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Signs from Heaven… Top 9 Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

How Do Your Deceased Loved Ones Reach Out?

After death, your deceased loved ones are usually very eager to let you know they are okay, and still a part of your life.

Signs from spirit are usually personally significant, and really can come in a number of ways which may be easy to overlook…

The key to noticing signs from your deceased loved ones is to pay attention.

Be on the lookout for meaningful occurrences and anything out of the ordinary, and be open to communication from beyond the physical. There are also some more commonly experienced signs from Heaven to be on the lookout for…

If you have experienced any of these, it’s highly likely you have indeed received a sign from Heaven.

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Top 9 Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

Signs from Heaven… Top 9 Signs from Deceased Loved Ones 1. Visitation Dreams

Dreams are one of the most common ways in which your deceased loved ones in spirit will reach out to connect with you.

Visitation dreams from your loved ones in Heaven are much different than normal dreams. For starters they are incredibly vivid, and real! When you wake up from a true visitation dream you will know you were contacted by your loved one in Heaven.

The main focus of visitation dreams is communication…

Your loved one will likely relay a message, and let you know that they are okay. They will appear healthy, and vibrant (regardless of their state when they died) and after sharing their love with you, and communicating a message, the dream will end.

2.    Strange Electrical Occurrences.

An underlying energy flows throughout all of existence. Your loved ones in Heaven, who are now pure energy, are able to easily tap into this energetic flow to get your attention. For this reason, one of the most common signs from spirit happens when they, from beyond the physical play with electricity.

There are a number of ways they can do this, like causing the lights to flicker, turning the TV, radio, or lights on or off. They can also cause appliances, phones, devices or kids toys to beep for no known reason, or turn on without being touched. They may even call you on the phone from an unknown number… And then when you answer there is only static, or nothing on the other end at all.

Why does this happen? It’s a sign that even after death your loved one lives on.

Most of the time electrical signs are just your loved ones wanting you to know they are with you… Pay attention.

What show is on when the TV mysteriously turns on? What were you thinking about when the light flickered? Were you thinking about your loved one?

Your thoughts can offer additional insight into the message from your loved one, or even offer confirmation that the flickering of your lights really is your loved one in heaven.

3.    Feeling Their Presence.

Do you feel like your loved one in Heaven is looking out for you? That they are still with you and watching over you from spirit?

Feeling the presence of your dead loved one is one of the top signs that they really are with you, and visiting you from beyond the physical.

How might you feel their presence? There are quite a few ways…. You may sense a shift in the air, feel like you’re being watched (in a non-creepy way) or you just get a strong feeling of their presence which lets you know that they are with you.

You may also feel your loved one lay down next to you at night, or you get the sense they’re sitting next to you, holding your hand, or gently rubbing your back, touching your cheek, or brushing your hair.

4.    Smelling their Signature Scent.

Are you experiencing any of these top signs from your deceased loved ones in Heaven? Did your loved one smoke, wear a certain fragrance, make the best chocolate chip cookies, or enjoy preparing you a certain type of food?

Scent is common sign from Heaven.

If your deceased father smoked, and you’re sitting in the couch watching a movie, and you smell smoke despite no one smoking anywhere in proximity, this is likely a sign from Heaven that your father is with you.

Or maybe you smell your deceased mothers perfume, or the scent of your grandmothers famous chocolate chip cookies when there is no physical evidence as to why this scent would be near. When this happens, you’re experiencing a sign from Heaven that your loved one is with you.

5.    Showing Up As an Insect or Animal.

Your loved one in Heaven is now pure energy… They are able to channel their energy into an insect or animal, for a brief period of time to bring you a sign that their spirit lives on.

They may appear to you in this way as a butterfly, dove, rabbit, dragonfly, or any other number of insects or animals… When this happens, the animal or insect will usually do something that is out of character that catches your attention. They may land on your hand, come into your home, or appear closely, right in front of you as if they are communicating.

This is a common type of communication from spirit. If something like this happens to you, trust that your loved one is with you, and letting you know that they are okay, and that you are not alone.

6.    Moving Objects or Placing Objects on Your Path.

Even from beyond the physical, your loved one is able to move objects to get your attention.

This sign from spirit may take a couple of forms. Either they move objects of yours, like flipping over a picture, moving a piece of clothing into an odd location, or causing something to fall as a way of getting your attention.

They may also move objects onto your path.

Dimes and pennies, crystals or stones, feathers, flowers and keys are common examples of the types of objects deceased loved ones may move onto your path.

You may receive objects other than these that are somehow significant to your loved one like seashells (if they loved the beach), paintbrushes (if they were an artist), or even screws and nails (if they were a builder).

When this happens, say hello, and know that your loved one is sending you a sign from spirit.

7.    They Communicate A Message…

While your loved one can’t audibly speak to you, because they are a spiritual and not a physical being now, they are able to communicate with you telepathically, and they very well may directly communicate a message to you.

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Pay attention to the thoughts which just pop into your head when you’re doing something else as this is a common way in which you loved one in Heaven may reach out. Especially if it sounds like something your loved one would say, or brings you a message of love, encouragement, or answers a question in a voice which does not sound like your own.

You may also find yourself having a conversation in your mind with your deceased mother, grandmother, or friend. When you as them a question, and then receive a response, it’s highly likely that this is actually a message from them…

Another slight variation of this is when a certain song seems to start playing in your mind out of nowhere. Listen to the lyrics to tune into the message from spirit. The song may even play on the radio at just the right time.

Your loved ones can use other people to deliver their messages too. You may overhear a bit of someone’s conversation, or someone in your life may be inspired (from beyond the physical) with a message of guidance or reassurance that is actually a message from your loved one in spirit. You could even be thinking of your loved one right before noticing a bumper sticker on a car, which brings you a message.

8.    Synchronicity

Have you experienced an increased number of coincidences and synchronicities after your loved ones death? They very well may be pulling some strings from the realms of spirit to help things line up for you in your life.

Your loved ones in heaven can assist you in aligning with chance meetings, new opportunities, and with attracting new friends, teachers, and life partners.

A slight variation of this is synchronicity in the forms of signs… Are you thinking of your deceased aunt Emma while driving, and suddenly a huge sign for Emma’s Shoe Shop appears?

Or maybe your grandfather was always encouraging you to follow your dream and travel to Italy… And then after his death, you receive an offer you can’t resist for a discounted Italian vacation…

When something synchronistic happens in your life and you just get the feeling your loved one in Heaven was somehow involved, they likely were!

9. Visions

Seeing a full on vision of your deceased loved one is one of the least likely ways to receive a sign from them in spirit… But if it does happen, which it occasionally does for people, it will be a sign that you cannot dispute.

I think the main reason more people don’t see their dead loved ones as apparitions, is because your loved ones intention is to comfort you, and let you know they’re ok… Not to freak you out and scare you with a ghostly appearance.

There are other ways in which you can receive a vision from a loved one though, and it is very common to see them through a vivid memory, or as a vision in your mind’s eye. This type of mental vision of your loved one will almost like you’re imagining them… but will appear seemingly out of no where, and usually accompanying one of several of the signs from spirit listed above.

Orbs are another common way in which your loved ones may appear visually through photographs. Keep in mind taking a picture into direct sunlight, or in a dusty atmosphere can also cause orbs to appear… But in many cases of orbs captured (especially those which seem to be solid), this is a powerful sign from spirit.

Love Lives On…

While life in the physical does end for individuals, love and energy continues, so do not be surprised if your loved one in Heaven reaches out to let you know they are okay.

Signs from spirit bring the comfort of knowing we are not alone, and that the soul lives on…

Your loved ones in Heaven know you, and so the signs that they are with you will often be specific to your life experience. They may also reach out and attempt to connect with you in ways and at times that are different than you may expect.

If you feel like you’ve gotten a sign from your loved one, trust your gut feeling and take it as a validation that their soul and love lives on.

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With love and light, 

Melanie Beckler



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PS. Have you received any of these or any other signs from your deceased loved ones?  Share your story!  Comment below so others can learn and have hope from your experience as well.

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  1. My son died April 7, 2021 and a week later around 3:00 A.M. in the morning I heard his voice, he said mama. In his voice I could tell he had went through some type of transformation and I could hear in his voice immediately that he wanted me to know he was still alive and okay. My heart was racing when this happened and I woke up and told my husband.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss Aretta. My beautiful daughter Alice died June 19, 2021. She had just turned 17 years old less than three weeks prior. She died at home and the following night I went to stay with my sister as it was too traumatic to sleep in our house. Anyway, as I was trying to fall asleep I heard her voice in my left ear that sounded far away as if through a tube–“Mama”. It was her voice but it was almost melancholic. I thought I had imagined it but now weeks later I know it was her voice. Since then I have been encountering dragonflies in the most unlikely places. I miss her so much. At times it doesn’t seem real.

  2. I am compelled to leave a response. I was drawn to read the 9 signs. We lost our daughter last year and I have seen angels in the clouds…she has left me and a few other family members dimes along the way. Even on the day of her service we had to stop and get gas on the way home…I came out of the gas station and a shiny dime was waiting on the ground for me. I have saved every one. I missed her so much one night and prayed for her cheek to touch my cheek and while asleep I felt her cheek on mine and when I awoke it was so real I could still feel her. The strangest thing just happened. As I read through your 9 signs I came to the end and saw your signature…Melanie. That is my daughter’s name. I stared for a very long time and needed to respond. Thank you for my message as I was missing her so.❤️❤️

  3. My dad passed away on March 4th, on March 22 was my Birthday and on my Birthday was my dad’s viewing, I know my dad was telling me he made it to heaven and he was gonna be fine because later that day at 3:22 pm a picture of him and I popped up on my phone that was taken of us on my aunts bday from back in April of 2018. I screened shot it and saved it and I know that’s a sign from God

  4. This was very interesting, My passed away last September. Shortly before she passed she told me, as I was holding her hand, that when she crosses over from this life to eternity she would let me know she is ok by knocking 3 times on the wall. She passed away on a Monday, the next night after the family had gone home I had gone to bed and knock, knock, knock on the wall. I immediately knew she was ok and that she was at peace.

    I say this because her sister passed away several years ago, same thing happened,. My wife’s brother was killed in a tragic car accident on December 3, 1971, two years later as we were having dinner, the upstairs telephone rang, but not the one in the kitchen. I answered it and the male voice said tell my sister I’m ok and at peace. That has always stayed with us for many years.
    These things do happen.

  5. I have heard before about pennies from Heaven. Well, I was walking out of a store and thinking that with the “coin shortage” I might not find many coins on the ground anymore. Every time I picked up a penny, I would say “hi mom”. When I got to my car there was a penny right on the ground by my car door. Coincidence? No, it was from mom.

  6. I have received signs from my late husband. But the one that validated him visiting was this:
    I asked him to give me a sign that I would know was definitely him
    Well he did.
    I was sitting in my car at a supermarket parking lot,when I looked up and saw a man with a blue striped shirt,faded jeans,white sneakers gray
    Hair in a ponytail.
    My husband wore this exact same outfit when I first met him.
    I have no doubts anymore that he is always here with me.

  7. Thank you for this read. It validates the MANY experience I have had since one of our beloved dogs passed away in May 2020. She continues to contact me most every day with a variety of things. I have documented these happenings because I was hoping the verify them. The most impressive is a video of a orb dancing around in a flower we potted just for her. The orb lets me know she sees it and knows it was for her.

  8. Melanie Beckler
    Hello I have a used book store in Salt Lake City, Ut.
    My brother passed away 11/26/2008 but this is what is going on for 12 years i knew he was here, I had a friend died that was angry at his wife and i believe he still is I think My Friend showed my Brother Skip how to used his energy I have maybe 100 Plus Coins that my brother has sent written and some that are bent in half i have people witness the coins coming out of thin air and even rolls of Quarters,Dimes,Nickles, the messages are i’m next to you, Sent my other brother A Happy Birthday on a quarter, etc, i know a lot of people don’t believe in this. I have even tell people i will take a lie detector test. Can you tell me why P. Marshall

  9. My mother passed away in 2011. She was my bestfriend. We were extremely close. I was devastated when i lost her cause it was so unexpected. She passed away in her sleep so i know she did not suffer. We always promised eachother that if there was any way to contact the other one from the other side when we was gone that we would reach out. Since she passed I’ve had a few different encounters. The 1st one was a right after she died. She was standing across the room looking right at me in her yellow night gown. The 2nd time was a few days after i saw her she appeared inside the T.V just for a few seconds. After that it’s like it stopped cause it was about a year before i smelled her perfume. She will be gone 9yrs on Nov 28th 2020, but in those 9yrs she kept her promise and lets me know she’s there. She has also came to me in my dreams and i have to say those are the best cause i usually get to hug her. I miss her every day but im blessed to get those lil messages from her.

  10. I lost my mum in Feb 2020. The day after she passed, the family gathered together to raise a toast and to share fond memories. As we raised our glasses a black ladybug with red spots landed (well, seemed to just appear, actually) on the table directly in front of me, where I was sitting.

    Another time, my aunt-my mum’s sister- was talking to my cousin about my mum and the TV turned it’s self over to the radio where it was just all static!

  11. The day my dad was cremated, even down to the very minute, a shiny beetle bug appeared. I was at home and this beautiful, shiny beetle planted himself on my window screen. I opened the window expecting it to fly away. He sat there, clinging to the window screen for about an hour! Since that day, at least once a week I get a visit from this beetle…..I also had a dream about my dad in our kitchen, sitting in his favorite seat, and said hi to me. Another time we were outside, a crowd of people walking by, and all of a sudden my dad appeared. He gave me the tightest hug (I actually FELT it!!) and I cried on his chest and said to him, “I want to go with you dad!” He replied, “I know you do, but you cant.” ….That was the last time I dreamt about him….I have experienced the flickering light (my hallway), the pennies in my car, or outside my car door…. I have seen dark images or very bright light flashes in pictures I take…I have smelled him, and my grandparents numerous times in my house. My daughter has smelled him in the kitchen where his favorite chair is…Its always a bitter sweet experience. Never frightening. I am waiting for the next one to appear. I love you Dad!!

  12. I have experienced several of the signs you mentioned…..mostly from when my mother passed away suddenly, 30 years ago. It was so hard for me to accept her death and I kept praying for a sign that she was okay. On the day of her memorial service, I was walking out to my car, carrying my 2 year old daughter. All of a sudden a beautiful pink butterfly came and flitted around my daughter and me, very close to our heads, for what seemed like a very long time. The presence of the butterfly gave me a very calming feeling and I knew this was my mother’s spirit and even told my daughter to say hello to Grammy. It was a perfect sign because she loved butterflies and also the color pink. I have to mention that the the color of the butterfly was a pink I have never seen before- or after- it was very vibrant and luminous. I have also, several times, smelled her signature fragrance in places when no one else was around. But a very intense memory was about a year or so after she died and I had a visitation dream. I was in my kitchen and she came in and I was thrilled to see her, knowing she had already died. I invited her to stay for lunch and she said that she couldn’t – that it was time for her to go. She gave me a hug that was so real that when I awoke I could still feel the hug. After that visitation dream, I was able to accept her death knowing she had moved on to her eternal life. I know I will see her again one day.
    Then in 2018, my husband of almost 40 years, died unexpectedly. He had been battling cancer on and off for 8 years but died very suddenly of a cardiac arrest. I wasn’t prepared for his loss and kept hoping I would have a visitation dream from him also, but so far I have never experienced that. I have had other dreams but not the same intensity of a vistitation dream- (you know the difference after you have experienced one). We did however have a very meaningful experience when we scattered my husband’s ashes off the coast of Hawaii. It was pouring as we said our goodbyes and as the last of the flower petals were thrown, the rain stopped and a beautiful rainbow appeared. As we headed back to the marina a large pod of dolphins put on a magnificent show for us. Our captain stopped so we could take it all in. We all felt a spiritual connection and knew my husband was there with us. It was perfect.

    1. That’s beautiful what your mommy did and your husband I recently lost my daughter and I get dreams flicker lights turns lights on tv on so much more she sees my deep pain I believe and is so trying to tell me she is ok and around me I saw a medium she said my daughter and mother were together and they told me to quit leaking I leak to much I’m so hurt and miss my baby girl thank you mommy for coming through with your message truly blessed

  13. My husband of 43 years passed in 2017 from cancer. I believe he tapped on the mattress of our bed. At first I thought it was the dog. I had to ask him to stop once, so I could get some sleep! But then, I missed it and told him to come back. The knob on my electric dryer has been moved several times. I take a picture of it every time. I hear knocks on the ceiling a lot too. I miss him so much!

    1. My partner died from pancreatic cancer on 9/3/20 he was 57, one day I was in my lounge and my Bose stereo came on full blast, I’m sure that was him. I miss him terribly.

      1. My sweet, kind hearted father passed away from complications due to Covid-19. Two months ago he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I managed to move him out of the nursing home and into our home. Sadly, we only had 4 very short days together as he aspirated from Covid-19. I am truly devastated yet, I’m glad I never had to tell him he had pancreatic cancer. Since my daddy passed, I have seen a turtle visit our driveway which has NEVER happened since we moved here 20 years ago. Also, I see the same Red cardinal visiting me. Most recently I visited the cemetery and after praying and shedding tears, I looked up and the red cardinal was sitting on the tree branch right above me and my father’s grave. I miss you so much Daddy. I will see you someday again. Promise.

    2. I lost my dad suddenly almost 14 years ago. I have had many of these signs listed. When he visits my dreams it is brief, and he never speaks, but he hugs me. I wake with an indescribable feeling. It haunts me (in the best way) all day long.

      One evening, 4 years ago, I had strange shoulder and arm pain on my right side. It felt like I had played a sport and strained something. I couldn’t shake the dull ache. I was 39 and in good health. It wasn’t on my left side so I didn’t think heart attack. When I went to bed that night, I couldn’t get comfortable and was unable to sleep. As I lay awake and tossed and turned, there was a voice in my head that just kept repeating and repeating, “Call Healthlink. Call Healthlink. Over and over.” This is a call centre with nurses to talk you through any health concerns – not 911, but close. I finally got up and called. The nurse took me through a number of questions and advised me to go to the ER. She thought I needed to see a Dr. After many tests and a long night in the emergency room, I was told I had MULTIPLE pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in my lungs). I received treatment and was scheduled for more tests to find the cause.

      When I saw my GP a few days later, she came into the room with tears in her eyes. She had seen my reports and was terribly concerned. She said to me, “Jill, I don’t think you know how serious this is and how fatal it could have been. People with P.E.s like this are not diagnosed until the autopsy discovers the cause of death. You wouldn’t have survived the night.” I have no doubt in my mind, that voice in my head was my dad nagging me and encouraging me and PROTECTING MY LIFE. I know he is my angel watching over me and keeping my daughters and I safe. I’m forever grateful to him and look forward to the day we are reunited in heaven and I can thank him.

      1. Omg! This is incredible! Bless your heart! Im so glad you were able to hear, listen, and took action!

  14. The day of my Mother’s funeral, doves were let go at the graveside service — that was a specific request of my Mother’s, which I insisted be honored. As the doves took flight, two of them each dropped a single tail feather. The handler told me I could have them if I wanted — that was 10 years ago. Since then, on many occasions I have found a single white tail feather in the most unexpected places. Usually after helping someone, or when I’m trying my hardest but things aren’t going so well. There are never birds around, and the feather just suddenly is there where it hadn’t been just minutes before that. Such a special thing and I’m convinced it is my mother reminding me that she is still with me.

    1. My daughter died December 16 2019 we were very close randomly her phone alarm goes off she has no service but it has gone off severale times since she passed i know it her that girl never put down her phone and other time i was with her best friend and a butterfly stayed with us the time whole time we were visting i so want to dream her it has not happened yet

  15. I’ve commented on here before a couple of times when I believed I experienced signs from my grandad.
    My dog passed away early yesterday morning, after being really ill for a short period of time. I believe I had a sign from her this morning. Outside my bedroom window, I heard a bird squawking loudly. Immediately, I opened my curtains. I couldn’t see the bird, but still heard the squawking and it sounded so close. I knew it was a sign from my beloved dog; she would normally either tap my bedroom door or bark when she wanted to come in and see me, so this reminded me a lot of that. I have absolute faith that both she and my grandad are still with us, and they are happy and safe. I’ll probably update if and when I receive any more signs from either of them. That really made me smile 🙂

  16. I lost my son Jonathan Sept. 29, 2019. He’s 23 years old. He’s my best friend and everything to me. On my way to the cemetery, his song Stand by me by Ben E. King played on the radio. He loves this song and would whistle the tune. I miss him so much.

    1. Mary Ann,
      I lost my son 8th March 2020 he was 35, his favourite song was loose you to love me, we were very close and could think by looking at each other what we were going to say, i would say we’re telepathic, well that song was playing in the chapel after I visited him, it also came on everytime I got into the car to go see him before his funeral on the 31st March last month, since his funeral I have not heard it play at all, but everyday now at his grave when I’m there a red admiral butterfly comes along, one day it landed on the wreath that said son then took off again, I really believe he is around me , x

  17. My husband passed away on May 21st in his sleep at age 71. He was always very active, played tennis, golf, pickleball, poker, etc. on a daily basis. An autopsy indicated that he died of severe heart disease. He and I had a very special love that few ever experience. We met at age 15, but later met and married others. After my divorce and his wife died from cancer, we met again, renewed our relationship and married 32 years later. Our families and friends were delighted to see two people so in love and so happy together. Our marriage lasted 23 joyful years. His death has been the worst experience I’ve ever lived through. His absence has been excruciatingly painful….the dinners out, the wine and cheese at the end of the day, the empty chair, the empty house to come home to each evening. My only comfort and peace is feeling his constant spiritual presence from day to day. I, too, have experienced many signs that he is near and watching over me. The first was on the morning of his funeral…to my amazement, there were thousands of dragonflies flying around in circles in our front yard. I had a friend staying with me to share the moment. We had never witnessed anything like it before, but I immediately knew it was him telling me that he was with me and he was fine. Later that night I laid down and closed my eyes to go to sleep when, again to my amazement, all I could see was, what appeared to be, sparkling stars! I could only see them when my eyes were closed, but lasted for at least a minute. Again, I felt that he was giving me a sign that he was with me and comforting me. These “sparkling stars” experiences occur often, especially when I have endured a difficult day with estate attorneys, accountants, bankers, etc., who create a stressful and tension-filled day in my world. It would be interesting to know if others have experienced this unusual but exciting experience?

    1. My husband of 35years died suddenly in July 2019. I thought I would grieve forever. Two weeks ago I found an old acquaintance from high school on Facebook and we have been texting each other nonstop. We have met twice in 5 days. We talk about everything and we are quite taken with each other. We are so similar and like all of the same things that it is almost absurd. I feel that my husband sent him to me so I could be happy again. I’m 54and I don’t want to be alone forever. I’m not being silly or desperate but he may not look anything like my departed husband but he sure is like him in many ways. My husband’s cousin thinks that he sent him to me as well.

