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10 Ways to Be More Positive

How to Be More Positive

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The angels have always been consistent in their guidance: surround yourself with positive energy, both internally and externally, in order to manifest your highest spiritual potential.

This guidance totally makes sense, because life has a way of flowing to you and through you with greater ease when you have a positive outlook in life.

But I totally get that it's not always easy being positive. And that negativity affects not just you, but everyone in your life.

Being negative is a dangerous thing because it seems innocent enough, but really, it limits your potential and purpose in life, and can have a tangible affect on your physical health as well.

The good news, is that the power of a positive thought far outweighs the power of a negative thought. And the decision to move toward more positive thoughts, will, over time, become a habit that edges out negative thought patterns and creates a ripple effect of beneficial results.

Remaining positive is of course sometimes easier said than done. Sometimes life does brings a challenge or two (or ten!) and you’ve got to work a bit to keep your vibration high and your energy clear.

With that in mind, here are a few steps to help you remember the power of positivity, or even just to be a little bit less negative in your day to day life. ..

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Be More Positive Wondering How to Be More Positive? Here's 10 Ways!

1. Don’t Compare

When you compare yourself to others, whether your perception is one of more or less worth, you inevitably bring pain to yourself.  Comparison leads to an unending game of puffing up and then later feeling deflated. When you compare, you’re putting your worth outside yourself and over the long term, this adds up to anxiety, stress, and dissatisfaction.  All of which are big inhibitors to a positive outlook.

2. Be Appreciative

This one is so simple. Spiritual teachers often advise their students to regularly and frequently stop throughout the day and repeat, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”  Even if you don’t have a clear object of gratitude in mind, this prayer will quickly change your outlook on your blessings in life.  This one is especially important during challenges and moments of angry. Shift your thoughts from what is wrong in your life and start focusing on all the many things you have to be grateful now.

3. Fake it till You Make it

Your thoughts and emotions influence each other.  If you find you can’t improve your mood, try “acting as if.”  Act as if you feel confident, or calm, or positive, and watch how quickly your emotions will follow along. This isn’t an attempt to manipulate the universe; this is a genuine tool for changing your internal state to a higher vibration. Some great ways to “fake it” include shifting your posture, facial expression, or even the music you're listening to? How would you sit, or walk if you were feeling positive and uplifted? Start carrying yourself this way even if you're not quite there and it can lead to a rapid shift in how you're actually feeling.

4. Choose to Respond Positively

You can't always choice what happens to you in life, because sometimes things do happen that are outside of your control. You do however always have a choice in terms of how you respond to what happens.  You can respond out of habit or you can bring awareness to each moment and decide to remain centered and grounded – no matter the provocation.  This one isn’t always easy; if you’re having trouble, work on seeing your choice as soon as you can, either during or after the moment, and work on shortening the gap.

5. Stay Present In The Moment That Is Now

Don’t worry about the past or the future. This is where the negative energy turns into endless feedback loops that you play over and over in your head.  Work to be consciously present with everything you do and with everyone you meet. Really, the present moment is the only time you can make a change, or do anything about your life circumstances, so why not be here now? Staying grounded, centered, and mindful in the present moment will help to ensure maximum positivity throughout your day.

6. See Failure is a Teacher

When things go wrong, you let someone down, or you struggle to improve, it’s easy to get discouraged. But you don’t have to view failure as a loss.  There are lessons to be learned in all life’s experiences and the sooner you begin to view failure as a teacher and motivator, the sooner your outlook changes.  There is always another chance to learn the lesson.

7. Focus on What You Want Not On What You Don't

If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know that focusing on negativity will only ever bring you more things to feel negative about.  Focus on your goals and what you do want to manifest in your life.  Take time each day for visualization and pay attention to when your mind wanders into Scarcity Mindset.

8. Laugh Often

Ever stop and take stock of your life, only to realize that everything has become so serious?  Having drive and ambitious to improve your life and yourself is wonderful, but it often leads to a black and white, success/failure mentality.  Positivity means letting yourself off the hook every now and then and lightening up. Laugh at your mistakes, brush off sarcasm, play hooky every now and then. Move toward those things that bring you lightness, fun, and happiness.

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9. Give

Negativity tends to make you self-absorbed. This is a vicious cycle of feeling lack and feeling like the underdog or victim. The best way to move away from this kind of thinking is to give of yourself.  Start small.  Hold the door open for the person behind you, pay the toll for the next car, ask a follow up question after the initial “How was your day?”  Giving doesn’t always have to be a monumental occasion. You’ll see a major shift in your positivity with just a few random acts of kindness.

10. Keep Good Company

You are influenced by those you spend time with.  If the people you surround yourself with are focused on negativity, drama, and competition, this will inevitably rub off on you.  Ever noticed how you tend to gossip with the same one or two people, and no one else?  You’re feeding off each other and habitually returning to negativity without even realizing.

If you want to make an impactful change, gravitate toward those whom you respect and intuitively want to emulate.  Their positivity will soak into you and soon you’ll be the positive role model for others.

And the good news is, surrounding yourself with positive people includes reading inspiring books, so even if you don't know many positive people… You can easily accomplish this with a trip to the bookstore, or loading your kindle up with the works of positive and inspirational authors.

Melanie Beckler



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