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What Is the Meaning of the Angel Number 777?

Angel Number 777 Your angels want to help you in your life. They want to help connect you with the Divine guidance and insight that you need to confidently move forward on your path toward manifesting your dreams and goals into reality.

If you have been seeing the number 777 repeatedly or are thinking “What is the meaning of 777?” know that you are in the right place!

Numbers are a common method the angels use to communicate.

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Do you ever see recurring number sequences?

If you're not noticing number sequences… Don't worry! Angels use many different signs and symbols to convey Divine love and guidance. Pay attention ,and from a state of present moment awareness, you can tune into the many ways your angels are communicating with you!

When you do consistently see certain sequences of numbers, whether it is on license plates, by looking up at the clock, printed on a receipt, as the mileage of your vehicle, or even as the number of emails in your inbox or the number of likes on a Facebook post, you can rest assured knowing that your angels are indeed communicating with you.

Angel Numbers

I've recently been highlighting the meaning of many of the most commonly seen angel numbers here on In addition to the angel numbers carrying guidance and meaning for us when we see them, we can also invoke the vibrational qualities and meaning behind the numbers as needed.

In other words, if you're wanting more magic, synchronicity, and to experience your wishes coming true, you may want to focus upon, write out, or meditate on the essence of the angel number 777. If you want to stay more positive throughout your day, and start stepping into doing your lightwork, focus on the angel number 111.

What Is the Meaning of 777?

angel number 777777 is an angel number of Divine magic. It is often seen by those who are on the right track towards manifesting their dreams and goals into reality. 777 definitely conveys luck, as well as magic, but seeing it also means you've been listening to Divine and inner guidance, and taking steps to heal and improve your life and it's working!

777 is one way the angels will use to acknowledge your progress and efforts to heal yourself and to inspire, uplift, and help others, and to show you that blessings and rewards for your hard work and persistence are in store

Whether you've just gotten $7.77 back in change, you have 777 emails in your inbox, or you simply see 777 as a street address, or on a license plate on your way to the store, it's an extremely positive sign.

If 777 is consistently appearing in your life, you've either been on a roll and in the flow of life, or things are about to really start working out in your favor.

Seeing 777 is a sign that you're on your authentic life path and making progress towards accomplishing your purpose. The angels, the Divine, and the entire Universe are supporting you…

Stay positive, balanced and focused upon what you're moving towards, because the stars are aligned in your favor.

You're doing many things in your life right, now it's simply up to you to stay focused, balanced, present and aware, so that you can keep up the good work and continue to advance forward on your authentic path towards accomplishing your higher purpose!

777 is a positive sign however you look at it… Pay attention, and look for the opportunities, open doors, and Divine magic which is absolutely present around you.

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Do you know your life path number? If your life path, appearance, or personal expression number are in alignment with the angel number you're seeing, it's like the meaning is supercharged. In the case of a life path of 7, and seeing 777, magic, enlightenment, and illumination are “in the air”.

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Learn about additional angel numbers below!

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With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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PS. Do you often see a number sequence like 777 and have a story to share? Leave me a comment below… I love hearing about your angel number stories!

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  1. I was at the grocery store checking out when a lady turned to me and handed me a money order for $777 and she told me God told her to give it to me and all of a sudden she just disappeared and my son was with me and I asked him, did you see that lady hand me this money order? And he said Mom I didn’t see anybody I even asked the lady that was checking me out did you see this lady just had me this she said I didn’t see anybody there I even ran out to the parking lot to see if I can find her the lady she was nowhere to be found.

  2. The last three digits of my phn. number are 777. I did not ask for the number. It was given to me at random. I feel blessed to have been given such.

  3. i was born in January 20, 1977… i got 773 the total number on my 10th grade final exam… after 5 years the number changed into 57…

  4. Dear Melanie,
    I received 777 in a Tarot reading and although I have your website bookmarked, for a moment I was confused, and googled on the number. Then when I kept on clicking on what came up on a website, I was attracted to one certain post, and that was you! My Guides directed me to you. My Lifepath number is also 7! So glad my Guides directed me to your explanations on 777. You are so sincere in your Angel readings that I always feel comfortable to check with you. I had to share this, so here’s my comments. Thanks too for your weekly angel readings! Love and hugs, Pam

  5. my numerology number is 7life path . and I use 777 everyday in all my passwords. also 11 is my destiny number. birth month is nov which is 11th mnth.