    2. Linda I too lost my husband in May of this year at age 73 and we were married 52 years. I have experienced the same as you with the stars when closing my eyes, they were brilliant, and then way back in the distance I saw a faint bright light. I too felt he was telling me he was alright. Just last night I sensed the sensation of him turning over in bed, it seemed so real as if he were there, that made me a little sad and tears but I know he is fine and watching over me.

    3. Ive seen the stars when I closed my eyes. As a matter of fact Ive been taken up in Spirit to see them closer. Cardinals and pennys always appear also. My dad loved cardinals

      1. My daughter died December 16 2019 we were very close randomly her phone alarm goes off she has no service but it has gone off severale times since she passed i know it her that girl never put down her phone and other time i was with her best friend and a butterfly stayed with us the time whole time we were visting i so want to dream her it has not happened yet

  18. My 22 year old nephew passed away. At hospital and I felt him leave the room . My heart was so happy and I left and I was full of love and floating . I believe I felt my. 22 year old nephew Leave . I felt him leave his. Body . He was not I. The room just his body . Felt so much love

  19. I’ve already commented, but wanted to add one other story. When I was faced with the decision of having a c section birth with my second son, (because of complications with my first son), I was torn. I didn’t want to have a section, but having a regular delivery was also risky. The decision weighed heavily and I prayed before my OB appointment for God to send a sign.

    The doctors recommendation was to go ahead and book a section. Noticing my hesitance, I could change my mind if I felt like it even the day of with a phone call. I sobbed as she left me to go book the appointment.

    When she returned she was quite cheerful. “You’re lucky, I was able to get you my last appointment for next week.” The appointment was for June 22. My (now ex) husband’s deceased mother’s birthday.

  20. My mother had passed away in her home while I was living with parents in their 80’s. She signed a DNR order so when she fell she was told not well enough to have surgery for broken arm 😥 they induced her in a coma with morphine 😥 she lived in coma state for 2weeks then she passed. A short time after passing at night in my dark bedroom I felt urge to look to my left I saw a cyclinder object frm top to bottom it was a smoky and had a weave pattern it moved slowly in circles it didn’t scare me 🤷🏼‍♀️ I was afraid to try to touch it I looked away then looked back again it was gone 😳 I would dearly love to know my mom or angel looking at me 💕

  21. My loved, loved grandfather passed away a few months ago. Since then, butterflies has appeared in unusual ways in both me and my other family members house. We all are so sure it is him – especially after I read and showed them this. Thank you.


  23. I just lost a sweet little furry boy this morning from kidney failure and as I was out burying him under the tree, a blue dragonfly came to rest in the branch just above me where I was burying him and then as I was taking the shovels back to the garage in the front, again a blue dragonfly was flying beside me coming back from the garage. Only the one and specifically blue as the dog was a boy. I know he is free.

  24. My sister passed away August 24th. My aunt gave me a wind chime with my sisters name on it after her funeral. I heard the chime ringing for 2 days before hanging it up outside. It was still in the box in my room.

  25. Just woke up from a dream my dad called me on the phone and he said we are in trouble and I kept asking what’s wrong and he wouldn’t answer me!!!! This woke me from my sleep. I feel so sad! What does it mean????

  26. Wow I had a white dove fly right into my house from the back door and landed on the arm of a chair that my boyfriend was sitting in at the time,he nudged it to move and the bird nudged back and would not move.this bird went in the kitchen and stayed all night it hung out for a while then flew off,after that it always came back and purched on the power lines out in the back yard everyday.strange cause I noticed this dove had 1 read tail feather it was the real color so I would call to it as redfeather it’s crazy but this bird would stop looking and look at me like he new what I was saying.till tonight I always tried to research the meaning of the bird coming into the house and now it makes sense cause my friend who’s house if was got diagnosed with cancer and I lost track of where he went nobody could tell me for 4 years and I found his name in the mass burial they did in Fresno CA for all the unclaimed deciesed, so now I personally can put him and the bird redfeather to rest in my mind .

    1. My Daughter Latosha Age 29 Pass Away Last Year My Heart Still 💔 Getting Counseling I Look For Signs From Her @When I See The Red 🐦 I Know It’s From Her…Im Still In So Much Pain

  27. Mom passed 9/22, batteries in three clocks, one electric clock went blank, still works. Two smoke detector batteries. Mom’s been busy.

  28. My grandson passed May 26 2019 ,I have recieved 2 calls from him on my phone.His phone has been disconnected for some time.Didnt think to much of it but this time ,he had a wreck on this day Sept.30 2019 the phone call was September 30 2019 at 12:02.He didn’t die in the wreck in this wreck but was found dead May 26 2019.I want to know is sending me a sign,I have strong faith in my lord Jesus Christ

    1. My junior highschool boyfriend passed suddenly I guess the day before yesterday, because I saw a post of FB my best friend from high school who also knew him sent me the post. I was devastated and crying most of the afternoon. I had messaged my best friend when sent me the post to see if it was real and I told her one of his daughters posted a picture of them saying #3 is gonna miss you. We had reconnected a few years ago, even talking about getting together. A week ago I got a request to like his daughter’s page about puppies and kitties. I thought it was odd. But I did and posted a pic of one of my dogs in a bee costume. I thought about him all week, prayed for him and wondered even though he said he wouldn’t get married again if we might have another chance someday. The afternoon I’d found out the news I had planned to go to church, but was having chest pain, more than an anxiety or post anxiety pain. It surrounded my chest my arm and even my back. I told my best friend who told me to rest and take care of myself. No one knew the cause of his death. I found out today, he had had a heart attack and had fallen and hit his head and was lying until a neighbor found him in the morning. That evening I had to go to the store when I was feeling better. I had thought about sending white roses. A sign in other countries for death. But for me of young love and innocence. My favorite color now is pink and I’m told it means joy. When I stepped outside my car I saw a wild pink flower wrapped in a white ribbon from a plank marker that had fallen. I said, “Hi Marc.”

  29. I have noticed that anytime I’m in a difficult situation I get help often get helped by someone named after my late dad. This has happened so many times. Recently my car broke down and a kind gentle man named John (same name as my late dad) helped me, he went out of his way to make sure my car was fixed and I was safe before he went on about his business. It was amazing. Is this a synchronizing sign?

  30. I believe I got a sign from my son. He passed on June 5,2019. I was with his 7 year old daughter,I reached in an old box of pics and old art work from my kids. On top was a baby pic of her,so I reached in again and pulled out an old child written dry erase board that said”I’m hear Richard” it wasn’t just a fluke, I had been asking him for a sign. I truly believe it was my sign.

  31. We had to say goodbye to our beloved dog, Bella yesterday. Just now, an absolutely beautiful butterfly appeared as we sat in our balcony. We rarely see a butterfly as we live in an apartment complex without much foliage and nearly zero flowers.
    So surreal I am speechless. It was a zebra longwing which is the Florida State butterfly, but I’d never seen one in my life.
    Feeling such mixed emotions but I feel it was Bella. Thanks for sharing this information and story.

  32. An update:
    I commented on this forum back in the beginning of May this year, after having lost my grandad at the end of April. I mentioned how my mum and I both believed that we had both experienced visitations from him (he appeared to my mum as a crow a few hours after his death, and appeared to me as a blackbird about a week later).
    The reason I’m writing again is because we believe that we’ve had another sign from my grandad.
    Yesterday, my family and I were all sat in our garden, as it was a very hot day (it was also a bank holiday). We had been talking and laughing and, generally, all having a lovely, relaxed afternoon.
    As we were all having a laugh together, a white bird flies onto a roof of a house opposite and overlooking our garden. I noticed it instantly, remarking on how I’d never seen a pigeon look like that before.
    But what I thought was a white pigeon, actually turned out to be a dove. I had never seen one in person before.
    My dad said that they were a sign of peace, and that’s when my mum told me that she believed it was grandad. And that would make sense; an animal symbolising peace, looking down at us from a rooftop – to me, it was as though grandad was watching over his family being happy from Heaven, being at peace himself. Just like an angel.
    Similarly to the spiritual experience I had with the blackbird a week after his passing, the dove landed on the roof, stayed there for a few seconds, and then flew away. As though grandad was saying a quick hello.
    I’m not quite sure if my dad and sisters believe in spiritual signs, but my mum and I definitely do.
    Something that is interesting to me is that all three signs from him (that we’ve seen) have been of birds; a crow, a blackbird, and now a dove. I don’t quite know what exactly this means or if there is any significance in this. But I’ll definitely keep a close eye for any more possible signs, and I’ll especially keep a look out for any more birds. <3

  33. I was very close to my grandfather and when he died in 2011, I felt my world crumble. In 2012 while home alone a man invaded my home and held me at knife point. He attacked me with both hands around my throat and I was on my last breath when I noticed my granddaddy in the upper corner with a bowing arrow, but his head was on a Cupid’s body. This guy jolted back like he’d been shot because he was so bent over me and choking me but I couldn’t reach him but when he did a jolt I didn’t know really what to think or why my granddaddy would appear on Cupid’s body because he never used a bowing arrow that I ever seen. The second time was after delivering my daughter in 2014 and problems struck and I was going under. I kept asking my husband why my granddaddy and another mans face was appearing on the wall??? I had never seen the other man before or after that. The last time something happened was a couple of weeks ago I was severely depressed. I went outside to get out of the house when suddenly 3 granddaddy long leg spiders were directly above my head on a beam. As the depression continued the long leg spiders were showing up everywhere!!!
    Thank you for the signs they were very comforting and interesting!!

  34. near death experience. my partner is type 1 diabetic. this morning he had a bad hypo and felt very I’ll he was standing outside our house getting fresh air when a Robin landed on his arm .ge tried to shoo it off but it would not go he said it appeared to be shouting at him at this point he became very faint and he saw himself walk across the road to some people who were his deceased relatives. the Robin was still on his arm .he said he could see them very clearly .the Robin flew off his arm and landed on a lampost outside our house .my partner went back to his body and felt like he could not move or talk. all of a sudden the Robin dive bombed into our kitchen window and died on impact. my partner was very shook up about this and came back into the house .I found him very shook up and traumatised after this experience. I thought he must of been hallucinating bec his blood sugars were so low but when I went outside I saw the dead Robin. I feel this is a message from spirit for him to stop smoking and decrease his coffee intake.bec he is at high risk of stroke or heart attack. I have just got to convince him of this as he is very skeptical on issues yo do with after life.

  35. My father passed away about 4 yrs ago and two night in a row I’ve had dreams about him. In my first dream we are at a family wedding and he is dancing with my mom. I wanted to dance with him and headed to the dance floor but he disappeared, but as he disappeared in my dream I can clearly see he was happy dancing away with my mother.

    Second dream I don’t remember much but seeing him happy, healthy full of life and I can see two butterflies dancing away in the sky. I’ve seen butterflies more often, now that I start reflecting. I know my daddy is in heaven, happy watching over us.

  36. I usually do not believe in these things but what happened to me was incredible when my mother passed away. Three days after she passed away, at her wake an insect flew on top of my hand and rested there for sometime. I shoo’ed it away many times but it kept on coming back to me landing on top of my right pointer finger – where I was seated at the church pew. It was strange but I let it stayed on my finger almost forever and I even whispered to it thinking it was a message from mom. The insect was not afraid of me but was definitely communicating to me the way it was not afraid of me (this insect would normally fly away on a normal day). Coming home that emotional day, my siblings and I were seated at the sofa when my oldest sister was coming in at the door, the ceiling light started to flicker then eventually the light completely shutting down. This has never happened before. 30 seconds later, the light came back on spontaneously by itself. This happened one last time again the next day but it never happened again. My bulb was new and the light switch is not broken. This event was not observed in other rooms in the house just the living room. I started to put the pieces together and realized my mother was doing this communicating to her children somehow. It has to be, there was no other explanation to it – I am a man of science but science does not explain all things at times …..

  37. I had 2 different experiences, First one, when my mom passed away 6 years ago, it was storming outside, before she passed i said let me know that you made it to heaven, minutes after she passed there was a tree in our yard that snapped in half, we never have had anything happen in any storm,

    now 6 years later my step-dad passed away and he was laid to rest, and he had a love of trains that is what he and my son connected over, and right after he was lowered into the ground we heard a very strong train horn, I know that each of these moments were them telling me that they were ok, they were at peace and there was no more sickness. Both died from different forms of Lung Cancer, just 6 years apart.

    I miss them both so much!

  38. One evening I suddenly felt very dizzy to the point where I was very scared and couldn’t take it much longer. I told my mother and we drove to the hospital. The doctors were sure I had P.O.T.S, which is a syndrome that makes you feel very tired and dizzy. I had no appetite for 10 days straight and I barely ate anything. I had to throw up in the trash can once since I was so scared about what was going on. At the time, it felt like I was going to die. I lay on the couch one day and suddenly my mother enters the room and shows me about 10 pictures of a butterfly that had landed on her finger and had stayed on for about a minute. My mom said, “Miranda, look, someone must be watching over you.” I started tearing up with joy; I knew that my grandmother that had passed away not too long ago was watching over me, telling me that I was not alone. My mom also said, “I told the butterfly you can fly away now and it flew back into the sky.” A few days after that I was feeling almost back to normal. So if you are in a time of pain or sorrow, just know that your deceased ones are still watching over you! Have a good day. 🙂

  39. I lost my wife, my valentine, on the 14th February 2018 after being together for 40 years, and married to her for 36 of them. I can remember asking her to give me a sign that all was good with her. The next thing the fan stopped turning in the lounge as if someone had flipped the switch. Five seconds later it started up again. Then about two weeks after that I came home after visiting her Mom. On the way to our bedroom her head side of the of the bed was tilted up at 45 degrees. We had to get a hospital bed as she had Motor Neurons Disease. I know that bed was flat when I left home. To this day I still get things that happen like bird feathers in strange places like on the kitchen floor. I’ve got a memory box in the bedroom where I keep them and other things like the spoon I used to feed her with. Her tooth brush and face cloth together with some trinkets and other little items. Its hard to let go. I still wear my wedding band as my heart is still married to her. This is just my way of getting by till we meet again and hopefully continue where we left off.
    I guess Valentine’s day will always be a sad day for me. At least I had 40 years with my beloved wife but I cannot even think what it would be like if we lost one or both of our children. My heart goes out to those parents. Its not natural for a parent to lay a child to rest.


  41. I lost my mama less than 2 months ago 6/8/19. I have gotten a few signs from her , butterflies, feathers and feeling her presence. But 8/5/19 I was waken up to bells ringing. I did not count them, I thought it was my husband’s phone, but he didn’t hear anything. I keep having the feeling I heard 8 bells. I dreamt of my mother the night I woke to the bells. She was in the hospital (?) maybe convalescent home. It appeared to be pure white. She was sitting in her bed and we were hugging I each other for what seemed like a long time. We said I love you to each other and I told my mom if she New she was dying 🙁 she said yes but didn’t want to talk about it. And it was ok, we stand hugging each other as I could see more family members come into the room (She passed surrounded by her family). Then I was awaken by bells ❤️

  42. My mom had passed away 8 weeks ago and she has been showing lots of signs lately that she is still here. she definitely loves playing with the lights and tv’s and her noisemaker that barely works but her energy turns it on. both my dad and brother had gotten her in their dreams, i have not yet. not too long ago, about 45 minutes ago, she was just playing with the kitchen lights and there was a noise that she made.

  43. My dad passed away this past Saturday. I miss him so much! On Saturday at night, my husband and I walk outside and at a place we eat at 2 doors down from us, there is a white homing pigeon sitting there under a chair…I am looking at it and then it runs towards me…I felt like it was my dad saying he was ok…Then yesterday as I was walking my dog, I asked my dad to give me a sign he is ok, and I heard a loud ringing sound out of nowhere…and then noticed a door that had Edward (his name) on there…Of all the time I have lived here, I never noticed the door

  44. Yes.. Many a times I have experienced all of these.. But last night I heart tiny bells ring vigorously ..and what do I see.. An apparition.. Of a seven feet man or woman.. That I am unsure.. I am not able to figure out why that happened. O was not scared then and o am not scared now bit it took me by surprise as I experienced that for the first time..

  45. My best friend passed away last week, my heart misses him dearly! He was my rock, I could count on him to be real, put things in perspective. He called me every Saturday, we would talk for hours as we lived far apart. This was my first Saturday without him, i wanted that phone call…so I drove up by the lake just to sit by the water is so relaxing. I had taken several photos, boats, people, water and the sun. Upon returning home I was looking through my photos and found one of the sun with clouds in the shape of a heart….I know without a doubt this was his message to me, I found comfort knowing he’s still there for me. I wish I could share this pic with you….its so clear. Made my heart happy ❤

    1. Out of all comments this one spoke to me, I’m so happy your friend is still showing you love on saturdays! I hope you can find peace in that❤️

      My grandfather just passed away Saturday, he was like a father to me because i don’t have a relationship with my real dad. He was my best friend i went to him with everything, he supported me with any decision i made and had so much faith in me that i would accomplish anything i put my mind to. He was goofy, affectionate and sensitive (have you ever seen a 65 yo man cry to Marley and me? It’s adorable.) He was generous, he’d help anyone in need and i mean that, he’d give you the shirt off his back. He was also so intelligent, he knew anything about everything it was quite impressive. I don’t think i ever saw him even litter. He made a homeless hungry cat his favorite animal who is no longer homeless and now named sven! He lived a simple life to give everyone around him a great one. He was literally the perfect man and my gram was honored to have been married to him for 51 years, despite the occasional “you’re a putz” comments they said it with love😂 I can clearly go on and on. I have an immense amount of memories with him that will live on with me forever.

      With that being said…yesterday was his funeral and i wrote a speech for him that I was soo nervous to read in front of everyone (a long term fear of mine) and about an hour before i left for the funeral a butterfly was flying around me for about 30 seconds and i just knew it was him. I felt so confident he was with me that i got up and spoke in his honor with no fear. I hope i made him proud.

      Thank you for reading this i would like to help make his name live on.

  46. My partner of 15 years passed away on 27/02/2019. I am still devastated but taking it one day at a time. I have had 3 experiences which has made me believe that Clarence is still with me. The first while being totally out of control being a butterfly settling next to my coffee cup on the morning of his funeral. Then one evening I was late, due to car trouble getting home from the office and it was dark. Living alone now, I was in no rush but when I opened the front door, the racket coming from my bedroom had me rooted on the stop. It sounded as if someone was banging pots and pans upstairs. So me, being me, I said “okay I know I am late. I had car trouble. So instead of throwing a tantrum, why did you not help me.” Quietness in the house. The 2nd was again when I was late getting home, not as late but it was dark. So when the transportation dropped me on the corner, I still had to walk 2 blocks. On alighting from the car, I got a perfume smell. I looked around and thought to myself, seriously why are you looking around its winter. There are no flowers in bloom. I walked and then decided to chat to Clarence. This conversation went this way “okay I am so glad you listened to me. Instead of you worrying where I am you actually came to fetch me. Thank you for looking after me.” The smell became more potent. On arriving at my home, I unlocked the gates and the front door. When I entered the house, the smell was gone. I then went upstairs to Clarence’s wardrobe, took out his cologne and there it was. The smell I so fondly remember. All I could say was “thank you Snookies for seeing me home safely.” Now when I am no “ok” and miss him so much that tears just fall, I can hear him say to me, “stop your bawling, I am ok. You need to start living again. I am ok. I am happy. Just please stop crying.” Easier said than done. So now, its just one day at a time.

  47. My husband passed away a year and a half ago . I have heard him call my name twice and i made up my mine the next time i was going to answer So the third time i did answer and never heard it again.. last night at 3 am i woke up to the smell of a post roast with onions cooking. Why ? there was no reason for the smell

  48. We have undercounted lights in our kitchen cupboards that my dad installed and every now and then they fall from the opening (if that makes sense), and sometimes I struggle to get them back in and others it’s easy.

  49. A couple of weeks after my companion died suddenly aged 57 I was sitting at the kitchen table with my cleaner/friend having the usual mid-morning cup of coffee. Suddenly something fell on my toes and then fell to the floor and rolled a bit. We both immediately both looked under the table and found a new shiny, gold screw about an inch and a quarter long. My companion was an artist, .but like his grandfather a bit of a builder and able to turn his hand to various things. We checked of course to see where it could have come from but found no clue. Later I asked people to check the table and nearby chairs but there was nowhere it/could have come from. Just dropped out of the blue! I was glad there was a witness who knew him. He had lived in my houses for fourteen years and flooded me up North from London. We were very close and he is a great miss.

  50. My husband passed away a month ago and me and our daughter was outside playing with fire flues and one landed on her nose and stayed for minutes I didn’t know until reading these signs that had to be her daddy my husband. I will pay a lot more attention to these signs from now on thank you

  51. Yesterday I had a ladybug come and sit on my shoulder . She stayed there for 4 hours. I went shopping , I came home on the bus, I collected my children from school and still this ladybug stayed on my shoulder. No attempt to fly away or move when I put my hand near. At one point I had her on my finger and she was looking right at me. Then she flew back to my shoulder. She then disappeared once I’d collected the children from school, must have flown off when I wasn’t watching. I have read before that ladybugs can represent the spirits. My dad died in March I really hope this was a sign from him x

  52. My sister past away in a car accident 15years ago this December. I was reading something when I saw her name but spelled differently and that sparked my interest so I googled her name and I couldnt believe it but there it was not only spelled exactly like my sisters but even with the same middle initial. I was in awe and tried finding out more from my search and I found 2 telephone numbers. I couldnt resist and I texted both numbers “hi is this shawnna” not really expecting a reply. Then I had a reply saying it was her mother and who am I. I tried explaining to her why I had to try the number without making myself look to crazy. At first she was more interested in how I got her number so I apologized for bothering her with such strange personal questions but she was very nice and we texted more and more talking about my sister and her daughter. Her middle name is leah though and my sisters was Lynn and I had noticed she was 27 the same age my sister was when she died but wait there’s more. I asked her if her daughter was really 27 and she told me yes that she’ll be 28 on December 10th. That is the day my sister died! I couldnt believe it. How could that actually be? I can prove it all though not one word of this story is false. That was a sign from heaven. Oh and it happens to be our deceased dads birthday today!?

  53. My grandad passed away last week. It’s the first time I’ve experienced losing a family member, and it’s been the worst pain imaginable. Around this time, I was experiencing existential depression; worrying about the mortality of myself and the people I love, and what happens after we die, so it made it a million times worse. Deep down, I always thought I was a fairly spiritual person, but there were moments in my mind that I started to think everything I believed was a lie.
    But the night that my grandad passed, my mum (his daughter) stayed awake all night and at around four o’clock in the morning, she heard a crow squawking outside – you don’t often get birds making sounds when it’s still dark. My mum said she believed it was a sign from her dad, and she never believed in things like this until now.
    As people who have lost someone will know, when you’re grieving, it’s a complicated process. Some days you feel stronger, other days you feel weaker. Two days ago, I was having one of my “up days”. I was having a fairly relaxed morning; just me and my dog at home. I was cooking myself some breakfast and singing along to some music I had playing. When I went to use the sink, I happened to glance outside the window on the left-hand-side, and I paused. A blackbird was perched on the garden fence, looking at me through the window. A few seconds later, it flew away. I thought it was quite strange at first, I’ve never seen a bird directly look at me or anyone else before. I don’t know how long it had been there for, but it flew away not long after I had seen it. Of course, it wasn’t the same type of bird my mum had talked about, but it made me think back to what mum had said, and then I started to believe that it was a sign from my late grandad. I finally told mum about it today, and she said that she also believes it was a sign from him. I didn’t feel scared, I felt really comforted. I know that my grandad is safe and happy, and still a part of our lives. He’s still here, and I feel so reassured right now.

