, has an underlying, overarching objective. This is not to say the personality self mission, the life purpose of the individuals is the same. They are always complementary, but often different, as each personality is a unique being.

As twin flames you are not two halves of one whole; you are both whole. Just as you are not one 100th of a complete being because your soul is manifest as 100 different personalities across the lines of time. You are complete. And as you journey along your spiritual path as a being in physical form now, you are able to fully integrate with your soul light and your higher self, and with divine light.

The Only Thing that Can Bring Twin Flame Relationship Into Alignment

If you are meant to align with a soul twin flame relationship in this physical lifetime, progressing and aligning with more of your soul light will bring this relationship into alignment. It is the only thing that can bring your twin flame relationship into alignment.

In fact, the same is true if your twin flame is in spirit. Aligning with your soul light brings you into alignment with your twin flame relationship—with your soul mate and your twin flame who is manifest as a guide and a teacher for you in this life.

Support yourself in manifesting your Soul Mate or Twin flame by deeply attuning your energy to love.

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When Twin Flames Meet

Your twin flame will then help you to align with the soulmate partnership in the physical. And aligning with this relationship happens the same way that aligning with a twin flame relationship unfolds. It is by opening to love, to divine light and your soul light, to your higher self in spirit, and letting the light of the Divine shine through you and manifest through you. This brings you in alignment with the soul friends, soul family, soulmates and, if incarnated in the physical, with your twin flame.

And yes, you have all of the above.

All Relationships Serve A Purpose…

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We encourage you not to worry too much about what type of relationship you are in. For the learning and growing unfold in the same way—through love and a willingness to connect and be vulnerable, to be authentic and truthful.

This sometimes means releasing an individual from your life. And other times, it means staying closely connected, working together to support one another in growing, learning, serving, and ascending as spiritual beings, as souls who have chosen to incarnate, as personality selves to experience separation and illusion, to learn and grow.

Reunion With God Light

And the learning and growing you’ve experienced as a personality self, a physical being, and a spiritual being in physical form benefits your soul, bringing growth, fulfillment, and completion to your soul across the lines of time.

You cannot bring things, possessions, or even other relationships, with you beyond your physical life. But what your soul carries with you is your growth. The lessons learned, the progression made, the ascension experienced.

You are a soul manifest in the physical, walking a path of soul growth towards completion, towards reunion with God light, with the one source energy, divine spirit, flowing throughout all that is. And you are exactly where you need to be for your soul to learn and grow.

The Most Needed for Your Growth

The relationships that manifest for you in this lifetime are those that are most needed for your growth. That is not to say you cannot progress, and influence the types of relationships you will manifest in the future, for you can.

As you learn lessons, as you commit to your spiritual progression, as you open to more divine light, your relationships improve, karmic relationships fall away, and true soul family, soulmates, and your twin flame relationships can emerge.

Growth Requires Effort

Then these relationships catapult you further. It’s not that they’re effortless; they are divinely inspired and aligned relationships, which will serve your growth, your journey as a soul, a light being, and a divine being in physical form.

Love in the moment continues to be the lesson, the path that will most serve. Tuning in to the love within you, your soul light, and the divine light you carry within, letting love grow and build around you, letting light fill you, creates a ripple throughout all that is.

This is an important part of your soul work, your soul purpose, and you have so many angels, teachers, and guides—souls who have chosen to manifest as spiritual beings and as physical beings—supporting you in your life. All souls who are united as one, dancing through existence and creating the collective experience, usher in the ascension for humanity, earth, and all beings one moment at a time.

