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Regardless of where you are in your life now, guidance is available to you from the spiritual realm!

The articles found in this category are designed to help you further connect with this spiritual guidance. From Angel Cards and divination tools, to articles that help you mentally understand more about connecting with your angels and the spiritual realms.

Melanie regularly updates the blog, so be sure to check back for fresh, up to date and inspiring new articles.

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Indigo Gabbro – My New Favorite Crystal

Indigo Gabbro… Is it the best possible crystal for protection and spirituality all in one? Find out why this stone aka Mystic Merlinite has quickly risen to be my new favorite.

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4 Ways You Are Being Influenced By Spiritual Beings

The 4 Ways Spiritual Beings Guide and Influence In this article, I’m going to share with you the four ways that spiritual beings are influencing you, with or without your conscious awareness… Or…

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5 INSTANT Ways to Shift Into Self-Love

Instantly shift into self-love to feel love, and to fill yourself up with love so you can overflow… Click to to learn the 5 ways to instantly shift.

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Angels vs Archangels … What Is the Difference Between Angels and Archangels?

What's the BIG difference between Angels and Archangels? Yes, there is a big difference! Find out what it is here now… So you can discern between angels vs archangels.

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7 Signs You Need to Cleanse Your Energy

Find Out If You Need to Clear Your Energy Now! Wondering if you need to cleanse your energy? Keep reading because I'm about to share with you the seven signs it's time to clear your energy. These are not

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Opening Your Third Eye… A Powerful Practice That Really Works!

Opening your third eye is absolutely possible for you, especially when you learn this practice for bringing about your third eye awakening.

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Embrace the Present Moment Through Love

The beauty, love, and magic of the present moment awaits you…But are you really allowing yourself to be present in the moment that is now?  Read this…

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Energy Clearing with Archangel Michael – CLEAR Your Energy Fast!

Learn a powerful energy clearing practice to cleanse your energy and release negativity FAST with Golden Light and help from Archangel Michael…

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How to Learn Your Guardian Angels Names!

Are you wanting to learn your guardian angels name? This method REALLY WORKS… And it opens your ability to directly receive angelic guidance too…

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Super Full “Wolf Moon” Eclipse – January 2019

Learn more about the spiritual meaning and energetic influence of the Full Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse happening Jan 21 2019 here now… There's no turning back from here.

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The Truth Of Aligning With Spiritual Romance

On the spiritual path there are beautiful opportunities to cultivate true spiritual romance. Learn how to do it and more… Learn what spiritual romance really is…

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Feather Meaning! 3 Things You Need to Know About Finding Feathers

Do you ever find feathers? There's a specific message from the angels and corresponding feather meaning when this happens… Learn what it is here now!

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