  54. A boy I was close with at high school for a period of time, we had a pretty deep connection, one of those ones where you connect on a whole different level. We went seperate ways after I left school, and he committed suicide two years later. I was completely devastated. I had trouble accepting it, I had no closure and deep regret that we were not in contact and wondered if things could have been different. Anyhow this was fifteen years ago. Right after his death I had a dream of him and he said to me ‘do you believe it now?’ Meaning that he was dead. It hurt a lot, but I’m Glad he came to me for some type of closure I guess. Thoughts and feelings of him became less over the last decade as I continued to live my life. I woke up one morning, and felt a strong presence or energy of him. His name just a feeling of him with me, I can’t explain it. I haven’t been able to shake it. I discovered that was spot on his 15year passing anniversary and around the time I found I was pregnant. It’s hard to explain but I’ve never had a feeling of such strong energy of someone before our of the blue. But it happened. And never left me since. So I believe… his spirit is still alive and with me.

  55. My only child passed away in January this year. He was only 21 yrs old and had a congenital vascular malformation in his brain. We didn’t know he had this condition and had they found it nothing could have been done. It has been very difficult since he was all I had. I have also lost two husbands. Looking back I now see the signs of my first husband contacting me, he had always said if he went first he would contact me if he could. My son had this habit of leaving q-tips around the house, it drove me insane. I now find them in the strangest places, the end of the driveway, out in public, etc. I keep seeing people with his name all the time. He did come to me in a dream and seemed very angry. It does give me comfort to know that he is near. Thank you for the article.

  56. My husband had been gone for about 3 years and one day I went to the store with him on my mind and thinking about signs whether or not they were true.I had received them before but it had been awhile. I pulled into a parking place in front of a van and as I got out I recognized the van of a girl I had once worked with at the store. She had a solar angel on her dash. It’s wings were moving up and down and I pictured my husband standing there waving his arms at me. So again I just questioned the whole sign thing. But while I was in the store I just felt like I had to say something to the girl and told her that her little angel had made my day. She replied that someone had given it to her when her father in law had passed away 3 years ago on Valentines day which was the same day and year that my husband passed. Just a coincidence I don”’t think so! I believe he was letting me know he was okay, he is still with me and everything will be fine.

  57. My mother has been deceased for 28 years. As I pulled around the corner I saw someone standing on the porch wearing a gown. As I got closer I saw my mom standing there looking in the window. As I pulled in the driveway the image disappeared. What does this mean

  58. Every day I have a hard time missing my great-aunt. She was my dear good friend. This morning I was praying and asking Jesus, Mary, and Joseph to give my aunt kisses and tell her I love her. I know she is an angel in heaven. This is going to be 2 years since her passing. Every day I tell her I love and miss her by praying. She was one of the most nicest people in the world. She had a warm, kind and caring heart. She also liked to laugh and make cute jokes. We all enjoyed having her around us.
    This morning, I was praying to God and her. I asked God to allow my aunt to give me a sign. I just happened to be looking out the window at the right time. On my front porch, a beautiful Robin bird stood for a few moments. Then it flew on to the bush I have in my front yard next to the window. The bird stayed there for probably 4 or 5 minutes. I watched the bird. It was a nice view from my window. The tree is right next to the window. That made it interesting. I think this could have been my aunt giving me a sign. I believe there is life in heaven as there is on earth. I believe someday when it is my turn to cross over, I will see my loved ones again. God bless my dear friend aunt. May she rest in peace.

  59. My grandma passed away a few weeks ago she was 84. I was very close to her as she helped my mother raise me and my brother. Most of my family lives in Texas and I currently live in Georgia. My grandma had been sick for the past year but was doing pretty good despite. Then this past February she had a small stroke which caused minimal damage and was able to go through rehab and be back home with a few weeks. I kept telling my mom I should fly home and see her but my mom said she is doing really well and I could wait till air fare was a bit cheaper. So I booked a fight to go home at the end of March. A week and half before I was supposed to go home she unexpectedly passed away at home. I immediately jumped on a plane and was home in Texas by that night. After the service I returned back to Georgia. I have suffered from night terrors since I was in high school usually waking up screaming in a different part of my house because there are shadows figures in my room or in my bed. The terrors come in waves usually every few months. Weeks before my grandma passed I was having a wave of them. Then a few nights ago I experienced something new. I was on the cusp of falling a sleep when I felt someone patting my hand. It immediately woke me up and I could feel my eyes fluttering but I was scared to open them. When I opened my eyes there was nothing there. It was the first time being woken by something that I wasn’t scared usually when I wake up from a terror I’m panicked and have to sleep with the light on for the rest of the night. Long story short just wanted to share my story as this new to me and I’m not sure what to make of it.

  60. I miss my best friend! She was my great aunt. I miss her every day. Today I was talking out loud to her. A little while after I was talking to her, a song came on the radio. It is called “You’re in the Arms of an Angel” by Sarah Mcklocklen. The moment the song started playing, I was thinking this was my aunt sending me a message from the other side.

  61. My dad passed away August 2017. The days leading up to his death, I never left his side, not knowing when that day would be the last. One night, while lying down on my side, I fell asleep on the sofa at home. A physical force pull me up from a 180 degree angle to a 90 degree angle on the sofa. It was dark in the room but I could visibly see to the left a bright white light floating towards another bright light on my right. I knew then it was dad’s spirit floating toward what look like a hand. I repeated “It’s ok dad. You can go. You can go”. I came out of the trance, trying to gather what just happened. I look at my phone (it was 4am) knowing that my dad had passed but no missed calls. I received a phone call about 11am stating he had passed away. Every day leading up this day was truly emotional. On that day, I was at peace.

    My mom passed away July 2018. B/c her death was unexpected, I didn’t get those moments like I did with my dad. About 3 weeks later, she came to me in a dream. In the 1st scene , she entered my home followed by a bright white light, saying she was moving to FL, which I thought was odd. She knows I love traveling but she wouldn’t tell me where in FL she was moving. B/c my dad had passed and she was moving, I became emotional, and so she comforted me. My sister tells me it’s time to go and I leave with her. My mom said she’ll catch up. In the 2nd scene, we are sitting on a porch reminiscing over good memories. Out of the blue, she begins apologizes for not always being there, tells me not to worry about “them” and to live my life. I reassured my love to her and leave her side to get a drink. When I walk into the house, I realize it’s a funeral, but don’t know who died. After looking confused, it came to me that my mom passed away, which was impossible b/c I was just talking and taking pics w/ her. I went back to the spot and she was gone. A voice on an intercom said “sometimes they come back to give us peace”.

    As the only child between my parents, I am so grateful for both of those experiences. I am a spiritual person but I never thought I would experience something as vivid as those. I only wish I could get more visits, if not through dreams, then signs.

  62. My mom passed away in September of 2017. I just recently went to a park/campground that has several mango trees that my mother, my daughter and I stayed at several years ago and discovered the best mangoes ever. At this time of year, the mangoes are about the size of a pea. I was looking at the ground looking for a sign and there was a mango about the size of a plum. No other mangoes were on the ground and the ones on the tree are a size of pea. Definitely a sign from my mother. I am going to try to get back there in July when the mangoes are ready to be eaten and hopefully get a full grown seed to grow a mango tree for my mom.

  63. My great aunt was in a dream last week. In the dream, I was happy and excited to see her. I have not seen her since 2017. That was the year she died. She was 96. She was a beautiful person. That dreamed seemed so real. I miss her every day! I can’t believe she is gone. A part of my heart is gone too.

  64. Fekt driven n touched by your eneffable words about our angels who serve us as a light of hope amidst life chaos overwhelming amazing article to know about them life transforming uplifting my soul waiting anxiously for more to hear from you mam great job im blessef

  65. My dog Marty just recently passed away unexpectedly on December 17th 2018. I was laying in bed one night crying and missing him. Something in my mind told me to take a picture in my bedroom so I did. The picture appeared to be a bright white line that just appeared in my Live Photo off my iPhone. Two minutes later I took the exact same picture in the same spot and didn’t appear agai. I just had that feeling he was around. I’ve also had a dream one night before that where he was laying in our bedroom floor and I got to tell him I miss him.

  66. I have recently lost my partner from a motorbike accident and moved into a house just recently. No surrounding houses. The house is old and has an extension and extensions are known to make all types of noises but not footstep noises. Every night without fail, I hear them. I definitely believe it is my partner. It is scary and does freak me out most nights. I have always felt his presence since he passed away as his death was very unexpected only being 26.

    My 3 year old son walked into the other lounge room one day and came out screaming I was in the kitchen and can see into the lounge room and could see him. His Dad used to take him for drives in his Ford Ranger car all the time, I watched my son walk over to where the car was he stopped and started screaming and not wanting to go into that room. I am guessing he seen his Dad. Other times he has pointed to the bar stool while having lunch saying daddy daddy. The night my partners life support was turned off me and his Nan and Aunty watched him get down from the dining table from eating dinner, walk down the hall to the lounge with food in his hand and he held his hand out to something offering the food and said a few things then walked back. No one else was there except for us and we were all sitting at the dining table eating food.

    I’m not a strong believer but since i lost my partner things have happened and I know it’s not my head playing tricks on me. I was in my garage one night and I thought I felt something brush past me. My garage was completely empty as the removalists had just left and I whirled around with my phone, took a photo and looked at my phone and was honestly shocked at what I seen. It was a figure that was the exact same image of a photo I had taken of him when we had gone for a day trip to the mountains. You can’t clearly see it but if you put the photo I took on our day trip and the photo I took that night, it is the exact same way he was standing in the photo. That creeped me out. It’s never a bad thing when they hang around but it can be scary at times.

  67. In 2012 my brother passed away… We were extremely close. He was disabled and I helped take care of him… He meant everything to me and I would do anything and everything to make sure he had a fun and amazing life. I could always make him smile. We were best friends. We truly had a connection beyond this world. So when he passed I lost a huge part of me and felt so alone. Then one night I was taking the trash out and out of nowhere a huge beautiful owl flew right in front of me. It’s not a common occurrence where I live… I don’t know why but I Googled what that could mean and since then owls have become a huge part of my life…. I know it’s my brother telling me he’s OK… On holidays I will suddenly see a random owl on a roof… He’s was always one to make sure he wasn’t forgotten. He was my little bean

  68. My brother recently passed away for two weeks he kept seeing a wolf no one else could see. The day before he died I the coyote appeared to all of us. Then my brother passed next day. He was an outdoour animal lover. Now there are all sorts of animals in their yard.

  69. I believe I receive signs from my best friend and aunt. She was my best buddy. I miss her forever. I loved her lots. I have a feeling she shows me digits on the clock some times. 11/28 was her birthday. I sometimes look at the clock and see 11:28. I miss her so much. I know how it feels to lose a loved one. I wish I could see her again. I wish I could talk to her. She was always a happy person. She loved to laugh and she was a sweet lady. She had a kind heart. Sometimes I think she sends white butterflies during warm months. I miss her every day. I am sad without her. She was my best friend. She was 96 years old. She lived a good life. I still feel sad because I wish she was still with me in person. I love her so much. May her soul rest in peace.

  70. My mom passed away on 19 januray 2019 at the age of 94. Although I know it is an old age it does not make it easier. I missed her passing by 1 minute, and whilst waiting for the undertaker a white little moth/butterfly flew in the room I was sitting, I said to my mom if it is you please sit on my shoulder. The moth flew to me and sat on my head for a few seconds. This all happened just after 1 in the morning. On the day I felt absolutely nothing , not even at the memorial, until today why would this be? We have been together all my life for 60 years and the loss is devastating. We were so close and I thought i would feel her presence but nothing. I so need to know hat she is ok.

  71. My father passed away from lung cancer in June if 2018. I lived with him as his caregiver during the last 5 years of his life. Since he’s passed I’ve had so many experiences with him but one is recurring. I have a touch less garbage can in the kitchen that he thought was so cool. At least a couple of times a month while I’m watching tv after work that can will open and close over and over again til I say okay daddy I know you are here. Then it stops. It always makes me laugh.

  72. I was in a motorcycle accident… it was the other drivers fault…by rights I should not of survived…my mother had passed a little while before but the loss was still deep…I lost my wife and all I owned…I made a full recovery…it took 6 months to heal…with the loss of everything…and the fact I was restricted to minimum movement…I couldn’t do much for myself…since my recovery I’ve learnt about and so very open to spirit…I have pictures to prove angles are true…I’m open to spirit…I was angry and unhappy for a long time…I needed this accident…to calm me down…I went to a church where the medium smashed me with love…not one soul could of known me…no one knew I has a broken shoulder but the medium knew…she gave me proof too…I’d of never believed in this…at my mothers funeral I found out she was raped…I only just found out I have an older sister…I’m now not the older child I have become the middle child…I have two sisters and they both just look like mum…on top of all this I see 111…1111…222 everywhere…I don’t talk about it because I don’t feel like people would think I’m nutty…I’ve never felt so much peace love and happiness in every aspect of my life and just want to give to all I can

  73. My father went into cardiac arrest on his 76th birthday, nine days ago. He was revived (a few times), but was in a coma was almost a week. The day after the incident, while we were still in hope, I had a dream….not visual, but merely what I believe to be his scratchy voice (he was on a resp) telling me that he had had a heart attack (he did). The voice woke me up at 2:51 a.m. The docs were due to try and wake him up from his medically induced coma to evaluate brain damage that same morning. They were unsuccessful, and he passed away last Saturday, February 2, 2019. I have been seeing several signs in the last few days. A feeling of overwhelming unconditional love, joy and happiness (that is NOT coming from within me, most definitely external) has come over me….to a point that only after a few days, I am at peace with his passing. A song popped into my head at random that I couldn’t shake with a strong feeling to listen to it, looked it up on YouTube….the video I chose had an introductory of “To: You” and ended with “I love you, Me”. This morning, I was sitting at his home on his screened in patio smoking….a carpenter bee (commonly for our area, but not common in the house nor at six a.m.) was flying around the patio and hovered over the kitchen window as if trying to get in (he collapsed in the kitchen). I went inside and told my mother, who said she would kill it later. A few minutes passed, and my mom said…”did you open the patio door?”. I hadn’t, and noticed it was closed as soon as I saw the bumble bee. It was standing wide open, the bumble bee had flown out. No wind either. My mother, my sister and myself all had chest pains and difficulty breathing for the duration of the week and ended the moment he passed (he had a heart attack and pnemonia). I sprained my ankle the next day really bad and having difficulty walking….I keep thinking about how hard it was for my dad being scared he would fall at any moment (he had difficulty walking). My mom has developed spots on her arm (he had an infection in his dialysis fistila that turned his arm black), and my husband developed an infection in his jaw (my father fell at the time of his arrest, breaking some facial bones and a black eye). It is like my father is trying to show us with these minor ailments how bad he was suffering at the end of his life while showing us with the love/joy/peace feelings that he is much better NOW. None of my family members get along, constant fighting, specifically with me. We did well to transition my dad, but there are signs now that the fighting may resume again soon….I go to my support group, share of my father’s death, and someone speaks about the death of his father while he was in active addiction, and how he regrets not being there for his mother ….at that moment, I heard a buzzing in my ear. The fact that I cannot get along with my mother was a big source of strain, and my dad was always on me to amend that…..(I probably won’t, but I will honor his wishes and see to her needs in his absence the best that I can). Are these coincidences? My gut says no….my head is telling me I am nuts and looking for anything I can to hang on to my daddy, who I did, and still do, love dearly in spite of our family woes. What do you think?

  74. Many years ago after college my son made a beautiful mosaic dragonfly. On the day of his wake a live dragonfly landed on the wall of our bedroom making it impossible for me to leave without seeing it. I called my husband and we both stared feeling it had to be a sign. Two days later I went down to where my son, when he was in high school, seeded clams with the Clam Club. A immature dragonfly crawled out of the water and came under the bench I was sitting on although I didn’t know what it was at the time. My DIL then told me that when she and the children ages 9, 7 and 5 came back to their car after shopping there was a dragonfly circling it. They all climbed into the car and the dragonfly proceeded to fly to each window looking in. My son and daughter-in-law‘s anniversary was three weeks later and although she could not find his wedding ring all this time after looking in the same places two and three different times, she found it the night before the anniversary. The next day, the day of the anniversary, she was sitting on their deck putting the ring onto a chain when a dragonfly came and landed on the deck next to her. I can say no more except this skeptical and cynical mother is now a fervent believer.

  75. My son died December 6th 2015 after his death my husband and I parked in the same spot we always park at the gym we go to and a cardinal flew over and was picking on the window and mirror. As we stood watching it flew to the other window on the passenger side and continue to do the same thing.. we both definitely felt like it was a sign from him. When he first past there was a lot more signs now not as many.

  76. This might sound crazy to some but I wholeheartedly believe our loved ones will give us signs that they are always near. Lost my precious cat Bob 4 months ago.This was devastateing to us. Us pet owners know how bad this hurts. They are family. When I get sad and miss him I pray for a sign which I did today. I looked beside me on my way to work and I had 2 beautiful deer running beside me. This isnt the first time. Just wanted to share.

  77. My sister passed suddenly 5 days ago she was 42. I have a small blue touch lamp in my living room . When i turned my TV on last night the lamp came on and i turned it off and on and the lamp got brighter each time it was like i was turning the lamp off and on with the Tv remote. I tried doing it again when my daughter came and it wouldnt do it. I was calm when this was happening and realized after it could be my little sister. And blue is her favorite çolor .

  78. The past 6 months have been filled with so much loss. I lost my father in July, and then my son in November. Just 2 weeks ago I lost my dog. The only way I have been able to cope is by believing and knowing they are in heaven. I know I have received signs.
    When my dad passed in July it was unexpected even though he was older. My niece (his Granddaughter ) was a pediatric cancer nurse and had recently lost a patient a little girl 1 week before her wedding and she was going to be a flower girl. She loved blue butterflies so every time she sees one she thinks of her so she asked my Dad ” POP POP what kind of sign will you give us so we know its you” My Dad replied..”WHAT? Don’t worry You’ll know its me” My niece was in her family pool on a float and out of nowhere a dragonfly kept coming at her which had never ever happened before this was about 20 min after my dad had passed and before we made any calls. Unaware of this one of my sisters and I went to the cemetery with a flowers that were in his room to place there with my mom who had passed in 2013 letting her know he was coming. This pesky dragonfly kept flying around us which never happened in all the past years we visited my mom. When we returned to my sisters house I saw my niece and said I think pop pop’s a dragonfly She looked at me and said how do you know that a dragonfly was like attacking me in the pool and then we knew. Of course since he was also in the military for 38 years and at his funeral with military honors a dragonfly appeared as they were caring his casket and hovered around the ceremony.
    Losing my son is at times unbearable. It happened 8 days before Thanksgiving. I was worried about getting through the holidays without my dad and then this. I still get to the point where i put the wall up because the pain is so hard. He was very close to my dad, I tell myself they are together since on My dads last day he promised me he would be waiting there for each of us at the pearly gates. My son has also sent signs. He was very religious and well known at our church. On Christmas eve mass i was having a tough time time and clutched his rosery tight in my hand I promise this is true I felt a sense of calm go right through me and knew he was there. About 3 min latter the fire alarm went off in the middle of mass never never happened before no one really knew quite what to do I just smiled and said Yes I Know its you He always was the center of attraction.
    I also keep finding coins in odd places dimes and pennies so I got one of those old fashioned glass banks with only an opening and have it next to his picture and every time I find a coin by accident I put it in and say a special memory or thought or just i love you and miss you and drop it in. It is a very positive way to deal with his absence

  79. 2 weeks after my husband was killed, I had a missed call from a number that showed (525)196-9 this is the way it showed up on the phone. His birthday is 5/25/1969

  80. My Mom Has Been Deceased For Almost 24 Years Now.But I Am Seeing More Vivid Visions Of Her More Frequently Than Ever Before.As Though She Is WARNING Me Of Something.Trying To Tell Me Something.

  81. On New Years Day, I lost my fiance. We were together every day for 15 years, and I’ve known here since 1st grade. She was only 45 years old. I am truly lost. Maybe I’m looking to hard for the signs, for some little thing that shes here watching over me and our 3 little dogs, who were like children to her. I beg her to come comfort us, in some way, shape or form. I swear I may feel her presence, but would give anything to be sure. I pray one day soon I can say, yep, there you babe, what took you so long. Shes probably looking over my shoulder right now, saying, I’m here babe, I’m here and will always be here with you. I cannot wait to see her in my dreams. I guess I need to sleep first! I live and miss you sweetheart! I will see you again.

  82. When my dad died he comforted me and let me know he was there so many times. Mostly by light and strong feelings of comfort, but sometimes really strong signs. I remember a few days after his funeral, I was sitting in by window, listening to Leonard Cohen (one of his favorites) and looking out on the street. I thought to myself: “dad, if you’re there, please send me a sign.” Literally two seconds later, a truck with his full name on the side in big fat letters drove past, and in that exact moment, Cohen sang: “You asked for signs, the signs were sent”. I almost couldn’t believe it, but it was such a big comfort that I was able to recieve him so clearly.

    Whole different story with my mom. I havn’t been able to channel her in the same way at all for some reason. I really hope to though.

  83. I just recent was going thru a family crisis and didn’t know where to go from there I felt lost and alone I thought of my brother in heaven and asked him to help me and hoping he can hear me or else comfort me in some way…I went to my room crying so bad the lights from my room started turning on and off….over and over and over I knew then that maybe he heard me and told me he was with me in my pain…

  84. I think every time I see heart symbols any place, my aunt is showing me love from heaven. She is probably giving me the message she is still with me. She watches over me.

  85. My father past some eighteen years ago. Before passing I visited him inanursing home. We were outside and I watched this man of steel sit in a wheel chair. We talked and he said when I get out of here I want to go to Aruba. I agreed that we would. He passed and we never made it. However I had to see what he saw and wanted to see so I traveled to Aruba. While there I had the strangest thing occur. “EVERY” morning a white Dove set on my balcony rail and a soft wind blew through.. Although I had seen many of birds while there never a white Dove. Upon leaving a feather from the Dove lay on my floor. To this day I believe my father was with me and have never been able to explain what occurred. I think of that even to this day💐

  86. Hi Im hearing impaired (deaf from Adelaide – South Australia. I lost my partner (not married) to Jura Lamont through brain tumour since 1st May 2018 and I haven’t been coping well. Since after 6 weeks after her passing I saw her ghostly dark image in my room with a reflection from the bedroom window and she was heading toward to her room. Also at work i smell aroma or flower in my work station at the time and then 22nd August I felt someone has flick my right ear and also one week later flick my back hair when i was working in my work station in a government department.
    I saw a white orb in my bedroom early July so I’m not sure what that meant and after that I havent seen it for awhile. The last contact that my two female work colleague emailed me to come down that she felt a presence (Tania) and suddenly Tania told me about what happened that the old email paperwork fell onto the ground and then she pick it up from the floor and it has my partner named shown so im not sure whether she saying i’m okay!

