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Marijuana and Spirituality – Does Cannabis Support Spiritual Awakening?

Can marijuana help you on your spiritual path? Or, will marijuana hinder your growth?

As marijuana becomes legal for recreational use in more states in the U.S and countries worldwide, you may be wondering… What is the connection between marijuana and spirituality? Can marijuana benefit you on your spiritual path?

From a spiritual perspective, and from the perspective of raising your vibration, embodying more of your higher self, and tuning into greater levels of light, how does marijuana fit in?

Can marijuana benefit you on your spiritual path? Does cannabis support spiritual awakening?

Marijuana and Spirituality

Marijuana and Spirituality First and foremost, marijuana is a psychoactive drug. It alters your state of consciousness and shifts your perception. You move from solely focusing on the 3D realm and actually open to the perspective of the fourth dimension.

So can you have spiritual experiences by smoking marijuana?

Absolutely! Just understand that these are fourth-dimensional experiences and we live in ascension times. We are spiritual beings in physical form on an ascending earth at a time when 12 dimensions of experience are available.

People React to Marijuana Differently

Marijuana effects everyone differently, and of course, there are many different strains, edibles, candies, and cookies which all trigger a unique experience. When you ingest marijuana, its effects are even stronger.

No matter how you’re using it, either smoking or ingesting it, you are actually becoming a vibrational match with the marijuana plant, with the marijuana consciousness, with the marijuana entity.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Is becoming a vibrational match with marijuana helpful for you on your spiritual and ascension path or is this weighing you down?

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Honestly, it depends on where you are vibrationally when you smoke or ingest cannabis. If your vibration is lower than the vibration of marijuana (which is the fourth-dimensional vibration of marijuana), becoming a vibrational match with marijuana will elevate your vibration. I do want to clarify though that marijuana use is in no way required to raise your vibration, and there are many more effective vibrational tools that have fewer side effects.

Also, if you do use marijuana to create a positive vibrational shift, know that you usually catch up to marijuana after smoking or using the drug roughly three times. That being said, the medicinal properties of marijuana are undeniable, and it has been proven to be beneficial for pain management, for people who are going through chemotherapy, and for people who are stuck in intense anxiety or depression.

In some cases (and talk to your doctor), your intuition will tell you whether it's right for you. If you are in extreme pain or anxiety, marijuana may have a role in helping you to release pain and resistance.

Raise Your Vibration to An Even Higher Level Than Plant Medicine Allows

If you are ascending, if you are raising your vibration, tuning into higher levels of light, meditating, bringing higher levels of joy, love, and positivity using some of the tools and techniques that you’re finding here on this channel, smoking marijuana will lower your vibration.

You’re already vibrating at a higher vibrational rate. My mission, and what I'm so excited to help you and all of humanity to tune into, is the higher dimensions of love, joy, and positivity.

We are going so much higher than the fourth dimension! We’re tuning into the fifth, seventh, ninth, eleventh and beyond. We are tuning into incredible levels of light.

One of my friends, when we were first exploring channeling together, commented on how much better a high channeling and tuning into the Archangels is compared to marijuana.

Getting a Higher Vibration Without a High

"Marijuana Spirituality" Marijuana, although not physically addictive, is mentally addictive. I’ve already mentioned that the marijuana entity becomes a vibrational match with you. The actual plant consciousness, the plant medicine does have a way of pulling you in, of inviting you back and attaching energetic cords. If you want to release marijuana from your life, begin by asking Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to cut any and all cords to marijuana and release it from your energy into the light.

If you are smoking and ascending, marijuana is only going to create a haziness in your aura and your energetic field. Sure, it's instant gratification and an instant shift out of 3D into the fourth-dimensional realm, but while marijuana can help you get to this fourth-dimensional plane, it doesn't teach you how to get there without using the substance again.

This is why it’s psychologically addictive. If you're in a lower vibration and you enjoy the vibrational match with the plant, you then have to return to the plant time and time again in order to get to that vibrational state versus meditation.

Going within, toning, chanting, playing singing bowls, drumming, dancing, or being creative, all elevate your vibration. They connect you with your higher self, open your heart and help you to tune into the higher dimensions of experience in a way that you can then return to time and time again.

The reason marijuana is correlated with spirituality is because it can help you break free from illusion. It can help you to see beyond the veil. But it doesn't teach you how to do this. It can quickly become a crutch as you return to marijuana time and time again to reach that same vibrational state, inviting the potential for you to become dependent on marijuana for your spiritual experience in a powerless way.

Use Psychic Protection

Also, marijuana is highly reactive to intention. If you are going to smoke marijuana, please meditate beforehand and set the intention for your experience to help you connect with higher levels of light. It can invite lower fourth-dimensional entities into your space. If you’re smoking marijuana, it’s hugely important to protect yourself psychically. Use the Psychic Golden Light practice and protect yourself.

Protect yourself psychically and set the intention for your experience with marijuana to positively impact your experience. If you don't set the intention for smoking or eating edibles to help connect with your higher self or spiritual insight, it will be your subconscious intentions that manifest. These are largely going to be about releasing fears. This is why paranoia and mental chatter come up during an experience with marijuana.

My Experience with Marijuana and Spirituality

If your vibration is higher than marijuana’s when you smoke, your experience may be less than positive. When I used to smoke, I enjoyed it at first.

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It felt rebellious, like a sacred ceremony, and it made me feel like I was progressing on my path. But I did in this way become psychologically dependent on it.

Later on, when I smoked, I didn't have that same experience at all. In fact, it made me feel worse because in my normal life and in my normal meditation, I was connecting with much higher light than I could ever access through smoking or ingesting marijuana.

For this reason, marijuana is out of my life. I am so incredibly grateful for that fact because without it, without marijuana, alcohol, plant medicine, or other drugs that only open you up to the fourth dimension, I am -and you are – able to lift higher.

Releasing Marijuana from Your Life

If you want to release marijuana from your life, I recommend Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves Angel Detox book.

There is also a book called “The Naked Mind,” that focuses more on releasing alcohol from your life, but is also beneficial. It talks about the addiction process and how to release addictions from your life.

In addition, here are a few EFT (emotional freedom technique) videos from Brad Yates free on YouTube that deal with releasing addictions.

When you keep finding yourself reaching for something you know is not ultimately serving you any longer, it’s because there are lower vibrational emotions hanging on in your emotional body. Keep working with your Angels to clear your emotional being.

To release negative emotions from your energy body, check out my emotional clearing article here, and keep opening your heart.

Keep filling yourself up with light, keep meditating, going inward, connecting with your team of Guides and Angels, and elevating your vibration.

You can reach such higher levels of light, such expansive areas of consciousness, and truly experience a more powerful high without marijuana than you can with it. If marijuana is still a part of your process, there is no judgment on my part flowing your direction. I used to smoke marijuana, it served me at one point, but it doesn't any longer.

I wanted to be authentic and vulnerable while sharing this with you. If you are a high vibrational light being, star seed, way shower, or lightworker and you’re smoking marijuana, it’s only weighing you down.

I hope this is helpful for you,

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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