  6. I asked the angles for help around 6 weeks ago I was attacted 2years ago and have been different ever since. I’ve been in a violent relationship. I asked the angle to take the bad energy. To put me on a better path. Since then I’ve first saw 911 when I wax at the till the casher said what my total came to which was also the date that day and my son 9th birthday. A few nights ago I woke up went to get a drink and saw 111 on the clock. 2 day after that I was arguing with my boyfriend and sat on the remote which changed the channel to 777 I’m so grateful for there contact it gives me a lot if hope that things could improve in my life

  7. I tried so hard to meditate your I can’t clear my mind I am very new could you advice me please I love all your emails I have been getting thank you love and light

  8. So .. my oldest son Jonathon Coleby was born on 07/08/93, 7 days after i turned 17 which happened to of course be 17 years afyer my own mother also had me at 17 and my bday is 7/1/76 .. my son passed recently of suicide 17 days before he would have turned 24 i called upon the Angels that day and at first questioned if they were there .. just a human response i know they were .. I know that the Angels were there n our creator too .. anyway 7 days becore he left .. i saved a poem about grief to my phone .though i have no idea why .. 7 daus before he left my daughter told me he coukd b dead next week .. my son also left in the year 2017 .. i see 7 n 17 .. i misunderstood this number 17 i think but also crazy as it may sound i started my new job on 7/17/17 .. after he left .. the otger numbers i see showing up repeatedly are 85 and 6 .. .. and the combination of 85 and 76 which both equal 13.. wish i u derstood the messges but i dont .. that s my story though .. hope u found it intriguing i do:) thanks for thexarticle

  9. I’ve been seeing 777 a lot lately! Almost everyday! On top of that, my life path number is 7 (my d.o.b -> 6/19/1998 = 7) — yeah I believe in numerology but what do I do when the number is supercharged?

  10. You will note that my full name has seven letter in each of the first, middle and last name…..the full name represents the numeral 777……do you think this has any significant meaning?

  11. It was my husband who started seeing the repetitive 555 sign initially, however it wasn’t long before I started seeing it too. We had read it was a sign of major changes that were positive spiritually. Roughly about a year after seeing 555 (increasingly seeing number as time went past) my husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer which had mestazised to the liver and was terminal. I then begun to see 777 too which scared me as I thought it’s a heavenly number and must mean the worst possible outcome. However after a while I decided to look and saw that it was a positive number and was signifying a miracle. Well he had the Tumor removed from the bowel and 60% of his liver taken to cut the cancer out and 6 months of chemo. When he had the pet scan after all was done I was standing waiting for him, I noticed something in my bag and pulled it out to see what it was and it was a token from a restaraunt for a game, we don’t bother with that so I hadn’t paid much attention to it at the time just chucked it into my bag but I knew when I looked at it he was going to be ok. It had 777 on it. He got the all clear of the cancer. Who knows what the future will bring as I’m seeing both numbers again but I trusted strongly that at that point he would pull through and he did.

  12. I see 000-999 and number combinations on a daily basis….and a multitude of times each day. I’m still trying to learn what the messages may mean in any given situation, and whether the messages are intended for me alone or whether they are meant for someone within my circle.

  13. I was dreaming about 7 x 3 or three sevens and all this math ?? why was I dreaming about 7 x anything but three 7’s or 7 x 3 was the one I kept going back to ???

  14. “Unbelievable” happened ten times over by now…. I’ve already left two comments in rapid succession on this site on the 999 and 555 pages. The last one was over the top, an overwhelming amount of messages upon messages related to 555 (expansion and such).