  87. My partners aunt who had been battling her 4 year long fight with breast cancer suddenly declined the week prior to thanksgiving of 2018. Prior to her transition she revealed one evening that her felt her time here was limited but was hopeful of a miracle or turn around in her diagnosis. Fast forward to thanksgiving which was celebrated in her and her husbands home, she lay in bed resting and depleted of energy. Coming into the weekend she was welcomed into hospice care where she wanted to be comforted in her final hours. The day before her death I had a vivid dream. Her parents I could hear in the near by room, her family as well above us in their home. She appeared as she did when I met her, healthy and full of life. She was showing me a baking recipe (which I was unfamiliar with) then the dream ended. As she transitioned that weekend we were all left with a void and sadness not only for her but for her family especially her husband and young so and daughter. Being a hairdresser as well as her brother in law and nephew. We were all three asked to help in preparing for her final viewing. Myself being the least to have known her was given the special gift in recreating her viewing for the family as she looked and was in life. Radiant and happy. As the family made their way into the funeral home to view her body it was a warm and comforting feeling to see them view her as who she was and not what took her. That night I fell asleep in the living room and as I was in this deep sleep it was like waking back up in the funeral home and I was sitting on one of the chairs observing all the people who came to visit and in front of me comes Angela the departed and she isn’t speaking but I can hear her voice saying thank you, acknowledging her departure and assuring me that she was at peace, healthy and sat next to me to observe all those who came to say goodbye. The day of her funeral the weather strangely for the month of December was like a rainy crisp cool morning that had this calmness and fridged beaty to it. I knew that was her way of communicating once again. I don’t know and can’t explain why she has visited me as she has but I will take her visitations as a gift and a blessing to relay to her husband and children as she is still very much alive and radiant in those memories of the people she touched.

  88. My mom, who was my everything, passed away 3 years ago next month. I was devastated, but relieved that her 5 very long year battle with breast cancer was done. No more pain, cancer, treatments and all the other stuff. I never really believed in the “here after”. Until little stuff started to happen out of the blue. A significant one is my husband, who owns his own business, would be begging for work but nothing was on the horizon. Just when we are down to our last pennies, we always get a couple small jobs. It’s like she spurs these customers to us. I even had one who said that she didn’t know how to explain it but she had a “nagging feeling” to call us. It’s happened more than several times. The other is quite personal. My mom always used pink dove soap, nothing else. I’m allergic to it and I know my husband and daughter don’t use it. However, if I’m going through a rough patch and I’m at my breaking point, I get the scent of the soap. I thought I was loosing it, but my husband has smelled it as well. My aunt tragically died after a brief battle with brain cancer in June of 2017. Her favorite bird was the hummingbird. We now have a resident female hummingbird who dislikes my husband, my aunt didn’t like him either…

  89. I have had so many experiences with my son and mom. My favorite son one was the dream. They are not kidding about how vivid they are. I FELT him kiss my cheek! I asked him what heaven was like and he said it’s just beautiful mom. We hugged and it was over. I have seen him go down the .my daughter and I were playing cards and out of the corner of my eye I saw him sitting in the empty seat we keep for him. He was drinking wine out of a stein. In his room he arranged some of his favorite things in a circle on the floor! So much more! With my mom it’s always the scent of her night cream-Ponds 😀 I miss my son so much. He was 28 and had a brain tumor. Of course losing a parent sucks.

  90. I think my aunt might use heart symbols to send her love to me from heaven. I have seen lots of heart symbols daily. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I believe she still tries to connect with me every now and then. I love her lots and miss her forever.

  91. My ex boyfriend, who I had been with for 3 years, but apart for the last 2 yrs, came back in my life for 2 months before passing away 7/7/2018. He was only 46 yrs old. We were so close, even though we had been apart for 2 yrs. We had always said there was a soul connection that was undeniable between us. 2 weeks before his death, while I was getting ready, he fixed a light in my kitchen. After his funeral, when I was walking in my kitchen crying uncontrollably, the light he had fixed flickered and dropped the metal and glass covering. I knew he was there with me. Also, during the graveside service, the tombstone I was standing directly in front of had a name on it. The first and last letters were covered with dirt, which left the remaining letters seen. Those letters spelled his name. Also a man, that I did not know, came up to me after the funeral and gave me the rose he wore as a pall bearer. All signs I think were from the man I loved.

  92. My poppop died this past July, he knew how much I loved him. I was cleaning my house one day and I saw an orb of light above his picture on my mantal above our fireplace. Made me feel as if he was there with me. ❤

  93. I seem to always find a dime on the ground, sometimes two of them together. I feel like it’s my deceased brother telling me hello or he is with me at that moment.

    1. I also started finding dimes after my mother passed away in 2003. I would find them in strange places and when I was stressed about something. I have continued to receive them until my husband passed away on Dec. 30, 2018. I have not found anymore. I did see him sitting in his recliner about 2 weeks after he passed away. I was sleeping in my recliner next to his and I opened my eyes and he was sitting there watching tv in a familiar shirt and pants. He was sitting forward leaning on the arm of the chair as he often did. It only lasted a couple of seconds then he was gone.

  94. My 88 year old Dad passed on October 16 after a 14 mo battle with lung cancer. He was my hero. My bestie. I promised him I’d take care of him to the end and I did the best I could do. I slept at the nursing home he was in but he passed on that one day I went home and was coming back, just not soon enough. My mother was in the bathroom, 4 feet away from him, but my three older sisters where there. Dad knew that mom and I would take it hardest. On cleaning some of his things at home, we found cigar bosses stuffed with wheat pennies and state quarters. No one knew he collected them. On my first day back to work, right in front of me, laid a shiny penny. A few feet away…a quarter. I continue, almost weekly, to find a penny and the a quarter…. I always hold it to Heaven, thank him, and tell him “keep em coming Dad”! We had a joke about money between he and I.

  95. My husband died from cardiac-respiratory failure in August 2018 and he was my soulmate and best friend. He was only 44. I miss him and think about him constantly. I had a recent conversation with a friend that I worried that he no longer remembers or knows me now that he’s gone to heaven. A couple of days later, I turned the radio on and Skid Rows “I Remember You” came on. My husband loved music especially from the 80’s-90’s. I happened to be going to work and the radio station I listen to, usually doesn’t play 80’s rock ballads early in the morning.

    1. My husband passed away in May 2018 due to a heavy equipment accident. He was only 55. He loved the song SAiling by Christopher cross. On days that I seem the worst, that song will come on. One time I heard it, listened to the end, switched channels and it played there too. Switched back aft it finished and it was on again. I KNOW it was my husband.

  96. The love of my life Passed away unexpectedly on 10/27/18. I have received messages from him through friends and family. It’s comforting. He’s with our 12 year old… we BELIEVE! I find lighters in strange places… I miss him more than ever! He had plans to propose after 19 years! So I have rings on layaway. I talk to him hoping he will communicate to a friend about the rings… I will wear his around my neck with his ashes… and mine on my finger of course. He was mine and I was his… because he loved me… we said that to each other.

  97. My father who lived in the UK died suddenly on December 13th 2017. His birthday was 6th October. On the 3rd November this year I was in the living room with the light on as it was dark. I heard banging against the lampshade. I initially though it was a moth. could see anything so I turned the light off. The banging stopoed , I switched the light back on and on the carpet was a hornet or large wasp. I captured it and put it outside. I have no idea where it came from. If it was hibinating indoors where was it. Within that week I also saw someone on an American YouTube channel in a photo who looked like my dad but he never went outside of the UK.

  98. I sort of believe my great Auntie sends me white butterflies on warm days. I have seen white butterflies and I get a feeling they are from her. I miss her and love her very much.

  99. I was providing home hospice for my 100 year old Grandmother. It was really difficult but somehow I had the strength to make the best decisions I could for her. In the middle of the night, while waiting to administer a morphine dosage, I sat in a chair outside of my grandmother’s bedroom listening to her speak, knowing that the end was very near. She spoke to God and to her mother. She was asking to be lifted up, “a little higher”, “she needed help”, “she didn’t want to be cold”. Tears streamed down my face. At that moment….the outside lights went on and the automatic garage door went up. It scared me at first and I rushed around looking for the garage door opener to close it…then I realized what it meant. When I was a little girl, my Grandfather would come home and that noise would send us anxiously to the door to see him. A few moments later…I heard my Grandmother say from her room, “Well, we make quite a pair”. “Yes, that’s right hold me close and keep me warm”. It was all the message I needed to know she would not be alone, that he was with her. And that I was not alone either.

  100. My fiancé passed away 6 /6/18,taking his own life. 5 days after my best friend ‘received a message’ for me from him. The message was reassuring and relevant to his /our life together. For weeks after, I was noticing coincidences and electrical stuff like loud static on my mobile phone. The day of his funeral, I found a nut and bolt in the grass as we waited for the hearse. M was very good at DIY!!Songs on the radio are another thing, one has come on after a conversation about M – the song was in the funeral service. I’ve also had the odd visitation dream. I still find the ‘message’ hard to take on board as it is so relevant and I’m such a realist.

  101. I once had a dream about my Granny she came and got me to show me her new apartment in Heaven she said God let me bring only for a quick second just to show you that I’m OK “my Angel” she told me look at my legs I can run and skip and jump (when she was alive she a disability in her legs) she was so happy she took me in side and her apartment smelled and looked like her home she also told me outside to show me her beautiful garden with a pond a bridge around it on that bridge were her 2 dogs that had past away not that much longer after she did well after she showed me everything she said its time for you to go back home but one more thing “myAngel” please take care of your uncle mike and don’t forget about him…. When I woke up I sat up and when I looked in the mirror I seen my GRANNY standing there it freaked me out so I put my head in the pillow and shook my head and when I looked back she was gone….

  102. I lost my brother on 6/17/16. He was murdered by a coward who had been fighting with my brother’s girlfriend and mother of 2 of his children. He worked all day and when he come home from work that evening, she was still fighting with the neighbors via phone, text, fb messages and what not. She had went out the front door several times to get her back in the house to keep from something happening. The last time she went out is when my brother was shot 8 times from 18 inches away, their 2 year son always had a bad habit of following his daddy out the door and that night was the last time he got to follow his daddy outside. My brother and I had a really bad argument in our last conversation but he and I would post online to each other and let the other know we love them. I feel so angry, I have so much hatred, and so angry and so cheated I do not know how to let things go. I have been going to multiple counselors since then.
    Recently in the past 2 days some really strange things have happened. First off Monday morning I woke up and I decided to fix my husband a pot of coffee, Wednesday morning my husband gets up to fix a pot of coffee turns it on and goes into kitchen to fix him a cup and come to find out it was unplugged. Very strange because we never reach behind the heavy wooden stand it’s on to unplug the coffee pot. Today while at work my husband sends me a text message asking me why I had sent him a picture that I sent him the day before? Okay, first of all…. my phone was charging, I was outside taking a break then had to meet with my one manager. I never had my phone with me, not to mention I don’t even have the picture that i sent anymore. This has never happened before I have truly missed my brother and I hope and pray everyday that he is doing just fine and still loves me.

  103. My brother has been actively in my life after his passing. Took me a while to tune into his messages. Now I pay attention

  104. “It’s just another stepping stone, honey.” Letting myself be caught up in a scary, depressing, seemingly never ending situation, my beloved father, gone over 45 years came to me in my mind with those words a couple years ago. No one else has ever called me “honey”. The difference in handling things since then has been life saving.

  105. A dime. We had my Dad’s memorial service yesterday (Saturday, Oct. 27, 3018). I wore my black suit. The same suit I wore to my nephews/Dad’s first grandsons wedding. The weeding was in Oregon. My parents and my family live in Southern California. When I got home, I had the suit cleaned. My work is casual, and, I swear, the last time I wore this suit was in October of 3017. Last night (today is 10/28/18), my wife asked if I had some cash on me. I said yes, and reached into my right pants pocket to get my money clip. While doing that I felt a coin in my pocket. I was surprised. How could that be? I haven’t worn this suit in a year? I pulled the coin out of my pocket and it was a dime! I was really baffled about why that was there. I shrugged it off thinking, it must have just stayed there during last years cleaning. My wife has a change purse so I just gave it to her. Was he with me last night? Was he saying how proud he was of my older brother and I for our comments at the service and making sure our Mom (his wife of 61 years) was ok? Oh, I hope so. He passed on 10/16/18. Yes, his passing is still recent but am longing to talk, touch or hear him. I want him with me. Someway, somehow. Please tell me I am not nuts. He was America’s “Pastor to Pastors”.Wa are a Christian family who believe. I want him near me always. Thanks for letting me send this to you.

  106. You wrote about a phone call but when you answer it, it is all static because souls can’t talk. That is not true. My partner passed over 1 year and 9 months ago. At the end of July I recieved a courtesy call from the music store he used. The beginning part was my partner. He said, Grace, you know I love you that is all I can say. Yes it was a little statically but clear at the same time. You can also hear spirits in the back ground. I know exactly why he said that at that exact time. And to hear his voice again and to have this recorded is so much more than I can ask for.

  107. White Butterflies… when my soul friend who lived next door died, a white butterfly appeared on my deck every day. Six weeks later my mom died, now there are two white butterflies that appear together on my deck. I know they are Evelyn and Mom. Also two dragonflies will occasionally circle around me when I’m outside. I always say…hay guys love ya. Evelyn will come to me in my sleep to give messages to her son, and they are always right on..,

  108. Dragonfly visitation 3 days after my mother passed away suddenly. It landed on my heart & I didn’t understand at the time what was happening in the moment, so I brushed it away.
    Now I know she was sending me a message and I will be open to receiving her messages in the future.

  109. My Girlfriend/fiance just recently passed away Feb 10 2018. We had just had a newborn baby girl, who was only two months at the time of her passing. She died of an alcohol / prescription drug overdose (because she wasn’t suppose to be taking and drinking at the same time). I’ll go to her grave every now and then and talk out loud if whether or not she committed suicide or if it was an accident. I haven’t seen too many strange things happening. Although, the first few weeks after her passing, I kept hearing really sad classic songs “see you on the other side” — by Ozzy and other miscellaneous depressing songs. I have had encounters with her in my dreams here and there, they don’t happen often, but I can never ever remember what we talk about after waking up. They seem to be “sexual” dreams more than not. Just not sure what to think or what to believe, or what any of this even means. It’s been 8 months and two days since her passing. Haven’t really heard a peep from her.

    What do you think?

  110. My sister Joyce passed away unexpectedly on Saturday September 29, after having surgery on the 26th. Her memorial service was on October 4th. That morning before I got out of bed I saw my brother Doug, who had passed away 9 years ago. He looked so healthy and happy just as he always did before he got sick. He was talking to my sister Joyce, (although I couldn’t see her), he said “what the hell are you doing here already?” Then he punched her and said “God I missed you sis!” Punching us sister’s was his way of showing his love for us, lol.
    I wondered if it was a dream or something more. But it was so Incredibly vivid and real that I truly believe my brother was letting me know that he is ok and my sister was now with him in Heaven.

  111. For the last week now, and on numerous occasions before today, I’ve really been struggling coming to grips with death. I have immense anxiety when these phases happen, and no matter what I think or who I talk to, I can’t help but feel that there is nothing after we die and I’m trying to be overly hopeful that there is a place where I will be with my loved ones again.

    My mum and dad are here, and I am terrified of losing either of them and not getting any kind of sign, because then I would really believe in nothing. My grandparents are all dead, and not long after my grandfather died we were all sat in my grandmothers living room playing cards, when the TV turned on exactly as the 10’Oclock news was starting. Apparently my grandad would always stop whatever he was doing to watch it, so we took this as a sort of sign, but laughed it off.

    He was he first grandparent I lost, and no they are gone and there’s never been a sign from any of them since then. I have recently been on my knees, crying my eyes out just begging for a sign of some kind but receiving nothing. Nothing from my grandparents, and nothing from God. I’m scared that my life will never really get back to normal, and I’m doomed I worry about death until the day I die. I want desperately for there to be something, but continuously receiving no sign when I am really suffering is making me about as depressed as someone can get.

    1. Dear Tom,
      I could have written your entry myself, as I have struggled with these intense feelings as well, to the point that it really sucks the joy out of living- the very thing I am afraid not to do!
      When I was at a very low point in my life, I was trying to find God and praying very hard for a “sign” of a feather. Within a few days, I reached under my couch to grab something, and pulled one out – fair enough, I have many feather pillows around. I still did not believe – I asked God again, this time, to send me so many feathers it would be undeniable. Within a day or so, my husband approached me and turned around, asking me to please pull the feathers off his sweater that his coat had left – (we live in cold climate and wear down coats) – there were about 20 small feathers stuck all over his back!!!! Still, this was not enough for my skeptical heart…I prayed again, now with anxious anticipation, asking please, for one more feather, that is undeniably from him. A few days later my small child asked me to get a toy bin down we had not used in over a year. I got it out of storage, took the lid off, and reached my hand in only to pull out a feather. This series of incidents was enough for me, Tom, to keep me going for a while. Until this past fall, when I suddenly had a crisis of faith, and again felt very low, with all your identical worries. I prayed and prayed for a sign, and none came. I lay awake at night, not wanting to even go to sleep and leave life momentarily. I focused on death constantly, and worried and worried about no afterlife. It was not until I concluded that it no longer mattered…that I would CHOOSE to believe, as I wanted to live my life focused on love and focused on God and Jesus and believing in ultimate goodness and love. That when I die, if there is nothing, I will not know, I will not remember living, I will just be …gone…OR there will instead be a beautiful afterlife, and my actions and beliefs in life will be justified. But either way, I will not hurt. A peace came over me…I again could sleep. This after almost a year of escalating fear and death anxiety. Just a few weeks ago as I was taking decorations off my Christmas tree, I was sorting my children’s ornaments into their distinct boxes, pulling off crafts and cartoon characters, and laying them out in accordance with who made what. Took a small break for dinner, and when I returned to my living room, there amidst the colourful pile, right on top, was a beautiful glass ornament with a single floating feather inside, that a dear friend had made me to commemorate my feather experience. I KNOW I did not move it off the tree and mix it in with the ornaments my children had made me…it stuck out like a sore thumb. This experience has given me renewed peace and more reassurance. Tom, I am sorry you have not had your sign, but please, please, do not give up asking, and asking SPECIFICALLY for what you want to see. Pray without ceasing, and pray for God’s light to come into your life. God Bless.

  112. My son Ryan passed away on August 15th 2017. I have seen many signs of his being with us. One day I was texting my oldest son asking what time he was getting out of work. He simply answered 4. I was using my hands free in the c as r so my text messages always come up on the radio screen with who is texting. It said that Ryan was sending me a text, when I hit listen it said 4. It was the text his older brother had actually sent. Three hrs later my oldest found out that his wife was pregnant with a baby boy. I truly believe that Ryan sending a sign to both me and his brother about the baby. I also see butterflies, dragon flies, and elephants “his favorite animal” everywhere in places they shouldn’t be. Ryan also collected rocks. I have found rocks in places right in front of my path shaped like broken hearts. It freaks me put sometimes but he definately wants me to know he is here with us.

  113. My husband passed away March 6, 2018. Soon afterwards, I was leaving the house to go to work and a red cardinal was sitting on top of my car in the driveway. After looking at it for a few, it flew directly to my husband’s car that was parked in the street and sat on it for a few and then flew off. Definitely a sign!

  114. My God! Some days ago I was in my bedroom and it was night time, I was thinking about my beloved cat that passed away some years ago and I was crying because I was feeling that in some occasions I neglected her…. and suddenly I felt something behind my shoulder and it was a ladybug biting me! I took outside and put it on a plant, but right after I started wondering what was a ladybug doing in my bedroom at night time? And do ladybugs bite? That had never happened to me for sure!!! I thought it might be my cat telling me to stop crying because she is now in Heaven and happy, and maybe it really was… Thank you so much💜

  115. My sister was assisting me with financial matters in my home a relatively short while after my husband, Tom, passed away. I happened to look down at my cell phone and noticed “Tom is calling…Tom is calling…” on the screen display. I showed it to my sister and she had no doubt that it was him.
    Only one person ‘poo-pooed’ this incident but she tends to be a nonimajinative and somewhat ‘obtuse’ person…I like her but that is the way she is. Only one person…
    Two very close friends of mine had olfactory visitations…one from her deceased sister (she could smell her sister’s favorite soap just above her while she lay in bed) and the other friend happened to smell her father’s favorite cigar smoke after she lifted her garage door.
    Only one thing disturbs me: I also had a dream of seeing Tom within a group of people. I remember running towards him and declaring, “Tom! You fooled them all! You are here…you aren’t dead…” and he never turned to look at me but ran away instead. That would have really bothered me had he not sent the message to my Smart Phone Motorola …’Tom is calling…Tom is calling…”

  116. My grandmother passed on September 19, 2018 and today which is the 26th I witnessed while it was raining a hummingbird fly to the door and hover there for a moment before it flew off.

  117. My brother passed away a little over a year ago (June 30 2017) and we have been blessed with many signs. One of the most amazing ones came days after his passing. My husband and I adopted my brothers youngest child in September of 2016. When finalizing the paperwork we noticed that his middle name was not correct. The paperwork had it as Jackson Copper and should have been Jackson Cooper. My husband and I were the only ones who knew of this little mistake, which was corrected. Fast forward (July 2nd 2017) to the day our family was at the funeral home trying to pick out a casket and after a few minutes my husband calls me over and shows me a casket that is named (Brand and color) Jackson Copper! I knew that was my sign that my brother was ok.

  118. Often i think about what my mother or father where doing and experiencing at the age i am now ,also there is a frog that is different from any other frogs he moved up the walls of the house into the window and kept looking inside the house usually frogs come out when it is raining or stay into or near the water in a lake near or house i found it special

  119. I have had several dreams about my best friend from high school and college nightly fir weeks now- as well as feeling his presence. Like many people, we fell out of touch as we pursued marriage jobs etc but when we ran into each other it was always the same friendship and closeness. I woke up during another dream at 4 am last night talking to him. I decided to find him and his wife again on Facebook and could not. When I searched again my friend’s obituary appeared. I was devestated to learn he passed away the end of last year while I was traveling. I did manage to locate his wife and he died suddenly of a heart attack st she 52. It’s been a very hard day but I now know he’s been letting me know he’s ok and we are ok. I miss knowing he walks this earth but I know he’s with me. That nagging feeling I’ve had that something is wrong had been replaced with knowing he loves me enough to find me and let me know.

