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Marijuana and Spirituality – Does Cannabis Support Spiritual Awakening?

Can marijuana help you on your spiritual path? Or, will marijuana hinder your growth?

As marijuana becomes legal for recreational use in more states in the U.S and countries worldwide, you may be wondering… What is the connection between marijuana and spirituality? Can marijuana benefit you on your spiritual path?

From a spiritual perspective, and from the perspective of raising your vibration, embodying more of your higher self, and tuning into greater levels of light, how does marijuana fit in?

Can marijuana benefit you on your spiritual path? Does cannabis support spiritual awakening?


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Marijuana and Spirituality

Marijuana and Spirituality First and foremost, marijuana is a psychoactive drug. It alters your state of consciousness and shifts your perception. You move from solely focusing on the 3D realm and actually open to the perspective of the fourth dimension.

So can you have spiritual experiences by smoking marijuana?

Absolutely! Just understand that these are fourth-dimensional experiences and we live in ascension times. We are spiritual beings in physical form on an ascending earth at a time when 12 dimensions of experience are available.

People React to Marijuana Differently

Marijuana effects everyone differently, and of course, there are many different strains, edibles, candies, and cookies which all trigger a unique experience. When you ingest marijuana, its effects are even stronger.

No matter how you’re using it, either smoking or ingesting it, you are actually becoming a vibrational match with the marijuana plant, with the marijuana consciousness, with the marijuana entity.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Is becoming a vibrational match with marijuana helpful for you on your spiritual and ascension path or is this weighing you down?

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Honestly, it depends on where you are vibrationally when you smoke or ingest cannabis. If your vibration is lower than the vibration of marijuana (which is the fourth-dimensional vibration of marijuana), becoming a vibrational match with marijuana will elevate your vibration. I do want to clarify though that marijuana use is in no way required to raise your vibration, and there are many more effective vibrational tools that have fewer side effects.

Also, if you do use marijuana to create a positive vibrational shift, know that you usually catch up to marijuana after smoking or using the drug roughly three times. That being said, the medicinal properties of marijuana are undeniable, and it has been proven to be beneficial for pain management, for people who are going through chemotherapy, and for people who are stuck in intense anxiety or depression.

In some cases (and talk to your doctor), your intuition will tell you whether it's right for you. If you are in extreme pain or anxiety, marijuana may have a role in helping you to release pain and resistance.

Raise Your Vibration to An Even Higher Level Than Plant Medicine Allows

If you are ascending, if you are raising your vibration, tuning into higher levels of light, meditating, bringing higher levels of joy, love, and positivity using some of the tools and techniques that you’re finding here on this channel, smoking marijuana will lower your vibration.

You’re already vibrating at a higher vibrational rate. My mission, and what I'm so excited to help you and all of humanity to tune into, is the higher dimensions of love, joy, and positivity.

We are going so much higher than the fourth dimension! We’re tuning into the fifth, seventh, ninth, eleventh and beyond. We are tuning into incredible levels of light.

One of my friends, when we were first exploring channeling together, commented on how much better a high channeling and tuning into the Archangels is compared to marijuana.

Getting a Higher Vibration Without a High

"Marijuana Spirituality" Marijuana, although not physically addictive, is mentally addictive. I’ve already mentioned that the marijuana entity becomes a vibrational match with you. The actual plant consciousness, the plant medicine does have a way of pulling you in, of inviting you back and attaching energetic cords. If you want to release marijuana from your life, begin by asking Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to cut any and all cords to marijuana and release it from your energy into the light.

If you are smoking and ascending, marijuana is only going to create a haziness in your aura and your energetic field. Sure, it's instant gratification and an instant shift out of 3D into the fourth-dimensional realm, but while marijuana can help you get to this fourth-dimensional plane, it doesn't teach you how to get there without using the substance again.

This is why it’s psychologically addictive. If you're in a lower vibration and you enjoy the vibrational match with the plant, you then have to return to the plant time and time again in order to get to that vibrational state versus meditation.

Going within, toning, chanting, playing singing bowls, drumming, dancing, or being creative, all elevate your vibration. They connect you with your higher self, open your heart and help you to tune into the higher dimensions of experience in a way that you can then return to time and time again.

The reason marijuana is correlated with spirituality is because it can help you break free from illusion. It can help you to see beyond the veil. But it doesn't teach you how to do this. It can quickly become a crutch as you return to marijuana time and time again to reach that same vibrational state, inviting the potential for you to become dependent on marijuana for your spiritual experience in a powerless way.

