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How to Manifest Your Soulmate with 3 Simple Steps!

Are you yearning in your heart to attract and manifest true love?

Are you seeking that soul flame, a divine counterpart to journey with, grow with, and accelerate your growth with in your life experience?

Manifesting love is more than possible for you when you do these 3 things!

The main intention in this post is to share a few keys or secrets to help you manifest your soul mate, or true love in this life.

Of course, love comes in many forms, and so these same principles can be used to deepen your loving relationships with friends and family, or to attract soul friendships, soulmates, soul family in a platonic friendship.

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How to Manifest Your Soulmate with 3 Simple Steps!

Step #1: Clear Intention & Faith

The first key for manifesting true love in the form of a soul mate is all about clear intention combined with faith.

Let’s talk about faith first because it's so important, especially when seeking to attract love, to truly be able to know and believe at the core of your being that there is a divine counterpart for you, that there is another soul out there who is a divine match.

It is vital to have the faith there is a perfect match to support your unique journey, growth, and evolution, and for you to deepen in love together, supporting each other.

So, at the core of manifesting love is having the confidence that it is possible for you—that there is that divine counterpart, that twin flame, soul, flame, soulmate.

Whatever your soul is calling for you to manifest, trust that you have that spark within you for a reason. There is the possibility in the vast field of pure potentiality for that divine right partner for you to come into manifestation.

Have faith that it is possible, and then focus on your clear intention that, yes, I am calling this forth now, believing it's possible that there is that divine right match for you out in the world.

And then another aspect is requesting help from Spirit, tuning into gratitude for Spirit for paving the way, for the right relationship that is yours by divine right to now come into your life with grace and ease.

I want to share an intention with you, but know that this isn't a magic spell. These aren't the perfect words. It's the intention, the faith, a request to the Divine.

This is between you and God, opening your heart, asking for support, and then opening, allowing the Divine to bring it in.

Take a deep and relaxing breath, tuning into your heart, tuning into the force of divine love, and then asking, intending:

Intention for Manifesting Love

Infinite Spirit, make way for the right relationship for me to come into my life.

I now give thanks that the perfect divine relationship for my experience is ready to manifest in my life, with grace and ease, in a perfect way, according to divine timing. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

And so it is. 

Step #2: Tune Into the Law of Resonance

Once you've set your clear intent, the second key is to understand the law of resonance.

This law states that things that vibrate at a similar frequency are drawn to one another.

At this point, bringing yourself into resonance with love supports you in making way for that right relationship in allowing it to actually manifest in your life experience.

You can begin to resonate with more love in your life by leaning in, focusing on directing your attention to all of those things you love and are grateful for—for the loving relationships that are in your life, for the loving relationships with your pets or nieces and nephews, or whatever it is for you.

Where is love in your life experience? Focus in on that …

And if you feel there is no love, then cultivate that divine love within.

Cultivate your connection with the Divine, the love of angels, the love of Spirit, of Jesus, of Mary Magdalena, of the Infinite, the love of nature, the love of flowers.

Focus on that love within and all around you, shifting your point of resonance.

As you do so, you begin to vibrate with more and more love to support and empower magnetizing love for you, to support and empower making way for the right relationship to manifest in your life.

Step #3: Develop Awareness

How to Manifest Love Finally, a very important third step for manifesting love in the form of a soul mate is all about awareness.

You've set clear intent; you've requested Divine's support; you're resonating with divine love.

Now, become aware of what is standing between you and truly manifesting that love experience you desire. This is about developing the awareness to recognize, “Wow, I'm having a hard time truly manifesting with divine love because I'm holding on to this resentment around past relationships.” 

Or … “I have all of this anger,” or “I have this mistrust.”

Or maybe there's doubt or insecurity or judgment; there may be all that and even more standing between where you are now and your coming into alignment in resonance with that love you seek.

We are all programmed as young children in our life experience, and so many of these programs don't ultimately serve us, and yet they continue to run and play out until we go and update them.

It is time to remove old programming and install new programming that does serve. This requires awareness, acknowledgement of what patterns are playing out in your life that are blocking you from manifesting love in your experiences.

It is so important to gain clarity around this, because awareness is the first key to empower transformation to unfold. Often, with awareness from a certain state of perception, that pattern begins to dissolve on its own through simply shining the light of awareness on it.

However, there is more that you can do.

For right now, become aware of something that is between you and the love you truly desire, between you and how you truly want to show up in relationship in the world.

It might be doubt, frustration, judgment—all these sticky patterns that we all deal with in our own ways. Tune in to one of those patterns that is coming up for you now, that's coming into your awareness, and allow yourself to just be with it for a moment.

Acknowledge it's there.

It's like there's the knock at the door …

Okay, we've got resentment here. Then is is about understanding how it came to be.

Maybe you were resentful of something around your parents—how your parents treated you—but now that's still playing out and blocking you off from the relationship you truly desire.

Acknowledge that resentment is there. As much as you can, welcome it just for this moment to be here. Honor it for how it did serve you, how it helped you to get to this place, to survive your crazy childhood, to survive this world.

Whatever the quality that comes up for you now —doubt, judgement, guilt… are all fear in many forms—honor how you leaned on that, how it gave you something to focus on, but recognize that now it's standing between you and what you truly desire.

And so now, with loving compassion, you can grab that quality and send it back to Source.

Release it into the violet flame, transmute it with high, high frequency and light to allow it to transmute, be released, and to create a space and opening for what you do desire.

Replace that resentment with divine compassion, with understanding, with presence.

Clear out those layers, clear out whatever it is that you're holding onto unconsciously, which is probably tied to your childhood traumas and challenges, but that is now standing between you and being in perfect resonance with the love you desire to have.

Welcome it, allow a light to be shined upon it, let it come to the surface, welcome it with love, and then transmute it through simply loving it, giving it back to Source, releasing it into the violet flame.

And then replace it with those divine qualities of love that do serve you in resonating with the true love that you desire.

From here, simply continue to do this work, because it is an ongoing process.

Just continue to return to love, to return to gratitude, to allow your heart to open, to allow the power of love to illuminate and bless all areas of your life.

And then listen for those nudges of inspiration, for that guidance of your intuition as to the little steps you can take, the little things you can shift and change, the little ways or big ways for how you can begin to thrive in your life more.

This might involve more self-love and care within your own experience, trusting that infinite Spirit, divine Source is making way for that right relationship to align for you.

I hope this has been helpful for you.

If you have any questions about this process, please leave a comment below.

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With love and bright blessings,



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