  120. On my deceased husband’s birthday our little dog (who slept with us) was very restless and kept on making soft barks like someone was in the room. Was this a sign?

    1. Yes, I think so. Our beloved 15 year old cat passed away recently. One night he his sister was acting odd. She kept staring out at nothing with an odd look in her eyes. I think she saw her brother. I got up to see what she might be looking at and felt something brush by my legs. There was nothing there.

  121. I lost my father 2 months ago. After five days i saw a beautiful butterfly comes in my house yard and i said that hi dadi are you ok? and from that day he often visit me as a beautiful butterfly. I love you dad.I miss you so much.

  122. I just read about your young nephew Daniel, I’m sorry to hear, as I am reading through these thinking and always crying over my son that I lost this past November. Idk, maybe I was supposed to read this I wonder, so he could let me know in some way he is ok too, which I have been begging for. My son is Daniel. I Love U Dan More Than Anything In The World! Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  123. My awesome cousin passed away suddenly in late august 2018, that day around the same time he crossed over the power went out for about 4 hours. Love you so much Michael, l will see you again some day

  124. The last few days I have been feeling very down and I didn’t really think about it until I looked it up on line but I have had this same fly hanging round me in my lounge for last 3 days and even landing on my hand and my clothes and just seems it wants to linger athough I have strong connections with Robins I never really thought I could receive any comfort from a small insect. I use to do dowsing so was in contact with the other side and have had lots of spirits that have come through mainly spirits who have passed unexpectedly until I lost my dad back in 2012 then havn’t really got back to it. Maybe it was trying to bring me comfort. Thanks. Jo

    1. Flies are around no matter what, that’s not a sign. My mom passed on August 12, and I have been in their house trying to talk and begging her to come through. She would never ever leave us,but I cant find her. I do not believe it yet.

  125. In the past, I have seen a head image of my great aunt who passed away last year. I seen this image of her face in my bedroom in the middle of the night while I was laying in bed. I know I was not dreaming. I seen it with my own eyes. This happened a month or so after she died. For your information, there was a full moon outside when I seen this image. I seen it on the wall of my room. I seen her face appear out of thin air on the wall. Either my eyes were playing tricks on me or I actually was seeing her face. The moon could have been reflecting through the window. Then her eyes and smile appeared. I have not seen any thing as this since June 2017. She passed away April 30 17. I miss her lots. I loved her lots!!! She is always in my heart. She was a lady who loved to laugh in life. She had an Awesome sense of humor. God bless her. Rest in peace Auntie Clara ❤️

  126. In the past I have seen visions of butterflies in my bedroom, and they are not there. Sometimes in my bedroom light, I see the light blinking in a way of present. I sometimes see visions of an angel in a human form in my bedroom on the outside. Feel free to contact me.

  127. My wife passed away on August 24 2018. Two days later my son and I were in my garage and a large Monarch ButterFly came from no where and started flying in a circle above us. This was inside the garage. After about two minutes it flew out the door and was gone A few years ago an Aunt died and at the Grave Site a White ButterFly came and landed on the Coffin and sat there for a few seconds and flew away.

  128. My husband passed in 2015. Right after he passed , my touch light would come on. he wakes me at night with his cigarettes fresh not stale smoke. his aftershave is throughout the house. I saw him and his parents and our dog. he would ride with me in my jeep. and when I am at my most depressed state he comes and listens to me. He has also visited our middle son . He turns the light out in his fridge one time right after another. He has also banged the pots and pans on the wall. Plus when that son pulls in the driveway , shuts his car off climbs out , then the radio plays”I love that woman”. Yep he is still around three years later. I saw a feather the other day. I just met a man and started seeing. and things are fine.

  129. My great aunt passed away on April 30th 2017 around 5pm. I miss her and love her always! She was my favorite person and best friend. She lived to be the age of 96. She was loved and important to her family! I have had very nice visits with her in the past years while she was alive. She loved to laugh. She enjoyed company. She loved making silly cute jokes. She was also a beautiful lady. She cared about everyone! She was special to me! She is forever in my heart. Last year in June of 2017, I was on my bed wide awake at night time. In the middle of the night, I looked up at the wall and ceiling. I thought I seen her face looking at me. She was smiling. It looked just like her. There was another time, I was laying in bed. This was in the middle of the night, I saw an image of a lady walking towards me on my bed. I wonder if this was her. Any way, I have also seen birds, butterflies, sunshine, and I think I get little notes on social media. I see things on Facebook. They are from my friend list. I read messages. Maybe they are meant to be for me to see those at the right time. Maybe my great aunt wants me to read those. She never used Facebook and she didn’t like using computers. Words and quotes make me think of her sometimes.

  130. My name is Joanna I lost my dad inlaw 4 / 16 / 17 then exactly 4 months later 8 / 16 / 17 my dear sweet husband passed on also we’ve been together 22 years he was a fun lovable guy that I met at Bob Evans he never had any kids I had one girl previous marriage she gave us two grandaughter s the oldest one was 14 she gave the eulogy of both at work I met this man ask him all kinds of questions it was like my 10th month of his death and he asked me for lunch we drove separate cars we went into two different doors at the same time the lady seat us at the booth said your waiter be right with you when he approached he said I will be your waiter my name is David I got that my husband his name is David also and I said he is watching out for me there’s been other times that David was watching out for me and the guy I worked with he called me we talked I was on my way to the cemetery yesterday when I received a call going into the cemetery from this man that work with we chatted I guess David wanted to hear his voice I say prayers at night I always add David’s name to it cuz I believe him and the big man above is watching over me may God bless you guys and thanks for having this always Joanna 1 year now David has passed 8 / 16 / 2018

  131. Since returning back from a 6 week holiday a week ago, strange things have happened in our and my daughters house. Our daughter had turned on our heat banks 2 days earlier but the house was still quite cold when we arrived. The first morning home my husband went to turn on the over to get extra heat. The heater had been turned off at the main switch which is on the skirting board next to the heater. This happened again a few days later.
    A few days later I was meditating so decided to latch the bedroom door so my husband would not disturb me during meditation. After completing my meditation my husband walked straight in.
    Meanwhile in my daughters house a bee found friend of hers called in and as he walked up the stairs, a light bulb exploded. She had no idea that her friend had worked as a Psychic and had communicated with spirits. He claims that my dead mother (my father and brother have also passed away) was in my daughters house and got angry when he was ignoring her. Apparently he then communicated with him that she was concerned about my well being. I have had a lot of concerns regarding my daughters two boys and have difficulty sleeping it seems that my concern is always for other people and tend not to consider my own well being. My question is this, I believe that a spirit may be able to play with electricity etc but to switch off a heater? Can you help me?

  132. My closest friend had mestatic cancer. I had moved out of state. When it went to her brain, she reached out, called me. Her message never mentioned the sad, just how much our friendship meant to her, wishing me happy thoughts. I never deleted the message. One year later (she had passed 9mo earlier) our power went out. When it returned, her message played loud and clear. Truly a gift.

  133. Hello, I was searching for information regarding the passing of loved ones as I’ve just recently lost my brother to whom I was close to. When he was young he got cancer. My grandmother and I were at the hospital with him and while he was having treatment, she told me that she’d do anything to take his place. 2 weeks later she passed away out of the blue, totally unexpected. My brother survived his cancer to which he was very ill and in the final stage. Fast forward 37 years and my beloved brother gets cancer again but he does not win this battle. For 37 years I’ve believed that my grandmother died instead of my brother. I was with my brother when he passed, it was the day after the 37th anniversary of our grandmothers death. The date of my brothers passing is the day after my grandmothers. I believe this to be an sign I was right in my thinking all these years. She took his place all those years ago.

  134. ​​Hello, My name is Amanda, I actually came across this page literally by accident however I have a strong feeling it “wasn’t accidental” I was actually looking for information about “signs” from loved ones because every time I am outside a dragonfly appears and just hovers around until I go back inside, at first I didn’t think much of it but here recently I began really noticing the pattern and it’s honestly every time I am outside at my home (many times throughout the day) so I decided to Google any information about this or if it has happened to others, maybe not a dragonfly but something similar and this site popped up. So I want to share some of the “Blessings” as I call them with you all, I want to apologize in advance for such a long post but there’s so much I want to share and I’ve learned that it is very helpful for me to talk about my dad and share things with others even people I don’t know. It was April 19, 2005 I was 25 when I lost my Daddy, he was 59, my dad was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes when I was 5 he was 39, the ER doctors couldn’t understand how/why my mom was able to walk my dad into the emergency room, his blood sugar was 900 and all the doctors and nurses said he should’ve been in a coma with that high of blood sugar, dad spent 2 weeks in the hospital. It was a 20 year battle with this disease, like a rollercoaster there were so many ups and downs it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to sit and watch as literally attacked every single part of his body, from his kidneys, eyes, bones and limbs. In my eyes my dad was the strongest man I knew and to this day still is, many of you can probably tell by now I was a Daddy’s Girl, he was my world and if you asked anyone I was his. It was April 18, 2005 my dad was still in ICU at the hospital (so some of you know the visiting hours are a lot different) I spent every visitation with my dad that was scheduled for an hour, so on the 18th it was the last visitation for the evening, he was sitting up sideways in his bed, feet dangling over the edge and I told him he looked and must have felt great that evening, he looked at me and his words have stuck in my head still to this day he said “Baby girl, your daddy is going home” my reply was one he probably heard a few times over 20 years, I told him when the doctor tell us you can. At 3:30am (7 hours after seeing him and his words to me) April 19, 2005 the hospital called and said I needed to get there that he was unresponsive. I sit right beside him holding his hand from the moment I got there, it was my mom who looked at me and said “he is fighting for you, you need to tell him it’s okay” I can promise you those 2 words were the hardest 2 words I’ve ever said, it was that very moment he squeezed my hand and opened his big blue eyes as a tear rolled across the bridge of his nose 15 hours after the hospital called I watched as he took his final breath. Many, many months went by after his passing until one night I had a dream that was so real it had my shaking, I called my mom and began telling her, she quickly said I’m on my way, I need to talk to you, so she gets there and we talk. My parents had separated when I was 20, probably 2 years before my dad passed my mom had gotten pregnant and my dad took it extremely hard when he found out, he was angry with me (because I was happy, I always wanted a sibling, I was their only child, my dad had 4 others from a previous marriage but they were a lot older than me) and he said some hurtful things to my mom, sadly my mom miscarried but unknowingly to me until that moment she came to talk my mom told me everything from his hurtful words to the promise he made, my dad had told her after her miscarriage that she would have the son they always wanted but he would’nt be here to see it. It was exactly 2 months after my dad passed my mom found out she was pregnant, soon later she found out it was a boy and a few months later my brother Elijah, was born, (we are 27 years apart and just a little insight my parents were 17 years apart) in my dream it was me and my mom and she told me I needed to tell my dad we were leaving but I couldn’t find him, then he was there and he said “Elijah is here because of me and one day Baby Girl you too will be a mommy”. I think my mom was just as shaken up as I was when I had first called her to tell her about my dream. When Elijah was 2 he was playing and asked me if I knew his friend “Donnie” I thought to myself “Oh Lord, he has imaginary friends” probably about a week to a week and a half later, me and my mom were sitting at my house (of course this big sister had him spoiled, he had his own room and toy room at my house) and Elijah comes running out of his toy room and asked if I knew “Goat” I said yes bub I know what goats are and he said “NO, My Friend Goat, he comes to see me and plays with me, he told me he really loves you and misses you” my heart sank and I busted into tears, so did my mom, you see my dads name was Donald (that’s where the “Donnie” came in) and his nickname was “Goat!!”, my brother never met him, dad passed in ’05 and Elijah was born in ’06. In 2013 I reconnected with my old boyfriend whom I dated when I was 19, we’ve been married for almost 4 years now. My husband to this very day still talks about the time we went to my parents for dinner and my dad told him to have a seat, they needed to talk and dad told me to go help my mom in the kitchen that this was a talk between a father and his daughters boyfriend, my husband will say he was scared to death and he will never forget “that talk”. Now I tell you that this was the very FIRST and LAST time my dad ever sat down a boyfriend and had “that talk” sometimes I wonder if daddy knew something John and I didn’t know many years ago. There’s been many things and different signs in these 13 years since dad has passed that’s happened, I have learned not to blame others for things missing, I use to blame my poor little brother but I’ve realized over the years it wasn’t him or others, my dad was a huge practical joker. My husband and I recently moved back home to West Virginia from Louisiana, we both were born and raised here (WV) we now live in the same town where I was raised. About a month and a half ago I was sitting up stretched out on my couch playing a casino game on my tablet and my husband was in another room doing who knows what (typical man thing) when something caught my eye, I looked up and standing in the dining room stood my dad, I even shook my head as if my eyes were playing tricks on me only to still see him standing there, nothing was said but a feeling came over me, it was as if my dad was saying it’s okay, I’m okay, I’m still here with you (that’s the easiest way I can explain it, like for the first time I felt Peace) So that brings me back to what I was first saying about coming across this site, since moving back each time I’m outside there is 1 dragonfly that shows up out of nowhere hovering around me almost close enough to touch. A little bit ago I told my husband about it, like I said just recently did I start noticing the pattern of this occurrence with the dragonfly. My husband was outside for about 20mins before I went outside, soon after I was out there like the snap of your fingers the dragonfly appeared, my husband looks at me and said “what the” I’ve been out here this whole time and never once seen a dragonfly. My husband doesn’t believe in things like this well I can’t say it’s that he don’t believe I just think he doesn’t want to out of fear as for myself, I smile and say “Hi Daddy, I Know You’re Here and I Love You Too”.

  135. My boyfriend of 3 1/2 years just died August 5th 2018 of a heart attack from an enlarged heart. He was only 42. Not an ounch of fat on him. I cried so hard on my way home from his funeral. Yelling in my truck why did you leave me, where are you, why can’t i feel you near me, why aren’t you comforting me?! I was screaming this being in tears while driving. About 20mins later my speakers made all this loud static & popping noises. My volume was turned all the way down. My speakers never did that before. I felt him yelling at me to stop crying, he’s sorry & he loves me. My speakers then went into a heart beat rhythm. I talked to him & said i know thats you Mike. The static sound to heart beat stopped & did 1 static pop sound. I said please don’t stop with the heart beat rhythm. So it continued on my drive home. I was crying so hard. Knew nobody would believe me so i recorded it. Had 2 of my friends listen to it & thr jaws dropped. They could believe they could hear the heart beat too. The hardest part about his passing isn’t his death…its him not being around me so i could talk, see or touch him. I miss that smile & how he loved me

  136. My 5 year old nephew died on monday 13th August. He had cancer. I went outside at night and spile to him and said how blessed I was to have known him and how precious our times on holiday with him were. I was looking up at the plough(which is said to be related to the 7 steps to heaven in some religions) and a shooting star shot towards it. My heart lifted just a little after this. When we flew over to see my brother in law he said he saw a shooting star also. This gave us a lot of hope and comfort. The next day I saw purple orbs around there house. Then on the way back at the airport is was sat by a lady talking to her husband and she got a text message and said “Daniel is happy, he has got through security” to me this was my nephew Daniel saying to me he was happy that he was not in pain and he was safe in heaven.

  137. My partner passed away of cancer on 11 August 2018. She was a beautiful person. I find myself looking for signs. Tonight i went into our bathroom and the washing basket was moved. I never ever believed in these things but it feels like I’m not alone. I need to know she is with me

  138. I have seen birds, butterflies, and I believe sunshine and calm breezes hitting trees are signs from my angel in heaven.

  139. My father passed away the day before his birthday on 7/22/18. My dad and I were bet friends. Within the past several weeks I’ve been experiencing a lot of the items on this list and then some. When on the phone with his sister since he’s passed, there have been 3 times where it was almost like something took over her voice on the phone. Her voice would get REALLY low and would talk really slow. The best way I could describe it would be a demonic type of voice but I never felt scared. Then, one after another, I started noticing that 4 light bulbs in our home got blown out. I started smelling an overwhelming cigarette smell when nobody else was home, as if it had just been lit. My dog would stop mid-play and stare at the front door and her eyes would almost follow something to the couch where my dad would always sit. But last night the strangest thing happened. I took my sleep medicine (which knocks me out, I can sleep through anything on that) and I turned off the TV, which usually I just fall asleep with it on. But not 45-60 minutes after I took my medicine and fell asleep, I heard a loud and friendly “hello” that sounded like my dads voice. It sounded as if it came from downstairs. Woke me up in the middle of my sleep. I went to turn on my light right next to my bed but it wouldn’t turn on. I figured maybe I accidentally unplugged it when I unplugged my diffuser, so I got the remote and just turned the TV back on to just have some light and be able to see. I checked to see if my light was unplugged and oddly enough it wasn’t. So I felt comfortable with the tv being on and tried to go back to sleep. Not 5 minutes later, my TV turned itself back off. I didn’t feel scared – more curious than anything. But my medicine was making it hard to stay awake so I kept the TV on and went back to sleep. Do you think my dads voice was all in my head or was his energy so heavily present that he was able to shout that “helloooo” from all the way down stairs?

  140. On Tuesday July 10th I was watering the grapes and noticed a dragonfly near me. It was like it was watching me and would also follow me. I thought a little strange for one We live on the high desert and do not see many dragonflies but once in a while. The next day we were watching the grandchild play in her little pool. A dragonfly appeared and floated around the grandchild. My wife stated there is your mom. I did not get that feeling of her energy. One of my sister’s associated dragonflies with my mom coming to visit her as a dragonfly after a major thunderstorm. It was a sign to her of my mom visiting to tell my sister that her rough time was about to end after the storm she had been going through. The dragonfly that had visited me for two days was my sister. My sister came to let me know she was ok and checking on the grandchild she never met but heard lots of stories and saw lots of pics I would take. Later that day I got a call from my dad stating they found my sister in the shower with water running. It is a sign of birth and death of dragonflies. The following day a rainbow appeared which I have always taken as my mom. I took this as a sign she was letting me know my sister is with her in heaven and is ok.

  141. Yesterday I was walking in the park with a new friend and this big BEAUTIFUL blue butterfly comes out of nowhere. Lands on my shoulder and starts fluttering around all in my face. My friend said “Wow! That butterfly must really love you!” Later on, I received the worse phone call that my dad was killed in a car accident. Of course that “butterfly” loves me, because my dad loves me!

  142. My husband of almost 48years passed unexpectedly 5months ago.
    He was in the hospital getting colon checked that morning but I could not breath and .I had to get a hold of him. I just could not sit still.

    When I called asked to talk to the nurse’s station, A doctor answered and told me that he just quit breathing. And he may not make it.

    We had winter weather warning and the road almost stopped me from going but somehow I made it.

    The doctors came out and told me that his brain is probably dead and his robs are broken after 45minutesof trying . They will try one more time.

    I walked in, when they tried the last time and moved away, I could finally touch him .
    I held his hand and I said I am here.

    The green line jumped and started to move up and down, all the crew came back, one of the doctor showered, turn the monitor on!

    I saw his heart beating.
    I said, He knows I am here.

    It lasted 10-20secobds, we were all watching themonitor.
    I was so happy to see it.
    It confirmed me that he is still with me.

    He told me that we are forever together.

    I hear his comment here and there all the time….which keeps me going until the day we are again totally together.

  143. Hi my daughter in law was pregnant when her mom passed away , she now has a 15 month old beautiful baby girl . My granddaughter is always looking up at the picture my daughter in law has on wall of her descended mother. Tonight while sitting on her mommy’s Lao she looked up at her mom Moms picture n started throwing kisses at it . What does this mean? She would always just stare at the picture when she was an infant

    1. The deceased grandmother was probaly standing near the picture blowing kisses at her grandaughter. And what do we do when someone blows a kiss…. we blow one back. She is able to visit her grand daughter. Beautiful.

  144. I wonder why, because I think about my mother everyday, that I never have dreams of her. (Which I so badly want) thank you.

  145. When I was a child, I dreamed that the nice man up the road died…I woke and found my mother upstairs crying because she had just found out he died. Years later when my grandmother passed, I lived a long way away from her and as far as I knew, she was doing fine…..I was out shopping and will never forget how I stopped in my tracks as I was overcome by the scent of my grandmother’s apartment from when I was a child…..I couldn’t understand why I was smelling it. A couple of hours later I got the call that she had passed. When my dearly beloved cat passed away about 10 years ago, I cried out to her that I needed a sign….suddenly I saw a cloud, about the size of cat to the right of the street light in front of me. It was such a joyful experience. Then another night, I was in my bed, with my cat Samantha. Samantha always slept at the foot of the bed, because my kitty Phoenix (the one who sadly died) was already about 21 years old when I got Samantha, and Phoenix slept on my pillow and Samantha at the foot of the bed. This night, while I was laying there, I felt a cat jump on to my pillow. My first thought was that Samantha was getting on the pillow for the first time. I reached behind my head to pat her and there was nothing there. I turned on the light and Samantha was at the foot of the bed. I also saw that Samantha was seeing Phoenix in the house the day after she passed….it was terrifying to her. But now years have passed, and I have recently lost my much loved dog (3 nights ago about to this minute I believe) and am sinking in grief. I’ve asked her to send me a sign. Not sure if this was one, or just a coincidence, but about 10 minutes ago I set my alarm on my phone for the morning, I then closed the phone up, but the alarm started going off. I turned it off and looked to see if I had accidentally set it for this time (10:58pm) and I hadn’t…’s never done this before and I can only hope it was a sign from my dog Indy. I believe she may have passed right about that time 3 nights ago….sadly I can’t be sure as I found her in the morning, but my cat had started scratching at the back door at that time, something she’s never done before….sadly I assumed it was a bird or something that had her stirred up, never thought it was my dog. I hope she sends me more signs.

  146. On Saturday July 21,2018 my present wife had been fussing to me about something that I do not remember but I went out and was complaining to myself and to GOD at the same time .I set down and looked up and toward the eastern sky and I saw these two whispy clouds when it was like either GOD took HIS finger or He blew between them and they moved like blood flows through our veins and quickly formed into the shape of a heart.Very soon after this it was pulled apart at the bottom and it all disappeared.Was this a sign from GOD to love my present wife or a sign from my previous wife who died 28 years ago that she was all right


  147. My neighbour was driving me with my sick pug to the vets on friday as we pulled in the car park i remember seeing the closing time was 730 she replied its only a few minuits over they will still have someone in at that point my dog passed away in my arms i had my watch on next day i collected my dog and drove him to the chapel of rest after saying my goodbyes i drove back and went for a beer while talking to a friend i realised i never put my watch on after my morning shower so searched my bag and got my watch out as i put it on i noticed it had stopped at the time my dog died it only had a new battery 2 months ago and it hasnt started again this happened 2 days ago

  148. My husband died a week ago and I haven’t felt him around at all. There have been no signs, not a single one. When his mother died it was quite different. I could hear her voice and feel her presence all the time. One day I smelt her perfume waft over me and then she was gone. Ther only thing I have seen that was a bit unusual was a deer that stood and watched me. I saw the deer two days running but haven’t seen it since. I feel utterly bereft.

