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7 Self-Care Tips-How to Step Up Your Self-Love With These Powerful Daily Habits

Self-care is essential for your mind, body, and spirit. It’s the foundation you need to center your energy and create positive blessings in your life. When you care for yourself not only can you create a lifestyle that nourishes you… But you'll then have the energy needed to overflow and bring about blessings of love and positivity in the lives of those you love as well.

What is Self-care?

7 Ways to Step Up Your Self Care Self-care is any activity that you intentionally do to support and improve your mental health, emotional health, and physical wellbeing. You would think, “Of course, as human beings, we're going to take care of ourselves!” But in fact, this is far from the truth.

Our busy, fast-paced, hectic, modern world that we live in, is designed to keep us focused on stress and success, and inadvertently, people neglect their wellbeing, putting self-love and self-care on the backburner.

Can you relate?

It takes radical awareness to return to self-care and self-love. Wherever you’re at, reconnect with how you’re doing by taking steps that nourish and fill your cup first. Naturally, when you’re feeling nourished and energized, you can then love and care for others with ease in a much more sustainable, fulfilling way.

This is where self-care perfectly fits into the picture.

Self-care Supports Your Life Purpose

Self-care is the key to live joyfully, fulfilled, and inspired each day. Make it your highest priority so you can manage your energy, raise your vibration, and align with your core truth and values.

Self-care sets the stage for how you powerfully show up each day to make a difference in the world, live your vibrant life, and take inspired action to fulfill your life purpose.

Your wellbeing is a precious gift, so always return to prioritizing your health and wellbeing.

7 Self Care Tips – How to Step Up Your Self Love With These POWERFUL Daily Habits

Check out my video for my top 7 self-care tips that create powerful, positive change allowing you to radiate more love, light and magic in this world. Or, keep scrolling down to read more about these life-changing habits that have helped me, and will help you!



#1 Optimize Your Sleep

The first self-care tip is to optimize your sleep. Quality sleep is so important for your mood, energy levels, and mental clarity. Sleep your body’s time to heal, repair, and rejuvenate. Scientifically, it's said that adults on average need about 7-8 hours of good sleep each night.

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Not to mention, there are all kinds of healing benefits that happen on a mental, emotional and physical level when you sleep.

On a spiritual level, your aura is being repaired and rebuilt. When you’re asleep, your Higher Self, spirit guides, and angels can come in to replenish your aura and restore any auric tears or hole that have been affected by negative energies of the day.

What are the reasons you’re not getting the best sleep you need?

Besides making sleep a priority, make sure that you are not drinking caffeine late in the day or getting really amped up and fired up by watching movies late at night, making it hard to fall asleep.

While there may be several reasons that keep you up at night, here are a few life-changing habits that will guarantee that you improve your quality of rest.

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Create a Dark Sleep Environment

Blackout curtains or an eye mask are great ways to block light out of your bedroom. Any light, even the moonlight shining through your curtain, is disruptive to your natural circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is your body’s natural internal clock. It regulates when you to wake up in the morning to the sunshine when you sleep in the evening when it's dark. In the modern world, lights and computer screens can disrupt regain control, consider getting blackout, to block out the lights in the street outside, from your neighbors, or even the light of the moon. This simple act can help you optimize your sleep.

Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light from any of your digital devices can also inefficiently disrupt your circadian rhythm. That is why I wear blue light blocking glasses whenever I'm on my computer.

Anytime you're staring at the blue light, it's triggering your body to stay awake. If you're watching TV at night, this may be the reason why you're not sleeping well. And while there are other harmful side effects that come from blue light, wearing blue light glasses is a great way to protect your eyes, and eliminate its impact on your sleep.

Anytime you're on a screen or a device that emits blue light, it's a good idea to wear these blue light protection glasses. The ones I use are really good at blocking out 99% of blue light. They’ve been a game-changer, and plus they look cool! The lenses absorb harmful blue emission from the screen, protecting your eyes, and also your circadian cycle. Consider buying one if you’re on the computer a lot.

Click here to check out the exact blue light glasses I wear. 

This looks like a great option for around $25

Here is an under $20 option for blue light blocking glasses.

Swannies Glasses in the $60 range also work quite well.

Keep your bedroom electronic-free

To really enhance and optimize your sleep, I recommend keeping electronics out of your bedroom, and let your bedroom be a sacred space. This is a factor that leads to poor rest, so keep the WIFI, EMF's and electronics at bay for optimal sleep. You can turn your wifi router off at night which is very beneficial to do too.

