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10 Ways Karmic Relationships Are Different From Soulmates

Are Soul Mates and Karmic Relationships the Same? Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships are often confused with soulmate relationships.

Both types of relationships are for your personal growth and advancement as a soul, and both are with souls whom you have shared past life experiences with, but there are some key differences.

How Can You Tell The Difference?

Soulmates are the souls whom you have past life connections with, and share similar soul purposes and life missions with. Reuniting with your soulmates in the present will help you to grow, evolve, and progress further on your authentic spiritual path.

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Not all of your past life experiences have been positive ones though, and many far from it.

Karmic relationships happen when one or both of the souls involved in a past life now owe a karmic-debt to the other. This usually happens when one person harmed the other in the past, made a promise they didn’t keep, or created negative karma in any number of ways.

Karmic relationships may also signify some sort of unfinished business from a past life, which needs to be resolved for both souls to move on.

Essentially, karmic relationships appear in your life so you can rinse clean the past karma or energy you have with another soul, so you can progress on your unique life path and soul mission.

The opportunity is to meet, cleanse and resolve the past karma, and part ways. The challenge is that you may cling to a karmic relationship due to the fear of being alone, the subconscious memory of being together in the past, and a hesitancy to step into the unknown to pursue your true happiness.

Staying in karmic relationships often leads to bigger challenges, unhealthy relationship dynamics, and a great deal of negativity, frustration and even despair. These dense emotions are a type of guidance that is essentially calling you to move on… But for many people karmic relationships are challenging to step away from.

Karmic relationships teach tough lessons… They often start fast and passionately, there is often an instant connection, a remembrance of being together in the past, and a deep instant attraction. But unlike soul mate relationships, those that are strictly karmic often do not survive the lesson being taught.

The whole point is to resolve the karma and move on. It’s not that the person you have a karmic relationship with is a bad person, you just have different purposes as souls and so you’ve come together for a short while to resolve the past, heal in the present and move into the future separately.

Karmic relationships naturally end when the debt is resolved, the lesson is learned, the pattern understood, or when Spirit determines it’s time for you to move on, and perhaps readdress a certain challenge sometime in the future.

Karmic relationships can be tricky, and they’re easy to confuse with soulmate relationships at first glance, however sometimes just as quickly as they began, so does the conflict tied to past karma.

No relationships are perfect and without challenges, but karmic relationships are usually those which go toxic.

Feeling emotionally, physically, or spiritually drained because of a relationship is a good indicator it is indeed a karmic one.

Do you feel like you need counseling because of your relationship? If so… It’s likely a karmic one.

Are you with someone who pushes you away and then pulls you back, plays games, is unavailable, brings out the destructive tendencies in you, or is abusive in anyway? If so… These are all common signs that what you’re involved in is probably a karmic relationship.

You may know in your heart you need to release the person and move on, and yet you cannot seem to help yourself from running back into the toxic situation whenever they call. This is another strong indication you're in a karmic relationship.

Karmic Relationships Don't worry… We've all been there.  I definitely have had my fair share of karmic relationship challenges, and those tough opportunities to clear, heal, and move on.

Plus, the good news is, you have help! If you feel like you may be in a karmic relationship, work with your angels to release past and present pain, fear, and negativity.

Ask your angels to help you see the truth of your relationship, for help standing  in your power and to know if it serves you to move on.

Cut the draining cords between you and the other person, and be willing to let the relationship go.

Past Life Healing may also be useful for you!

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From there, focus on loving yourself more fully as self love is the foundation needed for strong soulmate relationships and connections. Treat yourself with love and respect, follow your heart, strive to raise your vibration, and this will bring you into alignment with soulmate relationships that can help you grow and progress further in Love.

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