  149. My mom died a few weeks ago. I’m 18 and i don’t have any siblings. It’s just me and my dad. She died from cancer. On the day of her funeral, right as i was walking in, a really big rabbit jumped in front of me and stared at me. It was very close to me, and didn’t seem scared. It literally came out of no where. Also, the other night, my dad said he went down stairs to let the dogs out, and then decided to sleep in her bed (he sleeps in a different room now) he said when he layed down the covers, which were by his waist, were lifted up to his neck. Finally, last night, i had a very vivid dream about her. One of my biggest frustrations in this situation is that she won’t be there with me when i get married and have kids. She won’t see me grow up. I was explaining that to my therapist just yesterday. In the dream, i was about to walk down the aisle with my dad to marry my boyfriend (who was like a second son to my mom). As i was walking i felt someone grab my other hand on the other side of me. I looked over and it was my mom. I always told her i wanted both her and my dad to walk me down. She was just smiling at me, and i just knew that she was trying to tell me that she’ll be there with me the whole time, and that she’s not going to miss anything. Finally i saw a rainbow over our lake a few days after she died, and it also rained, but was sunny, on the day that she died, which I’ve always loved. I’ve been smelling my grandparents house too, which i didn’t even know that i remembered, since they died so long ago.

    1. Hey Hannah sorry for your loss it just is not right or fair sometimes, I lost my nephew on his motorbike just over a year ago still miss him incredibly always know your mums watching you and that she lives through you now take care sweetheart x Buck

  150. Hi. I want to share my story. on 6/24/2018 I got a ph call that my dearest brother had passed away. he died in a car accident. I live in san diego, California so I took a plane flying from Tijuana that same night. I so want it to be there with my mother and sibs. I wanted to fly fast, fast. Later on, like one or twohours after the plane took off, I was looking down into the dark night, and I noticed a bright and wide light moving along “with me” or so I felt like. this light would start a little bit dim and then it would get stronger and stronger and brighter. it was like this for almost 2 hrs. I thought that light was my brother’s spirit/soul/energy!? one day after we buried my brother, my niece (my brother’s daughter) and I went to visit the grave. when I approached the grave, there was a dove sitting next to my brother’s tomb. I held the dove in my hands, I said, “what are doing here? what is wrong? are you injured?” I checked its wings, feet, and head. I did not see any injury. I held it for a while, covered and hugged it with my two hands to give it some warmth. then it died. just like that. its body went flaccid, lifeless. and yes, I thought about my brother. I thought this was a sign from my brother that wanted to say goodbye to me, his sister.

  151. I was thinking and talking aloud about my lovely son Garry who was tragically killed in a RTA three years ago in May 2015 I think about him every day and I talk to him most days, then last night whilst I was watching the TV a beautiful butterfly landed on my shoulder I have never seen a butterfly quite like it, it then went onto the mirror in front of me so I went over cupped it into my hand and I found myself talking to this butterfly. I went to my patio door which was open to let it fly off but it didn’t it went straight onto the net curtain on the outside, when I went to close the patio door it wasn’t to be seen. When I opened the patio door this morning there it was on the inside of the curtain, so I found myself talking to it again, then I cupped it into my hand and it flew away. I was talking with a lady at my Aqua class on Monday, we were talking about the death of her mother and found myself talking about Garry saying that I haven’t had any signs from him recently, and here I was last night and this beautiful butterfly landed on my shoulder, I felt Garry’s presence around me…Garry had a Robins nest in the ivy attached to his garage, so this is his emblem, for all the family. I too had a Robins nest in my garage for the very first time ever a couple of months ago, she laid 6 eggs all hatched out flying around me when I went into the garage I felt quite privileged, and again felt Garry’s presence it is such a comfort for me. I was speaking with Garry telling him I have just one spoon not three like he used to and the next thing the light flickered. I have also had an orb go right across my TV screen. My daughter had the same happen to her she captured it on her phone as she was taking a picture of my two grandchildren at the time when it came out from the TV I was amazed, so these things do happen…..sent on…. 25/07/2018
    The night that the accident happened I made myself a cup of hot chocolate .

  152. I have hummingbird that comes to me every morning I go out on the deck of my new place to have coffee an he gets right in my face for a bit then flys off I put up a feeder for him an two females showed up but they dont get in my face like he does

  153. My grandmother passed away about a year before my second child was born. I was sort of half sleeping on my side in the morning facing the inside of the bed. I felt a very strong poke in my back and turned expecting to see my husband standing there. I saw a split-second vision of a youngish woman in a white robe leaning over and straightening up to stand. As she straightened she brought her hands up to her smiling mouth like she was covering a giggle, and then she was gone. I knew it was my grandmother, and just thought “Hi Grandma, I get it, you’re here.”

  154. I’m 18 years old, my little brothers who are twins are 16 years old. There names are Izaiha and Blake. We grew up in PA always close to each other. We always had a happy family, but of course we been having trouble with finding a house. We ended up moving into my older sisters for a while until we get a house. Eventually the older I got the more depressed I got, I eventually cutted and everything but eventually I stopped and got better. I can’t say the same for Blake. Blake had it worse than me and everyone else. He always didn’t believe we were his real family and nobody loved him.

    On July 1, 2018, we found Blake dead in his closet. He ended up committing suicide. Nobody could believe it at first, we thought since I got better, he would too. He was only 16. I wasn’t as close to him like I was with Izaiha, but I miss him a whole lot. It’s been hard since it happened but me and everyone have been getting signs. Lately we have been seeing a lot of ladybugs and butterflies and birds, and Izaiha also had a vivid dream about Blake trying to tell him he is ok. I strongly believe in the Paranormal, and I want to believe it’s him telling us it’s ok. I love him and miss him a lot, and I hope these signs are true that’s he’s ok, and he’s happy where he is.

  155. I recently had to put both my fur babies to rest, it was a horrible decision but they were suffering, and I didn’t want to be selfish by keeping them suffering. It’s just been 2 weeks since I lost them from my side. I’m still grieving, today was one of the rough days missing them. Was in tears most the day, I happened to look outside while wiping my tears, and that’s when I knew they were letting me know they were ok. There were 2 butterflies dancing and playing in corner of my yard where they loved to be the most. I watched them fluttering into each other all the way up to my window. I knew for sure that was my fur babies in spirit to ease my pain in my heart. I’m still heart broken, but I now know my Odie and Marky are still playing in heaven. I hope they visit me again.

  156. My beautiful Grandmother who raised me from a baby and was my Mom in every way, passed on March 31, 2018. My 88 year old Grandmother was the strongest woman I have ever known. She was the family rock, the person that you can tell all your secrets to and know that she would keep them safely tucked away. She would do anything for anyone, she was just that special. Grandmother was funny, had a quick wit and never held back about what she felt about you. In her 88 years, she never needed help physically, she was still driving and looked to still be in her 60s. She was a 19 year Breast Cancer survivor, which we celebrating yearly. Well, a minor back discomfort in December 2017 was the start of a healthy woman going from Healthy to Hospice to Heaven in 3 months. Her Cancer had returned and it had already spread throughout her body. After her passing, I took it surprisingly well, however the last few months have been very difficult for me. I wanted so bad to feel her presence, hear her voice and to know that she was well… I have all my life been that person that could communicate with relatives that had transitioned, but for some reason the very person that was the closest person in my life, I could not feel her and I so desperately needed to. So the last 3 days I have been sitting outside on the patio in the Morning Meditating and Praying, when each day a beautiful Red Cardinal would fly over me and land next to where I was sitting. It never happen before so today I took a picture of the Red Cardinal and looked up the significance of the bird. I found out that the Red Cardinal is a representative of a love one who passed away and they come to give us peace and comfort and to let us know that our love one is with us. This has been an amazing day, I finally feel at peace with my Grandmothers passing. May everyone feel the presence of love from your loved one who is no longer on this earth with. Know that their spirit is still alive and well❤

  157. I beleave I”m Spiritually gifted. Both of Parents are deceased. They communicate with me often. I saw a white glowing almost see through figure of my Father. He had a Toga on. With two women about7ft. tall on each side of him. Guiding him down the hallway. .. there was like a smokey haze almost like fog. I felt like I was in a Trance. I couldn”t move or even Blink. it was an Amazing feeling. And as for my Mother. I hear hear tapping her fingernails beside my bed at night. I smell her perfume “Eternity” often. When I don’t sense or feel their Spirit is near. My 7 year old son would say to me “UP IN HEAVEN LOOKING DOWN”

  158. I’m the last 19 months since my husband of 33 yrs, I know he’s w me. He used to smoke n had to quit. It’s often that I smell ciggie smoke, for no reason. I don’t smoke n neither does my dog. Shortly after he died, one day I heard a loud knocking, about 3-4 knocks. Loud enough my dog barked no one was here. A huge sign was the morning I went to have my taxes done n I was upset, as I now checked the widow box. I heard one of our favorite songs come on, n I’ve read if you see a sign, try n remember to look at a clock. I did m the time was 10:15.. we were married 10-15-83. I’ve had the strange lights thing happen. And numbers freak me out how I connect them to meaningful moments. Our first date was April 11, he passed on the 11th. So much more. I wish I could see him again looking healthy. I also think my dog is a vessel of his presence.

  159. I saw my mother with my own two eyes in Aug 2010, 1.6 yrs after her passing. While she was making her transition (In my mind and heart), I didn’t want my mother’s spirit to be with my grandmother who (Had died two weeks before) wanted to be with Jesus…(She was a Christian), and my mother was a (Spiritual Ethiopian Israelite (Inward Jew)), so she was already spiritual (We understands what that is), and we don’t believe in dying and going to heaven (Like you belief here on your site); but anyways, I wanted my mother’s spirit to walk in the light of the God Of Israel in me; and she has been in and with me every since; and my grandmother spirit is with my sister.

    As my mother lay receiving her last rites, the Spirit told me to tell her to go into the light (And we don’t say that in my Church), nevertheless, I was face to face over my mother’s face and I received her Last breath…she saw God’s Face (Her reflection in my eyes), yet I could not see my reflection in her eyes…they say the last to go are the eyes; and then tears tans down the sides of her temples (She was lucid til the very end.)

    I can hear my mother’s Voice clearly (Internally) in my spirit, because her Spirit is in my spirit and her spirit was always in my spirit; but now her spirit that was in her when she was living resides in the kingdom Of God in me (So, for me it’s like getting an extra Portion of God’s love towards me.

    You know that Portion that overflows the cup and lands on the saucer (Well it’s that Portion that is visible to persons feeling gifted and or feeling cursed that can see spirits; but not all spirts are holy.. However, if a person is scared of spirits (Like me), I simply choose to NOT see any of them…but I hope to see my mother on my wedding day. She will be walking me down the isle.

    You should come see the GOD of my God in me! Her Light shines very brightly so you may want to put your spiritual shades on. I don’t believe that my mother is an Angel. She was an Angel when she was in her body, just like all Black folks in America are who came forth from THOSE Ethiopian Israelites that got off those slave ships Named “The Good Ship Jesus.” Yes, indeed do; we are they and I have been reliving some things from my past and my mother’s Holy Spirit has Shown me my end and I love it! Truly, in my world (Head, shoulders), mind, soul and spirit, that there is no better place to be than on sitting on the Lap Of her in him that Sits on the Throne In me; and that is me.

    I’m sitting on the GOD Of Israels lap as a little girl, and I am most Loved!

    Want to come see my Mother’s Holy Spirit?
    Come to:

    The Spiritual Israel Church And Its Army
    9375 Amity Street
    Detroit, Michigan 48214
    9:00A and 11:00A
    Come be taught of a true and living God in you, and not up in some sky.

    If your curious as to what she looks likes, then you can see Divva Starz photo on Facebook and then when you come and see her your can admit here on this forum that I did not lie.

  160. My daddy passed away June 30th 2018. At the funeral I delivered the eulogy. It was titled “Making Memories”. A couple of days later my mom and I were sitting in her car in a parking lot having a serious discussion about my dad. All the sudden this truck rolled by blasting a song. The lyrics that were blasted out the window as it drove by was “Making Memories”. My mom stopped mid-sentence and we both started to cry. Also he wrote a short story in the 90s about playing baseball as a child. He let me borrow that story to read about 3 or 4 years ago. A couple of days before he died he asked my mom to ask me about it. My mom told me after he died if I found it she would like it back to try to publish. I panicked because we had moved since then and I had no clue what I had done with the dang thing. I was worried sick. A couple of nights ago I had the urge to look at my wedding photo that had my parents and my husband and I in it. I opened a drawer to look for it and right in top was that story. Never remember even swing it there before.

  161. I had a drawing on my sliding glass door of an ex-fiance. It looked like it was drawn by my dog’s nose. I’m certain it was my ex-fiance because it happened one month after I found out he died in an accident. I found out a year and a half after he died. I had a dream of seeing him and his wife at a party and thought about this dream for 2 weeks and then I decided to look him up on line and there I found his obituary. I would like to attach a picture of the drawing of him on my sliding glass door, but don’t think I will be able to here. I will try. The picture stayed for about 2 to 3 weeks and then just dissappeared. I think he may have tried to tell me something about his death. I only know it was a jet ski accident and that he had critical neck injuries, but there is something across the top of his head in the picture that does not coincide with that story.

  162. My mother passed April 3, 2018 fairly young at only 56, my mom was my rock and I was only 30. My mom was very sick but there was still hope, however when she took a turn for the worse it was a matter of days until she passed. I am her youngest of three, and we were best friends she always said we had a mind between us. I handled her passing oddly well and could not believe how well I was doing consoling my older brother and sister. Obviously I have had good days and bad days and in the year she passed I feel I have had three visitation dreams.

    The first dream my mom was driving the car I was in and I was going to the hospital to see her, when we arrived to the hospital for her to drop me off I leaned between the seats to kiss her goodbye and had to reach really far but felt her lips touch mine, I get out of the car and go into the hospital and there is an enormous zig zag staircase up, only the stairs I need to get up to the next floor are detached and lying on the ground and a woman is sitting on them and she tells me “I’m sorry honey you cannot go see her yet” and then I woke up still remembering it clear as day and feeling her lips touch mine.

    The second dream my mom and I were just hanging out like we always did and in my dream it dawned me she died so I grabbed her and hugged her feeling touch telling her I’m so sorry she got so sick and she started lifting up her pant legs showing me how all her swelling was gone and that she was all better (in the end she had severe edema in her legs).

    The third dream I had came when I was having a rough week missing her it was early in the morning and my husband who leaves when I’m waking up came to give me a kiss goodbye and I told him I was upset and miss my mom, I fell back asleep for like ten minutes and I dreamt there was a phone installed above our fireplace an old fashioned phone and it was ringing I answered it and it was my grandma (my moms mom who has also passed) asking to talk to my mom who was there in our condo with me, I told her grandma was on the phone and again realized she had passed so I grabbed her and hugged her feeling touch again in my dream started crying telling her I’m so sorry for all the times I was crabby with her and I remember clearly her saying “stop crying and don’t be sorry” I woke up then with tears all over my face.

    Now flash forward two years later I just had my second daughter and I feel like I’m grieving her all over again. We literally moved to a new area two days before my daughter was born, and it has been hectic so it’s making my postpartum worse, I had the baby blues with my first who is now six and my mom was my rock. I miss her so much it’s so unfair.

    Lately it seems every song on the radio pertains to my situation in a good way that mom is trying to make me feel better, the other day was the cranberries song “oh my life is changing everyday in every possible way” followed by a new song I love and the hook is “I hope your happy I hope your good I hope you get what you wish for and your well understood” it also says something like just remember that I got your back and I hope your happy. Followed by a song talking about these are the good ol days you will miss and you don’t know what you have.

    I have a loving supportive husband and two beautiful daughters, a new house and everything to be happy about but I can’t becauss I miss my mom I think she is trying to communicate with me through song. Also our TV turns off randomly and there is always a yellow butterfly flying around me outside whether walking or in my car I see one.

    Also right after she died I put her wreath on our front door of our condo, we lived on the ground floor so you had to walk down to the lower level in a cubby where our door was, and two birds built a nest with babies in the wreath, that had never happened before ever with our other wreath, and there were babies sitting in the wreath as we would open and close our door.

    I like to think she is with me and I know it breaks her heart to see me so sad so I am hopeful to see her again one day I love her so much!

  163. Hi I’m Ellysia I heard my Nannie died st age 56 from cancer. Later that day we were in the car and suddenly a sent of hospital filled the car. Also when we finally arrived home I was the only one who smelt the strong sent of the hospice . I truly believe that’s these things are true xx

  164. my partner passed away may 12th 2018 ,a week after there was a car in front of me with des on the numberplate that is my partners name,2 small ornaments were turned around ,today a white feather fell by my foot in the garden and also today a butterfly came in to my kitchen ,landed on the table ,where I have four framed photos of me and des ,plus a urn with his ashes ,6 hours later the butterfly is still there ,he flew of once and came back and went to the same part ,is this my des ? I hope so ,I do worry if he is safe

  165. I am truly impressed and overwhelmed at how many people have added their stories. Here’s mine: I lost my parents about 9 years ago and that took me oh so long to cope with. My X-husband became my best friend and regardless of relationships with others or even when I moved out of state, he was always available for me. As the years went on, our friendship grew stronger and stronger and for several years, we have spoken on the phone, perhaps 10-15 times per day about anything. We have 3 beautiful grown daughters so we would plan family dinners, holiday/birthday joint gifts; console each other; discuss concerns; help one another, and on and on. Suddenly, while he was in Florida on vacation, not feeling well, he went to the hospital, believing he had pneumonia but the doctor came out and said they had done an ultrasound and found a mass in his pancreas and it did not look good. They advised him to fly home. He did; it was confirmed and he passed away 5 weeks later. I only saw him once, during the first week, before entering the hospital. Then, he told my daughters he did not want me to see him like that and that I should not come; but, he called, no matter how ill or weak he was filling, as he could. I never saw him again and I loved him so very much. He passed away March 27, 2018. My days feel void and I miss him so very much. I have been wishing for a sign from him but wondered if that’s even possible. Then, yesterday walking home with my two dogs, approaching my driveway, an orange butterful flew slowly by us; I watched as it went to the front of my home then went into my tree and disappeared. It’s the only butterfly I’ve seen this year. Am I just wishful thinking?

  166. My Dad communicates with my mom and me by turning a light and ceiling fan on and off in the room where he died…..then, when my mom passed 9 months later, the light and fan activity continued…..
    Then, my dad came to us through a blue jay (a thing he and I had)…..and mom through a Monarch Butterfly….she loved them!

    Then!!!! Right after mom passed, 3 of us saw a license plate on the same car 3 different times with her complete first name and last initial…..

    Right after my mom passed, she came to me in a dream (THE ONLY DREAM I HAVE EVER HAD WHERE I ACTUALLY HEARD SOMEONE TALK) and I asked my mom “how can you come back to talk to me?” And she said to me in the dream “I can do anything now” ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Keep the faith friends! It’s real, and Jesus is “The Way, The Truth and the Light….and no one comes to the Father but by way of HIM!” Romans (The Bible)

  167. I have experienced almost all of the signs mentioned. My husband passed away and I feel and believe that he has been communicating. Birds, feathers, boxes with the word feather written on it, temperature changes, heat turned off, music, specific songs, items in my path, radio interventions, physical touches, taps on the walls, visitational dreams, scents, flowers. All these were initially a lo overwhelming as it was just shortly after he passed away. I thot i was losing my mind but I knew it was him. Voices in my head etc….. on and on. The signs have slowed down now but I do feel him close by. My son senses him all the time. Beautiful. God’s Grace to help me go on.
    your article just validates my experiences.


  169. I lost my darling hubby of 45 years last September and today when I was putting fresh flowers on his grave , I spoke to him .. asking would he please give me some sign that he was still around … the most beautiful colourful butterfly sethled on the flowers I had just laid .. when I went to snap it on my phone it disappeared into thin air … I had an overwhelming feeling of love .. was beautiful .. ..

  170. My husband of 2154 days died unexpectedly January 5, 2018. The day that he died was going to be the day that we were going to sign a contract on a new home.

    Several weeks after his death & funeral, I had to make a decision whether I was going to move forward with purchasing the home or not. The night before I was to meet with the builder, I happen to find a song on Youtube, by Stevie Wonder called “I never dreamed you leave in summer”. I had never heard the song before, but for some reason I listened to it over and over, while crying my heart out. The song came out in the 70’s.

    The next day, I went to the builders office to discuss the house and at that time, I was going to make up my mind if I would move forward with the purchase or not. I felt so confused and unsure and I was about to tell the builder that I changed my mind about the purchase when on the radio (they were listening to Pandora), the EXACT SAME SONG PLAYED! Stevie Wonder, I never dreamed you leave in summer.

    Right in the middle of the office, I broke down and cried. The builder didn’t know what was happening and was trying to comfort me. I told her “let’s do this because my husband just let me know that this is what I’m suppose to do.

    I’m convinced that James communicates with me through songs. Whenever I”m feeling down or unsure, one of his favorite songs will start playing and I immediately can picture him singing to and dancing with me.

  171. My mum passed away last year I’ve got a White feather I want to communicate with my mum can she hear me if I talk to her

    1. Yes, she will be able to hear you. And I know that she will communicate with you if you pay attention. My mom passed in 2014. On two significant days (first day of going back to college)(day I moved in with my boyfriend) I found a white feather stuck to my drivers side door of my car. I kept both of those feathers. You should also notice songs with personal meaning coming on the radio, or being played by a street or subway musician. She can hear you.

    2. Hi,

      Honestly you do not need a feather to speak to your mom, if she is in your heart. Alls, you gotta do, after you pray for the night is tell her spirit what you would like (As if you’re having a regular conversation), and ask her to speak to your spirit during your slumber (Upon waking) or ask her to wake you with her voice. She is a living spirit; one who can see, hear, walk, talk (to your spirit), and save IF you take heed to that very soft voice (Her voice), speaking to you in your own spirit.

  172. Dreamt of my step daughter. It is thought that she took her own life. Her boyfriend was with her at the time and they had been arguing but we had no reason to believe he was responsible for her death. Last night is when the dream occurred. I dreamt I was with some friends and family. They were saying that my step daughter was coming. This confused me but sure enough there she was! I asked her if she was happy. She looked troubled and only said the word murder/murdering. I was perplexed with her response. So I answered her by asking the question “do you mean spiritual warfare?” She was in the military when she was alive so I was thinking maybe she meant she was a soldier of God. But she looked even more confused and said “I guess??” In a questioning tone. Then I woke up. Later in the day I was still unsure what she was trying to say to me. So I started a conversation with her saying I needed her to tell me what she meant. At that moment I was jolted by the “understanding” that she meant she was murdered. Can this be possible?????

  173. I cant stop tears from rolling down reading all these…

    My Mom, aged 56years passed away on 4th June 02:15am after getting a Cardiac Arrest seeing a Burglary incident at home (3rd June 7pm-10pm). The Hospital dint have Cardiologist so don’t know how they agreed to treat her. She walked and went in to the Hospital but came out in a Death Bed after 12 hrs.
    I knew life would never be the same again.

