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What Is Aura Cleansing & Signs You Need to Do It!

Aura Cleansing is a transformative practice that empowers you to release dense energies, negativity, and blockages from your auric energy field, creating a profound shift in your well-being.

Aura Cleansing Made Easy with this powerful and yet simple technique Just like the physical body needs regular care to stay clean and healthy, the energetic body benefits from similar attention. Your aura, often described as a luminous energy field surrounding you, can pick up different energies throughout your life experience. These energies can cling to your aura and in some instances can detrimentally affect your emotional, mental and even physical well-being.

The practice of aura cleansing aims to remove negative or stagnant energy from your energy field, aligning you with a sense of clarity and rejuvenation.

Whether you're feeling emotionally drained, facing constant negativity, or simply seeking to maintain a balanced state, regularly clearing your aura can make a significant difference in your life. In learning to cleanse your aura, and maintain the clarity and harmony of your auric field, you may find a deeper connection to your inner self and an enhanced overall vitality.

There are various methods to cleanse your aura, such as utilizing crystals, smudging with sage, taking salt baths, or even meditating with intention.

It's important to understand that your aura is not static. You can positively influence your energy field through various practices, such as meditation, reiki, time in nature, visiting sacred sites, or engaging proactive auric cleansing techniques. By looking after your aura, you're attending to your holistic health, which can lead to increased energy, better relationships, and an overall sense of balance and wellbeing in your life.

Who Needs Aura Cleansing?

Feeling sluggish? Tired? A bit off? Or maybe you're just not really feeling like yourself?

These are all signs you’ve taken on some harsh energy and that its time to cleanse your aura!

Here are 7 signs you would greatly benefit from cleansing your aura daily.

7 Signs You Need to Cleanse Your Energy Field

12 Ways to Cleanse Negative Energies From Your Aura

  1. Meditation: Regular practice of mindfulness and meditation helps to clear the mind, which in turn purifies the aura. Visualizing a white light or golden light enveloping you during meditation can empower you to cleanse your aura as well.
  2. Ask the Angels: Angels, divine beings of love and light, are powerful allies for aura cleansing. Ask the angels to assist you by clearing any negative or stagnant energy from your aura. The celestial power of their loving energy can restore balance and positivity to your energetic field.
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  3. Nature Walks: Spending time in nature can help to cleanse out negative energy and rejuvenate your aura. Whether it's a walk in the woods or a stroll by the sea, the harmonizing energies of nature can help reset your nervous system and cleanse your aura. Try walking barefoot if you can for even more grounding benefits!
  4. Crystal Healing: Certain crystals have powerful aura cleansing properties. Amethyst, black tourmaline, blue lace agate, rose quartz, and selenite are among the energy cleansing crystals often used to cleanse and transmute negative energies in the energy field. Try holding a cleansing crystal in your meditation, with the intention to have your aura cleansed.
  5. Aromatherapy: Essential oil such as rose, frankincense, cedar wood, palo santo, and lavender are known to gently cleanse and purify the aura. Diffusing essential oils in your living space or applying a few drops topically (with proper dilution using a carrier oil) can support you in clearing negative emotions, bad vibes and blockages from your aura energy field. Be sure you use a high quality essential oil.
  6. Sound Therapy: Sound vibrations from singing bowls, tuning forks, mantras, or other uplifting music, can help clear any energy blockages and refresh your aura. Empower this further with dance or movement, to allow your energy to clear and circulate.
  7. Aura Cleansing Bath or Shower: A salt bath, especially using Himalayan or quality sea salt, is renowned for its cleansing properties. Taking a relaxing salt bath can help to detoxify and cleanse your aura, especially the layer of your etheric energy. If you don't have a bath tub, a shower can be just as effective when backed with the clear intention to cleanse your energy.
  8. Swim in a Natural Body of Water: Immersing yourself in a natural body of water is a traditional method of aura cleansing that spans many cultures and traditions. The physical action of swimming in living, moving water such as rivers, oceans or natural lakes help cleanse the aura by washing away stagnant energy and negativity. Adding a conscious intention or prayer can enhance the aura cleansing effect.You could say something like, “As I immerse myself in this water, may all negative and stagnant energies be cleansed away and released into the light, leaving my aura pure and bright.”
  9. Yoga and Breathing Exercises: Certain yoga poses and breathing exercises are believed to cleanse and strengthen the aura, improving your overall energy flow, promoting physical health, and keeping your aura clean. I share a powerful breathing technique in the Aura Cleansing Course …Additionally, simply breathing deeply with awareness can work wonders for drawing in positive energy and cleansing negative vibes from your field.
  10. The Violet Flame of Transmutation: The Violet Flame is a spiritual energy, believed to be a tool of transformation, transmutation, and purification. To utilize the Violet Flame for Aura Cleansing, you might visualize this vibrant, violet light surrounding your body and infusing your aura. As you immerse yourself in this luminous energy, envision any negative or stagnant energies being lovingly transformed into positive, vibrant energy.
  11. Diet and Hydration: Consuming clean, whole foods and staying well-hydrated can contribute to a healthy aura. Foods rich in prana (life force) such as fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended.
  12. Smoke Cleansing: Smoke clearing is a traditional practice used by many cultures to cleanse and purify energy fields, including the aura. Using smoke from sacred herbs like palo santo, juniper, sage, cedar, or copal can be used dispel negative or stagnant energies and restore balance. Remember, if you are considering using herbs for smoke cleansing, it's essential to source them responsibly to respect the environment and cultural practices. Also, some herbs can be toxic when burned, so do your research or consult an energy healer expert to ensure safety.

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Aura Energy Cleansing is a transformative practice that empowers you to release dense energies, negativity, and blockages from your aura, creating a profound shift in your well-being.

By engaging in this powerful process, you can break through old, outdated energies, programs, attachments, and limiting patterns.

It is a journey of transmutation, where you let go of all that no longer serves you within your energetic field, and in turn, elevate your personal vibration.

Imagine charting a course towards a future filled with luminous, positive change and revitalizing energy.

As you cleanse your aura, you unlock the gateway to a life brimming with joy, clarity, and boundless potential.

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