If you’re traveling or want to use your smartphone, I would use it to listen to guided meditations or white noise. Just be sure that you put your phone on airplane mode and if possible, get it away from your head.

I use a free app called Sleep Sounds to play the sound of rain or white noise. They have other options such as ocean waves and forest sounds to drown out the external noises around you that could disrupt your sleep. You can also listen to my guided meditations. This is useful when you have trouble sleeping, and need a way to calm your mind and drift into a restful sleep.

#2 Choose Nourishing, Healthy Foods

The 2nd self-care tip is to nurture your body with eating healthy, organic, and fresh food. Eat with awareness and use discernment because as much as we’d like to believe, the standard American diet is not actually nurturing or healing. Nearly every human disease and condition can be linked back to malnutrition. With awareness and commitment, every meal is a way to inspire self-care, treating your body with more love.

Prioritize Foods that Nourish you

What are you feeding your body? When you prioritize eating nutrient-rich foods that nurture you, you revitalize your energy, and feed your wellbeing. For me, this means receiving my vitamins and minerals with fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds and nuts, a majority which are organic and locally-grown.

Follow what nourishes your body, as it will create positive change in your immune system, mood levels, and feelings. Making healthier choices doesn't mean you’re restricting yourself to a plain, bland diet.

This is far from the truth! Adding herbs and spices to the mix also have nutritional value, and help you weave more self-care into what you eat.

Learn more about a High Vibrational Diet Here

Limit Your Sugar

Eating should feel healthy and wholesome, and while your body craves sugar, it affects your nutrient intake. Sugar spikes your blood sugar levels and then plummets it, leaving you prone to feeling anxious, moody, frustrated, reactive to situations. It can be a quick fix for energy but essentially depletes your body in the present, leaving your energy prone to crash in the future, and making you crave fast empty food. If you are on the sugar train, I suggest you get back on track, use your judgment, and consider limiting your sugar intake.

Cooking Healthy Meals vs. Eating Out

Change the experience with how you prepare your meals at home. Feel gratitude for the everyday meals you make for yourself and your loved ones. Increase the enjoyment of cooking by practicing mindfulness, by experimenting with new healthy recipes, knowing that by feeding your body, you’re feeding your soul. What ways could you bring more awareness to the table?

If you’re not the greatest cook, there are food subscription services that guides you through the process of how to prepare your next healthy meal. Eating at home is better than eating out because most restaurants don’t cook for health, they cook for entertainment and presentation. They load up their meals with salt, extra oil, and fat.

It's not fueling for your body, so when you do eat out, choose to see it as a dining entertainment experience. When you’re at home cooking a healthy meal, practice feeling fully present with your food, and the positive affect it has on your mind, body, and soul.

#3 Move Your Body

The third self-care habit is to find a way to move every day. Exercise is important for your wellbeing, and not just your physical wellbeing. Exercise is all about moving your body and feeling good!

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It’s been scientifically proven to boost your mood, improve your emotions and clear your mind. Seratonin is the feel good hormone that gets produced with movement, and is a natural anti-depressant.

Movement is not limited to going to the gym. I move daily by going on nature hikes, being outside in my garden, stretching and doing yoga. There are many options for you to also move your body. If you’re at home, turn up your music, and dance like no one’s watching! It’s a win-win because you also raise the vibration of your space!

So get some exercise, get outside, an allow your life force energy to circulate and support your wellbeing through movement.

This is a profound self-care practice, because it truly does shift your energy, and empower you to develop a healthy, sustainable rhythm for your own self-care.

Spend Time In Nature

If you're able to integrate nature into this, it's a win-win because time in nature alone benefits drops cortisol levels and boosts your mood and wellbeing. It’s grounding and brings you back to yourself. Go for a walk in nature, maintaining awareness, tuning in to the beauty of the natural world around you, getting some fresh air and supporting your overall wellbeing.

#4 Meditate

The fourth self-care habit is meditation. Meditation is essential for your mental health because it calms your nervous system and helps you relax. It reduces stress levels and helps you progress on your spiritual path. It has many benefits for maintaining balance, harmony, peace and supporting you in living your most vibrant life.

This is key to reconnecting you more with the truth of why you're really here as a divine being in physical form. When you connect with that truth, you're able to move along the path of your most vibrant life.. living your truth, shining your light, and being of service in the world.

#5 Setting Boundaries

The fifth self-care practice I have to share with you today is setting boundaries and discerning how and when to say no.