Use Psychic Protection

Also, marijuana is highly reactive to intention. If you are going to smoke marijuana, please meditate beforehand and set the intention for your experience to help you connect with higher levels of light. It can invite lower fourth-dimensional entities into your space. If you’re smoking marijuana, it’s hugely important to protect yourself psychically. Use the Psychic Golden Light practice and protect yourself.

Protect yourself psychically and set the intention for your experience with marijuana to positively impact your experience. If you don't set the intention for smoking or eating edibles to help connect with your higher self or spiritual insight, it will be your subconscious intentions that manifest. These are largely going to be about releasing fears. This is why paranoia and mental chatter come up during an experience with marijuana.

My Experience with Marijuana and Spirituality

If your vibration is higher than marijuana’s when you smoke, your experience may be less than positive. When I used to smoke, I enjoyed it at first.

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It felt rebellious, like a sacred ceremony, and it made me feel like I was progressing on my path. But I did in this way become psychologically dependent on it.

Later on, when I smoked, I didn't have that same experience at all. In fact, it made me feel worse because in my normal life and in my normal meditation, I was connecting with much higher light than I could ever access through smoking or ingesting marijuana.

For this reason, marijuana is out of my life. I am so incredibly grateful for that fact because without it, without marijuana, alcohol, plant medicine, or other drugs that only open you up to the fourth dimension, I am -and you are – able to lift higher.

Releasing Marijuana from Your Life

If you want to release marijuana from your life, I recommend Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves Angel Detox book.

There is also a book called “The Naked Mind,” that focuses more on releasing alcohol from your life, but is also beneficial. It talks about the addiction process and how to release addictions from your life.

In addition, here are a few EFT (emotional freedom technique) videos from Brad Yates free on YouTube that deal with releasing addictions.

When you keep finding yourself reaching for something you know is not ultimately serving you any longer, it’s because there are lower vibrational emotions hanging on in your emotional body. Keep working with your Angels to clear your emotional being.

To release negative emotions from your energy body, check out my emotional clearing article here, and keep opening your heart.

Keep filling yourself up with light, keep meditating, going inward, connecting with your team of Guides and Angels, and elevating your vibration.

You can reach such higher levels of light, such expansive areas of consciousness, and truly experience a more powerful high without marijuana than you can with it. If marijuana is still a part of your process, there is no judgment on my part flowing your direction. I used to smoke marijuana, it served me at one point, but it doesn't any longer.

I wanted to be authentic and vulnerable while sharing this with you. If you are a high vibrational light being, star seed, way shower, or lightworker and you’re smoking marijuana, it’s only weighing you down.

I hope this is helpful for you,

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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  1. Hi Melanie!

    Had some real bad experiences with marijuana whereby I felt some bad energy or spirits while smoking and investing which felt like it was trying to control me!
    Not sure if this is common or what it means and if you could help that would be great

  2. hello.
    i dont know much about these, i’m very new at hearing “spiritual” terms. a while ago, i started practising yoga and facinated by being able to see the body-mind connection and something deeper than the mind, and then meditation of course. and i have always “felt” like pantheism was right, everything being one and etc; and then this energy, chakras and etc started to make sense to me.
    so those things led me here. i used to love weed like a person and i felt like it was saving me, then i realized i need to not smoke this much, anymore. i couldn’t have done it like “it’s bad thing and i need to quit”; weed was like very compassionate arms always there, soothing me whenever i needed, to me. so i decided to write a love letter to let it go, i couldn’t let it go yet, but i dont feel that “committed love” any more, i can see the downsides too.
    anyway, this article reminded me of something i wrote in that letter and that was very weird for me.
    i got so close with weed while i was having existential troubles, trying to find what to live for. and i found a feeling can be worth living for; the feeling while i was painting and feeling such euphoria that there was tears in my eyes, i was painting “only”, there was nothing else, i was the experience. or when i learn something new and connect it with other things i know and understanding the logic of something, the same feeling, “it’s worth living” feeling. i don’t if it that makes sense, sorry.
    in that letter i describe that feeling as “somewhere bright and hot” and weed gave me a very diluted version of that feeling, and reminded me of that feeling, so it saved me, brought me closer to myself; but where it brought me, where we came together is not close enough for me now. it was like watching the polar lights, but i need to see the actual solar winds.

    this article decribes how it got me near “that feeling” and how it kept me from reaching it.
    i dont believe that mysctical things have to conradict with science, they are looking at the same truth from different perspectives so they can’t see different parts of it; so what they say can be true at the same time but we cant see how, because we cant see the whole.
    i don’t know if there are really vibrations, or chakras as described. but i know it explains the pattern (or logic?) of the data of thousands of years of observation. so some it has to have a point.

    i was amazed how this article describes the same thing i “sensed”.
    so i wanted to share, sorry for the lengthiness.
    thank you, very much!