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With love,

Melanie Beckler

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Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. I don’t know if my twin flame is my twin flame. I’ve always seen him around, since I was about 16. First time I met him, I didn’t like him. But I couldn’t get him out of my head. The next time I saw him it felt like I had witnessed a miracle. He was so different, so much kinder and just… Better. I was with someone at the time but I felt so drawn to him. Everytime I went out I hoped he would be there and was very disappointed when he wasn’t. And the days he looked sad or angry I felt it.. And I wanted to ask him but we never really spoke. I usually just stared at him then looked away when it was too obvious. I remember one of my birthdays he was at the place, and when he hugged me he bit my neck, It felt like electricity, but I was still with someone else and I pulled away and we both looked ta each other like what was that… I remember just wanting to hug him, I don’t like touching people so I started hugging all my friends when I said hello and goodbye so it wasn’t weird when I would hug him. I remember thinking does he know it’s me? Then thought I was crazy. I was at a music festival and he was there, had a concussion. I made sure he was comfortable and got him water… Practically pushed my bf out the way to make sure he was taken care of. And he said something to me later, I still don’t know what it was either I love you or I want you.. I pretended like I didn’t hear it. But when I got home I broke up with my bf for good. I had dreams about him. My current bf was abusive mentally and emotionally and it felt like he gave me the strength to escape. I messaged him for the first time and we started talking. We spoke for a few weeks and when I saw him I couldn’t control myself, I had to touch him. It felt like the most beautiful experience to have sex with him and I didn’t care if he didn’t message me again after that, because I’d always have that experience. But some time went past and we started dating. He saw his ex one night without telling me, her friend told me and I felt so depressed. I started taking drugs and was very paranoid. I spoke to his friend to ask him if he was cheating on me. His friend invited me over. I didn’t feel the same connection with him, but he was very gentlemanly and flirty. Let’s call the friend Henry and my love Arthur. So Arthur thought I was sleeping with Henry but I wasn’t. Arthur blocked me and wouldn’t speak to me. Eventually he spoke to me but things were broken between us. The love was still there but there was a lot of hurt and mistrust and suspicion. He wouldn’t let me see his phone because every time I did I’d get upset that he was messaging other girls. I started ignoring him when he would send me really mean messages and sometimes I’d have calls and 31 texts. And it hurt. But I kept ignoring him, I’d sleep all day and cry and just kept thinking just trust me, I’m not doing anything. But I kept seeing his friend, I thought Henry was my friend and he would help me get Arthur to see I wasn’t doing anything but it made it worse. It just made Arthur even more suspicious and all his friends told him ‘why are you with the girl who’s fucking henry’ even though I knew I wasn’t. I couldn’t. I had some spiritual experiences with Henry and started thinking maybe he’s the right one? He wouldn’t ignore me and treat me badly. He was always there. But some time went past and Arthur and I had been broken up for two months and Henry and I started flirting and we cuddled once, but I wouldn’t go further than that with him. We didn’t even kiss. But when Arthur came back into my life I forgot all about Henry again. Henry started showing his true colors which was manipulative and mean and abusive. Arthur isn’t perfect. He has a very bad past. But I never thought he would hit me. Henry has hit women in the past.
    Is Arthur my twin flame, even though he’s suspicious with his phone, I think he sees other girls and messages them, and I sometimes feel he’s cheating on me or wants someone else. Is he my twin flame even though I feel depressed and needy and like I annoy him with my constant texts? I’ve jumped over Arthur’s wall just to see him and speak to him and sent him countless texts and calls when he ignored me. Is he my twin flame even though it seems like it won’t work, because his friends all tell him to leave me and his family hates me and my family blames him for me taking drugs,my friends tell me he’s bad news. I sometimes wonder if he wants to kill me. But when I see him and we cuddle, I feel right… Like everything’s OK… Then I leave and he doesn’t message me and I wonder if he’s just using me for sex, if he even likes having sex with me or wants me around. There’s a lot of confusion. Henry and I have more physical similarities and similar background and there is some connection. I know one of them is just using me and doesn’t really love me and isn’t my twin. I think Arthur is my twin but I just need some advice….

  2. Thank you so much for this article . Your words soothe the soul and help us start to move forward again. Many lives are changing with your positivity and light. Please keep ascending and stay true to your light path.