This can mean declining an invitation to a social engagement that will drain your energy, even though your ego mind feels like there’s a sense of obligation. Self-care is creating kinder options for yourself, and tuning into what you truly need to nourish yourself and your energy levels.

Protect your energy when you need it. By staying no, you open your space up to doing more of what nourishes you. That could be making art, making a meal plan, taking a salt bath, or going for a walk.

Whatever you do, always make sure it’s in alignment with self-love and self-care for you.

Commit to positive habits and priorities

What are habits and patterns that you seem to return to that don't serve you?  A common habit is opening up Instagram the moment you wake up.

What if you choose to do a short morning ritual instead? What are healthier options you can choose for yourself now that nourish you? Awareness is key.

This is about re-evaluating your priorities and staying committed to nurturing yourself in all areas of your life. Say yes to the things that truly nurture you, support you, and inspire you! Fill yourself with joy, doing things that feel good in a sustainable way.

Say no to the things that are out of alignment with your truth, your integrity and living your highest vibrational life.

By saying no, you’re honoring your bigger Yes!

Say Yes to what's good for you. Say No to what no longer serves, have boundaries so that you can bring more of what you love to do as part of your life.

#6 Do Something You Love

Do something you love every day. Love yourself enough to make the time and space to do the things you love and enjoy!

If this can overlap with one of the other self-care habits, that's great!

For me, cooking a healthy meal is something I love and enjoy. Walking in nature is something I love and enjoy. What is a hobby that fills you up with joy?

This could be drawing on your sketchbook, getting out in the garden, meeting up with friends for lunch, spending time with your family or watching a funny video that makes you laugh! Laughter is powerful in and of itself.

Do things that you love and enjoy. Just be sure that it’s not your lower ego mind that’s tricking you here.

What you love and enjoy should truly nurture you. It’s something that is good for your mind, body, and spirit, if you’re able to do them daily.

Because when you do, you'll raise your vibration and you will align with more harmony and love and positivity in your life.

#7 Organize Your Space

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And finally, the last self-care habit is to get organized! Clean up your space and de-clutter. While I am not the most organized and tidy person, I do make it a priority to regularly clear off everything off my kitchen counters, put things away, and restore my environment to a place of order. When I do this, it always feels so much better, so much clearer.

Organizing isn’t just a physical task. It can be the way you organize your time, keeping a calendar and a schedule by you, so you're not thrown off course! This prevents you from spiraling into stress because you forgot about an appointment.

Staying organized and clearing your space also helps you create a solid foundation for you to work with. It gives you a time to be creative, to recognize when you have free time, and use that time to do something you truly love and enjoy to be proactive in creating positive change in your life rather than solely being reactionary to what's happening around you.

In terms of clearing your space, you may also want to fix things in your home that’s broken, because it can be an energy drain on your space. If something at home is broken and you've been feeling like, “oh, I need to fix that”, but you haven’t yet..then it can create an energy link on a subconscious level. The broken item could be in the backburner of your mind, even though consciously it may not be top of mind, dispersing your energy.

Learn this great willpower practice that I want you to implement to help you unify your energy and focus. Think of something in your life in terms of organizing or clearing your space or improving your surroundings that you know you need to do.

You've gotten the prompting to do it, but you keep putting it off.

Commit now, commit today to do this thing either today or I'll give you till tomorrow, but commit to doing it and know that when you then take action and do it, it builds your willpower.

It strengthens the will, forces that empower you to receive an inspired idea and take inspired action to better your situation. Start taking steps to clear space, organize your schedule and support yourself through self-love and care in living your most vibrant life.

Self-Care Optimizes Your Life!

Optimize your self care... Optimize your life! I hope these self-care habits are helpful for you. Each one of these things has many facets that you could dive into to truly optimize every area of your life. And this, of course, is not an all-encompassing list.

Pay attention to your inner guidance, to the inner voice of your soul and the guidance of your angels who are encouraging you to do the things that are good for you. Listen to that guidance. Take action and take steps to deliberately do the things that are in alignment with nurturing your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

When you nurture these three things, your spirit is able to unlock so much beauty, fulfillment, joy, love, frequency is available to you as you step into embodying more of your truth and living your most vibrant life.

Self-care is a required foundation, so take the steps to nurture you.

And as always, when you take a stop, look around and be aware and notice that the next step will appear in one step at a time.

You truly are able to improve your situation from wherever you are now in already vibrant health to the next level or struggling and feeling unwell, moving into vibrant vitality, wellbeing, and living with more inspiration in your life.

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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