    This was minutes ago, and the next song that randomly plays on youtube had 7,777 views. I’m already totally floored and convinced these messages are not just real but ACUTELY real tonight, and what does this description say about 7’s but that…. it is affirmation that I have been hearing (and following!) divine messages. No joke, all of this…. to greener (528 green) pastures.

    1. HA! I live at 7777 B Avenue!!! And, this year, I will have been here 7 years. I usually see 11:11 since 1991 but yesterday I looked at the clock expecting 11:11 and it was 11:13… maybe b/c of pole shift?
      Blessings, all!
      Rev. Allorrah Be, CAHt.

      1. That’s amazing! I see a lot of 1:11 or 11:11 just like on autopilot but also 1:12 and 11:12 (like, I’ll see it precisely at the second “00” so it’s like “oh I missed the 1111 jam”). But get this…. 112, 1112, 11112 etc are cool b/c… they are where multiples of 9 hit into a new digit. For example, 9×12=108, 9×112=1008, etc. There is something very “next level” about 11:12 and I’ve found it as inspiring in my messages as good old 1111.

        All the best! And namaste.

  15. I was getting some cash back in a dream, and I got a bill that was worth $777. Then I woke up. I’ve read different things about this number, but currently I’m going through “hell” in my household. I’m trying to figure out what this could be telling me.

  16. Sooooo…mine is a little indepth.
    But long story short I asked for numerical confirmation or even numbers to negate the possibility that a person I knew was one I remember from a past life because strange things kept happening between he and I.

    Closest thing to having all the bells and whistles go off from winning a jackpot at the casino – so many numbers came flying at me as confirmation. A myriad of repeating sequence numbers including the 7’s – I asked for 86 if I was just imaging that we had a connection and spiritual work to accomplish with eachother…
    but I didn’t get an 86 not even one. I happened to look through my receipts from our week out together while I was cleaning my wallet as well – every one had signs on it…but not an 86

    So then I got mad at him yesterday and really told him about how awful his behavior is…really awful – he’s rich, selfish, arrogant, entitled, a womanizer etc…but I felt bad about it and worried if I did the right thing or if I was just too harsh on him – All the 7’s came flying at me again unexpectedly. I was relieved. I didn’t say hateful things out of anger or revenge – I told him I love him no matter what and that his behavior is because he is morally bankrupt.

    We aren’t together. But we were in a past life according to my memories – and his soul I believe is bitter because I died. I remember dying and how sad my lover was as I drifted up I could hear him cry and see him holding me in a white cotton gown. I have remembered this since I was a kid and I cry about it whenever I try to talk about it. I didn’t know it was him when I met him…but strange strange things happened that I couldn’t explain. I cry after every time I see him without cause. The first time I met him I cried for 7 hours and got lost while out driving – nothing like that has ever happened to me. It is not a neurotic figment of my desires – I would least expect this man to be of spiritual relevance to me. When I was younger I thought maybe others I had encountered and fallen in love with perhaps…but I had no way of knowing – with this person though it’s not a message I can avoid – although it took me almost a year to realize what they were trying to tell me from the other side.

    When I received all the numbers like clock work and even strangely timed messages from radio, tv etc…I was in so much shock I cried and cried and cried – and it’s weird because it’s not like tears from present sadness – it’s like tears I am forced to cry for someone else…our past selves…..echoes…inner soul seeing what he’s become because of me somehow

    1. My first name is leter 7, my suname is leter 7, my nick name is 777, and i was in the 7th mounth of the year, july, 3rd day of the mounth 1977.and people call me tripple7, those that mean am one of them???

  17. Hi Lesley,

    I was born on the 7th, my D.O.B adds up to 7 and when you add on the time I was born, it breaks down to a seven as well.

  18. I have been looking for a new car. I had a ladies shopping list…blue with an angel number plate and $10,000. My mechanic had advised me about what type of car to get. In the end I decided that everything had lined up and I needed to get my car on saturday. I put a photo of the phone I wanted on my phone and used the hay house app to make a vision board on my phone. I went out and brought the first car I saw. It had only just been imported and wasn’t even cleaned properly. I asked the dealer for a triple number plate and he said he would see what he could find. He found me JTJ777!!! How perfect for me. I knew in the morning it was going to be 7s but I still cried when I saw it. Yet another miracle for me. I am certainly on a roll at the moment. I move on friday to a dream home for me with a view of the sea and only 10 minutes walk to the beach. I am so grateful I was guided there and shown I could buy it!!I am so blessed

  19. I’m at the airport and decided to buy my favorite drink and snack to eat while I wait; my total was 777. 7 is also my life path number as well as my sisters.