    Few incidents I observed post the Cremation:

    1. Heard sound of wood plate falling around 1am near the place where she was lied at rest till both her sons (my brother and me arrive as we both stayed in different states)

    2. Feeling Heavy and Strong Presence of her in the bed she used to sleep. We just sat near the bed and started talking about her. Also we kept the bed organized and the Fan running for 10 days above the bed as she never could tolerate Humidity.

    3. Always used to wake up at 2am for atleast 3 days and then started seeing 02:30 in clocks all over the house be it stopped or running.

    4. As even my sister saw the same time, we went to Hospital seeking to view the CCTV, but they dint have CCTV installed inside ICU. So had to leave the place just checking where she took her last breath.

    5. I tried different app to communicate with Spirits as I was worried how will she manage alone in the Dark if she has to be alone. I was so so concerned. I opted for Ghost communicator and pressed the button…I got the message, “Direction Stuck what you can do” My tears rolled down knowing she was there understanding my situation.

    6. My Sister had few more incidents:
    a. She heard in her mind very loud, “Where are you going, Sit here” She sat there itself near the body till we both sons arrived.
    b. Once I arrived home it seems with mild air the cloth over her face was trying to come over. She was overwhelmed by seeing it.

    7. My Brother had a brush on his back of head like don’t worry I am fine.

    8. After few days I tried to control my emotions and started checking the photos, then I see this photo where I am wearing a traditional white dress and holding her face and giving final bye with tears rolling all over and all the people around crying. In this photo there is a reflection of a faded Woman face smiling, its not the guys wall paper, there was no woman standing near-by for any reflection.

    9. I came to my working State after completing the rituals and then I started my Jeep/Car and took a left turn and turned on the Left signal. It turned on entire Reverse Assist, Reverse Assist Camera view and left signal also turned off the Radio. The same thing happened when I turned on the Parking light. It’s a new Jeep/car (10,024 kmtrs driven only). I am taking the Jeep tomorrow for Tech check Servicing.

    10. I work in a Corporate Company and never it happened that Electricity would go for Computers but my PC got turned off completely twice in the middle of work and it actually dint loose much work but all my colleagues were shocked as all computers have active Uninterrupted Power Supply.

    11. Whenever I read the last Hospital Bill or Death certificates or touch her favourite clothes or items, I feel very heavy in Head as if I caught cold.

    12. Finally not to forget every now and then I get complete Goosebumps from top to bottom and even now as I am typing.

    There were more interesting facts about her before leaving this life: Before 1 month of her death, She completed all her duties, paid all her dues and visited all Religious place and Relatives Houses and it was different this time. It was like it was kind of a farewell from her side. I wish I knew.

    I just hope she is fine and is at peace and smiling at me right now…

  174. My Mom passed away just about 2 years ago. Since she passed, I see big hawks (birds) sitting watching me as I drive to work. I almost always see only one hawk. My mom used to point out hawks on the side of the road (when I was a kid) as we would drive on long trips. I believe this is her watching over me.
    I hadn’t seen one in a while and this morning as I was biking, one was on a lamp post right above me and it flew following my path. I believe this is my Mom and I love seeing this confirmation that she’s with me.

  175. I want to talk to both of my sons desperately. One was only three and a half when he was killed, is he now grown? My youngest son just passed away a month ago and I’ve had one dream where we talked. Was it real? Will he come to me again? I have horrible nightmares about their passings and its so hard to deal with when I want them to be alright and happy. Have they met and are they together? I wonder because my youngest son was born a few years after my others son passed away.

  176. Hi
    My 11 year old son’s father, my ex had brain tumors and passed last year 28 days after my son turned 10. So very sad. However his father has reached out to me so many times through songs, people, places! Recently June 14 my son turned 11. On the morning of his birthday my son walked in the kitchen came back out to the living room and saw that the TV was on, he asked if I turn it on which I did not, I asked him if he turned it on he did not, I asked if the cats bumped the Remotes, however they were put away. Then my son was saying mom were talking about cancer on TV and it dawned on me with my other experiences that his father was reaching out to him. I calmly said to him start talking to your father and tell him that you love him he’s trying to reach to you Remotes, however they were put away. Then my son was saying mom were talking about cancer on TV and it dawned on me with my other experiences that his father was reaching out to him. I calmly said to him start talking to your father and tell him that you love him he’s trying to reach out to you! Then my son said mom Jurassic Park is on and that’s our favorite, and then he shared that all the death in China that was happening . I asked him to turn off the TV he tried with both remotes he could not he walked up to the TV and could not turn it off. I told him well we have to go to school I will take care of it when I come home. When I came home the TV was still on I tried the remotes they did not work I tried the TV and it did not work I change the batteries in the remote and it still didn’t work and then I had a conversation with Tom to be careful when he reaches out , But it was neat that he did. My son was pretty pale white when you went through that experience so I know what hit him pretty hard but it was pretty neat to me to experience very close and through the experience with my son. He had not been a very nice man to me while we were married however I took the highroad knowing that he could die because he had brain tumors. It’s been an amazing experience since his death because it actually feels like he’s been reaching out to apologize. Two weeks after he died we had a planned Hawaii trip for two years I was paying on. I actually had to do the ladies hair who I rented the condo from the next day at my salon. I did not want to cancel on her it was the only Day I could do your hair before I left for two weeks,.
    When she walked in the door she had a plant for me she did not know the liking or favorites of my ex-husband. I knew when she walked in the door he used her as an angel and she gave me a beautiful blue hydrangea to plant for my son I shared with her that this plant is his father‘s most favorite and the color is too.
    He is also reached out with numerous songs played at the salon which never played before he passed I don’t change the station the girl that made the station her actual birthday is the day he passed away she made playlist I didn’t tell her one thing about which song to play which ones were her favorite which ones we had in our wedding it was pretty neat and amazing for me. I know he’s wholeheartedly trying to touch base with me and our son I’m just so happy that my son could actually experience this happening so that he would know that his dad is always with him because he loved him so much‘

  177. My dad passed away last month. Two nights ago I awoke to my alarm clock while hearing his voice talking to me. I can’t remember exactly what he said, but then I gasped with fear, and I do remember him saying, “aww, I don’t want to scare you, I’ll go for now,” and his voice disappeared. The next day, as I entered my mom’s house, I heard him call my name – it sounded far away and mumbled and like it was coming from upstairs. I went upstairs and got chills as I walked into his office. I began randomly typing on his computer, “hi daddy, are you there?, I want to know if you are okay and happy.” I then tried to print this out, and the printer wouldn’t print, but instead the computer made three ringing sounds that I’ve never heard it make before – I checked to see if anything had popped up or if there was an error message or something, but nothing. I again typed to my father, “okay I heard that, but I’m not sure if that was a printer error message ringing or a sign from you'” I hit print again. The document again didn’t print, but there was no ringing this time. So obviously the first ringing sound was not due to me trying to print. I then called my sister to tell her what had happened. When I described the computer ringing sound, three beeping sounds from my phone in the same notes as the previous computer ringing randomly occurred. She did not hear the beeping herself on her end, so I was questioning whether I was just hearing things. But it seemed so loud and clear to me. So I’m not sure I’m imagining things or that all this was really my dad telling me that he’s okay. I hope it’s the latter.

  178. I am going to say something CRAZY. I think my sister is a butterfly.

    When I was 5 my sister was born on April 25th, and died 6 weeks later. Lately, I have been seeing signs from her. A few weeks ago, I went to the cemetery where she was buried for the first time in years. I stayed for a while and as I began to leave I noticed a butterfly. It was flying around my feet and trying to land on them. I was like “get off me you weird butterfly.”… But I thought maybe it was her. Then, I was swimming in my pool and noticed the same kind of butterfly flying nearby, and out loud I called out my sister’s name. I stuck out my hand, and said it again. And the butterfly flew to me and landed on my hand. WEIRD RIGHT?? THEN. I went to the cemetery a week later to tell my sister some good news about my life. I was thinking about the butterflies, and I was like how weird would it be if there was another butterfly. I open my door to get out at the cemetery, and before I can even get out of my car… the same kind of butterfly landed on my open car door. I broke down in tears. It is truly amazing. I shared these experiences with my mother, and she said she also has experienced this butterfly thing. It’s always the same kind of butterfly, and it always tries to land nearby or on her.

  179. My Ex favorite song played in my head yesterday morning as I got up. All I could do is repeat those 3 songs. I miss him. Its been over 5yrs when he passed away. My heart just fluttered. I feel like he was the only one who loved me. We both had issues in our life, so we went our separate ways. But he always seem to find me know matter what. Rite before he died he came and visit me we went to a friend of his house. That was the 1st time someone came to see me before the passed away. Wow! Yesterday I felt like I desperately wanted him. Like I wanted it to be so real.
    The song is by Brain McKnight- Everytime You Go Away.
    Thank You
    Tracie Johns

  180. Can one get a sign many years after death, or is it only right after their death? I’ve have many family members pass the most recent one was 4yrs. ago. Yesterday I was sitting outside with a friend and we noticed a blue jay ( which is rare to begin with) flying from wire to wire, then land on a roof near by, then it landed right in front of us and started hopping around for a while then flew off. The week before I was looking out my Livingroom window and in the tree just a few feet away a cardinal (again rare to see) setting on a branch flapping it’s wings, then flew away. Did I just have two signs in just as many weeks?

  181. My mom passed on May 7th. Since then I was worried because even though I truly believe she’s in heaven, I didn’t have a dream of her. My good friend from my church text me one morning saying she dreamt of my mom and she was beautiful. She also said she was in her presence in the dream and watching me as I was preoccupied in the dream. My friend told me that my mom was definitely with me and when I feel down to talk to her because she’s there. So, maybe she used my friend to let me know she ok and is with me.

  182. My dad passed away exactly a month ago yesterday. Last night, when we were reading to our toddler in the family room (my dad’s favorite hobby) we noticed a bird on our deck just sitting, not moving. We knocked on the window, but it wouldn’t budge. Even my toddler knocked and nothing. We opened the window and talked to it and it just sat there. We actually wondered if it was even alive. 10 minutes later, it got up, slowly walked away and flew off. I wonder if this was a sign from my dad.

      1. It seemed like it! It’s so nice to know that they can still visit us in their own way.

  183. Could this be a sign my husband passed away April 28th 2016 and my daughter posted a video to her father on fathers day the year before he passed and he had posted a message on there. Yesterday she was going in the house and that memory popped up on her phone from 3years ago but, on her phone it said 2years ago which couldn’t be possible because he wasn’t alive!! But when people look on her facebook the comment states 3y and on her phone it clearly says 2y. Could this be a sign he is telling her it’s okay to get married because she got engaged a month ago?? The comment he wrote three years ago talked about her being daddys little girl and he would always be the one who loved her first and held her first and he would love her always even after he takes his last breath.

  184. We just lost our family pet after 19 years this morning and was kind of sudden despise his age. My daughter is divested and crying constantly. I know he’s in much better place and no pain but is it possible we will see a sign from him to comfort my 10 year old child?

  185. My grandma passed away on november 9th and it was a very hard death for me to cope with because she was the only real grandma ive ever had. One night i was downstairs and i smelt her perfume in a certain spot and than i tried going back to the same spot and it was gone. Than a few days ago me and my nephew were in our swimming pool and a butterfly followed us around the whole day and even landed on my foot and my nephews head. I truly believe that was my grammy.

  186. My wife passed away on February 27, 2018. Our only daughter is away at college for the summer taking a summer school class & living in the dorms, and I went to visit her this past Father’s Day weekend. We were alone in her dorm room and talking about her mom, when I got a little emotional and started to cry a little. My daughter came over and gave me a big hug, and while we were hugging, the power in the room and all the lights flickered off, then on again, off, then on again, off one more time, and on again, then stayed on for good – three times in quick succession. We both immediately thought it was a sign from my wife/her mom that she was there with us. After reading this article and others like it, and seeing that flickering lights are a common sign from the spirit world, it just confirms what we already knew and felt and that she was there with us.

    1. Definitely a beautiful sign. Thank you for sharing your story… I’m glad to hear this could offer you some confirmation of your wife’s continued presence and love from the spirit world.

  187. My grandmother passed away on Saturday, June 9th. Her funeral was on Wednesday. The very next day, I was thinking of her as I was driving to work. As I was stopped at the stoplight waiting to turn left into work, I was shocked to read the license plate on the car in front of me – “GLOR RON”. This is meaningful to me because my grandmother’s name was Gloria, and many people called her Glor. Also, my uncle (her son) is named Ron. Ron is still alive, but his son (my cousin) passed away several years ago at the age of 24. I believe that this was a sign from heaven that my grandmother and my cousin have reunited and they were saying hello.

    Additionally, just yesterday I was driving to run an errand, and all of a sudden I smelled the scent of cigarette smoke. I don’t smoke, and I never allow anyone else to smoke in my car. My car windows were closed, so the smell couldn’t have been coming from outside. My grandmother smoked cigarettes nearly her entire life. The scent only lasted for a minute or two, and I believe it was a sign that she was with me, or at least thinking of me.

  188. I lost my grandfather in 06/14/18. We had to come to California to share his final moments. He knew his death was coming. He was telling us goodbye as recent as a few weeks ago. The very next morning after his passing my uncles (his son) wife left my grandfather bedroom window cracked open as she believes it let’s loved ones come and go as they please. My parents slept in my grandfathers room and I went in there early in the morning to mourn my grandpa and chat with my parents. My mom then told me that if I am a believer (I am) then my grandfather is in a better place. A few seconds later we heard what sounded like a door bell. My uncle walked in the room asking us who pushed the button on my grandpa senior alarm and we didn’t push anything as it was on the table. Nothing fell on it or anything. We checked the boxes where the other alarms were and they had no batteries. Only the one on the table did and there was no way anybody could have pushed it. That was our proof of grandpa telling us he was okay.

  189. My mother passed away last Sunday evening. After a lot grieving, I finally fell asleep, but awoke periodically as my mind was racing.

    The door and the window in my small room were closed. There was no heat register in my room. My room was very warm but very still.

    Then, all of the sudden, I felt a rush of air, like a cool breeze, flow across my lower body, which was uncovered at the time. I became distinctly aware that something had just passed over me.

    I believe my mother came to tell me that she was OK and free and soaring with the angels.

  190. My grandfather passed away on Tuesday. My mother, almost instantly, had a visit from a yellow butterfly and a significant song. My cousin and I had a visit within moments of leaving the hospital from a yellow butterfly. My husband, who had taken my children to the park, said a yellow butterfly flew al alround them. My cousin, brother, and I had a bunny within feet of us right after we told my brother of my poppi’s passing. My grandpa wanted us to know he was ok.❤️

  191. My only Son, Shane (44 yrs) was recently on his way to work (May 7, 2018) and was killed instantly when he hit a box truck head on. I still hope and pray this is just a nightmare that I can’t wake up from. We were very close and I’ve always told him and his 2 Sisters when I leave this world to pay close attention to the little things that may happen around them because if there was any way possible I would let them know I was still around them. I’ve been keeping myself busy doing a lot of work outside while I try to find a way to cope with my broken heart. On Monday, May 28th. I was working on the pool getting it cleaned up and ready to open. I noticed a little butterfly on the handle of the ladder. I thought something didn’t look quite right so I leaned down to get a closer look and I saw that it’s right wing was broken. I felt my heart jump and I heard myself gasp because at that moment I knew it was my Son! I knew without a doubt it was him because his right arm was broken when he had the accident. I put my hand down next to the butterfly and it hopped right up on my hand and just sat there looking at me while I talked to it. I don’t know how long I stood there and talked to it before it finally flew away and I felt a calmness come over me that I have never, ever, felt before. That has been the best thing that has happened to me since his accident. Also, there is something else that frequently happens. Shane was a self taught musician and while he could play any instrument, his favorite was guitar. He played in church, tent revivals, and would go visit people in nursing homes and play and sing for them. One of the songs he did was called “Chain Breaker” and there are a lot of days that song will get into my head and I will hear him singing it. It may only last a couple of hours but sometimes I will hear it all day long because I can’t get it out of my head. I just wanted to share this with the hope that it may help someone else who may have also recently lost someone and is having a hard time learning to live with it like I am.

    1. Hello Dawn We lost our son also on May 8th 2018 at the age of 28. He had 2 sisters and we all loved one another very much. He would teach his younger sisters how to drive ro get their license and stay up late to help them with their homework. A beautiful thing he did for his youngest siter also was beautiful. My daughter had just come home from a junior prom and had not had a boy ask her to dance throughou the night. When she cam home from it He asked her how it went. When she responded that no boy danced with her he put on her favorite song and danced in the living room while she still wore her prom dress. He was a very humble and meek erson who loved his famly and loved others. I hurt so much as I miss him every moment. It is hard to understand and get through the greates painb I have ever know not having him. I know that the promise of the Heavenly Father shall reunite us oncre again when Jesus returns. God Bless You Dawn

  192. My late husband appeared in photo that I took last Christmas. Only realised it a week after Christmas when I browse through the photo. I’m so happy and shared the photo with my friends and they were shocked. I know he still looking up after me. Recently I dreamt about him . He came fr visit and i found feather on my pillow. Once a while bird will fly in my balcony and hang around for while. I’m pretty sure it’s him. I know he love me so much.

  193. My mum passed away on thursday morning when i went to bed Thursday night i found a feather in my bed and tuesday night i had a moth land on my hand me and mum discussed sending signs that she was ok when she passed so i am taking comfort in these little things that she is now safe and ok in her next journey

  194. Hello all
    My mum passed just over a year ago and today for the first time she came to pay me a visit. I was standing in the kitchen and her faint image passed from the hall into the living room. Then I had tiny goose bumps and a chill all over my body. And there have been white feathers outside the front door.
    I ve been desperate to hear from her.

  195. Hello, My name is Darrick. So 2 years and a half almost 3 years, my mom passed away 6 days before my birthday. So about 2 days later I fell asleep in her bed with my body positioned awkwardly. The back of my arm and hand were up against the wall and I laid on my left side which left my right ear out and exsposed. I was dreaming that her and I was in my room talking in the dark but it was a man in the room also and i couldn’t make him out hiding in the cut. The guy didnt come off as scary or evil more of a im going to let you talk to your son but we gotta go. Anyway, I was crying asking her why did she do this, how she’s gonna just leave me like that. It goes blank but now im started to wake up and I kid you not, that I heard and felt her breath in my right ear saying “IM SORRY” and my left fingers twitching as if she was trying to hold my hand. I woke up saying “I love you ma” realizing that she was not there. It felt extremely real. The breath on the ear and the hand thing was so uncanny for her not to had physically been right there with me. I felt so happy and sad at the same time but more so sad. Then as days and weeks went on i use to have crazy random dreams about her. My mother was a very outgoing jokester. I use to have dreams of her jumping out the casket laughing “saying im not dead yall thought I was dead” and she would laugh and just leave. I also had dreams of her and my family hanging out at cookouts and I would always ask her I thought you were dead and then thats when she’ll catch a heart attack or just lay down. I use to be so confused but i get it that she’s telling me that she’s ok and im gonna be ok to stop worrying and being said.

    I know that im writing too much but the night she died, that morning I actually woke up from a dream of her getting shot and dying and I told her about it. That was a weird day for me because she was actually watching my favorite tv shows with me wich she despises of . The lady next door who always borrow things from us just randomly gave my mother $100 bill and my cousin gave birth about 3-4 hours that my mom passed of a heart attack. But yeah I just wanted to share that with you guys and there’s always penny’s and dimes laying around somehwre. lol Oh how I love and miss my mother so much!!!

  196. Hello everyone,
    I have some recent experiences I would like to share. For the last week the spiritual activity in my house has been very active. It all started with objects near me randomly falling over or being knocked off the counter ,also the flickering light bulb in my kitchen… and then it esclated to my hair being grazed while I was talking, and the other person said my eyes got so big after I felt the movement of my hair. Just last night I was sitting in my room and I got up to go out and as I did I felt like I bumped into somthing..not sure what it was just felt like a force? After i walked by the stand the windchime went off like it was touched and I turned around and asked my aunt did she hear that and she said yeah,but listen to what I just saw before you walked in…My au t had said she saw a shadow figure in the corner of her eye walk out before I even got up and she thought I was walking in but I didnt until like 15 seconds later…To conclude this, I woke up this morning and my dow was low-growling at the window and tv corner and nothing was there.. My mom came in and said my grandmother was probably watching over us,and as soon as she said that a ladybug flew on her and sat there.Does this sound like a visit from my loved one? Or the tricks its playing is that a sign of another spirit?

    1. Hey Savannah,

      The knocking things off the counter and low growling to me is a little beyond what our loved ones normally do to reach out. You may want to do a little clearing on your space to be certain you’re not dealing with lower attachments or earthbound spirits.

      Here are a couple resources to help you out:

  197. I have indeed had visits and signs made from my deceased loved one. I can now honestly say with positively with confirmation that my brother is always with me, and im not crazy. I knew since the very first day that the light started flickering that it was my brother who passed away on june 2nd, 2016.I’ll forever Love and miss you bobby. Your sis always rosie.

  198. My father passed in January and a month ago I sat in his car that he left me and I could smell his scent!!! That was the only time I ever smelled it. I read this and I broke down in tears because I knew he was sending me a message.

  199. I have some of my deceased parents belongings. They worked hard for the items. Its hard for me to just give it away and I also am not sure if Mom and Dad know that I have their things. I dont want to get rid of something if they are aware I have it as they always loved their furniture and worked hard for it. Do the deceased know what we kept of theirs? I dont want to hurt their feelings. thanks

  200. My mom died on the 26th of April from stage 4 breast cancer. We were talking beforehand and if it were possible, she would send me a sign via a ladybug landing on me as to say hello. She had been unconscious for two days before she died, and 6 hours before she passed I was getting in my car to go see her and had a ladybug fly right into my car and landed on my hand. Is it possible for the soul to leave the body before the body dies? And do you think that was Mom ? And last night I was in my room watching TV and this lady bug started flying around the room crazy like when I hadn’t seen it in their room till that point . Was that a sign to?

  201. When I lost my husband of 25 years, I started finding dimes in the oddest of places. I looked it up online and realized that it was him trying to tell me that he was ok. The last one I found was the oddest of all. On his dresser that had been a little tattered box that probably used to hold a piece of jewelry. I had seen it so many times, but it was his “stuff” so over the years I had paid it no attention. I was cleaning out some of his things after his death, and I went to throw it away. There was no weight to it and no sound when it was shaken, but something told me to just check the inside first. There it was. It was a dime with a straight pin through it. Now please realize that he was not at all a sentimental man, and there was literally no reason for him to have this made or to keep it. I had never seen it before. On closer inspection, I realized that dime was minted in the year that we had met. I just had to sit down for a while! I cried and cried. After that, the dimes ended.

  202. My father passed away in 2010 and here recently I’ve had 2 similar dreams about him and in my dream he hugs me tells me he loves me and that everything is okay. The dream seems so real I can even smell his Sent, I truly believe with all my heart that he is visiting me. When I wake up from the dream I feel good, its hard to explain. But thank you thi

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Kayla! I’m so happy to hear you had such a profound visit experience from your father. Moments like these are truly so precious and beautiful. Love lives on!