  3. I am not sure if I have met my twin flame already or not. There is someone in my life who I want to be with but we aren’t together right now and to be honest it’s a bit painful. I really like him and want to be with him but he doesn’t really want to be with me so I don’t really know what to do at this point.

  4. Everything that was outlined in this article hit home. From previous readings I was told that this person was a past lover from a previous life and now my soulmate.
    But after reading this article it describes twin flame to a T. Especially the “fireballs” was the perfect way to describe us. I am the chaser and he is the runner and I keep hoping and praying he will follow his heart not his head. I am very spiritual and intuitive and have great faith but this waiting period is mentally/emotionally exhausting!
    Great article, Thank you.

  5. I am 99% certain that I’ve met my twin flame.
    3 months ago I logged into my Twitter account that I’d hadn’t been on for over a year. I have bipolar disorder and was drawn to read about and share my experiences with others. I swiped past one tweet in particular that caught my eye and, for the first time ever, responded to one. Remi and I shared manic episode stories and we realized that we both have bipolar type 1 with treatment resistance (he’s the only person I’ve met with the exact same diagnoses as me, it’s not common). We went from Twitter to Facebook to text messaging and FaceTime. We have talked every day for the last 3 months. I was unhappily engaged in the beginning but have since ended that relationship (not FOR Remi, but because he made me realize and admit to myself how unhappy I really was). The coincidences between he and I are ever growing (there are too many to count). When I’m not talking to him I feel like I’m missing something inside. So, here are the catches: I am a straight female and he is a gay male. I live in the U.S. and he in South Africa. We have both confessed our love for one another and we want desperately to be together. He has said numerous times that he feels like he knows me from somewhere. The love I feel for him is not like any ‘love’ I’ve felt before; it is semi-romantic for me but it’s also this overwhelming unconditional love that I can feel coming out of my chest. He has made it clear that his love for me is the same except for the romantic aspect. We think the same thoughts, I’ll look at my phone and a message will pop up right then, the 311 song prisoner (read the lyrics) has been my favorite song since 2003 or 2004, I always catch the clock at 11:11. I feel like I’m going crazy. How can I be so in love with a man I haven’t met in person? I am wholeheartedly willing to forego any type of romantic possibilities just to be with him…I have accepted that he’ll never be turned on by me or attracted to me in a sexual way, he is also willing to forego this aspect. We’re going to meet in September, I’m going to go to South Africa. In October he is coming to visit me. We recently both admitted to envisioning ourselves living together and being married. Everything is so surreal right now, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been as is he. It’s like the universe has conspired for us to come together and everything was laid out perfectly for us to bump into one another at that exact moment. Does this sound even remotely like we might be twin flames? I came across the term randomly while googling what all the coincidences and deep love for someone I’d never even touched meant.

  6. For the last couple of years I have gone around in circles with this, I have done lots of reading about this, I know I’m going to push and push till I lose,a special poison forever, we both feel the force so strong, yes they exist

  7. A lot of people here saying “Twin Flame” and it doesn’t sound like one at all. How do people know unless they’ve had a reading? SOUL MATE sounds more appropriate, they assist in growth and learning and it sounds like is what most people on here are experiencing. General rule is that you don’t meet a Twin Flame in a romantic context unless you’ve already finished with your major growth and that there is a DUAL PURPOSE for the meeting, usually you both work in the same field or both passionate about a cause that benefits those around you or even the world, where as singularly, you would have made a fraction of the impact. Clearing of the last 5% of karmic dust is what happens, but the major life lessons are already learned and if you are female, you connect already, with a more masculine part of the self and visa versa for the man. There’s a reason for meeting a “Twin” that is beyond the two individuals, whereas the Mate, comes along for the learning process ride.

    1. I concur. Soulmates have their up and downs but this whole chase-or-be-chased, longing schtick is karmic or soulmate, not Twin Flame.