  20. I get 1, 3 and 7 everywhere and I mean everywhere! The kids even laugh when I ask what the time is cause if it’s not 1.37 or 11.37 it’s always 37 mins past the hour. For a while every number plate I saw added to 1, 3 or 7. The kids thought I was mad until they started seeing it too!!! What does it all mean!!

    1. I see 137 too!! In different orders also and the time thing always happens to me and my kids as well! Even my door number and licence plate have these numbers. I have researched it i found out it is the ‘Signature of God’ Carl Jung and Pauli even have a book called 137 written by Arthur Miller as they were obsessed with the number. Read about Kabballah – The tree of life as 137 is the number of Kabballah, it is an important spiritual and mystical number. You are destined to do great things and God is guiding you! Stay blessed x

  21. I was havg a bad day w someone close decided to pray about it then changed my ph.NUM last numbers r 0777 then shortly after that I got up cuz it was hot looked at A.C it was 77.7 WOW Durg that week i went to put gas the handle pump had 777-7777 WOW I said ok I know ur with me i swear I drove to work after that as I was driving I saw a big Billboard on the road OMG it had 777-7777 HUGE I cried n said with a sigh… ok okay I know u want me to make sure that U R WITH ME …I BELIEVE THANK U I LOVE U ALL THAT’S MY STORY u NEED to believe

  22. The other day my checking account was at $277.77, i took notice… today i stopped at a light and glanced to my left, the apartment building had a large 777 on it, the address. I glanced across the street and saw a 7-11. At this point i wanted to look up the angelic message behind 7, and 777. A few more blocks later i stopped to get gas and when i went to tell the attendent what # pump i was at… you guessed it 7! So I looked it up and 7s are magical, and are confirmation that you are on the right path. Also that your spiritually is opening or that you could be learning something that will help in a spiritual way. AND GUESS WHAT?! I START MY REIKI TRAINING TOMORROW. I love spirit and the angels.. they are ALWAYS on point!! Love and light!

  23. I saw on a lime green cab today a phone number that was 777-7777. I have also gotten 12:12 today, 4:44 and 10:10. A very awesome day today.

  24. I first started seeing 11:11 after i connected with an ex. We havent spoken in 16 years then all of a sudden we just reconnected. Since then its been 333 444 alot of 555 then too many 911 and yesterday it was 666 twice and today 777.

  25. I noticed every time I was in a deep need of help I saw 777 as the sign of “you’ll be fine just embrace the 5555 changes and grow and you real rewards of happiness”. But I noticed every time I was job searching. Where ever I went I saw 666. So I took it as the angels were saying this isn’t what resonate with you. One day I went to the place I now work at… when I parked there I saw immediately 777 on licence plates x2 after the interview and 2 days later. I got the job. Then on out when I see 555 I know it’s another change growth period for me and 666 as I’m not meant for what im approaching. And 777 as a confirmation of yes this is what vibes and on right track of what goes with your goals

  26. You are so right about 777!! at this exact moment intime i am thinking how to word this coment and the BBC news channel is broadcasting about the “boeing 777 Malaysian airoplain ” that crashed.. Any way , yes ! evertime i try to do good in my life i see 777 signs on car reges or numbers on paper money ! it also has a visa-versa sign that appears to me every time i willingly do or think of doing anything wrong the number 666 appears… I first started seeing and making these connections in the 1980s shortly before i was involved in a fatal R.T.A. I have allways said 777 is a God’ly sign of guidance and the world already knows about 666 . I have had so many experiences i could write a book , i am just so happy to read your ANGLE numbers theary ! i can definitely confirm and relate to everything that you have said about the most God’ly number 777

  27. Am very happy to know this, because I was born on july 7 1997. I had a dream, which I saw myself leading the chirstan war and I won in my dream.