    1. This is the most honest item on this subject I have read. Many thanks for this most useful information. As a long term user of Cannabis and a spiritual seeker this makes so much sense to me and explains why I have reached a temporary slow down of progress.
      Thank you.

      1. This has me thinking. I take it occasionally, as an edible with THC, for chronic fatigue/depression and pain as it is the only thing that has consistenly given me as much energy as I need to lead a normal day in 27 years. However, I do feel that 3D entities are encroaching in my psyche again. Not that I see entities any more, as my vibrations have definitely shifted upwards through thought awareness.
        It may be the descent into further fear due to covid19 that has me thinking more 3D.
        I will be following as this article has me thinking about putting meditation etc first as 5D is where I would like to be. The angels have never failed me before. Thank you for the guidance.

  3. THANK YOU for this article. I turned to regular marijuana use after my father passed away over 3yrs ago, and it helped connect me to holistic healing, a healthy lifestyle, quite a few positive life changes and positive ways to digest my thoughts, learn grief and work toward healing. I have even had a few very significant psychic experiences while high.

    My path progressed quickly and I was attuned with Reiki last year, and since then, I have habitually chosen to smoke weed almost every day… but haven’t enjoyed it the way I used to. Recently, I have felt VERY called to pump the breaks on my use, but I haven’t been able to cause I have always associated it with the positive ways it has helped me in the past. Lately, my subtle energy body has seemed to fully reject it; like, I’ll *think* about smoking and start coughing when I feel perfectly fine otherwise. Or I’ll smoke and my third eye/sinus area will be completely clogged, I’ll become anxious, and I’ll begin to tune into lower vibration thoughts/feelings. I keep getting this feeling like there is something waiting to bubble over for me.. stronger psychic abilities, stronger insights, etc. but I haven’t been able to tap into that because I am constantly pulling my vibration down with the marijuana use. Sometimes, I get scared of what abilities may surface so I’ll choose to smoke to quiet things down a bit.

    THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I have read something that means something to me. I really, really care to choose high-vibration everything as I continue down the path of healing and serving as a healer to others. I feel like this is my life’s purpose and I am ready to face the fears I have.

    Thank you again for explaining this in a way that really makes sense to me. I understand that my habitual use of marijuana is no longer serving me, and that I need to be more mindful if/when I do choose to use.

  4. Thak you for this article and the answers that come with it. I am at the stage where i have been a weed smoker for 9 years. I smoke for the need to relax, but i feel i look for something more than this which may be a spiritual connection. I actually find it hard to break this habit, as i am attacked by my negative mind when i am not smoking on the evenings or before going to sleep. Smoking used to shut it down..what it feels wrong is i let this be my escape, which seems unhealthy..i would greatly appreciate if we can discuss about this..

    1. Iris,
      I am in the exact situation as you. I know its something I need to quit because it takes me away from completing much, but then I feel like I won’t be able to do anything without the mental escape anyways. Either way, it seems I can spend forever worrying about everything while sober, or spend forever smiling about nothing while high. – Music is another escape. – I need to find the courage to let the drug go and continue expanding.

  5. Is it not possible that since we are ascending from the 3D and using aspects of the 3D to ascend that we can also use aspects of the 4D to ascend further vs actually saying no weed?? Some people do use this for chronic pain. It almost seems closed minded to think that because something doesn’t work for you it doesn’t work for others…

    So many of us light workers are finding the same truths, but getting there by different means, this doesn’t make anyone wrong… But I see a definitive “stop smoking if you want to ascend” by the end of this article, whereas the beginning was “its OK to smoke for this this and this”.

    I am confused… And I intend all of this with love, but do not see the full logic here. I see an opinion, but I also have one. We all do, this does not make any of us right or wrong, but it seems a bit unfair to try to scare people from what may be their only natural means of fighting the darkness of mental illness or chronic pain when they are unable to meditate.