      I have been told I will be meeting my Twin Flame soon. I have been told we are in the same industry, and coming together creates an enduring legacy. I have what he needs and he has what I need and we meet in the middle and facilitate the magic of our reunion. I’m excited. BUT – he turns up when he does. In the meantime, I’m doing the work that needs to be done inner, outer and creatively 🙂 <3

  8. Would love to have this reading. My husband and I fell for each other do quickly and have said we were soul mates yet we battle many issues. Maybe next month the funds will be available for me. Thank you for being available to teach these.

  9. I have met my twin flame years ago but did not no about this thing called twin flame. One day the angels told me that i already met my twin flame. So i asked them to please show me who she was. Then i found out she was one of my ex. When facing her on 6-7-2014 i knew it was her and i know she felt this energy between us, but she is already happily married for 13 years and have two kids together. So i told her that she must not give up her married life for anyone even me. We dance together like there was no tomorrow this love that was flowing was incredible. I love this woman so much it hurts. But i know my timing was not right and have to be patient but still.

  10. iam more then sure I have met my twin flame I have known this man for 8 years. we have been going through the mirroring process bringing up each others crappy stuff and boy has it been a tough ride!but there is also a tender sweetness also. we have been connecting telepathically to the point where iam now feeling physically what he is feeling and at the moment the period we are in is painful but very necessary but we are still loving each other completely and unconditionally. last night my friend said look at the photo I took when I was driving. it was the clock she showed me and it was 11:11 which is said to be the number associated with twin flames, I knew it was a sign from the universe the funny thing was the next day my boyfriend asked me to marry him. All I can say is no one can tell you who your twin flame is because it is a very very deep spiritual love that is embeded in your DNA and light energy. for me meeting my twin flame reunion has been one that is very very intense and the energy between you is so heightened that sometimes even looking into each others eyed can be very confronting and can awaken even the wildest man or woman. you will also have a good hint if the universe is constantly putting you in each others path. listen to your soul for your answer this is trully the only way.

  11. Met my twin. Never loved anyone as I do him. Three years later and I love him unconditionally. I feel We both have clearing and healing to do. I have been working and has grown a lot spiritually. I believe he is the runner and I am the chaser. Seen the signs and synchronizes. I am tired of chasing. I feel he want me to go away but every time if I don’t text for a day when I do his response is as if he is glad I did. Confused and tired.

  12. Hi, I would like to do a reading to confirm if my life long friend is my Twin Flame. We met very young & I have felt the pull to him all my life & he to me but we have had issues off & on though out our lives & can not be together at this time. I am willing to be the one to do the realignment work for us to heal this relationship so that when the Devine timing is right we can finally come together in a calm safe & happiness.

  13. Yes im undergoing lot of pressure ..feel like met after long but again feel very irtitable and wanna break..but now have a son so for him dont want to let my husband to go..before marriage it was like twin flame ..cant live type now cant live together

  14. This rang so true with me it’s scary! My twin flame and I met 8 yrs ago and had the can’t live with:without you whilst madly in love and adoring each other.
    He is a runner, I was the chaser. I stopped chasing when he last ‘ran’ in June this year.
    We have had at least one past life as I’ve been regressed.
    I love him dearly still and believe he does me. When together we are amazing.
    I’d love to know how we can ‘fix’ this and be together until our days end. We are both 51 (born 2 days apart) and time is running out.

  15. Can twins souls be years apart in age and live on different contients and be connected spiritually on higher self level, but not physical. Maybe to work together to lift the vibration of love through out the world.

  16. Hi. I just left my twin flame that I met about 5 years ago. He came into my life shortly before my sister died. I don’t know what I would have done without him. I’m pretty hurt that we can’t be together right now, and we’ve parted several times before, just to find out we’d be together over and over again. The “pull” is pretty intense and strong, and I miss him entirely when we aren’t together. I don’t know what to do right now, because yes…it’s true. A lot of past issues and fears came up, and it’s hard to face. I love him, but I don’t know how to get passed my own issues and his too.

  17. I am experiencing a twin flame relationship now in the calming stages but i feel i need to get him to do the realignment and i want to just go with the flow. Not sure if he is smart enough to know what to do?

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