  28. yeah spot on Melanie. I was driving home from a magical day at work totally looking forward to the mileage on my scooter turning to 777 and right when it finnaly does, I drive past a sign that flashes the temperate of 77 degrees.

  29. I had to purchase a small replacement car for my wife as her car was beyond repair. I was in two minds as to what finance option I should take.. My repayment was 7770.70. monthly Then when we took delivery of the car the number plate ended in 777 when we filled the vehicle with fuel for the first time the bill was 777. I now feel positive I made the right decision obout the make model and finance options.

  30. 777 is appearing on number plates everyday, 2-3 times, I’m feeling a good vibe and that I’m on the right track. A lot is changing already in my life. I had been living though my head ,now I have chosen my heart.

  31. In 1981. My first phone number started with 327. Then my son was born on March 27tH(327). The hospital address was 327, my sisters address is 327 and my nephews birthday is 327. My family notices 327 all the tme on license plates and on clocks. We have won money a few times on this number. It definitely means somthing to us.

  32. I always see the numbers 1222 As do my children. Their father died in 2005. I married Mark Dec 22 We were divorced when he passed away. I know if he was still alive he would do anything for me. Our relationship was very disfunctional. He would degrade me,put his hands on me. ( and it was bad) He didnt live an honest life, was very mean and physical from the time he was young. He liked to fight and to scam. But yet there was a good side to him. He would help anyone

  33. i wish to know what 34 means as i’ve been seeing it for these last years….i thought when i b 34y something will happen but nothing happened…then started to see year by year my age….35….then 36…and now 37…but lately im seeing 34 again….tks swt heart…i appreciate yr reply

  34. I just notice that my name (if count) is 7 number and my sum name too (gb is a letter in my language), i was born on the seventh month and also on the seventh day of the week.

  35. I had a missed call yesterday from (777)777-777! Did not even have the 4th digit in the last four. My phone was ringing and I could not answer because I was looking at the number!

  36. Wow!!!!! 777 is the number which is attracting my attention a lot lately. I really want to change jobs…i think this might be it a sign after many moons of trials in this area of my life…..thank you angels

  37. Thank you for all this info recently I’ve seen the number 1115 on a yellow plate written in black.My life path number is 5. could you plse. explain it to me,to see if I’m right.<3

  38. Yesterday was really fun when driving home on the highway, i first saw a car with the license plate 777, few cars after an other one with 222. But the funnier thing was 5-10 minutes after these 2 cars were running side by side right in front of me 😉 And yes, I’m in a phase in my life of I know that something really good is on my way and wish that my dream come true.

    That same day, I also saw a car park in front of my office door with the licences plate 888, like the day before 888. Any meaning of the 888??

    Thanks a lot,

    Bless you, with my kindest regards and thanks for your work 😉

  39. Its almost been 1 year that my husband passed away very suddenly andv since then I see special numbers all.the.time. I see 11:11, 1:11, 12:12, 7:27 is the day he passed and 6:24 is our wedding anniversary. It is the most amazing thing and he def seems to know when I need him. It is so hard here without him for me and our young babies.

  40. Today is July 9, 2014. I find this post coincidental ( and I do not believe in coincidence – odds are stacked against coincidence) because I bought lunch today and I had to pay $7.77 for my salad. I have been seeing triple numbers more lately. It used to always just be 11:11. On June 13th which was a Friday, my breakfast receipt was $6.66. These are just a couple that I have remembered. There are too many to keep up.

  41. Hi! I see a lot of 111’s and on July 7th, there were a billion of 7’s! It was magnificent. I do have an odd number that I don’t understand but I made a guess at it. The number that came up was 477. To me, the number 4 suggests angels are around me and 7 reminds me of God. I thank you so much for letting me understand these numbers. Even in the Bible, there’s a book called “Numbers” and I think God’s letting us know He’s a fan of numbers. 🙂 Thanks again! This was a very positive message!

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