    1. Dear Jessica,

      The point I think Melanie is trying to make is that you will know when/if the time is right for you to stop smoking. For the last 12 years I have smoked consistently every day. However this year, something shifted for me. Something that I used to fully enjoy and still advocate for, now when I smoke I become paranoid and anxious. The difference is so obvious it caused me to think this week that perhaps weed is no longer for me. As I considered why I intuitively thought that my vibration must be higher now, because smoking makes me feel worse than my natural state of being. That caused me to look for an explanation outside myself and I googled some keywords that led me to this article. I was quite surprised to see it on Melanie’s site because I have followed her work for about a year now and never saw anything like this before. This information validates what I have been thinking and I now truly know that when I smoke now I am lowering my vibration, while for many years it raised it. I have worked so consistently on my consciousness within the last 2 years and have seen a significant change in my personal vibration this year. I know Melanie is not judging anyone for their choice to smoke but helping us understand that at some point it may become counterproductive for our spiritual journey, and for me personally it has. I hope this helps!

  6. I can contact my sisters spirit when i’m high or hers can contact mine if i’m in danger, it’s because we are spiritually connected. The caretaker is someone i sometimes see but only in Lucid dreams. And that weed put me in a lucid dream but i wasn’t sleeping. when i have lucid dreams i’m sleeping (Obviously). The caretaker is like the grim reapers brother except the caretaker brings you to hell while the grim reaper keeps your spirit from escaping hell. By your spirit i mean youre body is in autopilot and your soul (Spirit) is unteathered that’s why and how the caretaker can take your soul (spirit) and put you in hell. That weed gave me the power to enter both my body and my soul so i can sense the danger and talk to my sisters spirit to help me. I told my sister this and she said at the time this happened she was feeling bluh and not all there, that’s because of her spirit putting her body in auto-pilot *Note that she wasn’t high. So her soul (Spirit) was gone from her body but she didn’t know it. My sister was also 75 miles away from me while this was going on.

  7. I agree, but if you don’t think positively while in the spirit realm you’ll have a higher chance of encountering bad, not good… bad… I had an expieriance where i was smoking weed down in my basement and i was listening to music and i heard my sisters spirit calling out screaming “Run, Run Anthony run!” it was coming through the music but i could hear it. I listened to what she said and unplugged my phone from the stereo, as i was leaving i seen a piece of clothing being flung across the room… then a book being opened with all the pages flipping. As i go into the other room in the basement I looked back while i was running i seen a white robed figure whipping a white whip. While at the same time hearing my sister spirit scream “He’s the caretaker, he’s the caretaker” I make it out of my basement, not knowing what i just witnessed thinking “Damn this weed is crazy!” A few minutes go by and i wanted to connect my phone to my set of speakers in my room via Bluetooth, so i listen to a little bit of music while i was out in the living room finishing my bowl. I say ok i’m tired of music so i go into my room *Note that my lights were off. The music was still on i was about to turn it off when i heard my sisters spirit scream “He’s right there, He’s right there, Anthony he’s right there!” I seen nothing but felt a very very wicked presence all around me. I turned the stereo off very quickly and turned the lights in my room on, saying a prayer in the blood of Jesus. And all of a sudden that bad presence was gone and i felt better.

  8. Thank you for this article. I have been smoking for many years and over the last 12 months questioning my relationship to the plant. I did not need to read much to find the information I was looking for which has now given me complete clarity on what I need to do. I guess I have been on the ascension path for a few years now but my path became much clearer last year when all my major relationships changed through death. Having spent much time in silence, honouring my ancestor’s and Kwan Yin, etc I noticed how different I felt when I went amongst people. Now I know the vibration I feel when I am not smoking is higher and this is the vibration I prefer to live in. Now I will carry on reading the rest of your article. Thank you.

  9. Yes great post. I have found after many years using that I felt an immediate focus on the negative aspects of my life. It amplified these thoughts and caused my mind to shift and stray constantly, but then as you say it is highly individual as to your feelings and emotions when high.

  10. Hi Melanie! GREAT article. I happen to be in a place in my path where marijuana is serving me, but I want to get to the place where I no longer depend on it. I would LOVE to be able to connect without it. What can I read to learn more about this? I want to know the “how” that you spoke of.

  11. Wow, Melanie, thanks for leaving no stone unturned !! 🙂

    It’s amazing the way you, your network of articles & information, and the angels appear to ALWAYS show up for further & immediate clarification, even when we are just pondering something !! 🙂

    I have just recently found myself being placed around a lot of marijuana & while not partaking with others, have found myself curious as to how to better describe to others questioning my choice to no longer partake in chemically altered states how there is an internal knowingness that there is something even further & beyond these states when we are ready for them…

    Yes !! Even more opportunities to share you, your extensive network of resources & information, and – of course 🙂 – the angels, with others !! 🙂

    Thanks again & again for everything, Melanie & ALL the beings of love & light !! 🙂

    BIG spirit hugs !! 🙂


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