  203. I feel the presence of both my mother and my father (not at the same time). Their presence is very clear and distinct to who they are, ie, first a strong sensie of them by me, and their distinct scent. It’s mostly while I am lying down, or in a quiet place. In words I tell them, “I know you are here with me”. Their presence is like nothing I have ever felt before. It is a very peaceful, and spiritual feeling, they don’t stay long, just long enough for me to know they are with me. I never know when they will appear, but I feel such peace when they do come to me.

  204. My mom died in january of a long time heart ailment age 81, in the usa . The doctors knew she was going fast so i flew from france on. 34 hope journey to join my family at her bedside where she died less than 2 days later , not seeing her conscious at all . Strangely , in the week following while remaining at the family house , i did not feel the incredible sadness i thought i would feel losing my dear mother . The house was full of her paintings she’d painted of us as children and i stashed a few portraits she’d done of herself over the years for safe keeping until my next return , when i could properly transport what was mine on a later visit . But some favorites i could not find . Less than 3 months later i flew again to
    the usa , 3,000 miles away from my mom’s house , to witness my sons graduation from university . He was so close to my mom over the years and she would have surely loved to come to this special celebration . My mom’s companion of more than 45 years ( really like a father to us all ) was supposed to join me despite his terminal cancer diagnosis but had become too ill and was given only weeks to live himself . This cast a bit of a sad mood over the trip but i kept up a brave face for my son’s event . My son gave us a tour of his college town , the highlights being the blocks full of antiques stores he enjoyed visiting . It was bittersweet for me because i knew how much my mom
    and her companion had loved browsing antiques shops when they came to visit us twice a year . I kept remarking aloud for hours about this to my son and husband . After several hours i’d had enough but then came the last antique / vintage store . I brushed it off and decided to not go inside but then a rack of vintage clothes set out on the sidewalk stopped me in my tracks : There was an unusual 1970’s era dress identical to the one belonging to my mother from 40 years earlier . I immediately snapped a photo of it and sent it off to my sisters saying
    “ look what i found at an antiques store “ without further explanation. They knew immediately it was an identical dress to our mother . That in itself was a miracle , then one sister reminded me it was the same dress my mom had loaned me to wear for a portrait she had painted of me as a teen . The same painting i could not find at her house after her death . Forty years later and 3,000 miles away this dress appears . I felt it was a sign from mom saying she was there with us , and knows i should still try to find this missing painting she painted of me wearing her dress .

  205. I have had a few occurrences that let me know my husband Marty is near. He loved surfing, and died in a surfing accident in Sept. of 2017. I was talking to a friend one morning, and mentioned how I haven’t seen sand on the floor since he has been gone. Later that morning, I noticed sand scattered on my hardwood floor! Neither my daughter or I had been to the beach recently. My neighbors had come by, and I invited them in to look at it. One had commented on a footprint!
    Also, I had a breadbasket on a shelf in my kitchen which had fallen onto the counter numerous times. Nothing else had fallen from that shelf. I started taking pictures of it. One time, after I had come inside from being away, I saw the basket and contents spilled to the floor!

    2 very definite signs!

  206. I laid in bed one night , and the saying bridge over troubled water kept going threw my head , so I got up to see what it ment , the internet took me to utube and a beautiful song started playing , then all of a sudden I connected with my son Shane he took words out of that song and with out words said he was heartbroken, but would dry my eyes when I cry , it was like his mind was placing them words in my mind , and it felt like a good bye ,

  207. My mum sadly passed on Monday evening, following several years suffering with a terminal illness. She died with myself and my sister by her bedside holding her hand and talking to her. One of the more lucid moments before she died, she woke and said “everybodys different” then went back to sleep. The morning following her passing my sister was driving to the care home to wait for the undertaker and collect the death certificate and she received a pod cast from happy news – it said “everybodys different” – It may be a coincidence but I believe it was mum saying, im still with you. Two other things I wonder about. On the way home from mum after she passed, my son wanted to be with me, as he was feeling sad and grieving too, we went out and sat together and a fox came right up to us, and then trotted off, I said to him “do you think that’s mum?” he smiled but he doesn’t really believe in anything after you die, neither did my mum, but I wonder if it was her telling him there is something. The last thing happened this morning, It is a sunny still day, no breeze, I went outside my flat which faces grass and is framed with trees, I said out loud – “if your here mum give me a sign you are ok” and the branches of the tree opposite (just that tree no other as there was no wind, not even a breeze) moved back and forth in a waving motion. I waved back and said “hello mum”, small things but I do feel she is more with me now, than in her final days when she had Alzeimas and cancer, she had a lovely sense of humour and we were very very close, I lived with her for many years after my relationship failed, and we played bridge together 3 evenings a week until the alzeimers took hold, I have a guilt that she spent her final year in a home that I didn’t visit as often as I should as I don’t drive and the home was hard to get to by public transport, I also have money problems so couldn’t afford to see her as often as I wanted. I really hope she knows how much I loved her and still do.

  208. My mother and father are both deceased but they both have made it obvious that they are around us. We’ve gotten calls for weird numbers right after they passed I needed a light bulb in a light and one day it was repaired. My dreams are usually vivid regarding them. They both told me in a visitation dream that they were okay. I had a dream that was like outter body experience about them being in Heaven together. I was crying severely and I heard their wedding song which is over 30 years old on the radio at that moment Your love ones remain with you and through it hurts you can’t pick up the phone, go to their house or hear their voice regularly they remain here with you.

  209. Yes I have seen things like the pennys, and my alarm clock the one that does not work rang for me to get up as soon as I touched it it stopped, This is my daughter who passed away, Can she see me? I miss her so much.

  210. Hi
    My girlfriend passed three months back and through my grief for her i became close with one of her friends and one night i thought she wanted to kiss me and I thought to myself. i really want this…i would rather be kissing Vee (my girlfriend passed )…and as i thought that this girl changed into Vee for a second. ..i could clearly see her hair with the correct colour and there was a thin bright white light around the edge of her hair…i knew imeddiatly it was Vee and i did not kiss this girl. I took it that was telling me it was not time or it was not right for me.

  211. The day I found out my loved one died, I posted a song on FB “will you still love me tomorrow by Amy winehouse+ within like 15 minutes I had gotten on a bus and someone played “I will always love you by Whitney Houston” I knew that was her. Now I’m seeing April 5 for ex. I found an old phone and went through our old text and the last date was April 5. Was reading an article about new moon in Aries for next year it starts April 5🤔😁. I wish I could see my love again I miss hey so much

  212. We have been physically touched gently by deceased loved one recently passed additional to all other signs.we received call from unknown no with specific when called back turned out to be invalid

  213. Dear Melanie, I have been looking for a website that explains the ‘Signs’ I’ve seen since our beloved son passed away Feb 26, 2017. I have witnessed the electrical occurrence, his smell of cologne on his towel & after we just scattered some of his ashes in Austin Tx this Mother’s day 2018 (river) as soon as we scattered, a Turtle swam up to the bank & lifted his head up out of the water, then turned & swam away. We were all in shock..My Austin was Home in his name sake city, and seemingly happy?? I sure hope so.

    Jeanne Hilko
    Humble Tx

  214. Yesterday was Mothers day and I was so so sad my daughter passed away three weeks I sat in the back remembering her and wishing for a sign she was ok two male cardinals suddenly appreared by my fence and stayed there for quite a while..I felt it was my daughters Jodie and Casey sending their love for me..Then last night I had the most vivid dream of my daughter Casey..all I could see is her as clear as if she was standing right there in front of me..ther were others in the background but Casey was so clear and looked so beautiful like she was only 30 yrs old(when in fact she was 42 when she died) her hair was long and silky blonde her eyes so blue and dressed in an outfit like she used to wear in her late 20’s or early 30’s.. She had a huge smile on her face…I woke up with a start and found myself cluthching a tissue to my chest..I took it that she came to me and told me not to mourn her she is ok in Heaven…

  215. One month after my husband passed away, a wild blue jay landed on my shoulder as I exited my car which was parked in front of our home. Around my neck, I was wearing my deceased husbands wedding ring and medal. The religious medal was something my husband wore around his neck for 42 years, never taking it off. When the blue jay landed on my shoulder for the first time, he lifted the wedding ring with his beak and sat on my shoulder. This blue jay continued to stay with me daily for approximately a month. He would stay outside my home in the front and back yard, and would even fly into my car when I would arrive home. This bird would sit on the window outside and watch me inside the house. I began to take pictures of all of this to show everyone, as I thought people would not believe me. I currently have photographs and videos on my phone and ipad to prove that this actually happened. What really made me understand what was happening and that this was no ordinary occurrence was when I asked the bird to give me another sign. The bird, again, flew into my chest and lifted our wedding ring. At that point I knew this was my message from heaven. (I actually have the video of me asking the bird for another sign and him flying into my chest and lifting my wedding ring up into his beak.) This bird has changed my life, my belief in God and the afterlife. In death, my husband helped me to live life again.

  216. I saw my aunt’s face through my cousin she was cooking I was walkn down her hallway and I looked up and I seen my aunt …
    But it also happens to me when my GMA passed I stayed in my hand house after she passed I was 8 and I saw her floating in the bathroom…I think I’m meant to see things others don’t and they have disbelief but I know what I saw

  217. My brother died from heart attack and I was crying my aunt was yelling at me on the phone and when I hung up the radio went loud and the song another one bites the dust came on. That was that was the first rock and roll song I heard with him. I knew it was.

  218. When I am on my laptop it flickers like the power is going to shut off and I know it is my Mom,I also feel her presence upon waking up I hear muffled voices as if she is talking to someone in the other room at the kitchen table as she often would do with my brother, I recently woke up in the morning and felt like someone was lying next to me in bed when I sensed it the energy of that spirit quickly left my side I lost my credit card in the house and for weeks tried to locate it I canceled it out and weeks later found it in my car in pocket of the door,I went to the laundry mat down town and realized I had left 2 soiled towels on my bed, when I came back home they couldn’t be found one was my mothers and another was my deceased boyfriends towel they have never been found I searched endlessly for them, one time at Christmas I was leaving out the door with a close friend and we both heard music as if it were coming from a musical christmas ornament and I had none on my tree or in my Apt. we checked everywhere and couldn’t find where it was coming from

  219. It’s been 1 week yesterday since my mum passed. She was a very spiritual person as are all the women on her side of the family. A few days after she passed the weather was changing like crazy through the day, as it started raining I got a sudden feeling of energy flow through my body and I started thinking of mum then out of no where the most thickest, brightest rainbows appears side by side over my house. They were brighter than anything iv ever seen before. That night I was laying in bed on my mums iPad, looking at her Facebook photo and her iPad glitched to a black screen then up popped a post on her wall she made saying “I’ll always love you” … the signs are there. They’re real. Lastnight when I had a bath I jumped out and got changed, I had closed all of my windows and doors before getting in so there was no cold air flowing through and suddenly my candles started flickering a blue flame. I started to speak aloud and tell my mum I love her & I hope she’s not in pain anymore and it flickered faster……… I have one of her hair clips that I took from my hair and placed on my sink, I can back to it IN my sink.. I know she’s here. I have felt her with me everyday. I have her crystals in my house with only her energy and aura on them. I feel somewhat at peace with her passing but still breaking from the tragedy. I love you mummy ❤️

  220. My husband passed away in December and hie would have been 51 tomorrow. I am nervous I will not handle the day well. I went up to bed and turned my light on. It started flickering so i looked ones at where it was plugged it and it was fine. Then the light turned off for a few seconds and then came back on. This lasted about a minute and I know it is him telling me to celebrate his birthday and don’t be sad

  221. My former boss died 6 mths ago ,and the signs l get is the name of the nursing home he reside at.For example, a client came in and she worked at that Nursing home where he died or a client is currently employed at that facility.Another example l seen the nursing home advertise on tv

  222. My son,an only child, past from a car accident now going on three years, he was 23. I never got the oppertunity to say goodbye and as a mother this weighs on me deeply. On my birthday, an ordinary day to me,I proceeded to the gym. I was on the treadmile and all of a sudden I felt a warm embrass. The embrass engulfed my entire body,but I knew it as how if felt when my son hugged me. Then all of a sudden his song came on my headphones. He would always tell me that Bruno Mars ” The Lazy song” was his theme song. I cryed cause I knew he was comforting me and wanted to wish me a happy birthday. I get choked up just recalling this moment. I miss him dearly.

    1. My son, Chase, had just turned 22. I had to give him back about 9 months ago and he gives me the most beautiful ways to know he is with me. I was on the phone driving and talking to one of Chase’s good friends and as I was almost home something told me, No, don’t hang up yet, drive through town once more, so I did. The conversation had been about some of the signs Chase gives me..and as I turned the parking lot there sat Chase’s old car! Another time, while with Chase’s younger brothers Academic team, we stopped to eat and a boy didn’t have money to eat and I had another voice tell me give him your money, you’ll get more somewhere else! (Bc it was literally the last $15 I had) So I gave it to him. A teacher brought me his change he had left
      over and said, “Chase said to tell you Thank you”
      I smiled and said Really that’s his name? It made sense then! I could go on and on with these but one way lately he’s been leaving me the most beautiful feathers! My first one was in the floorboard of my car! Another on my windshield. One was at his grave at the cemetery. I’ve gotten 10 so far. And it was right after I read about communication through feathers that he started with them! There is a profound knowing when these things happen. It’s not in your mind or a coincidence, it’s real, and you just Know.

      1. You’re absolutely right Ashley! The sign combined with that incredible sense of knowing is what makes these types of experiences so powerful. Thank you for sharing!

    2. I lost my son , Daniel 19, as well in an accident this past November. I’m happy you were able to feel your son and I hope you do again. If you would pray my Danny comes to me so I can feel a hug like that, I would really appreciate it since I have been begging him and God to let me know he is ok. I have gotten signs but I would love to feel him and hear him say those words to me.. My heart is completely broken. Thanks so much 🙂

  223. although there’s been many many signs from my boyfriend who passed a month and a half ago, I’ll tell you of one which is the least likely to happen. about two weeks after he passed, I was on the floor doing exercises for a bad knee I have. When I turned on my side almost immediately his face was there just smiling at me and for me, I didn’t quite feel like I as in a trance but I wasn’t in present space and time. All I saw was his face and he wasn’t in color. He was like vapor/water. I think it must have lasted less then a minute and you would think I would have had some kind of crazy or excited reaction saying the expected I love you I miss you but for some strange reason I was relaxed as if we were facing eachother in bed and all I said was You’re so cute. Afterward I kept thinking I must have imagined it but it was so real. So since then I’ve been testing myself to see if I could imagine it again and I can’t.. No matter how heartbroken I am and how much I would love to see him, I can’t force myself to imagine that very same thing again.. I’m convinced that it was real

  224. My Dad died from a massive stroke over 10 years ago. I sat with him the last 2 weeks, and did my best to make him comfortable. My Mom was there too, but she had had a brain tumor and reality would come and go for her. I had to put the two in a nursing home, because I had to support my family and work. My husband had recently died from Parkinson disease and he had been a Diabetic for a long time. My plate was full, but Angels carried me through. Dad actually lived 7 years after the stroke, and when the time came, he slipped into a coma and I prayed to God that I’d be by his side when he took him home. I rarely left, but was fearful that when I did that he would go while I was gone. He died on Super Bowl Sunday, and I was right by his side, and I needed a sign from Heaven to tell me that he had arrived. As he died, his eyes opened wide, and he looked directly at my Mom and smiled. His eyes was a brilliant blue and the white of his eyes was perfect…my first thought was that his eyes were as bright as a new born that second I knew. .He was in Heaven and his eyes were new and the smile showed me he was happy. I wouldn’t take anything for that few seconds that I was allowed to witness a miracle. It was as if, through my Dad, that I could touch the face of Jesus. Absolutely no doubt in my mind.

  225. September 2017, I was thinking of a college instructor. I went online to find out that he passed away in July. But the announcement stated that a service was going to be held a week later. 2 days after I found out of his passing, I was talking to him. I asked if he would be my guardian angel. I looked out the window and a hummingbird flew up to the window. Since then I have 3 hummingbird.

  226. There’s been a lot of deaths lately and we bought three perfectly healthy flowers for our grieving mother and one almost instantly died of the three what is the meaning of that I can’t find it anywhere there’s way too many coincidences and spiritual feelings but a flower supposed to be be beautiful and it suddenly died no exclamation Is that bad should I feel this concern

  227. I’m having visits from my fiance who passed in August 2017. But I’m not finding the same experience on any of my searches. I have all the other signs,but usually at night I get consumed with energy.That goes in waves all over my body. Thoughts pop in my head. I’ve also had simply touches of her. Like rubbing my back comforting feeling. It’s crazy amazing,beautiful warm peaceful sensations. I just can’t find any like experiences being included in any searches.

    1. Benjamin I have been searching for the same thing. When my boyfriend comes to me at night, I feel an electric sensation around me and on me. I have been searching for verification that it is him. Glad I read your comment.

  228. Three weeks after my mom died I went to the shelter for a dog to keep me and my stepdad company. The little pomeranian was 15 y/o and her name was Audrey. That was my moms name. I took her home. Pop and I loved her for a few months, turns out she had a heart condition due to her age. She died on Pop’s lap on night while I was at work. Pop died of a stroke two weeks later…

  229. My friend Damian has showned up in my dream multiple time since he passed away in 2016 for an unknown reason he has shown me wording saying im ok im happy an gaclve me a huge hug like he has always done throughout high school he didn’t get to graduate in 2017 with us as soon as i walked up i got super cold is this a sign

  230. My dad was in respite for 6 weeks before he passed away. The first week he was there his gold chain and cross came up missing. He never took it off. The administrator interviewed the entire staff everyone stated they saw my dad wearing it but no one knew where it had gone. The suspected that it may have gotten lost in the laundry or thrown away. My mom searched her house also. We were all devasted. I had several conversations with dad about what we thought heaven was like and who he would see when he got there. I made him promise he would send me a sign when he got there so I knew he was ok. The day after he passed away I went to my moms. I wandered into his room and was looking at his things on his dresser. The necklace was sitting in a trinket dish in plain view.

  231. My husband passed away almost 10 months ago and I have been heart broken ever since–one night I was just laying in bed–not sleeping–because I have had a problem sleeping since he passed away. all of a sudden, all the lights in the whole house went on except where I was in the bedroom—they were flickering on for a few seconds and I sat straight up in bed expecting someone to come in the bedroom. I sat there for a few minutes and then decided to get up and look through the house. For some reason I walked through the house unafraid—I thought about my husband in the house. He always took care of me and I thought maybe he was still there taking care of me—I feel as though he is still in the house keeping me safe and he knows how much I miss him.

  232. month before my uncle die, i felt that he were dying, because he body had chance and his eye looking glassy he final were hospice . while i m there visit , a women about 70’s appear at the door , there were something that remind me of my dead aunt that die about 10yr. ago. i felt that my surround were very silent and frozen in time , i try to ask her, who she were but i could not speak nor move. i felt that she read my soul , in my heart crying so hard , yet it were like it clean my soul. when my favored aunt pass year ago ,i did not find out until after her death and that hurting me , that my family did not tell me, i forgive them that day and was able to except death . the 70 yr. old lady turn to my uncle and grasp his chin, and look into his eye, i felt that my aunt were saying to my uncle that , even thou none of his children came to see him , which i did not know , but i were here and love him and it were enough . when the lady left, i said to my uncle even thou he could not talk . ” that i m going to find out who she was, as i got to the door the lady were in another room , she came to that door and look at me ,again i felt , that i could not say any thing and again it were silent. i understanding about the cry that i felt . not some much about seeing my dies aunt . my uncle die that next morning around 3 am.. i ask around to see if any 70’s yr. old work there . there were none .

  233. I was really sad all day. I recently prayed that Papa would give me signs that he exists. I listened to that song Papa Can You Hear Me, and watched another video that reminded me of him. Looked at pictures. Started crying again. So I looked up articles about grief.on my phone.

    The first one I saw talked about contacting a deceased loved one. Then I read several more ab
    out chronic grief.

    Then I decided to look up articles about contacting the dead. But first I.had to put something away (pants that Disney peed on). So I put my phone on the bed and put the pants in a laundry basket and returned to the bed.

    So I brought up the Internet so I could look up how to contact the dead and low and behold, what was on the screen shocked me..

    It was a door. Above it said, “Mr. Boston: Are you 21 or older. I almost hit the back button to go to Google but then I saw the words Mr. Boston, my father’s favorite drink and I said, “Papa?: I enthusiastically pressed a yes button which lead to another page. On this page was the poem I read at Papa’s funeral and put in his coffin. I got the pioem from Mr. Bostons website.

    I suddenly broke out in tears and happiness. This poem showed up at exactly the moment I was going to look up how to contact him. Like he saved me the trouble and contacted me. I got goosebumps. I was never expecting such a clear sign that is so obviously him.

    I prayed that day asking for a very clear sign from him because I’m not that observant and wouldn’t notice birds or butterflies and such.

    I Here is the poem that reminds me of Papa…

    .He is a jolly fellow, one of those rare individuals, everlastingly young, a distinct personality and famous throughout the land for his sterling qualities and genuine good fellowship. His friends number in the millions those who are great and those who are near great even as you and I. He is jovial and ever ready to accept the difficult role of “Life of the Party,” a sympathetic friend who may be relied upon in any emergency. Follow his advice and there will be many pleasant times in store for you.

  234. My mother passed away over 10 years ago. I had given her a music box that played a song she sang to be as a child. After she passed, I kept it on my night stand.
    I have been estranged from my adult daughter & grandsons, which has been extremely difficult. It’s been over 2 years since I’ve seen them. My oldest grandson’s birthday is this month & Ive been having recurring dreams about him. This morning the music box played a few notes, all by itself. I never touched it. Could this be a message from my mom??

    1. My Mom played a music box shortly after her death. It was given when I was born. It sits on top of my cabinets in the kitchen. I haven’t touched it in 10 or so years. So yes this is a sign.

  235. My father passed away 6 years ago and I never got to tell him how I really felt about my childhood and growing up. I know I’ve come from a dysfunctional family and I slowly disconnected myself for my health. But one day a few months back I had a situation and became angry at my father and started telling him that I hated him with every fiber of my being for standing by my mother and allowing her to do the hurtful things she did. It resulted in my sadness in life and I no longer wanted to live that way. So as I threw my anger at my father, my phone rang and I let it go to missed call. I called it back and they said they never called. My phone rang again and I missed it but called it back, it was a card of some kind telling me I have zero balance. Ok now I was beginning to ask what was going on here. The third call came through and I answered it, I heard static and what appeared to be my fathers voice saying my name. I said hello again and it hung up. All my hairs stood on end. The whole time my father was telling me to go see my mother and I just couldn’t from the hurt she caused me growing up. But I finally went to see her and of course she is still the same. I asked her a couple questions that I needed answers to and I got them so that no